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Impact Coverage

Ja’ Von’s Impact Wrestling “Under Pressure” Live Report (5/31/18)



  1. Quick Results:
  • Scott Steiner vs Eli Drake: Eli Drake via pinfall
  • Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard: Madison Rayne via pinfall
  • Allie(c) vs Su Yung (Last Rites Match for Knockouts Championship): NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION Su Yung via closing the coffin on Allie 
  • Dezmond Xavier vs Brain Cage (#1 Contender’s Match): Brain Cage via pinfall
  • Pentagon Jr.(c) vs Austin Aries (Impact World Championship): NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION Austin Aries via pinfall

Play by Play:

Impact opens with Sonjay Dutt addressing the roster on the recent attacks that have been going on. The roster doesnt trust him but Petey comes to his defense saying that he has known Dutt for a long time and trust him and they should to. Impact then plays the cold opening for Under Pressure.

Eli Drake vs Scott Steiner:

This is the opening contest of the night. Eli Drake makes his way to the ring first for this match. Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and they jawjack each other while the crowd chants they both suck. Collar and elbow tie up and Stiener gets the better of the exchange forcing Eli in the corner. They jawjack each other again then Eli pushes Scott into the corner. Drake catches Stiener with thumb to the eye when the ref was distracted but Stiener counters an Irish whip with a powerslam.

Scott fights back and knocks Drake down to get a one count. Eli rolls to the outside of the ring but Stiener follows him to the outside. They both counter Irish whip attempts but Scott gets the advantage and sends Drake into the gruad rail and eats a big shot from Stiener. Scott leads Drake around the ring but Eli gets free and sends Scott into the post and then looks for a chair and tries to use it but Steiner counters and gets a shot on Drake. Back in the ring nearfalls are exchanged and down the stretch the referee was getting back in the ring and Eli hits Scott with a steel chair just like how they lost the tag titles to pick up the win.

Winner: Eli Drake via pinfall

Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard:

Impact shows a video of how this match came to be tonight. Tessa Blanchard makes her way to the ring for this match. Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and the ladies jawjack each other then Tessa piefaces Madiosn. Madison takes it to Tessa then hits a tilt a whirl headscissors on Blanchard.

Madison is still in control as her agility is on display and heads to the ring apron. While on the apron she hits Tessa with a shoulderblock and slides under Tessa but Blanchard catches her and hits her with a scoopslam and gets a nearfall. Tessa is still in control as she gets hit with a forearm to the face followed up by a barrage of attacks including a running dropkick on a prone Madison on the ropes. Blanchard follows that up with a big move which leads to a nearfall. Rayne then looks to mount a comeback as she fights Tessa into the corner then Irish whips her into another corner followed by a running splash. Rayne then hits a northern lights for a nearfall. Tessa then gains control of the match and gets Madison into the corner and kicks Madison’s legs out from under her and hits her with a draping flatliner for a nearfall. Tessa then takes her eye of the ball as she is jawjacking with the referee and Madsion suckers in Tessa and rolls her up with a schoolgirl for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne via pinfall

Back from break and we see LAX in their clubhouse playing cards and The King walks in with a briefcase and shows them what’s inside. He also brought to hot ladies for Santana and Ortiz. The King says that he isn’t done and got them a match against The Cult of Lee next week.

A video package is played hype up Slammiversy this summer in Canada.

Another video package is played but this time it’s about Brain Cage and his worldwide tour of destruction and questions if anyone one can stop weapon x.

Dezmond Xavier vs Brain Cage( #1 Contender’s Match):

Dezmond Xavier makes his way to the ring for the match. Brain Cage then makes his way to the ring for the match as we go to break. Back from break and the bell rings to start the match. Collar and elbow tie up and Cage gets the advantage and tosses Xavier across the ring which sends him out of the ring. Dezmond gets back in the ring and uses his speed to his advantage. Xavier begins hitting Cage with multiple running dropkicks which sends Cage to the outside of the ring. Dezmond doesnt stop there and hits Cage with another running dropkick. Cage then gains control of the match and slams Xavier on the ring apron then gets him back in the ring and remains in control. Cage hits Dezmond with multiple Biel throws but on the last one Xavier lands on his feet. Dezmond looked to leap and go for a spinning ddt but gets caught by Cage who hits him with a butterfly suplex.

Dezmond does regain control of the match and even hits the final flash but Cage kicks out at ONE.

Brain Cage then hits the drillclaw on Xavier for the win and becomes the new #1 contender for the X-Division Championship.

After the match Cage and Xavier shake hands.

Winner and #1 contender to the X-Division Championship: Brain Cage via pinfall

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Austin Aries about what does it mean to finally get his rematch for the World Championship. Aries says that he has been on a journey for the last 7 months collecting belts and getting people to work together and get along. He also says that Pentagon isn’t the face of Impact Wrestling until he beats him one on one. He says that Pentagon may have no fear but at the end of the night he will have no title.

Allie(c) vs Su Yung( Last Rites Match for the Knockouts Championship):

A video package is played showing the events that lead to this championship match tonight. Su Yung makes her way to the ring to try and win the Knockouts Championship for the first time in her career and she is accompanied by her undead bridesmaids who brought a coffin to the ring. Allie makes her way to the ring with her entrance music at first but then challenges Rosemary and her music is played.

The bell rings and Allie gets a big shot on Su. Allie stays on the attack with multiple clotheslines and a suplex in the corner. Allie looks to put Su in the coffin but to no avail. Su Yung then gains control of the match by countering Allie with a big shot. Yung then tries to put Allie in thecoffin but Allie stops it from happening. Su stays on the attack and tries again but to no avail. Yung then chokes Allie on the ropes while she stares at the coffin. Yung then bring Allie back to the middle of the ring and locks in a body scissors. Allie eventually fights through and hits Su with a sliding elbow in the corner. Allie then rolls to the apron but gets too close to the coffin and is pushed in by Su but Allie stands up and fights back sending Yung to the floor. Allie then hits Su witha running clothesline off the apron as we go to break. Back from break and Allie sends Su Ying face first into the corner but Su fights back and gains control of the match hitting Allie with a big running knee leavingher down and out in the ring. Su grabs a chair and brings it  back into the ring and kicks the chair out of Su’s hand then conncects with a side russian legsweep. Allie then grabs the chair and tosses it to Su then conncects with a codebreaker and tries to put Yung in the coffin but Su counters with a hitting Allie’s throat against the ropes. Allie tries again but to no avail then Su Yung gets Allie with themaniabal claw and puts her in the coffin and slams it shut for the win.

Winner and NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: Su Yung via closing the coffin on Allie

A video package is shown with Pentagon Jr. talking about having many obstacles in his life and career. He also says that the world title is very important to him and he will retain tonight.

The newest victim this week is Sonjay Dutt as Petey tries to get some help for him.

A video package is played showcasing everything that has gone down in this blood feud between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

Eddie and Alisha is shown backstage and tells her that it’s all good and that everything is set. Eddie Edwards and Sami Callhian will meet in the woods no ring and no referee.

Pentagon Jr.(c) vs Austin Aries(Impact World Championship):

Impact Grand Champion Austin Aries makes his way to the ring to try and reclaim his OTHER world title. Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. makes his way to the ring to defend his title but gets met with a suicide dive from Aries. They brawl all over the ring and as Pentagon goesfor a chop Aries side stepsand he hits his hand on the post.

Aries brings Pentagon into the ring then flips into the ring onto Pentagon and gets multiple nearfalls. Aries then puts Pentagon into the corner and tries his mask onto the ropes and begins to beat on Pentagon. Pentagon then gets freed and regains control of the match and looks to break the elbow of Aries who gets free and slides to the outside of the ring. Austin comes back in the ring and gets the upperhand on Pentagon and takes him down then follows up with a knee drop to the back of the head. Aries then while staying in control sets up for the diving elbow to the back of the neck which leads to a one count. As we go to break Pentagon is in control. Back from break Aries is in control and sends Pentagon face first into the turnbuckles. Pentagon then gains control of the match and sends Aries intothe opposite corner and begins to light up the chest with fast chops. This leads to Ariebeing sent to the outside of the ring. Pentagon follows and brings Aries in the ring via a suplex. Pentagon then hits two slingblade which leads to a nearfall. Aries then counters the Pentagon Driver then follows up with belly to back suplex. Aries then goesfor a high risk maneuver but is met with a kick from Pentagon. Pentagon then sets up for the fear factor but Aries counters it by boxing his ears which sends him to the mat. Aries then locks in the last chancery for the second time in this match but Pentagon breaks free. Pentagon eventually gains control of the match and finally hits the Pentagon Driver and goes for the cover but Aries gets his foot on the rope to break the count. The match spills to the apron where Aries gains control and sends Pentagon to the floor. Aries then locks in the last chancery again which leads to a double countout. Aries then gets Pentagon agree to restart the match. The bell rings and Pentagon rolls him up for a nearfall. The match again spills out to the apron but Aries gets the advantage and hits a death valley driver on the apron then Pentagon hits the fearfactor on the apron which leads to another double count out. Pentagon then gets the match restarted again but as the referee is calling for the bell Aries hits a low blow on Pentagon Jr. followed by a brainbuster for the win.

Winner and NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Austin Aries via pinfall

My Opinion: Tonight’s episode of Under Pressure was STACKED. From bell to bell there was no bad match. The matches that recommend you watch are the Knockouts and World title matches. Even though this was a huge show tonight it went up against Game 1 of The Cavs vs The Warriors so I expect low viewership numbers again this week.

My score: 9/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 5.4.2023

Trinity makes her debut and Dirty Dango starts making a list of suspects for who attacked Santino Marella!



Now we all have seen some buzz about Trinity Fatu (Naomi) debuting at Impact during these Chicago tapings. They aren’t shy about, and seem to have embraced the spoilers.

There are other stories, but most people are probably interested in what Trinity has to say. So let’s just get the show coverage started.


  • Bhupinder Gujjar & Yuya Uemura vs Brian Myers & Moose: Moose wins via Lights Out – **
  • Sami Callihan vs Kon w/Deaner & Angels: NO CONTEST – *
  • Alisha Edwards vs Jody Threat: Jody wins via F-416 – * 3/4
  • Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh & Shera vs PCO, Heath & Rhino: PCO wins via PCO-Sault – ** 1/4
  • Jonathan Gresham vs Speedball Mike Bailey: Gresham wins via Octopus Hold – *** 1/2


Bhupinder Gujjar & Yuya Uemura vs Brian Myers & Moose

Gujjar and Myers start off together with Gujjar getting the best of the early exchange. Tags in Yuya, and then we see them go for some tandem moves but there needs to be a beat of communication. It’s kinda nice to see a simple moment of communicating the intended move as a way for younger wrestlers and a new tag team to start getting familiar with one another.

Yuya and Moose have their moments together where Yuya gets the best of the early goings as well. Big double dive gives all the momentum to the younger wrestlers until Moose and Myers cut him off while on the top rope and take advantage of the crafty veteran shortcut. Myers works over Yuya, but the simultaneous offense moment gives Yuya the chance to tag in Gujjar. Hot tag spot is only slightly tripped up because Gujjar screws up the Kip Up, but honestly it gets a little annoying seeing everyone use a Kip Up during high intensity moments. Gujjar tries to set up his terrible Gargoyle Spear, Moose dodges, goes for Lights Out, Gujjar dodges and turns it into a Slingblade for 2. Myers breaks up the pinfall, then eats a Springboard Sole Butt; but Moose comes out of nowhere with the Lights Out to kill Gujjar and pick up the win.

Sami Callihan vs Kon w/Deaner & Angels

Initially the assumption was that Deaner would fight Sami, but we should all know better the leader wouldn’t put himself out there like that. So he swerves Sami by saying the match is against Kon. Early mugging before the bell starts off with the typical babyface from underneath idea. Sami demands the match start, and we get the official start.

Sami has an quick comeback but then Kon stabilizes and starts overpowering Sami. Some offense capped off with a wear down Bear Hug spot finally gives Sami a spot to reenergize. Sami fights out, strike exchange, Kon lays in a few Vader Hammers but then Sami counters Kon’s charge with a Samoan Drop. Numbers game attempt, but while the ref is distracted Sami kicks Kon in the nuts. He calls Deaner into the ring, Deaner hits the apron gives him the thumbs down and the yellow hoodie wearing goon squad hits the ring to attack Sami and throw out the match.

Stupid ending, stupid faction with a bunch of jobbers, the faction that was cool with Eric Young and Joe Doering…is now a sad shell of its former self. 

Yes I am mostly inserting this interview because it has Jimmy Jacobs and no real other reason. Do It For Her, as some would say. 

Alisha Edwards vs Jody Threat

Lish with a big open hand slap, Jody starts rocking her and even returns the slap before driving her into a corner to bounce her head off the buckles a bit. Jody tosses Lish into the ropes, goes for the Leg Drape, but Lish moves, pulls her down from the ropes, rams her head into the mat multiple times with her knees and starts trash talking a little.

Jody Drop Toehold puts Lish against the ropes, Double Knees to the back, German Suplex, and then F-416. Lish’s new persona is great, but she’s still jobbing out a bit.

Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh & Shera vs PCO, Heath & Rhino

PCO starts and Singh tags out Maclin before the official start as he’s trying to kiss ass. PCO starts eating Singh’s lunch, because Singh sucks. Rhino comes in, lays in some shots, shoots him into the rope, Shoulder Tackle for a crowd pose. Singh gets in a few moves of offense but Rhino lights him up and tags in Heath. So Heath starts bouncing some offense into the corner. Heath places Singh in a dumb spot for Shera to get the blind tag and Shera starts manhandling Heath.

Maclin of course tags in because Heath is beaten down a bit, a “He’s Got Kids” chant starts and Heath fires up. Maclin tries to wipe out the enemy corner but PCO gives Maclin second thoughts, the distraction allows for Heath to hit a Powerslam and then stereo tags. PCO is now destroying Singh again. PCO is just a psychopath. Zombie con Hilo, Deanimator connects! Shera attacks PCO after the Deanimator connects. Triple team attempt, Shera and Singh try to set up Caught in the Crosshairs, but PCO falls out of the Tree of Woe. Maclin tries to inform the idiots, but they’re too stupid, they get laid out, Maclin powders and eats a Gore!

Singh tries to pay off PCO, Heath hits a Wake Up Call, PCO-Sault wins the match. Not surprising, but everyone being able to hit their finish was nice.

Jonathan Gresham vs Speedball Mike Bailey

A lot of early jockeying for position and small headlock advantages but a proverbial stalemate for the first few minutes. Its not until after the first commercial and a Dropkick that Bailey nearly takes control…but we’re back to trading Arm Bars and Arm Drags…are we going to get a Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza also? Now we just get some mat and join manipulation from Gresham before Bailey tries to keep things rocking and rolling to free up his joints.

Series of kicks into the Standing Shooting Star Press gives Bailey a 2. Buzzsaw Kick attempt but Gresham counters and tries to run Bailey into the ropes for a Victory Roll, but Bailey sneaks in a Cross Armbar, Backflip Knees, Combo Kicks sends Gresham stumbling to the apron, Yakuza Kick drops Gresham onto the Apron, Slingshot Knee Drop crashes into Gresham and then a Golden Triangle Moonsault sends us to commercial with Bailey in full control. Coming off the commercial Bailey drapes Gresham over the top rope and hits the Rocky Romero half of Strong Zero for 2.

Bailey charges, Gresham counters with a Cradle, a few quick Cradle attempts, two La Magistral attempts from Gresham but only near falls for everyone. Arm Wringer from Gresham, Bailey tries to roll through and create a spot, but Gresham maintains, a Pump Kick finally gives Speedball some space, Gresham stutters runs forward and gets caught with a Standing Spanish Fly for 2! They trade styles, Gresham works the arm, looks for a submission but a few straight side kicks rocks Gresham, Tornado Kicks connect! Ultima Weapon…misses! Position work and then Speedball gets caught in the Octopus and taps out.

Not exactly paint by numbers intro, but nothing shocking. Deonna comes out and makes a “You can’t walk out” joke, Trinity responds by telling her she’s going to wish she got fired again. Jordynne Grace comes out to set a tone that she’s game for a fight as well, but she doesn’t want Deonna losing sight of the Under Siege match. Trinity did do her homework about the history of the Knockouts Division, but given the fact she came from the era of WWE she did…its not like it was hard to learn. I’ll look forward to how they market Trinity (they were saying SHINE often instead of GLOW), and how her first real match goes. 

Overall Score: 6.25/10

A recurring statement from me lately, where the story building and entertainment was really solid in the show…but not so much the wrestling. The main event was the best match of the night and it was also the worst those two have had in their 4 IMPACT tussles. So the predictability of the matches is getting to be far too common place. I understand that Under Siege is mostly just a road bump to Slammiversary; but I really need to start seeing more competitive dynamics to get invested in any of these matches. Putting two main event guys against a youngster new tag team isn’t hard to see the outcome. Alisha has done nothing but be enhancement talent since she’s been an active part of Impact, The Design is so trash they make the Dark Order look like peak nWo.

Lets also not overlook the fact that the 6 man was obvious because Shera and Champagne Singh were involved, but the only real wrinkle that developed was Rhino hitting a Gore to piss off Maclin and earn himself a title shot next week. Impact needs to start trimming the fat (yes I mean fire some of the trash people, The Design and Champagne Singh immediately come to mind), and throw together stories where the opposition is more evenly matched. No more of this gang tactic job squad idiot crap.

Biggest positive to come from the show was Alex Shelley declaring that he’s just going to win the World Championship since he doesn’t love being known as “the best to never win the belt”. I would be totally game for Shelley beating Maclin at either Slammiversary or Bound For Glory.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 4.27.2023

IMPACT continues to build on new challengers and film from Canadian turf! Lets see what kind of show we’ve got tonight!



We got to start Maclin’s new regime last week, and the Canadian caveat gave the fans an unexpected but well supported first challenger. While PCO isn’t going to put on a mat clinic, his matches are always entertaining and the stuff he puts his body through at 55 is crazy,

The Coven also set their sights on Deonna last week, so I guess we’ll find out if they’ll be dispatched quickly or if we get a longer program. Let’s see where this show goes!


  • Jordynne Grace vs Masha Slamovich: Jordynne wins via Cradle – *** 1/4
  • PCO vs Champagne Singh: PCO wins via PCO-sault – N/A
  • Road to 50 Wins: Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs El Dineroco: Swinger wins? via La Magistral – N/A
  • The Design (Kon & Angels w/Deaner) vs ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey): ABC wins via 1-2-Sweet – ***
  • Jody Threat vs Seleziya Sparx: Jody wins via F-416 – * 1/2
  • Knockouts World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Taylor Wilde w/Kilynn King: Deonna wins via Venus de Milo – *** 3/4



Jordynne Grace vs Masha Slamovich

This was supposed to be Masha versus Killer Kelly, but I think Kelly posted on her Twitter that she had a cyst that burst, so she wasn’t in a position to participate in tapings. 

This stay fairly equal between these two, Jordynne tries to keep Masha in place with a Wristlock, Masha uses her agility to get out of things. They move to the corner and Jordynne hits a few big shots into a Vader Bomb for 2. Masha looks to be in trouble until Masha takes advantage of pulling Jordynne into the middle rope throat first. So Masha finally gets the advantage while Jordynne tries to recover.

Jordynne blocks Masha’s attempts at a Suplex with her own, but Masha connects on a few quick strikes, Backfist into Buzzsaw Kick rocks Jordynne and Masha decides to talk smack in Russian to the crowd instead of going right after Jordynne. Camel Clutch from Masha appears to be too late since Jordynne fights through, rams her into the corner a few times before the Backpack style Backdrop to break Masha’s submission.

Masha gets caught in a Muscle Buster but kicks out, eats some big strikes, Jordynne hits a Michinoku Driver out of nowhere but only two. Masha tries to find something, she looks for the Victory Roll but Jordynne counters with the Rear Naked Choke. Turns the Rear Naked into a pinfall attempt to break the hold and then goes for her own Rear Naked Choke. Jordynne fights out, Masha decides to snap off a Wristclutch German Suplex Hold for 2.

After a few more exchanges, Grace goes for the Muscle Buster again, but Masha counters. A few quick strikes and we go into a Locomotion Cradle Spot. Eventually Jordynne gets the best of the Cradles and wins via pinfall.

Maclin hits the ring, calls out PCO and demads the match to happen now. PCO isn’t one to deny a fight, but as PCO is coming down Shera and Champagne Singh attack him. PCO eventually makes a comeback and then Santino’s music hits. Singh tries to pay off Santino, Santino takes the money and says thank you, you just bought yourself a match. So Champagne Singh is gonna get murdered and Shera is banned from ringside.

PCO vs Champagne Singh

This is just for PCO to beat the hell out of the heel dweeb. No one thinks Singh has a prayer. 

Singh hit a few moves, thought he’d do the Million Dollar man thing and put money in PCO’s mouth…but PCO starts short circuiting. He eats the money, and then eats Singh.

Champagne Singh is such a waste of time. PCO wins via Scorpion Deathdrop into PCO-Sault. The result was never in question.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: 2/14/2013, Christopher Daniels vs Magnus, IMPACT!

Road to 50 Wins: Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs El Dineroco

Zicky apparently is covering the Luchadors pay but has to go get him to translate. The luchador comes out and its obvious its Zicky in a mask, but the name is great.

Solid comedy match, and Swinger “winning” via La Magistral is awesome. Santino figures it out and nullifies the whole damn thing is solid comedy.

The Design (Kon & Angels w/Deaner) vs ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Bey and Angels start off, and Angels starts off aggressively, but its hard to really have any faith in The Design here. The most I think we can hope for is a decent match. Ace blind tag, Russian Leg Sweep/Kung Fu Leg Sweep on Angels, Click Click Boom next for 2, then Angels does manage to tag out.

Kon comes in an bulldozes both men, regardless of the fact they’re hitting him and all over him. You can hear Bey say “My ankle my ankle”, which is hopefully a work to make it look like The Design have a shot. Ace eats some tandem shots and then Kon sinks in the Nerve Hold and Ace is getting smacked around. They keep Ace in their corner, when Angels tags in, Ace tries to run through Angels; but Angels turns the attempt around and Ace keeps eating chops and shoulder blocks. Ace finally grabs some wrist control, a few pot shots, Up and Over, lays out Angels. Ace tries to limp to the tag, but Angels holds his foot and connects on a Half Nelson Suplex.

Deaner tries to tell Angels to keep the foot on the gas, but Angels misses in the corner and gets rocked by Ace. Bey takes the hot tag, wipes out Kon, a few quick spots, Yoshi Tonic for 2. Looks for Art of Finesse but Kon goozles him from the apron. All four guys in the ring, they ABC tries to chop down Kon with successive Dives, they drop Angels on him but Kon won’t fall down. Deaner gets on the apron to interrupt ABC, and Sami Callihan comes out of nowhere to equalize.

Angels runs off Sami, ABC finally lays out Kon and then when Angels tries to comeback, he gets leveled. Timing Spinning Heel Kicks collpase Kon, ABC 1-2-SWEET wins the match!

Decent action even though the outcome was never really in question.

Jody Threat vs Seleziya Sparx

Well given that Jody is starting to get built up and Sparx is obviously the enhancement talent, this is another match that isn’t hard to see the outcome for.

Jody has an interesting energy where she has like a tough brawler style seemingly keeping the opponent close. After a top rope Thesz Press, rope run Pump Kick, German Suplex and F-416. The punk rock appeal could be kinda cool, but the Knockouts have so many brawler style women and/or dark gimmicks. They really need a touch more versatility in the personalities.

Knockouts World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Taylor Wilde w/Kilynn King

While its a little silly to think Deonna will lose the title so quickly, this could build to more. This should be a good strat to Deonna’s first program in her third reign.

Collar and Elbow tie up with both women trying to push the other into a corner or find a small advantage, but they wrestle to a stalemate and take different approaches after a small moment of recognition.

Deonna looks for a lot of arm focused offense, but Taylor gets really clever with her legs. Twisting Deonna into a counter roll or her own modified Indian Deathlock. A few quick pinfalls follow from both and then they have another moment of acknowledgement. The feeling out process between these two has been pretty great thus far.

A quick Hip Toss into the Wristlock has Deonna in control. Taylor does manage to fight her way out of it, Kilynn trips the leg to give Taylor a chance to lay in a few cheap shots and then tease the crowd and do the smarmy heel stuff. Every time Deonna starts to fight back, Taylor powders and Kilynn is being a great partner. She pushes Taylor out of the way, eats a forearm, and is just getting smacked around to protect Taylor.

In the corner, Deonna manages to crash into Taylor’s arm so Taylor sells to the ref to distract her and Kilynn makes her presence felt again. Taylor plays up the witchy persona very well and very much like The Craft. She’s sarcastic and condescending, but in a cute almost flirty way. So it adds to an interesting dynamic between her and Deonna since even though Taylor is heel, she is the more playfully animated. After a few deliberate spots, Taylor hits the Satellite Crippler Crossface out of nowhere. Deonna manages to fight out of it, into a Fujiwara Armbar, but Taylor gets to the ropes.

Backslide from Deonna for 2, but as Taylor tries to roll out, Deonna grabs for the arm and keeps hunting for Fujiwara Armbars. Both women bounce off the ropes and meet in the middle with Crossbody attacks. Strike exchange, Sole Butt from Deonna, into Running Knee Lift, Russian Leg Sweep and Fujiwara Armbar; but Taylor gets a foot on the rope. Queen’s Gambit attempt, but Taylor with the Backdrop to counter. Wilde Ride, for a near fall. Witch’s Wrath gets countered into the Venus de Milo in the middle of the ring.

Kilynn attacks Deonna after the match, and Jordynne makes the save in the whole babyface respect angle.

Overall Score: 7/10

Well this suffered from a consistent issue that more recent IMPACT episodes have had – and that’s a complete lack of suspense in the matches. Comebacks and selling lose effect when the finish is written in purple crayon because of who they position against one another. The show was bookended by two really good Knockouts matches though. The middle parts were job matches, so there really was a lot of lame filler…but stories moved forward and we got a little interesting character work.

Callihan hopefully culminating his whole destruction of The Design, DeathDollz having to connect with James Mitchell to inquire about Taya, Dango going full detective, Zicky and Swinger…being Zicky and Swinger and Maclin finding barely serviceable goons, I suppose is something. Impact continues to have a few interesting beats and solid comedy to never really take itself too seriously, but really some of the shows are just too inflated with trash matches that it weighs things down a ton. I’ve always enjoyed how they keep even the lower card stories relevant, but we could really do without so many job matches.

Also don’t think I missed this video package:

The only adequate reaction to this whole video package is this:

Currenty reading Fifty Shades of Grey, told my partner I may want to try  some stuff during Snu Snu. This was his response, immediately ceased all  action leading to Snu Snu and

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