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CheapShots: Impact Quickie #10



Allie Impact Wrestling

Fault lines in Orlando continued to fluctuate at a typical pace for Impact Wrestling. Thankfully, Don Callis was back on commentary. Although, the storyline that produced his recent injuries is still being needlessly perpetrated by third-graders, including Callis himself. The show’s opening match was just window dressing for a feud that won’t die. It feels like bookers don’t even try to think anymore. “We have nothing for Sami Callihan, but we’re still paying him so let’s keep flipping this roadkill as often as we can.” Why is Alicia Edwards continuously brought in to appear helpless? Why was she taking the kendo stick shot a month ago? It was one thing to bring her in to compete opposite Angelina Love. Don’t use her like this.

Nothing Impact is doing with this storyline can make me care about it. Congratulations Mr. Edwards, you have gone from being a top independent athlete to a glorified hooker.

We enter the less psychotic portion of the program with a tag match that came from simple origins. LAX has been struggling recently thanks to a void in leadership. Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley ran into Santana & Ortiz after The Latinos suffered their second straight loss. The “Cult” members challenged them to a rematch. This time, without Konnan backing them up like he was weeks ago. The contest was relatively even, including a fight on the outside of the ring. Despite the coin flip nature of things, LAX lost their third match in a row and the dejection was obvious. Surprisingly, most of this week’s promos and vignettes look like they will lead to interesting developments.

Let’s start with a very agitated LAX back at their clubhouse in a rather destructive mood. Suddenly, a voice of reason can be heard. This is Eddie Kingston, informing the crew that Konnan is alright and currently residing with Homicide in a safehouse. Fans have not seen Senior Jamaica for quite a while. We have no idea if this is a swerve device for down the road. Though, it is nice to see new blood that will move things forward. With that information tucked away, we go backstage for an interview with DJZ & Andrew Everett. Shock of shocks, the new Tag Team Champions are interrupted by Scott Steiner. The Roided Up Redneck can barely get through his promo. Eli Drake runs in, doing his best to hold his pit bull back. Dude, you know that’s Scott Steiner, right?

As the tag champs are visibly amused, I can’t help but wonder if The Self-Induced Hyphen can keep his hired gun from going off long enough to get his rematch for The Gold? Sadly, there was no recess this week. However, Madison Rayne was interviewed regarding her issues with Tessa Blanchard. She was unable to get three sentences out before The Horsewoman herself came in to play the “stay-at-home mom” card. Daddy taught you well young lady.

Later, we see a video package with Knockouts Champion Allie assuming some of the midnight characteristics of her missing protector. It seems the leader of The Hivelings left a note for her bunny. “Don’t let the darkness consume you…” Allie’s response? “I know you don’t want me to do this, but it’s something I have to do.” Keep in mind, Rosemary is NOT dead! The Bunny’s challenge might be coming from a character in a bad horror movie. I still don’t like her chances to retain Gold. Impact brought the zombie in. They must shove her down our throats.

Both Knockouts contests will take place next week. Our final promo of the night finds Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs rehashing their beatdown of Grado. Reminding Moose that interjecting himself last week was a bad move. This was the last time we would see The Dragged-Out Disco standing upright…

Apparently, I was misinformed last week. Just a smark folks, not a true insider. My apologies if people are actually disappointed to learn this. Get a life! The showdown with Matt Sydal and El Hijo Del Fantasma for X Division Gold took place this week. The match was decent if not illogical in one particular spot. An Indian Death Lock should’ve given The Son of The Ghost The Championship. If he doesn’t roll Sydal to the ropes, it does. Why does the art form need to LOOK like a work? PS: These are Cruiserweights. Not every high spot should be missed on purpose. A wrestling ring is not a balance beam. Sydal retained Gold by countering The Thrill of The Kill with a modified rollup for the victory.

A one-on-one match featuring Petey Williams and Dezmond Xavier was next. The contest featured a rather poisonous carrot for the winner. Don Callis mentioned that the dude representing The Maple Leaf was too fixated on using The Canadian Destroyer. I tend to agree. Williams is a solid performer. Outside of the fact that the person taking the move is working harder than the one giving it, he waits too long to pull it off. Xavier has Top-5 American Cruiserweight written all over him. His time in Orlando is coming, assuming someone down there has a brain. Unfortunately for him, they also have a generational athlete named Brian Cage; and with the victory, Xavier earned an opportunity to face the freak next week. A very twisted reward indeed. Good luck kid!

Main Event time! In the previously mentioned promo, Jimmy Jacobs said he was a good guy who was simply rectifying Grado’s accusation from last week when Moose got involved. The Ball Player’s intervention led to this week’s encounter. Moose comes out to his typical entrance. Kongo Kong follows suit, with one notable exception. Where was The Dragged-Out Disco? We would find out soon enough. First, I must try to be nice, no guarantees. Unless Jimmy’s Giant Stutter is working his match and his offense, it comes across as difficult to watch him in a ring. Moose is a great athlete. His move set was so basic when attacking Kong. Without his mouthpiece, the bigger man looked aimless at times. He lost a very boring fight.

What happened to Jimmy Jacobs? The last relayed image of this episode told us. He was indeed laid out in the locker room with an X on his chest. Our mystery assailant has struck again! They don’t appear to discern between baby faces or heels in searching for victims. This alone is excessively rare in the art form. This could be very interesting. Especially if Impact bookers pay off the angle with an identity next week. Even if they don’t, I am still looking forward to both Knockouts matches along with Austin Aries’ return match with Pentagon Jr. for Impact Gold. Outside of Edwards & Callihan, Impact continues to impress with roster usage, flexibility, and storyline development. The company is slowly growing on this smart mark.

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