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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report! (3/13/18)



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  • Rusev & Lana VS Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair; Roode & Charlotte win and advance to the semifinals.


The Mixed Match Challenge Quarter(?)finals are finishing!

The last two SmackDown teams standing will battle it out to see who makes it to the next round! However, losing isn’t the end, because the duo eliminated could be chosen by the fans! Will the Bulgarian Brute & Ravishing Russian or the #RobeWarriors be joining the 2nd Chance voting pool?


Rusev & Lana VS Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair!

Mr. & Mrs. MACHKA represent Global Citizen while the GLORIOUS One and the Queen of Flair represent Girl Up. Who will bring their charity with them into the next round with a win?

Rusev tries to sing “Lana is the Best~, Lana Number One”, but Roode & Charlotte interrupt with “WOO~!” Rusev gets fed up with it, and shoves Roode. Charlotte shoves Rusev, and then Lana shoves Charlotte. The men have to keep the women from tearing into each other, but Lana still manages to slap Roode! Lana and Rusev laugh, but Charlotte and Roode chop back! They chop and chop, then whip, but Rusev & Lana get out of the ring. Roode “WOO” at them, and then Charlotte styles and profiles, “Charlotte is the Best~, Charlotte Number One!” Things calm down, the bell rings, and the teams sort out to let Charlotte and Lana start. Rusev gives Lana last pointers, and then she ties up with Charlotte. Charlotte throws Lana, then sings “Charlotte is the Best~, Charlotte Number One.” Lana lunges in and gets a waistlock, but Charlotte throws her off.

The fans cheer for Charlotte, but Rusev and Lana tell them to shut up. Lana and Rusev insist Lana is number one, and she comes back to try a test of strength with Charlotte. Charlotte gives it, but double wristlocks Lana. Lana kicks and wristlocks back! But then Charlotte powers up, so Lana kicks her again. Lana gets a headlock, Charlotte powers out and the two collide. Charlotte brushes it off, Lana runs and jumps up, but Charlotte catches her. Lana turns the body drop into a sunset flip, but Charlotte blocks and brings Lana up. Charlotte throws her into a corner, but Lana dodges. Charlotte still gets the takedown, but then Lana shoves her into buckles!

Lana drags Charlotte out for the cover, TWO. Lana keeps on Charlotte with raining right hands, and Rusev likes what he sees. He encourages her to keep going, and Lana chokes Charlotte on the ropes. Lana runs and double knees Charlotte in the back, then facebuster! Cover, TWO! Rusev argues with the ref, and fans chant “Rusev Day! Rusev Day!” Lana drags Charlotte up and chops, then chops again, then more chops. She mocks the “WOO~”, then the style and profile, but Charlotte gets up to boot and then throw Lana with an exploder! Hot tag to Rusev, Roode comes in with him, and Roode rallies!

Roode hits Rusev in the corner, then a neckbreaker but Rusev counters. Roode boots him away, hops up, blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Roode doesn’t slow down, he rallies the fans and winds it up, GLORIOUS Pose! He grabs Rusev, Rusev reverses to roundhouse Roode down! Cover, TWO! Rusev stomps on Roode, then drops an elbow, then another. He looms over Roode, then stalks him to ropes. He kicks Roode right in the back! Rusev stalks Roode to a corner now, then drags him up for a snapmare and chinklock. Roode endures and fans rally while Natty and Nakamura troll on commentary. He stands up and fights out, but Rusev keeps that facelock on. Roode chops Rusev, then again. More chops in the corner, then a corner to corner whip but Rusev reverses to send Roode into the buckles! Charlotte grows concerned, but “Lana is the Best, Lana Number One!”

The fans are starting to disagree, so Lana taunts them back. Rusev puts Roode in a chinlock, but fans rally for Roode. Roode works his way up but Rusev brings him back down. Rusev says it won’t happen, but Roode sits up. The fans keep rallying, and Roode works his way up again. He pulls at Rusev’s beard, then fights out with body shots. Rusev scoops, Roode slips out and waistlocks, but Rusev bucks him off for a MACHKA KICK! Charlotte is concerned but Rusev fires up as he hops up to the second rope. Rusev winds it up, and declares this is GLO-RUSEV!

Rusev jumps, but Roode dodges the diving headbutt! Charlotte and the fans rally, Roode gets the hot tag! Lana has to come in, and take Charlotte’s rally! Charlotte chops and chops and chops, then chops until Lana falls over. Charlotte hits the neckbreaker, then a big boot!

And of course, the Figure Four! Rusev drags Lana to his corner to save her! So Charlotte slaps Rusev! Lana rolls Charlotte up, TWO! Rusev tags in, but Roode isn’t there! Roode can’t come in, but Rusev still does, and he grins at Charlotte. The rules won’t allow co-ed combat, yet Charlotte still chops Rusev! He doesn’t flinch, so she tries again, and again and again!

Rusev just laughs, this isn’t hurting him at all. She keeps trying, but then she grins, because Roode is back! Wind it up…

GLORIOUS DDT!! Cover, Roode & Charlotte win! And they did it with Flair!

They make it to the next round, but who will be their opponents? Vote now to help decide who returns to the Mixed Match Challenge!