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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF SummerSlam 2000

There is a quick promo for a steakhouse that JR is telling us all about that is in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is Called Vinnie’s Steakhouse and Tavern and is owned by Vince McMahon’s childhood best friend. Hence, the name and the plug.

Next up is a clip of Eddie Guerrero and Chyna in the back and they are talking about their mixed tag match that has The Intercontinetal Championship on the line. This is a very strange premise as the

champ, Val Venis, doesn’t have to get pinned for the title to change hands. Eddie is romancing her and basically saying he is ok if she wins the match. She finishes the segment by telling Eddie that “one way or another one of us is getting lucky tonight.” To which he responds with “AY AY AY “. I must say this is probably the best Chyna looked in her WWF career, It has been said that she was going through a hard time and struggling to deal with her break-up with Triple H, who was now dating the boss’s daughter. We see a quick clip of Val Venis and his partner Trish Stratus next. Trish is going on about how she would be a better centerfold than Chyna and I must agree there. Val says that’s not what tonight is about and the IC Champion storms off.


Eddie and Chyna enter first and he gives her some roses before they begin to make their way to the ring. There is a quick recap of the lead up to the match were we see Chyna delivers a brutal powebomb on Venis and Trish busting a glass vase over the back of Chyna’s head in retaliation. It was made of sugar glass which is basically sugar and water hardened. The Champ Val Venis and Trish Stratus enter and we don’t hear much of a response from the fans. Eddie and Val start the job and the camera man does a good job of catching Trish’s assets as she exits the ring. The two trade some punches until Val takes him down with a shoulder block but it wouldn’t be long before Eddie gains the advantage with a back heal kick. Eddie then attempts the pin with a suplex combo but only gets a two. The next spot worth noting is when Eddie saves himself from a powerbomb by flipping off the shoulders of Val and landing on his feet. Cool spot. Val still maintains the advantage until Chyna interferes and lays him flat with a Clothesline. She stays in the ring and the pair perform a double flapjack before Eddie exits. Chyna continues to beat Venis until he tries to slow her down with a kick to the midsection. This doesn’t work and she lays him flat with another clothesline. If you’re counting at home this is the second time a dude assaulted a chick on this card and wont be the last, I assure you. Trish comes in and makes the save and Chyna goes right for her. This allows Val to grab Chyna from behind and suplexs her. Its around this time we see a sign that reads “Chyna get me a beer bitch”. Wow, people were savages. Venis resumes the beating of Chyna and even gives her a vertical suplex. He goes for the cover but Eddie is quick to stop it. He goes for an elbow off the second rope but Chyna moves and the crowd is popping for the hot tag. Val stops it by grabbing her by the hair and spitting at Guerrero. Eddie then enters the ring but the ref stops him. This distraction allows Chyna to hit a low blow and regain momentum. She hits a DDT and this allows her to make the tag. Eddie comes in hot and lays Venis out with a succession of clotheslines that lead to a springboard hurricanrana of the top rope and this really gets the crowd popping. A cover attempt avails Eddie nothing and Val soon flapjacks him onto the top turnbuckle with a reversal. He follows it up with a powerbomb but he only gets a two count. They would soon both find themselves on the mat after a double clothesline and the crowd is pumped up for the double hot tag.

Trish comes in first and attempts to pin Eddie but only gets a two. When Eddie pulls the feet out from under her and tags in Chyna, the place is electric. Chyna lays her flat with a pair of clotheslines before she whips her to the corner to attempt a splash. Val would make the save by grabbing Chyna by the hair and slamming her to the mat. Eddie then enters the ring to attack Val and attempts to clothesline Val from the ring. He ducks under though and this sends Eddie to the outside. Val and Trish then attempt the double clothesline but Chyna ducks under it. Eddie then pulls Venis from the ring by his feet and JR then complements “Chyna has the dream of every man. She’s got Trish by herself.” Nice JR, nice. She gives Trish a gorilla press slam and gets the three count. She is the first and only woman to hold the Intercontinental Title, but it is a shame she didn’t win it in a legitimate way and had to win it in a gimmicky fashion. The match its self I thought was not enjoyable and this one too could be avoided. Match Time:7:08


There is a quick clip next of the new WWF commissioner, Mick Foley and he is joined by Michael Cole as they promote the New York WWF nightclub. Various Superstars join them throughout and this segment is overall pretty lame.

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Stephanie is in the make-up room and is joined by Janet, whom I assume is the make-up artist. The two are chatting about Kurt Angle and whether he is a “Hottie or a Hunk”. They don’t come to a conclusion but Stephanie finishes with “but he is a good kisser”. Bruce Prichard would confirm on his podcast, Something to Wrestle, that Kurt is, in fact, a Hunk. Thanks for the clarity Bruce.

Jim Ross wishes Jerry “The King” Lawler some luck as his match with Tazz is set to begin next. Jerry for some reason or another mentions that there is a candy dish on their desk and its full of kisses. Foreshadowing here. There is a quick recap as to how the feud started. He attacked JR verbally by calling him a “redneck scumbag” and insulting his Bells Palsy. If your trying to turn a guy heel no better way to show he is now bad then have him make fun of someone else’s disability. This leads to Lawler sticking up for JR, odd I know, and punching Tazz in the mouth. Tazz then hits Lawler repeatedly in the head with a metal pitcher and drawing blood. This is said to have been an accident and that The King didn’t blade himself here. The clip ends with Tazz spray painting things like “13” and “Thug Life” on Lawler’s rental car while JR watches from the passenger seat for some reason. Tazz finishes by smashing the window out and into the face of JR. More of that sugar glass but its still sharp and cut the face of Jim Ross.

Tazz enters first and is wearing dark glasses and a cane as to imply he is blind, like JR came close to coming at his hands. Tazz makes his way to the announce table, where The King is still sitting, and begins to poke more fun at JR. This leads to Lawler ambushing him and the fight is underway. He eventually throws Tazz into the ring and continues to beat on him, Lawler even dropkicks him in the back and sends him into the corner, face-first. Lawler then scoopslams Tazz in the center of the ring before he climbs to the second rope to deliver a diving right hand. Lawler climbs a different turnbuckle to try and attempt it again. This time Tazz rolls out of the way and goes on his first offensive of the match. He beats Lawler with a series of punches and kicks before he yells “look at him JR, you scumbag.” Tazz eventually throws King from the ring and he lands in front of the announce table. Tazz joins him and continues to verbally attack Jim Ross. This allows for The King to regain the edge with a punch to the back of Tazz’s head. He returns Tazz to the ring again and this time Tazz is begging for mercy. Pretty far off from the badass Tazz of ECW past. Tazz uses his position to headbutt Lawler in the nuts and regain the advantage. This leads to Tazz taking to the top rope and attempting to front flip onto the prone Lawler, who rolls from harms way. The King pulls down the strap of his singlet and the crowd pops for this action. Lawler then hits him with his finisher, the piledriver, but Tazz no sells it and jumps to his feet to send Lawler crashing into the ref. Tazz then makes a direct line straight towards JR and tells him “I’m going to choke him out, then I’m coming for you.” Tazz locks the Tazzmission on King and he is yelling for JR to come take a closer look. He obliges and comes with the random candy jar and smashes it over the head of Tazz. More Sugar here. Jerry rolls on top of him and gets the three count. Jerry “The King” Lawler then climbs on top of the announce table to raise his hands in victory. This match was another one that you might as well skip as it wasn’t very appealing to watch. Match Time: 4:23

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