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WWE Superstar Claims He Got Death Threats After Greatest Royal Rumble

Last Friday at the Greatest Royal Rumble, we saw the return of former WWE Superstar Shawn Daivari alongside his brother, current Superstar Ariya Daivari, for a segment with the recent Saudi Arabia tryout winners. The Daivari Brothers were both born in the United States, but are of Iranian descent and gained heat from the crowd by flaunting Iran’s flag and belittling their Saudi counterparts. Ariya has now come out on Twitter claiming he received death threats over his performance. One could surmise it was from Saudi people, however that was not stated in the posts which you can see below:

EA’s Take: I can’t say that I’m surprised here. Initially it was believed that Shawn was being brought back to be in the Greatest Royal Rumble, so when I saw him come out waving that Iran flag, I cringed a little bit. These are the risks you take when you run a segment like that under those circumstances. This is of course assuming he got death threats from Saudi Arabians. I can’t imagine who else would be that offended!


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