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POD is WAR Controversy


POD is WAR 2-8-18: HHH Takes Over 205 Live

The Chairshot brings you POD is WAR with Christopher Platt and Andrew Balaz.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be moved to the brink of insanity as POD is WAR debates the hottest topics of the wrestling world (along with some sports and pop culture sprinkled in).  Tune in every Thursday evening, only on…

Today’s battle plan:

  • Triple H taking over 205 Live
  • Who wants to Walk With Elias?!?
  • Styles/Owens/Zayn storyline
  • Chaos v LIJ (New Japan)
  • Why the lack of minority World Champions now and over history in pro wrestling?


Available every Thursday night, and anytime…all the time…on-demand at!

The Chairshot Dot Com: Always Use Your Head.


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