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If Sports Were Booked Liked Wrestling

(Editor’s note: This was written before game 5 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals)

With the Stanley Cup and The NBA Finals outcome pretty much sealed and over, we can only imagine the outcome from here if it was booked in the style of our favorite sport, Wrestling. With the Warriors having a 3-0 lead over Lebron and the Alex Ovechkin led, Washington Capitals having a 3-1 lead over, the rookie franchise, Las Vegas Golden Knights the deal is all but done. But in our world the outcome is endless for what creative could do with these scenarios.

Can you picture the finish someone one like Pat Patterson, who is known for booking great finishes, could pull of with the scenario in the NBA Finals right now. With the legendary Lebron James facing off against his familiar foe, and down three games, the momentum begins to shift, when James rallies from behind at home to win game four. James would rally his team, and city, to over come the greatest obstacles in sports. The Golden State Warriors and a 3-0 deficit that has never been overcome in the NBA Finals. Game 7 would take place in The Oracle, Home of the Warriors, and imagine the heat that would be created if James over came a twenty point lead on the backs of some bad officiating. JR Smith could even redeem himself. The same scenario as Game one could unfold but this time instead of letting time expire he sinks the deep three-ball, which is the winning shot.

The top would come of the place. Lebron would weep and he would solidify his legacy, even more, and make the “Greatest Ever” argument even stronger.  And that’s the goal right, to get the guys over. The ultimate finish would be when Lebron, after carrying the city of Cleveland, makes the ultimate Heel Turn and packs his bags and heads out West, during Free Agency next year. Hell, he could even join the Warriors or the Rockets for what would surely get more heat than Hogan turning Heel.

Or Vince Russo could book us the wackiest of outcomes in the Stanley Cup chase. The Capitals will most likely win on Thursday and this may not even reach you in time but the point still stands. The first time franchise, Golden Knights return to home tonight and could win this one but picture this. Down 2-1 The Knights score the game tying goal and manage to injure the veteran leader, Ovechkin in the process. He would remain questionable for game six, which Vegas wins, and dress but not start for game 7. Vegas would be ahead in the third period, with Ovechkin not in the game, and a 2-0 lead. The capitals pull their goalie and in enter Ove, who would send the game into over time as time expired. It would lead to a shootout and the Capitals would win, obviously off Ovechkin’s game winner. The veteran, after being in the NHL since 2006, hoist his first cup and upsets the hometown fans.

This obviously will not happen like this but it’s fun to hypothesize about. Cleveland may get the game on Friday but there isn’t a way they win the Finals. As for the Knights, they could still win this thing and I am pulling for them to do so. We have seen some great finishes in Professional Sports before but let me know on Twitter how you would of booked some of your favorite sports moments.


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