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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (3/6/18)



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  • Third Cruiserweight Championship Quarterfinal Match: Mark Andrews VS Drew Gulak; Gulak wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa VS Nemeth Alexander & Scott James; Itami & Tozawa win.
  • Fourth Cruiserweight Championship Quarterfinal Match: Buddy Murphy VS Mustafa Ali; Ali wins and advances to the semifinals.


The Quarterfinals are already ending!

The Carolina Kid proved he’s no longer a choke artist as he overcame the “Cruiser-Great”, while the Messiah of the Backbreaker broke the heart of the Lucha Dragon. They will face each other in next week’s semifinals, but tonight is about creating the other semifinal match. The Pakistani Prince outlasted the Ungentle Gentleman but must now face the bigger, stronger Best Kept Secret while the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving UK Division superstar will try to fly over the aggressive ground game of the #Drewtopia Pioneer. Who will be the next two in and the next two out?


Third Cruiserweight Championship Quarterfinal Match: Mark Andrews VS Drew Gulak!

The WWE UK Division’s resident rockstar was a surprise entrant into the tournament, and just as surprising a winner. Can #Mandrews surprise the WWE Universe again? Or will the No Fly Zone take over and drag Andrews down to the ground?

Drew Gulak is interviewed before heading to the ring.

He is moments away from his match, how does he plan on countering Andrew’s air game? If he had something to say, he’d say it, or even prepare a PowerPoint presentation. However, Gulak hasn’t used Microsoft Office in weeks, because he’s that focused on becoming WWE Cruiserweight Champion. There is a man in that ring who wants to take that from Gulak. How does Gulak plan to ground Andrews? “Watch this.” Gulak heads out, makes his entrance, and we have our match.

The two circle and tie up, Gulak gets the waistlock and throws Andrews down. Andrews gets up and to ropes, then circles with Gulak again. They tie up, Gulak powers Andrews to a corner. The break is NOT clean as Gulak slaps Andrews sharply across the face! Andrews glares at Gulak but lets him back off. They tie up again, but Gulak gets the wristlock then the arm wrench to truly ground Andrews on the mat. Andrews gets up but Gulak brings him back down again. Andrews kip-up and goes acrobatic in a corner to arm-drag Gulak away. Gulak runs back but gets thrown again. Andrews goes for a third but Gulak blocks with strength, so Andrews spins it around to go the other way. But Gulak comes right back with a forearm smash!

Andrews is staggered, Gulak puts him in a headlock. Gulak grinds Andrews but Andrews powers out. Gulak sunsets but Andrews rolls through to dropkick him down, cover, ONE. Andrews is up but Gulak gets the takedown, cover, ONE. Gulak grabs Andrews in a waistlock, then carries him around. Andrews elbows out and headlock takeover to give Gulak a taste of his own medicine. Gulak works his way up to his feet, powers out, but Andrews grabs ropes, and gives payback for that slap with a slap! Andrews dares Gulak to bring it, but then mule kicks Gulak to go for the Destroyer. Gulak reverses, flipping Andrews over, then rocks him with another forearm!

Gulak keeps on Andrews by dragging him up and scooping him. He carries Andrews around before throwing him at the ring ropes! Andrews hits legs first, then head on the mat. Cover, TWO, but Gulak keeps his cool. Andrews rolls to ropes but Gulak is stalking him. Gulak drags Andrews up, fireman’s carry, then a lift and slam! He covers, TWO, and Andrews gets to ropes again. Gulak grabs Andrews into a hammerlock and brings him down to the mat. Fans build to a rally for Andrews and Andrews gets up, only for Gulak to bring him back down again. Gulak works on adding something, but Andrews resists.

The fans rally again and Andrews fights out with body shots. Gulak chops Andrews back, then goes after the arm again. Gulak tries a cover, but Andrews keeps his shoulders up. Andrews fights back again but his arm is still in the lock. Andrews hits a jawbreaker and gets free, and then he throws forearms at Gulak. Gulak ends up in a corner but shoulders into Andrew’s ribs. He whips Andrews corner to corner and sees the boot coming, but not the enziguri. Andrews handsprings over and onto Gulak’s shoulders for a spinning huricanrana! Gulak rolls all the way out of the ring, and Andrews walks over, only for Gulak to drag him out. Gulak glares, goes to throw Andrews over the table but Andrews blocks to kick back. Andrews uses the table to quebrada on Gulak!

Gulak goes down and the fans fire up. Andrews drags Gulak up and into the ring, then climbs up to swing kick Gulak. He slingshots in over Gulak’s shoulder, into a wheelbarrow bulldog! Gulak gets to a corner, Andrews runs in for double knees. He keeps going, wheelbarrow victory roll to double stomps! Then, a standing corkscrew moonsault! TWO, but Andrews keeps his cool. He catches his breath while Gulak is still down. Andrews stands up and kicks Gulak in the chest. He kicks again, and again, but Gulak ducks for a sudden Electric Chair Drop! Gulak bridges back for the cover, TWO! Andrews clutches his back while Gulak catches his breath.

They both stir, Gulak standing up to stalk Andrews. He stomps Andrews, then brings him up into a corner. Gulak sharply chops Andrews, but Andrews eggs him on. Gulak chops and stomps a mudhole into Andrews, but backs off at 4. He comes back and drags Andrews up, but Andrews fires off haymakers and chops of his own! Andrews goes wild as he stomps Gulak out to the apron, and the fans like that. Andrews sees Gulak on the outside, so he walks over and climbs up. Gulak goes after him but Andrews fights him off, then flies for a huge headscissors!

Andrews throws Gulak, but he also crashes onto the ground. Both men are down and the referee checks on them. Andrews stirs first, climbing up to the apron. Gulak stirs at 4, but Andrews doesn’t reenter the ring. He decides to go for broke as he climbs up again. Andrews gives a point to the Wrestlemania sign before going for a SUPER quebrada!

Gulak goes down again, and Andrews puts him in the ring. Andrews runs and tilt-o-whirl into the crucifix, TWO! Andrews can’t believe how close he was, the frustration grows. Gulak slowly stirs, so Andrews goes up top one more time. Gulak grabs him by the beard! Andrews fights Gulak off, then adjusts, and jumps but into Gulak’s lariat! Gulak’s eyes are wild and his teeth are grit as he looks down at Andrews. He drags Andrews up for another lariat, and another, and then the suplex, but Andrews counters with Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews doesn’t cover, he hurries back to a corner and the top rope. Gulak is down while Andrews takes aim, Shooting Star! Into Gulak’s knees! Gulak grabs Andrews, dragon sleeper and body scissors for the Gu-LOCK!

Andrews taps quickly, and Gulak wins! Gulak advances to the semifinals, but he doesn’t let go of the hold easily. He tortures Andrews in the hold until Andrews fades out! The fans boo and jeer as Gulak finally lets go, still wanting to hurt Andrews. Gulak has become a savage, but also very determined. Will he become the next Cruiserweight Champion and bring #Drewtopia to life?


Drake Maverick meets with Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami.

They surely want to know why they’re a tag team tonight. First, the 205 Live GM knew they’ve been feeling down about being eliminated from the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament early on. These two are great superstars. Itami is a legend around the world, and Tozawa is a former champion. They have respect for each other, so putting them together, they can bring the best out of each other. Tozawa and Itami shake hands, but Tozawa then lets Maverick know, that if he’s wrong, “You’re FIRED!” Then Tozawa grins as he and Itami take their leave. Will this Strong Style duo do great things as a team?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

“Two weeks ago, Buddy Murphy made his debut on 205 Live and he was victorious.” Ali was there to thank him, and Murphy said he appreciated that. However, Murphy’s eyes said something else. Murphy’s eyes were dangerous, that Ali was in his way and he’d knock Ali’s head off. Ali wants Murphy to look into his eyes and tell him what he sees. Ali shares a secret with the Best Kept Secret: “the most dangerous man in this world doesn’t fight for himself, he fights for others.” Is Ali’s fight for all the kids back home in Chicago going to give him the edge he needs to stay alive in this Cruiserweight Championship Tournament?


Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa VS Nemeth Alexander & Scott James!

The Inventor of the GTS and the Stamina Monster have been put together to bring out the best in each other. Is the 205 Live GM right in pairing up these Strong Style superstars?

Tozawa and Nemeth start, as do the “AH! AH!” chants. Tozawa circles with Nemeth then kicks and forearms with “AH! AH!” echoing out. He whips Nemeth but Nemeth sunset flips, only for Tozawa to roll through and Penalty Kick. Tozawa adds on a back senton, and then dares Nemeth to come at him. They tie up, Tozawa puts Nemeth in a corner. The break is clean but Nemeth kicks low to put Tozawa in a corner. Nemeth throws in forearms, then drags Tozawa over. Tozawa kicks, spins, slips under and saido suplex! He drags Nemeth up, then tags in Itami. They double whip Nemeth corner to corner, then Tozawa runs in for the back elbow. Itami runs in and they combine knee strike and swing kick!

Itami suplexes Nemeth over, then fires up. He puts Nemeth in a dragon sleeper but Nemeth gets to ropes. Nemeth tags in Scott James but Itami lights him up with kicks. Itami runs and boots James in the corner, then climbs up. Itami hits a flying clothesline, then shouts for “RESPECT!” He drags James up, gives him a flurry of strikes, then Nemeth runs in into Tozawa’s boot. Tozawa whips for Itami to whip Tozawa to whip Itami in for the hesitation dropkick on James. Tag to Tozawa, and he climbs up, for the Dropzone SUPER Senton!

Tozawa & Itami win! This combination has immediate chemistry and success, but can they maintain it going forward?


Roderick Strong trains harder than ever now that he’s part of 205 Live.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times.” Strong outworks everybody, in the ring or out of it. He prepares for every match, and he’s definitely preparing for his chance at a Wrestlemania Moment. His work ethic doesn’t change, but will it help change the landscape of the Cruiserweight Division?


Cedric Alexander speaks.

“One more match.” That’s all there is between Alexander and Wrestlemania. For the past two years, Alexander has always been an inch away from the Cruiserweight Championship. Every single time, something always goes wrong. “But not this time.” Alexander vows that this time, nothing will stop him. He vows to go to Wrestlemania and become Cruiserweight Champion. Can he overcome the Messiah of the Backbreaker to be just one more match away from his moment?


Fourth Cruiserweight Championship Quarterfinal Match: Buddy Murphy VS Mustafa Ali!

Both men know they face the Cruiserweight Crusader in the semifinals, but they have to get through each other first. While the Best Kept Secret is bigger–now at only 197 lbs–and stronger, is he hungrier than the inspiring Pakistani Prince?

The bell rings, and the two talk out that while there is respect, there won’t be any holding back. Fans cheer for Buddy while the two circle and tie up. Murphy powers Ali back into a corner, then lets him out with “respect.” They circle again, Ali gets the headlock but Murphy powers out. Ali shoulders but bounces off to then rebound and get the headlock back. Murphy powers out again to run Ali over! Ali gets to the ropes but Murphy stays close. He lets Ali stand up, and they circle again.

Ali gets a waistlock, but Murphy the standing switch and back suplex. Ali slips out and tries his own but Murphy slips out. Things speed up and Murphy runs Ali over, to then get in close and tell Ali “Shhh…!” Because it’s a secret. Gulak watches from backstage while his old nemesis, Ali, stands back up. Ali and Murphy circle and tie up, but Ali wristlocks to hammerlocks to takedown. Murphy headscissors, Ali pops out and roles reverse as Murphy gets the takedown and Ali headscissors. Murphy pops out, goes but bails out of the knee drop to get Ali back in a headlock. Ali endures the squeeze while fans build to a rally. He powers out of the hold but things speed up. Ali headscissors Murphy out of the ring, then builds more speed, only for Murphy to get back in his face. Murphy again says, “Shhh…”

The two stand up, Murphy still saying “Shhh”, but Ali dropkicks the Secret down! Ali tells Murphy, “Shhh…” but Murphy gets up. Ali says this is about Wrestlemania, and offers a handshake. Murphy takes it, to reel Ali into a clobbering clothesline!

Ali is knocked for a loop quite literally, and Murphy stalks him. Murphy drags Ali up to throw him a corner, then stomps a mudhole into him. Murphy walks it off, then drags Ali back up for a haymaker. He snapmares Ali and kicks him in the back, then stands over Ali as he clutches his back. Ali shoves Murphy away but Murphy rocks him with an uppercut. Murphy hoists Ali up to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Ali resists and the two fight up top, Ali knocking Murphy back. He boots Murphy then adjusts, to 450 onto the arm!

Murphy rolls and writhes as he clutches his arm. Ali said he was dangerous, but to think he’d do something like that. He goes after Murphy but Murphy uses his good arm to push Ali away. Ali uses the push to rebound into a tilt-o-whirl takedown, Fujiwara on the bad arm! Murphy rolls through and whips Ali away, but Ali comes back with a flapjack dropkick. The fans fire up as Ali takes aim, and runs in corner to corner. Murphy side steps but Ali slides to a stop, then Ali side steps to send Murphy into the post! Ali keeps on that bad arm, wrenching it into a hotshot! He then roundhouses Murphy away, to slingshot in for the facebuster! Cover, TWO! Ali feels some frustration, but he keeps his cool as he watches Murphy clutch that bad arm.

Ali stalks Murphy, then drags him up with an armlock. Murphy shoves him away but Ali uppercuts Murphy back. Ali leaps for a tornado DDT but Murphy denies it with strength! Even with one arm, Murphy powers Ali up and over the top rope to throw him to the ground! Murphy then builds speed, and FLIES!

Direct hit on Ali! The Daredevil from Down Under puts Ali back in the ring, then climbs up for a flying double knee drop! Cover, TWO! Murphy’s arm is too sore for him to show frustration. The arm slows Murphy down as he and Ali slowly get to their feet. Murphy goes over to Ali while fans rally. Fireman’s carry but Ali slips out to shove Murphy into buckles, bad arm first! Then, Reverse-Rana! He’s not done, Ali hops up and jumps off for the tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Ali is shocked! Murphy grits his teeth while Ali gets to a corner. The fans declare “This is Awesome!” all the same.

Ali stands up and kicks Murphy right in that bad arm. Murphy dares him to bring more, so Ali kicks him again. Ali gives a stiff forearm right to Murphy’s jaw, but Murphy won’t stay down. They both get up again, Murphy blocks the second forearm to unleash a strike fest! He rocks Ali, but then Ali blocks the next try to counter with the pinwheel heel kick! Murphy staggers, Ali runs, but Murphy boots Ali. On the rebound, Murphy tries for the pumphandle but that bad arm gets in the way. Ali tries a takedown but Murphy blocks with a backslide. TWO, because of the bad arm. Crucifix, Ali wins!! Murphy is devastated, but Ali is overjoyed to say the least.

The fans are just as excited as they chant for “Ali! Ali!” in celebration. However, Gulak knows that, in order to make it to Wrestlemania, he’ll have to go through a familiar foe. Who will be left standing on the Road to Wrestlemania when this rivalry renews once more?


My Thoughts:

205 Live continues to get it right with this Cruiserweight Championship tournament, and even some foreshadowing to what’s coming. Itami & Tozawa suddenly becoming a team is a clear indicator that, as the news broke recently, the Cruiserweight Division is branching out into its own Tag Team Division. While there’s a lot that can be argued about this only further isolating the superstars of 205 Live, it could be a sign of things to come. Having a Tag Team Division gives actual reasons for having tag team matches on the show or when/if Cruiserweights return to Raw, and therefore gives a way for more Cruiserweights to be on air instead of just staying backstage. And if the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament was great, imagine a Cruiserweight Tag Team Tournament!

The matches for the tournament at hand were really great tonight, especially when factoring in story. Gulak has been more determined than he’s ever been with this tournament, and after what he did to Tony Nese, it was no surprise he went over Andrews here. Andrews was only a crossover talent to make for a nice surprise, but in the end, he wasn’t going to win a title outside of the UK Division that he was signed. Ali-Murphy was a great match, and it really seemed like Ali learned something from his match with Gallagher. Going after the arm was great, and became the deciding factor in the match. And of course, we get the great rematch of Gulak VS Ali, which was a great feud for the Cruiserweight Division last year. And now that it’ll directly lead to a championship opportunity, you can bet this rematch will escalate things.

My Score: 8.5/10

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