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Outside Interference: Daniel Bryan Is Cleared? And More!



This week, Patrick and Greg go full speed ahead on the Road To WrestleMania! Yes? Yes? YES! YES! YES!


  • Not sure if you heard, but Daniel Bryan was cleared to wrestle again…
  • Everyone loves that Daniel Bryan is back, but did you like the method?
  • What the hell is going on with John Cena and The Undertaker?
  • Is Smackdown suddenly ahead of Raw in terms of WrestleMania importance?
  • Plus the infamous show-ending THREE MINUTE WARNING

Don’t miss a minute as Greg & Patrick continue their mission: helping you enjoy wrestling more!

Outside Interference

About Outside Interference:
Originally built as an extension of their near daily banter (and called The Greg DeMarco Show), Patrick O’Dowd and Greg DeMarco have grown into some of the most respected wrestling analysts on the ‘net. Add in an amazing slew of guests who bring in years of experience in and out of the ring and your ears might not be able to handle this!

Outside Interference is presented live every Tuesday night and available anytime, on demand, at

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