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Roman Reigns IC Title
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WWE News: WWE IC Champ Roman Reigns Implicated In Steroid Scandal

A year ago, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency raided a Miami gym. This gym was run by a man by the name of Richard Rodriguez, who sold several drugs out of his gym. Including, of course, steroids. Now these steroids were clearly a big deal, as he attained them illegally and of course distributing to people was also highly illegal. Obviously, anyone who he sold to could be named. This, affects Roman Reigns.

According to reports, Rodriguez was able to get the steroids from China. All in all, he had around $10 million in product. This is just what the DEA was able to track down. Obviously, this meant he would be someone quite interesting to talk with. This led to filmmaker Jon Bravo(seriously, we cannot make that up) talking with him in a documentary.

During this documentary, he named Hollywood actors Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg as basically clients who were “in on the whole thing.” If that was not a big enough bombshell from the man, he also named current WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns as a client for his steroids. While this may seem a bit odd, it is not the first time WWE Superstars have been linked to places like this.

WWE Superstars Linked To Steroid Scandals

Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit

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Signature Pharmacy in Orlando, Florida had been selling some steroids online, which led to many wrestlers tracking them down. This was a big deal as they could get stuff sent to them or at least from an easy site to get away with the situation. The names involved in this were pretty big, which is why the case was so memorable from that time. In 2007, the news dropped on the pharmacy being busted and the names included in the client list from WWE were vast.

WWE Superstars Randy Orton, Charlie Haas, Edge, Booker T, Shane Helms, Simon Dean, Santino Marella, John Morrison, William Regal, Ken Anderson, Umaga, Funaki, and Chavo Guerrero were all linked to the place. What stands out as well was that Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, dead by the time this explosive report came out, were also linked to Signature Pharmacy. Having proven buys for things like steroids.

Edge had claimed later on that his experience with steroids was not something he cared for and had stopped the use of them. Meanwhile, Randy Orton would noticeably have a change in body look after this and become quite skinny and lanky before putting on muscle the right way toward 2010. None of these people saw jail time, but they were proven to be linked. WWE did not really even suspend them either. However, WWE did cooperate with the United States Congress on anything they wanted to know after this.

Roman Reigns And The Odd Steroid Link

What people forget about Roman Reigns is that despite the hatred he may have from fans, his body has not changed much at all over the years. However, he has failed a drug test in the WWE. Back in 2016, he was popped for testing positive for Adderal, a medication normally used for people with ADHD. The medication is also classically abused, and an amphetamine. WWE bans all use of these drugs without prescription. Of which, Roman Reigns did not have on him.

It is clear that we cannot ever look past allegations like these because there is a clear need to believe them up to a point. A lot of the time, it is hard to believe the issue because someone does not seem like the type to do something. However, not all innocent types actually are. Yet WWE has never found steroids in the drug tests for Roman Reigns. Without a body change, and without a failed test, it seems odd that he would be linked to steroids.

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Rodriguez was in business with none other people. They imported the drugs from China the manufactured them in a lab in Arizona. To sort of throw off the cops, they distributed the steroids worldwide through a Miami Post Office Box. It was a good plan, until he got caught. That is always the case though, right? Miami is of course the hometown of The Rock, and being in Florida, access for wrestlers was there.

Roman Reigns Has Not Been Linked To Much Though

The Shield returns to WWE

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What should be noted is that Rodriguez very well could have sold drugs to big names. Steroids being bought from an illegal seller would have to occur for people who needed to get them. Most of the time, steroids are hard to get from a doctor’s prescription that isn’t crooked. Due to the various medication laws now in place, something like long-term steroid use has to be observed by certain doctors. You could not just see a primary doctor for this stuff these days.

That means a number of things. It seems odd that he would drop the names of these people for sure, but it is not crazy to assume they used steroids whatsoever. As they do work, and can even work in a shorter term. Duhamel and Wahlberg have both gotten big for various movies out of nowhere and it has hardly been explained how. Since both work out regularly, it does not make sense that they would get bigger easily.

Rodriguez alleges he met Roman Reigns through an informant, and that he seemed like a “down to Earth person.” Yet without a failed drug test or body change, it is tough to believe. This is also odd timing considering we’re headed into WrestleMania season. So believing this report is tough to ask. Reigns has not been linked to anything yet, other than the allegation he got the drugs. However, the DEA is actually still investigating and could find far more.

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