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Ja’ Von’s Impact Wrestling “Under Pressure” Live Report (5/31/18)



  1. Quick Results:
  • Scott Steiner vs Eli Drake: Eli Drake via pinfall
  • Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard: Madison Rayne via pinfall
  • Allie(c) vs Su Yung (Last Rites Match for Knockouts Championship): NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION Su Yung via closing the coffin on Allie 
  • Dezmond Xavier vs Brain Cage (#1 Contender’s Match): Brain Cage via pinfall
  • Pentagon Jr.(c) vs Austin Aries (Impact World Championship): NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION Austin Aries via pinfall

Play by Play:

Impact opens with Sonjay Dutt addressing the roster on the recent attacks that have been going on. The roster doesnt trust him but Petey comes to his defense saying that he has known Dutt for a long time and trust him and they should to. Impact then plays the cold opening for Under Pressure.

Eli Drake vs Scott Steiner:

This is the opening contest of the night. Eli Drake makes his way to the ring first for this match. Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and they jawjack each other while the crowd chants they both suck. Collar and elbow tie up and Stiener gets the better of the exchange forcing Eli in the corner. They jawjack each other again then Eli pushes Scott into the corner. Drake catches Stiener with thumb to the eye when the ref was distracted but Stiener counters an Irish whip with a powerslam.

Scott fights back and knocks Drake down to get a one count. Eli rolls to the outside of the ring but Stiener follows him to the outside. They both counter Irish whip attempts but Scott gets the advantage and sends Drake into the gruad rail and eats a big shot from Stiener. Scott leads Drake around the ring but Eli gets free and sends Scott into the post and then looks for a chair and tries to use it but Steiner counters and gets a shot on Drake. Back in the ring nearfalls are exchanged and down the stretch the referee was getting back in the ring and Eli hits Scott with a steel chair just like how they lost the tag titles to pick up the win.

Winner: Eli Drake via pinfall

Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard:

Impact shows a video of how this match came to be tonight. Tessa Blanchard makes her way to the ring for this match. Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and the ladies jawjack each other then Tessa piefaces Madiosn. Madison takes it to Tessa then hits a tilt a whirl headscissors on Blanchard.

Madison is still in control as her agility is on display and heads to the ring apron. While on the apron she hits Tessa with a shoulderblock and slides under Tessa but Blanchard catches her and hits her with a scoopslam and gets a nearfall. Tessa is still in control as she gets hit with a forearm to the face followed up by a barrage of attacks including a running dropkick on a prone Madison on the ropes. Blanchard follows that up with a big move which leads to a nearfall. Rayne then looks to mount a comeback as she fights Tessa into the corner then Irish whips her into another corner followed by a running splash. Rayne then hits a northern lights for a nearfall. Tessa then gains control of the match and gets Madison into the corner and kicks Madison’s legs out from under her and hits her with a draping flatliner for a nearfall. Tessa then takes her eye of the ball as she is jawjacking with the referee and Madsion suckers in Tessa and rolls her up with a schoolgirl for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne via pinfall

Back from break and we see LAX in their clubhouse playing cards and The King walks in with a briefcase and shows them what’s inside. He also brought to hot ladies for Santana and Ortiz. The King says that he isn’t done and got them a match against The Cult of Lee next week.

A video package is played hype up Slammiversy this summer in Canada.

Another video package is played but this time it’s about Brain Cage and his worldwide tour of destruction and questions if anyone one can stop weapon x.

Dezmond Xavier vs Brain Cage( #1 Contender’s Match):

Dezmond Xavier makes his way to the ring for the match. Brain Cage then makes his way to the ring for the match as we go to break. Back from break and the bell rings to start the match. Collar and elbow tie up and Cage gets the advantage and tosses Xavier across the ring which sends him out of the ring. Dezmond gets back in the ring and uses his speed to his advantage. Xavier begins hitting Cage with multiple running dropkicks which sends Cage to the outside of the ring. Dezmond doesnt stop there and hits Cage with another running dropkick. Cage then gains control of the match and slams Xavier on the ring apron then gets him back in the ring and remains in control. Cage hits Dezmond with multiple Biel throws but on the last one Xavier lands on his feet. Dezmond looked to leap and go for a spinning ddt but gets caught by Cage who hits him with a butterfly suplex.

Dezmond does regain control of the match and even hits the final flash but Cage kicks out at ONE.

Brain Cage then hits the drillclaw on Xavier for the win and becomes the new #1 contender for the X-Division Championship.

After the match Cage and Xavier shake hands.

Winner and #1 contender to the X-Division Championship: Brain Cage via pinfall

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Austin Aries about what does it mean to finally get his rematch for the World Championship. Aries says that he has been on a journey for the last 7 months collecting belts and getting people to work together and get along. He also says that Pentagon isn’t the face of Impact Wrestling until he beats him one on one. He says that Pentagon may have no fear but at the end of the night he will have no title.

Allie(c) vs Su Yung( Last Rites Match for the Knockouts Championship):

A video package is played showing the events that lead to this championship match tonight. Su Yung makes her way to the ring to try and win the Knockouts Championship for the first time in her career and she is accompanied by her undead bridesmaids who brought a coffin to the ring. Allie makes her way to the ring with her entrance music at first but then challenges Rosemary and her music is played.

The bell rings and Allie gets a big shot on Su. Allie stays on the attack with multiple clotheslines and a suplex in the corner. Allie looks to put Su in the coffin but to no avail. Su Yung then gains control of the match by countering Allie with a big shot. Yung then tries to put Allie in thecoffin but Allie stops it from happening. Su stays on the attack and tries again but to no avail. Yung then chokes Allie on the ropes while she stares at the coffin. Yung then bring Allie back to the middle of the ring and locks in a body scissors. Allie eventually fights through and hits Su with a sliding elbow in the corner. Allie then rolls to the apron but gets too close to the coffin and is pushed in by Su but Allie stands up and fights back sending Yung to the floor. Allie then hits Su witha running clothesline off the apron as we go to break. Back from break and Allie sends Su Ying face first into the corner but Su fights back and gains control of the match hitting Allie with a big running knee leavingher down and out in the ring. Su grabs a chair and brings it  back into the ring and kicks the chair out of Su’s hand then conncects with a side russian legsweep. Allie then grabs the chair and tosses it to Su then conncects with a codebreaker and tries to put Yung in the coffin but Su counters with a hitting Allie’s throat against the ropes. Allie tries again but to no avail then Su Yung gets Allie with themaniabal claw and puts her in the coffin and slams it shut for the win.

Winner and NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: Su Yung via closing the coffin on Allie

A video package is shown with Pentagon Jr. talking about having many obstacles in his life and career. He also says that the world title is very important to him and he will retain tonight.

The newest victim this week is Sonjay Dutt as Petey tries to get some help for him.

A video package is played showcasing everything that has gone down in this blood feud between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

Eddie and Alisha is shown backstage and tells her that it’s all good and that everything is set. Eddie Edwards and Sami Callhian will meet in the woods no ring and no referee.

Pentagon Jr.(c) vs Austin Aries(Impact World Championship):

Impact Grand Champion Austin Aries makes his way to the ring to try and reclaim his OTHER world title. Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. makes his way to the ring to defend his title but gets met with a suicide dive from Aries. They brawl all over the ring and as Pentagon goesfor a chop Aries side stepsand he hits his hand on the post.

Aries brings Pentagon into the ring then flips into the ring onto Pentagon and gets multiple nearfalls. Aries then puts Pentagon into the corner and tries his mask onto the ropes and begins to beat on Pentagon. Pentagon then gets freed and regains control of the match and looks to break the elbow of Aries who gets free and slides to the outside of the ring. Austin comes back in the ring and gets the upperhand on Pentagon and takes him down then follows up with a knee drop to the back of the head. Aries then while staying in control sets up for the diving elbow to the back of the neck which leads to a one count. As we go to break Pentagon is in control. Back from break Aries is in control and sends Pentagon face first into the turnbuckles. Pentagon then gains control of the match and sends Aries intothe opposite corner and begins to light up the chest with fast chops. This leads to Ariebeing sent to the outside of the ring. Pentagon follows and brings Aries in the ring via a suplex. Pentagon then hits two slingblade which leads to a nearfall. Aries then counters the Pentagon Driver then follows up with belly to back suplex. Aries then goesfor a high risk maneuver but is met with a kick from Pentagon. Pentagon then sets up for the fear factor but Aries counters it by boxing his ears which sends him to the mat. Aries then locks in the last chancery for the second time in this match but Pentagon breaks free. Pentagon eventually gains control of the match and finally hits the Pentagon Driver and goes for the cover but Aries gets his foot on the rope to break the count. The match spills to the apron where Aries gains control and sends Pentagon to the floor. Aries then locks in the last chancery again which leads to a double countout. Aries then gets Pentagon agree to restart the match. The bell rings and Pentagon rolls him up for a nearfall. The match again spills out to the apron but Aries gets the advantage and hits a death valley driver on the apron then Pentagon hits the fearfactor on the apron which leads to another double count out. Pentagon then gets the match restarted again but as the referee is calling for the bell Aries hits a low blow on Pentagon Jr. followed by a brainbuster for the win.

Winner and NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Austin Aries via pinfall

My Opinion: Tonight’s episode of Under Pressure was STACKED. From bell to bell there was no bad match. The matches that recommend you watch are the Knockouts and World title matches. Even though this was a huge show tonight it went up against Game 1 of The Cavs vs The Warriors so I expect low viewership numbers again this week.

My score: 9/10

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 1.12.21

The Go Home to Hard to Kill! After The Good Brothers made an appearance on Dynamite; do we see any new AEW talent invade Impact before the PPV?



Coming off a Genesis event that ended with some nice matches and story wrinkles, we come into the Go Home for Hard to Kill! The Impact PPV that will feature Kenny Omega in the main event.

We will probably see something looking like a end to the feud between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan, Cody Deaner gets to work out more of his new persona and we might finally see Joe Doering murder someone! Deonna Purrazzo has her hardest challenge to date with Taya Valkyrie, which could be one of Taya’s last matches in Impact if contract questions are to be believed. Rohit Raju and Chris Bey will try to get one step closer to unmasking and unseating the current X Division champion Manik.

Let’s also not forget we get the finals for the Knockouts Tag Titles at Hard to Kill! Inactive for 7 1/2 years, we’ll get a new champion since ODB and Eric Young! Take a look at the redesigned titles, then lets get to the show!


  • Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary vs Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo: Kimber wins via Double Leg Cradle – ** ¾
  • Rohit Raju & Chris Bey vs Manik & Suicide: Bey wins via Art of Finesse – *** ¼
  • Deaner w/Eric Young & Joe Doering vs Tommy Dreamer w/Rhino & Cousin Jake: Deaner wins via DQ – *
  • Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Rosemary: Rosemary wins via Spear – ***
  • Moose vs Matthew Palmer: Moose wins via Referee Stoppage – *
  • Rich Swann vs Karl Anderson: Rich wins via School Boy – *** ½



Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary vs Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo

Kimber comes out with instructions and goes right after Taya. Kimber is one of the few Knockouts that Taya isn’t significantly taller or stronger than. Taya kept fighting from the back foot, but Kimber showed some really good aggression and the ability to keep the pressure believable.

Taya started turning things around after she got the knees up to counter a Swanton, but Deonna had a few tricks up her. Taya has Kimber seeing shadows, and Deonna puts her hand on the ropes. Rosemary tries to back Deonna back up the ramp, but before she can do any real damage we see…Susan?!

Susan has Deonna hold her glasses, and she cold cocks Rosemary and they start the beatdown. They hold Rosemary to watch the ring, Taya gets distracted with what’s going on outside, so Kimber grabs her, trips her up and sits down into a cradle.

If the cradle wasn’t a little awkward/sloppy then this would’ve rated higher. Honestly not terrible in-ring and story stuff.

God I hate these stupid paid ads. Tony Khan is not tolerable to listen to, not even from a smarmy heel perspective; he’s just an annoying human. Schiavone of course makes this palatable, but Khan is more cringe than uWu voice.

Rohit Raju & Chris Bey vs Manik & Suicide

The heels take it to TJPs two masked personas! Early on it takes the masked marvels a little bit of time to recover, but when they do we see a lot of signature poses and maneuvers. Pump kicks, lead to planchas and springboards and we just get a lot of good fun from Manik and Suicide while Bey and Rohit keep things grounded, aggressive and story driven.

Rohit is hell bent on taking off Manik’s mask and that does cost him at different points. Suicide goes for Suicide Solution, but Bey hits the Art of Finesse for the pinfall! Manik avoids the pinfall, but his opponents technically pick up momentum.

Deaner w/Eric Young & Joe Doering vs Tommy Dreamer w/Rhino & Cousin Jake

Well Cody Deaner went full WWE and done lost his first name! It’s not a name I would pick, but I guess Cody was already taken by someone else.

While not a bad match to add more interaction between the participants of the 6 man at Hard to Kill, it was really not anything to talk about. Rhino and Doering got caught interfering and thrown out, but then after a few moves Deaner and Jake have a moment. Jake tries to reason with him, Deaner smacks him so Jake takes him out.

Disqualification happens and we get a brawl eventually between all six when Rhino and Doering return.

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Rosemary

Tenille applied her usual level of quirky humor to this match. She tried to offer friendship in the beginning, but got sucked in to a little bit of a rag doll from Rosemary. Which continued for a little bit until Kaleb got involved and Hairsprayed Rosemary early in the match.

That gave Tenille a near fall, but the match kept rolling along. Solid action mixed in with Kaleb’s own bumbling because he would’ve been more useful if he put his phone down. When it looks like Rosemary is about to win, Kaleb hits the apron, but Crazzy Steve appears behind him to even the odds. Kaleb manages to sneak the hairspray in to Tenille as Steve runs him off. Tenille is shaking the hairspray but Rosemary sees her, tilts her head and Tenille gets sheepish. Rosemary turns the hairspray on Tenille.

So hairspray plus a Spear equals Rosemary wins. We get a nice little tease to maybe an official Decay reunion. I guess only time will tell.

Moose vs Matthew Palmer

This was a match for Moose to prove his sadistic side and take advantage of a weaker challenger that got one over him last week. Palmer gets occasional flurries, but it’s not believable. Commentary bills him as out of his depth and he’s just an example.

Since the match was intended to make Moose seem vicious and just murder the poor enhancement talent, it did its job. But at no point was the finish in doubt.

Rich Swann vs Karl Anderson

The entire time Kenny’s been in the picture, they’ve put a lot of spotlight on some of Karl’s singles accolades in Japan. So it should come as no surprise that Karl actually came in with a plan and dominated for a good portion. Karl focused on the shoulder and it worked really well for him.

Rich was selling and getting caught by Shotgun kicks and a bunch of other moves, but at least proving to be resilient. Rich manages to catch Karl as Karl starts looking to finish things. A few nice strikes, the over the shoulder back kick and finally Swann’s got something. Karl does stabilize and look for the Gun Stun, but Rich ducks the Gun Stun with a School Boy Rollup and that’s the match!

After the match we get a dressing room brawl between all six heading towards Hard to Kill.


Overall Score: 6.25/10

So this was a mixed bag of either predictable matches or solid to good matches. But the segments between were filler video packages recapping stories, and the fact that we got an old TNA or current AEW finish to the episode of a brawl…just because, it’s a played out ending. With that, the episode felt like it was decent, but nothing really special, even though it was a Go Home. To be fair, Hard to Kill probably had all the needed hype off of the card itself, so I’m not sure what more they could’ve done, but something more clever than a dressing room attack to send us home would’ve been cool.

Again, this doesn’t really take away from Hard to Kill, an the announcement of Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan being a Barbwire Massacre match is…okay? I mean the last one Impact did was between oVe and LAX; and honestly, it wasn’t that great. I have a little more faith in Eddie and Sami, but death matches are usually all sizzle and no steak in the States. So it doesn’t add anything to Hard to Kill for me, but who knows, maybe it peaked some CZW fans attention somewhere.

Hard to Kill should be a good PPV and here’s to hoping that there’s no awkwardness because it’ll be live (they tend to have audio issues or something technical happens) and please no stupidity with AEW talent. If any more show up, I hope it’s logical and actually kind of cool.

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Andrew’s Genesis Results & Match Ratings 1.9.21

The first Genesis since 2018! This one feels more like Destination X since it’s all around the Super X Cup! Do we get another solid ImpactPlus App event?



Genesis this year feels like Destination X with having the entire Super X Cup as the main attraction! We also get a generational battle between Jazz and Jordynne Grace. Main evented with the blood feud I Quit match with Willie Mack and Moose!

Now much like I tweeted, Blake Christian is who I’m looking most forward to in this X Cup. He’s been a beacon in the murky landscape of NJPW Strong, and he’s had decent tournament runs this past year. Ace Austin will most likely win the tournament since he needs something to re-establish himself after a few tough losses to end 2020; but I can still hope for Blake.

Also I’ve really been enjoying Moose during this whole TNA Champion reign and since his interaction with EC3. He’s found a great persona and even stepped up his in-ring ability. So this could be a surprisingly fun event.

Let’s find out!


  • Super X Cup: Ace Austin vs Suicide: Ace wins via The Fold – ** ¾
  • Super X Cup: KC Navarro vs Blake Christian: Blake wins via Elia – ***
  • Super X Cup: Cousin Jake vs Daivari: Jake wins via Blackhole Slam – **
  • Super X Cup: Crazzy Steve vs Trey Lamar: Steve wins via King Kill 33 – *** ¼
  • Super X Cup: Cousin Jake vs Ace Austin: Ace wins via Springboard Corkscrew Fold – *** ¾
  • Super X Cup: Blake Christian vs Crazzy Steve: Blake wins via 450 Draping Splash – *** ½
  • Jordynne Grace vs Jazz: Jordynne wins via Reverse Cradle – *** ½
  • Super X Cup Finals: Ace Austin vs Blake Christian: Ace wins via Flash Fold – ****
  • I Quit Match: Willie Mack vs Moose: Willie Mack wins – **** ½



Super X Cup: Ace Austin vs Suicide

Part of the entertainment is that each X Cup participant get a promo before the match. But for Suicide it was a combination of D’Amore, Sabin and Shelley. So it was nice for some inside baseball, like Sabin saying he’s pretty sure it was Christopher Daniels and still might be!

As for the match, it starts off with Ace not realizing who he was facing. He tried to do the paper cut, but Suicide wears gloves so it didn’t do a damn thing. The action was back and forth with a lot of Fulton making his presence known but not physically getting involved, just being a constant distraction.

Hard to really say more than this was just decent back and forth, some nice spots, but Ace gonna be a heel and win thanks to a distraction from Fulton and then The Fold. So to no one’s surprise, Ace wins the first round.

Super X Cup: KC Navarro vs Blake Christian

The promos in the beginning really helped show Blake as the typical humble white meat babyface, and Navarro as the brash mouthy arrogant one. No one is really a heel, but Navarro came in with a Pringles can on his shoulder.

Early on we see Navarro trying to prove to Blake that he’s just as good, if not better than him with mirroring certain moves. Then we get some solid Junior style action with Blake doing a lot of standing acrobatics from Shooting Stars to Planchas, and Navarro was looking for openings. Blake’s style is very calculated Junior risks, and I love how he throws the hesitation Dropkick to a seated opponent. Navarro did well enough, but he was always punching a little above his weight.

Super X Cup: Cousin Jake vs Daivari

This was a match that Jake needed since Cody got some character progression and he got left behind.  The issue comes from the fact that this was a slower more classic style of match; which didn’t really work super well with the fact the first two were faster paced in the same tournament.

Slower work where Daivari took advantage of positioning and Jake’s over eagerness at times, but he started working on the legs too late. Jake had enough power to hit the Blackhole Slam and pick up the win.

Super X Cup: Crazzy Steve vs Trey Lamar

Trey did really good comedy work in this match. Crazzy Steve’s antics kept him rattled, the stuffed monkey had him freaked and Steve used that to his advantage. So early on there wasn’t much wrestling, but good entertainment.

Trey really showed up in this match. Steve had a few bigger moves than usual, like the Avalanche Russian Leg Sweep and a grounded Cobra Twist, but Trey was the star in defeat here. He looked great, his facials were solid (except for a weird tongue flick he did while having Steve in a headlock). But either way, this kid could be something special.

Super X Cup: Cousin Jake vs Ace Austin

Finally we get a great meshing of styles, with a little bit of a hint towards a possible future encounter with Madman Fulton and Cousin Jake. Watching Jake’s power and Ace’s ingenuity was fantastic. Buckle Bombs, catching Ace out of midair, big Slams and Michinoku Drivers, but the fact that Ace won with a variation on The Fold was really great from him.

This is just a really well wrestled match, Fulton did a great job playing bodyguard and not being as obnoxious in the wrong spots as the first match. Great stuff.

Super X Cup: Blake Christian vs Crazzy Steve

Steve utilized a different part of his crazy kit here by interacting more with his monkey than his opponent. Lots of conversations and even a friendly hug between Steve and Blake.

Blake seems slightly confused but it doesn’t really throw him too far off. Things start slow until Blake accidentally kicks the monkey out of the ring. Then Steve goes a little crazy…err…crazier? Steve did a great job in helping to display Blake’s kit, a nice Split Legged Moonsault and the 450 he used as the finish. Blake looks like a solid challenge for Ace, but you gotta wonder if they’re gonna continue breaking down Ace or if this was manufactured to get him some momentum.

Jordynne Grace vs Jazz

Things start off respectful, but then both women get to slugging it out. Some powerful charges to knock one another down, haymakers and we get a nice women’s Hoss fight. Jordynne has an early advantage, but Jazz trips her up on the apron, then starts laying forearms across her face and just dominates for a few minutes.

Jordynne manages to absorb a Butterfly Suplex and stop the follow up move, sweep the leg and now we get some high impact attacks from Jordynne.  Spinebuster, Vader Bomb, an Aja Kong style backfist, and really great power couldn’t quite finish off Jazz. Jazz drops Jordynne on her face (on purpose) and it’s really close in the waning moments of the match. Jazz runs Jordynne into the ropes, O’Connor Roll, Jordynne rolls through and picks up barely a 3 count! Hard hitting, and pretty fun honestly.

Super X Cup Finals: Ace Austin vs Blake Christian

Blake comes out holding his ribs, reminiscent of the Lion’s Break Tournament, so even though I would like Blake to win; it’s leading more to an Ace win.

Surprisingly, this is a hell of a match. Ace was on the receiving end of a ton of offense, even when there was a dodge, it was close and cool. Big high flying attempts like Corkscrew Sentons, 450 Splashes, Blake went for Elia again and missed. There was a really solid locomotion cradle spot, which has a small hitch but not enough to look sloppy.

At the end we see Ace go for the card, but Blake grabs the hand and crumples it between. They go back and forth trying to push one another off with their legs, in that Lucha rolling arm lock spot. But as Ace pushes back, Blake stands, and before Blake can do anything; Ace follows the momentum, twists and hits The Fold for a win out of nowhere.

This was a tremendously great match, showed a lot for Blake in the loss and validates some of Ace’s ego returning.

I Quit Match: Willie Mack vs Moose

This had all the tones and feelings of the grudge match that it was. Willie and Moose went hard early, kept trying to intimidate one another and get in each other’s heads to get a quick quit. But this was not going to be over quickly and it was paced well, and the moves were meticulous, and the way they went from calling the referee in early to pushing him out of the way; just trying to inflict more damage was great.

Moose hit an Avalanche Go To Hell through a table, but Willie wasn’t going to die. Willie got some momentum a bit later, told Moose he’d have to kill him and that was a bit of foreshadowing. Moose was covering the TNA title belt and just chucked it at Willie’s head to give himself some space. Moose did make a reference to his EC3 match when he flipped off Willie right before a chairshot, but the point was the ending. Moose takes control, wraps the chair around Willie’s neck and goes to kill him, chair into chair style.  Rich Swann runs out and screams “What do you want”, Moose stares at him blankly and Rich says he’ll give him a title shot if that’s what he really wants, just stop the madness. Moose puts the chair down, and says “Thank You, I Quit”.


Overall Score: 8/10

This card did a great job at slowly building up. First round matches got us to where we needed to be, and they were mostly serviceable. Jake looks to still be reeling, which makes for a solid story of him finding his stride and figuring it out through the year. Blake Christian is a damn star, even though he was runner up, he stood out the most. Ace gets back on track, but we need more Blake in Impact Wrestling.

Jazz definitely brought it tonight as well. The finish was close enough to still leave a small question, but she threw the stiff shots and made that match a hell of a fight. Moose however, proved why he was the main event and also why he’s one of the most improved wrestlers of the last year or so. Moose was never bad, but always lacked something and needed others to bring him to a good match. We got a grudge match, fantastic violence and the fact that Moose had a very specific goal, so once he got what he wanted, the match no longer mattered and he ended it on his terms. Just complete genius.

Surprisingly great ImpactPlus event from Impact Wrestling. Now we get to see if Hard to Kill lives up to Genesis!


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