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Chairshot Classics: Monday Night Raw #4 (February 1, 1993)

Guess who’s back, back again? I am! Yes people, it’s that time of the week again as we travel through Monday Night Raw eisode by episode. Last week, Randy Savage got his hat back and Mr Perfect made Ric Flair leave the WWE “Forever” I wonder what delights we have this week, there’s only one way to find out…..

Raw #4 [February 1 1993]

After the usual opening video we head straight into the opening contest.

Tatanka vs Damian Demento

Demento starts with a kick to the gut, an Eye Rake and a Headbutt before Irish Whipping Tatanka. Coming back off the ropes, Tatanka ducks a Clothesline before Rolling Up Demento in a Small Package for a two count. Demento regains control with a Boot and some Mongolian Chops. Demento shoots Tatanka off the ropes but he reverses it and catches Demento with a Hip Toss which he follows with a Bodyslam. As Demento gets back to his feet, Tatanka Clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. Demento is outside talking to the voices in his head and is not paying attention to Tatanka who Chops him before rolling Demento back into the ring. Once back in the ring, Tatanka hits Demento with a series of Chops. Demento gets back in control due to a Mongolian Chop and hits Tatanka with Right Hands and Chops. Tatanka reverses an Irish Whip but is caught by a Demento Clothesline anyway. Demento stomps Tatanka while he’s down before whipping Tatanka off the ropes and catching him with a Back Elbow. Demento hits a Legdrop for a two count. Demento then Legdrops Tatanka in the “Inner thigh, lower abdominal region” before stomping Tatanka getting another two count. Demento locks in a Chinlock. Tatanka fights out of it with Elbows to the gut before shooting off the ropes and right into a kick by Demento. Tatanka is rammed head first into the turnbuckles but it has no effect on him as ‘Hulks Up‘ and prances around the ring as Demento tries to beat him down with Axe Handles. Tatanka sends Demento off the ropes and catches him with a Chop before finishing Demento off with a Samoan Drop.

Winner: Tatanka

We see footage from a Live Event where Bret Hart (on behalf of the WWE) presented The American Red Cross with a cheque for $100,000.

Vince is in the ring with Brutus Beefcake. Vince says it’s good to have him back after the parasailing accident that has kept him on the shelf for almost three years. Beefcake says it’s good to be back. He says he is here to announce that he plans to return to active competition in the WWE. Vince says it’s a risky manouver. Beefcake talks about the hardships he has faced recently. His 85 year old mother dying of cancer, his dad died of a heart attack, his wife leaving him and taking his money, the parasailing accident, recieving no painkillers while doctors debated to save him. Just when things looked bleake, Hulk Hogan was there. His friend was there when he came out of surgery with a face full of bolts, staples and steel plates telling him to not give up. Vince again points out that it’s a risk for Beefcake to get back in the ring. Beefcake says he is a desparate man with nothing left. He says he asked Hulk Hogan’s advice and he said ‘Go for it‘. Beefcake says he has an open contract and is willing to take on all comers.

The Wrestlemania ad from last week airs. OK it’s slightly different as Demento isn’t in it anymore.

Owen Hart & Koko B Ware vs Mike Sharpe & Von Krush

Yep, it’s Enhancement time again. Some of you may recognise Von Krush as Vito from the dying days of WCW or from when he wore a dress in WWE. Sharpe is just a jobber.

Owen and Sharpe lock up in a Collar and Elbow. Sharpe is bigger and stronger and he pushes Owen over with ease. Another Collar And Elbow becomes a Headlock by Sharpe. Owen pushes Sharpe off the ropes but Owen is knocked over with a Shoulder Block. Sharpe shoots himself off the ropes but is caught by an Dropkick by Owen and a Drop Toe Hold that Owen transitions into an Armbar. Owen drags Sharpe to the corner where he tags Koko and they split Sharpe’s legs (it’s not as rude as it sounds). Koko Snapmares Sharpe but as he lifts him for a second, Sharpe is able to tag Von Krush. Koko drags Von Krush to his own corner and tags Owen back in. They send Von Krush off the ropes and they Double Backdrop him. Owen lifts Von Krush for what loks like the Hart Attack move his brother, Bret, would do in the Hart Foundation. However, instead of a Clothesline, Koko heads to the top turnbuckle and hits a Missile Dropkick. Owen rolls into a cover and this is over.

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Winners: Owen Hart & Koko B Ware

We get a replay of Doink whacking Crush with a fake arm from a couple of weeks ago. Vince tells us that Crush is at home recovering and should be back in a few weeks. Would it be a ‘Risky manouver‘ if Crush comes back, Vince?

Doink vs Typhoon

Doink grabs Typhoon’s leg as if he’s trying to lift him (good luck with that) but instead uses his leg to trip Typhoon. He grabs at Typhoon’s arm and head in an effort to hold the big lad down byut Typhoon just gets to his feet and throws Doink off him. Doink grabs a leg again and knocks Typhoon down by grabbing his other leg (he sure falls down easy) Doink hits an Elbow Drop and locks in a Front Facelock. Typhoon uses his strength to power his way out of the headlock by getting to his feet and pushing Doink off. A Collar and elbow ends in an Arm Wringer on Typhoon. Doink then slides through Typhoon’s legs and… he’s down again (he really does fall down a lot!) Doink looks like he’s going for a Camel Clutch but it’s just an elaborate thumb to the eye. Doink wrenches on Typhoon’s right arm before putting his left arm into a Hammerlock. Doink drops an Elbow onto Typhoon. Doink applies a Chinlock. Again Typhoon’s strength (and weight probably) allows him to get to his feet and Typhoon breaks the hold by backing Doink into the corner. Typhoon hits a knee in the corner and then Irish Whips Doink who runs into a Bearhug but an Eye Rake breaks the hold. A front Facelock wears Typhoon down before Doink presses Typhoon’s face into the canvas. Doink hits Typhoon with lefts, rights and slaps but Typhoon isn’t feeling it as he’s getting his second wind (I’d pay good money if he prances like Tatanka did). Doink decids that a Cross Body is a good idea. It isn’t, Typhoon catches Doink and Powerslams him. Typhoon should o for the cover, he doesn’t and Doink gets back to his feet. Typhoon rams Doink’s head into the corner and Irish Whips Doink. Like most wrestlers I’ve seen, Doink moves out of the way of a charging Typhoon and he goes chest first into the buckles. Doink climbs to the second turnbuckle and jumps at Typhoon with a Shoulder Block and pins him.

Winner: Doink

The ad for Mania airs again.

Vince is with Todd Pettingill to hype Mania. Todd says Giant Gonzales will be on Mania (you’re supposed to HYPE Mania Todd not give them reason to miss it)

Howard Finkle leads a ten bell salute for Andre The Giiant who passed away last week.

Another woman in a bikini wanders around the ring with a Raw banner.

We get another airing of the Bret Hart IcoPro ad, one for WWE Hasbro action figures with Randy Savage and the Slim Jim ad with Randy Savage (him again).

Yokozuna vs Bobby DeVito

It’s Enhancement time again! Downside is this one is just a generic punchbag.

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Bobby decides that charging right at Yokozua is a really good idea. Yokozuna decids that Superkicking any wrestler that runs at him is a good idea. Anyone what to guess who came out better? I you think that Bobby did, leave now. Not sure you’re getting this.

If you believe Yokozuna came out better, well done. Bobby got Superkicked right in the face and goes down. Yokozuna picks him and drops him back to the canvas with a Uranage before Legdropping the poor lad. Yokozuna hits Bobby with a Chop before throwing him into the corner where he lands some Palm Strikes. Irish Whip, Avalanche, Banzai Drop. Done.

Winner: Yokozuna

Vince is with the Tag Team Champions, Ted DiBiase & IRS. Ted says the only thing that bothers him is an empty bank account but he’ll never have that. Ted says that he was “sitting back in the back” listening to Brutus Beefcake’s interview and to offer an oppen challenge after three years on the injured list “you must have knocked a screw loose, pardon the pun” Ted says they are taking up Brutus on his open challenge. To decide which one, they flip a coin. Ted wins. Jimmy Hart comes out and says it is a ridiculous waste of time. Hart then says if DiBiase gets injured in the match, things are over as tag team. Ted tells him to calm down, if anything the match “is a work out“. Ted says if anyone is going to get hurt, it’s Beefcake. IRS points out that Beefcake hasn’t paid the tax on his medical bills making him no better than the rest of the tax cheats in the arena.

We see Steve Jordan from the Minnesota Vikings. He wants to introduce you to the ‘Perfect Passer‘ (which sounds really rude) Mr Perfect. I admit I no nothing about American Football so bare with me. We see various shots of Perfect passing to Steve proving how he really is the Perfect Passer. Perfect says “you haven’t seen anything yet“. Perfect throws the ball from one end of the pitch to the other. Perfect runs after the ball and catches it perfectly proving again that he really is The Perfect Passer.

Lex Luger vs Jason Knight

Our cup runneth over with Enhancement this week. Jason here will later become part of the Impact Player entourage in ECW along with Lance Storm, Justin Credible and Jazz. This match gives us the interesting side match of The Narcissus vs The Sexiest Man Alive. Good lord.

Luger uses a Collar and Elbow to push Jason into the corner and turns another Collar and Elbow into an Arm Drag. Luger puts Jason in a Headlock which he quickly turns into a Hammerlock. Jason gets to a corner and forces a break. Luger hits a Knee to the gut but Jason reverses an Irish Whip sending Luger into the corner but Jason runs right into a Boot before Luger waffles him with a Clothesline. Luger lifts Jason and drops him over the rope in a kind of Snake Eyes thing. Luger shoots Jason off the ropes and catches him with a Powerslam. Luger runs off the ropes and hits Jason with a Running Forearm before picking Jason up of the canvas and smashes him with another Forearm to the face. Luger makes the cover with just a finger to the chest and gets the victory.

Winner: Lex Luger

Vince tells us that Raw won’t be on next week as a dog show is on instead. Raw will be back in two weeks with Brutus Beefcake vs Ted DiBiase and a 16 man Battle Royal. Until then we’re done.

Post Show: Not a good show. Too many enhancement matches and what wasn’t might as well have been. Either Savage/Repo or Perfect/Flair from last week should have been on this show and woke it up a bit

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Match Of The Night: Doink vs Typhoon. It wasn’t great and ended far to quickly and randomly but it was slightly better than the rest.

MVP: Lex Luger. The whole match was to make him look like a star and he did.

Rating: 4/10

With that I am done for another week but I can be found @Callaweasy2220 on Twitter where I live tweet Raw, Smackdown, NXT and (when there’s one on) Pay Per View. I also post random screen shots of what I’m watching so keep an eye out for them.

Raw is not on next week but I will be here next week with Episode 5 and a Battle Royal. Until then Always #UseYourHead and ALWAYS have an Angle!


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