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WWE Raw Preview (2/26/18)



WWE Raw is live tonight from the Honda Center in Anahein, California. In the wake of the historic Elimination Chamber event, Raw is kicked into overdrive on the road to Wrestlemania. Already announced for the show tonight is a Reigns and Lesnar faceoff. This is a rematch years in the making and now it’s official. Will both men be able to contain themselves before their Universal Title Match or will a brawl ensue?

WWE is hyping the following storylines for Raw tonight:

  • Will Asuka challenge Alexa Bliss for her title at Wrestlemania?
  • What will happened if Rousey shows up to Raw tonight?
  • Will John Cena wrestle at Wrestlemania?
  • Are Sasha Banks and Bayley still friends?

This doesn’t include what’s next for Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, The Miz, Nia Jax, or The Bar. This Raw is setup to have major consequences for Wrestlemania.

My Thoughts:

I am beyond excited for this episode of Raw tonight, as the Chamber event was excellent an Raw lately has found great pacing and layout. Raw seems to be firing on all cylinders and have many angles already setup, to build anticipation for the show. What I’m mostly curious about is what happens with Strowman next? Last we saw he lost to Reigns but then destroyed him. Does he get involved with Reigns/Lesnar or maybe an authority figure takes issue with Strowmans attitide. Either way it appears Strowman will have some spotlight on the road to Wrestlemania. Also what’s next for Monday Night Rollins and will WWE throw a curveball and have Asuka go to Smackdown Live? The two things I fell most confident in are Cena eventually challenging Undertaker and Banks and Bayley will be on opposites sides of the ring at Wrestlemania. 

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