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CM Punk’s Wacky Week

From a favorable trial verdict to a UFC defeat to endless questions about going “All In” on a wrestling return, the past week has been crazy for CM Punk.



Now let’s get to that farce of a UFC fight he participated in.  OK, I respect him for trying it and for actually stepping in the octagon to fight.  The amount you’d have to pay me upfront in cash to do that isn’t worth it to you. I won’t clown him over the results but objectively speaking he was terrible and he doesn’t belong in there, period.  He had no business being on the main card of a UFC show and Dana White only put him there to juice a buyrate off of his name.  I don’t care how much of an aspiration this was for him, he was not skilled enough at it to warrant his placement on the card.  And taking that spot was the culmination of his refutation of all that he championed while he was still in WWE.  Let’s not forget that he frequently complained about part timers like The Rock and Brock Lesnar being able to jump the line and get big matches ahead of guys who were grinding it out every day there.  He did the same thing here.  There are fighters who’d earned a spot on the main show and not the prelims who got bumped for him.

Now I know that he’s a bigger draw so for business purposes you put him in the spot that’s going to make you the most money.  But this is the guy who would not stop pontificating about the evils of that very practice when he came up on the short end (although I wouldn’t call working two main events against the Rock the short end) so for him to participate in it is beyond hypocritical.  But I’ve come to expect that from him.  He’s the guy who dreamed of main eventing WrestleMania but then couldn’t wait to trash the business once he was out and say that nothing mattered.  He’s the guy who cuts people off with the quickness if he feels slighted by them but loves to to riff about integrity, loyalty, and the like.  So him accepting the same benefits that he once railed against shouldn’t shock you.  After all this it wouldn’t surprise me if he did come back to WWE one day.  I figured he was so stubborn that he would never do it but anything’s possible now.  Vince will take anyone back if there’s a gate to be made.

At this point if you’re still out here riding for CM Punk I figure you don’t believe everything that’s out there about him, or you just like the fact that he hates Vince and talks tough about him.  Is he an evil person?  No!  But he’s full of crap, and he should never set foot in an octagon again.

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The Streak Part 3: Ascending the Mountain – 1996-97



The Undertaker The Streak WWE

Tiffany MC takes a look at the most legendary ride in wrestling history, The Streak! The Undertaker dominated WrestleMania for three decades, and he may not be done.

The years 1996-97 were pivotal ones in many ways for the Undertaker. WWF was moving slowly into what would be called the Attitude Era and the Undertaker was beginning to change with it. His Goth and supernatural gimmick were a perfect fit for the edgier WWF. During these years, Taker would begin to face opponents that would become part of his legend, including Mankind, be betrayed by Paul Bearer, and find himself fighting for the WWF Championship on the Grandest Stage of All.

WrestleMania XII: Big Daddy Cool Meets His Match

This was one of the matches that should’ve been the launch of a longer feud, but Nash had already given his notice to go to WCW, so it wasn’t to be. It started when Diesel, enraged at being eliminated from the Royal Rumble by friend Shawn Michaels, confronted Taker before Taker’s WWF Championship Match against Bret Hart. Not satisfied with just running his mouth, Diesel cost Taker the match by attacking him and getting Hart disqualified.

Undertaker would get Diesel back by cost him a cage match against Hart at In Your House 6, then launching into his twisted mind games, which included a scarily lifelike Diesel double in a casket. Diesel, never one to let mind games get to him, didn’t show much fear, and even overturned the casket and attacked Taker again.

Diesel comes out first to a mixed to negative reactions but, typically, doesn’t seem that bothered by them. It’s amazing to think that Diesel was one of the most over faces at the last WrestleMania and is now so hated.

The lights go out and the Deadman Cometh. Taker and Bearer come out, as cheery as ever, and the crowd goes nuts. Diesel still doesn’t seem horribly bothered by the spectacle and this fight’s on.

If you’re looking for a technical masterpiece, you’re in the wrong place. This match was a fistfight from start to finish and these two went all over the ringside area with it. To Jack Doan’s credit, he gave Taker and Diesel a lot of leeway. Taker pulled out a crossbody on Diesel, which was actually really cool.

Kevin Nash isn’t included in a list of great in-ring performers, but he and Taker really had a great match here. You could almost believe these guys hated each other. It would be easy to say that Taker carried Diesel, but that would be untrue, they carried each other.

It honestly looked like we might get a double countout after Diesel and Taker hit each other with big boots, but both got to their feet. Diesel broke out the classic bearhug to try and get a submission win, but Taker battled back. Taker went for the Missile off the Top, but Diesel got up. Diesel hit the Jackknife Powerbomb  and the crowd went nuts, but Diesel didn’t go for the cover, which is a huge mistake. However, even when Taker sat up, Diesel showed no fear or concern. It wasn’t until Taker fought back after a second Jackknife that Diesel seemed to get just who he was messing with, but Diesel was able to back suplex Taker, but Taker STILL sat up.

In the end it would take a chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver to put Diesel away but both men made a big statement about their abilities to the wrestling world.

The Undertaker WWF Championship

Highlight: Undertaker hitting a crossbody.

Rating: 5/10. This was a really great match for two huge guys who aren’t known for being technicians, this could’ve been Match of the Night for WrestleMania if the Iron Man match hadn’t happened. 

WrestleMania 13: The Phenom vs The Master and Ruler of the World

This match was odd because it wasn’t an actual feud or rivalry, plus the path to this match was pretty strange. Stone Cold won the 1997 Royal Rumble, however, because Austin had actually been eliminated by Bret Hart, his win was vacated. Michaels, who had recently won the title at Royal Rumble, had to vacate the title due to ongoing knee issues, so the Powers that Be made a Fatal Four Way Match to crown a new Champion to face Sid for Sid’s rematch. Hart won the championship, but then lost the title to Sid due to Austin’s interference. Since Taker had be the runner up in the Fatal Four Way match, he became the #1 Contender. When Hart got his rematch, Taker actually helped Sid win so he could beat Sid for the title.

Taker comes out first, and without Paul Bearer or the urn, due to Bearer betraying Taker to manage Mankind in the summer of 1996. Sid comes out next to a mixed reaction. He’s got a lot of fans, but so does Taker.

We have a big staredown, but are interrupted by Bret Hart, who is still mad that he’s not in the main event and gets in the ring. Bret trashes everyone, including Shawn Michaels, who was sitting on commentary, but Michaels ignores him, even pointing out that Bret’s just mad that someone else is getting the spotlight instead of him, which was pretty true, if a little ironic to hear from Michaels, who could be accused of the same thing, especially then.

Back to Bret, he berates Taker for helping Sid beat him for the title, saying that Taker had slammed the door on their friendship, proving that Bret never learned the difference between business and personal. After several minutes of this, Sid gets fed up with Hart’s complaining and powerbombs him, which gives the officials time to get Hart out of there.

With that out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. Taker takes advantage of the Hart distraction to get the jump on Sid and we’re underway!

Of the four ‘Big Man’ matches Taker would have in the 90s, this one isn’t my favorite. Like Diesel, Sid wasn’t known for his technical prowess, but somehow, that was more glaringly obvious in this match than in the match with Diesel.

After Taker dominated the first few minutes of the match, Sid got the upperhand and went for the bearhug, but Taker got out of it. They brawled out on the floor, but because this match was No DQ, there was nothing for Hebner to do but wait, not that he didn’t try to get them to stick to the rules.

Sid dominated much of the match, but Taker kept battling back, but this was definitely a long match for both men and it was starting to show. Sid went to the middle rope one time too many, which gave Taker an opening, but Sid quickly reestablished his dominance for about two minutes, when Taker sat up and saved himself from whatever top rope move Sid was planning, going for the Top Rope Clothesline. Sid would go for his own Tombstone, but Taker, of course, kicked out.

The end would finally come when Bret Hart, furious about Sid powerbombing him, which he deserved, ran in and hit Sid with a chair. Not satisfied with his work Hart ran in again and distracted Sid just long enough for Taker to hit the Tombstone and we have a NEW WWF Champion. The crowd goes nuts that their darkside hero was FINALLY champion! Taker celebrates with the crowd and, in a rare moment of breaking kayfabe, signaled to the crowd that his win was for them, all the Creatures of the Night that had supported him.

Highlights: Bret Hart getting beat up by Sid. Earl Hebner rolling Sid out of the ring after his loss.

Rating: 4/10. This match wasn’t as good as the one with Diesel and the inclusion of Bret Hart really should’ve stopped after the first appearance.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Scott Steiner Is My Role Model



Scott Steiner Impact Wrestling

Everyone needs a role model, and Steve Cook rediscovered his when Scott Steiner returned to IMPACT Wrestling with Scarlett Bordeaux!

I generally don’t recommend looking to the world of professional wrestling for role models.

See, a lot of these guys want you to think they’re really great citizens that your kids should idolize. Hulk Hogan peddled that nonsense for years. He told us to say our prayers, take our vitamins & train hard, then what did he do? Sell out & join the New World Order, that’s what! Turns out he’s a racist too, so the Hulkster isn’t somebody people should want to be like.

There are too many other wrestlers we’ve been inspired by over the years that came up short to name here. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. No matter who your favorite wrestler is, there’s a perfectly good reason not to idolize them. Even the legendary good guy John Cena can’t have a committed relationship.

I can only think of one exception to the rule: The Big Bad Booty Daddy.

I know what a lot of you are thinking. Why should we idolize Scott Steiner? The answers are perfectly obvious to me, but at certain points over the years I’ve come across people that don’t accept Big Poppa Pump as their hookup & won’t holler if they hear him. People. Aren’t they weird?

Why do I think you should look up to Scott Steiner? It all comes down to two words…

Self Confidence.

On the surface, most wrestlers exhibit a ton of belief in their abilities. When you look deeper, you see that the big words coming from these athletes are usually over-compensation for the doubts they feel inside. It’s self visualization. If they repeat something enough times, eventually they believe it. At least, that’s the idea.

Does anybody in wrestling exhibit more self confidence than Scott Steiner? If so, I haven’t seen them. I’ve never seen Steiner show any type of insecurity. He might not be the most lucid speaker of all time, but you can tell he believes every word he says.

The reason “Steiner Math” is still a meme isn’t because of the content of the speech, even if it is hilarious. Nobody else could have delivered the verbiage with the same type of conviction Scott Steiner did.

It isn’t just speaking where Steiner shows his self confidence. The man is fearless. He started doing Frankensteiners back when only little guys did them. Big guys were afraid they’d land on their head…Scott didn’t care about that. He kept doing them even after his physique changed.

How about that physique, by the way? Many have criticized Steiner for decades for getting jacked up on the juice, but I feel they’re being unfair. Scott should be credited for going all the way & making his body as pumped up as possible. Part of that’s being a genetic freak, but a large part of it is dedication. If we dedicate as much effort to anything as Scott Steiner did to inflating his body, we’ll be tremendously successful at whatever we do.

One weird thing about Steiner’s career: His best times were outside WWE. His WWF stint with Rick was lackluster compared to their runs in NWA/WCW & New Japan. His WWE singles stint was a shell of his run in WCW, and Steiner was much more entertaining in TNA.

Unlike many of his fellow wrestlers that got squandered in WWE yet still kiss the company’s ass in exchange for a Legends contract or a Hall of Fame spot or whatever, Steiner is happy living his life & calling things the way he sees them. He runs a business and shows up in Impact occasionally.

With the exception of when Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff were running things, Impact has treated him well. Steiner appreciates that, and having the freedom to express himself in a manner consistent with the Big Poppa Pump character.

And what better way for Impact to show their appreciation to Scott than booking him the way they did last Friday night?

How can you not idolize a 56-year old man that gets lap dances from Scarlett Bordeaux? Scott Steiner is living the best life. We should all hope to follow in his footsteps.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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