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Impact Coverage

Ja’ Von’s Impact Wrestling Live Report (6/28/18)



Quick Results:

Rich Swann vs Trevor Lee: Rich Swann via pinfall

Desi Hit Squad vs Z & E: Desi Hit Squad via pinfall 

Matt Sydal vs Dezmond Xavier: Matt Sydal via pinfall 

Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard: Madison Rayne via pinfall 

Play by Play:

Impact Wrestling opens up with a recap video of what happend last week.

Madison Rayne kicks us off tonight and she makes her way to the ring.

Madsion starts off by saying that this has been the most exciting return to Impact for her. She reiterates that she only came back as a commentator but things changed quickly and she has been creating moments since her return to the ring. She said she created a moment when she defeated Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valykire. She says she will create another moment at Slammiversary when she beats Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship. Last week she said that she was spooked by Su Yung and talked about how she put both Rosemary and Allie in coffins and we haven’t seen them since. She goes on to say that Su isn’t getting the stay at home mom at Slammiversary she is getting the five time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Tessa Blanchard comes out and interrupts Rayne and says that she was waiting for the punchline.

She thinks this is all hilarious and says that this isn’t 2011 anymore and that she isn’t the best anymore cause she is. Tessa says that holding the champion means thag your the best and that she has been in this business before she was born and that she is the diamond of this business. Madison brings up the fact she beat Tessa at Under Pressure and says she has no problem reminding her. Both knockouts are spooked as we hear the ominous laugh and scream from Su Yung. Tessa Blanchard takes advantage of the distraction and hits Madison Rayne with a forearm.

Rich Swann vs Trevor Lee:

Rich Swann makes his way to the ring for his Impact Wrestling debut match.

Trevor Lee makes his way to the ring for the match. The match starts with a game of one ups manship followed by Swann showing off his dance moves. They need get serious and go back and forth with Swann getting the better of Lee and getting a big dropkick that sends Lee to the floor. Rich then looks to ve going for a dive but instead ops to bounce off the ropes and do a flip and stand tall in the ring as we go to break. Back from break and Rich Swann is in control landed a jab on Lee which sends him into the corner then lands a huge chop then follows up with bringing Trevor to the mat followed up by a huge kick. Lee then gains control on the match and begins to slow down the pace. Trevor lays in the jabs then hit a huge irish whip launching Swann into the corner then gets a nearfall. Lee then hita a huge backdrop on Swann who lands on his face. Lee then begins to press his taped finger into Swann’s face followed up by tossing Swann into the corner and put the boots into him. Swann begins to fight out of the cornwr but Lee quickly atops him and continues the attack followed by a rollup which leads to a two count he then goes for another cover and gets another nearfall. Swannthen begins to fight back and pick up the pace. He hits a tilt a whirl headscissors which sends Lee to the floor. Swann then follows up with a springboard flip onto Lee and brings him back in the ring for a two count.

Lee somehow fights back and lands his signature double stomp for a two count. Rime is wasted which allows for Swann to regain control. Jabs and chops are traded but Swann gets the upperhand and hits a hurricanrana spiking Trevor Lee on his head followed by a Phoenix Splash for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rich Swann via pinfall 

Back from break we are shown what went down at PCW Ultra. Pentagon Jr. was in the ring and apparently finished a steel cage match and Sami Callihan attacked him with his baseball bat. oVe rhen enter the ring and they begin to attack Pentagon Jr. While oVe holds him up Callihan takes off the mask of Pentagon Jr. and he has now stolen it.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week:

King of the Mountain Championship Match from a past Slammiversary for the NWA Title.

Desi Hit Squad is UP NEXT

Back from break and Grado is backstage anand surprised by his girlfriend Katerina and tells him that she will have a match next week. She even tells him that she is a former two time knockouts champion but it was under a different name back then.

Desi Hit Squad vs Z & E:

Gama Singh introduces the Desi Hit Squad as they make their way to the ring for the match. Z & E make their way to the ring for the match. The bell tings and Everett and Rojhit kick off the match. Rohit gets a wristlock on Everett and Andrew tries to escape but eats a right hand for his troubles. Everett regains control of the match and tags in DJZ. They then double team Rohit and preforme a wishbone. Rohit tags in his partner and go on the attack. DJZ gains conteol and look to fly but gets caught then Anderew Everett flys but clears everyone then gets knocked down by his own partner. Back in the ring Gursinder hita a big dropkick on DJZ for a two count. He then begins to wear him down but DJZ fights back and senda Gursinder to the floor. Everett then hits a springboard flip onto the Desi Hit Squad. Back in the ring Andrew hits another springboard move and goes for the pin but Rohit breaks it up. Gansender takes a breather in the corner. DJZ comes in for the save but gets his legs sweeped by Rohit. Gursinder then hits a sky high but the pin gets broken up.

Down the stretch Gama Singh gets on the apron and distracts the referee which allows Gansender to get the rollup for the win.

Winners: Desi Hit Squad via pinfall 

Back from break Pentagon Jr. challenges Sami Callihan to a Mask vs Hair match at Slammiversary.

Impact plays a video that gives us in depth look into who Moose is a person. They showed and talked about his childhood and his football career transitioning into professional wrestling.

Impact takes us to House of Hardcore and Tommy Dreamer was in the middle of a match and Eddie slips in the ring and cracks Dreamer open with a kendostick then he begins to drive a piece of the stick into his skull. Eddie then begins to choke out Dreamer with the kendostick. Eddie then slips out of the ring holding up the stick proud of what he’s just done. Moose follows Eddie to the parking lot and ask him what was that about Eddie tells him to leave him alone and walks away.

Back from break and we see LAX in the clubhouse. They are still celebrating from their championship win last week. They ask about K-dog and Konan walks in. Konan gets in the face of King and threats to slap him in the face. King says he was the one who got them back to winning and champions again. Konan says he thinks King is playing them but he is playing him. Ortiz and Santana don’t understand the beef between them and Konan says he has proof.

Matt Sydal vs Dezmond Xavier: 

Dezmond Xavier makes his way to the ring for his match against the X-Division champion.

Matt Sydal makes his way to the ring for the match as we go to break. Back from break and the bell rings. Collar and elbow tie up and we have a stand off. Another collar and elbow tie up and Sydal lokks for a handshake. Xavier doesn’t fall for it and begins to go on the attack with bug kicks followed up by a dropckick that dends him out of the ring. Sydal then goes under the ring and comes out on the other side. Dezmond still stays in conteoland goes for a rollup but Sydal is too close to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope to break the pin. Xavier follows up with a huge clothesline but then Sydal gains control of the match and hits a dragonscrew. Sydal then hits a low fireman’s carry into a single leg boston crab but eventually lets go of the mive as he was lokking to be in some kind of pain. Sydal stays on the attack and looks to hit a suplex but Xavier stops Sydal then sends him into the corner and hits a big running splash. Xavier follows up with a snapmare as Sydal rolls out of the ring. Dezmond follows up with a dive over the ropes and he looks to have tweaked his right knee.

Xavier brings Sydal back in the ring and looks to go to the top to finish the match but Sydal pushes the referee into the ropes causing Xavier to slip and allowing Sydal to hit The Chemical Imbalance for the victory.

Winner: Impact X-Divison Champion Matt Sydal via pinfall 

After the match Brain Cage came to the ring to get revenge on Sydal but Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong attack him from behind which allows Sydal to hit Cage with the championship leading to Kong hitting the top rope splash.

Sami Callihan and oVe with the oVe cam. Sami Callihan accepts the match and calls him a phony and says he isn’t scared of him. Callihan calls him a great wrestler in a mask.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis announce that their is going to be a four way at Slammiversary. Rich Swann vs Johnny Impact vs Taji Ishimori vs Fenix.

Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard:

Tessa Blanchard makes her way to the ring for her match.

Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring for the match. Back from break the bell rings and Madison Rayne runs right at Tessa and she hits her with a flurry of forearms which sends her to the floor. Madsion mantains the speed and gets a two count on Tessa. Rayne goes to the apron and slips under Tessa but then gets caught with a hip attack. Tessa then grabs Madison by the wristand continues to hold on to it as whe hits two big clotheslines followe by a side suplex for a two count. Tessa stays in control and hits a snapmare followd by a big kick followed by a nearfall. Tessa then locks in the abdominal stretch and Tessa looks to go for a pumphandle slam but Rayne counters for a one count. Tessa gets control back and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. Tessa goes to the top but misses and Madison hits a tilt a whirl headscissors sending Tessa into the corner. Madison then hits a sliding clothesline for a nearfall. Tessa reagins control and puts Tessa in the corner and hits an avalanche flatliner from the second rope for a nearfall.

Blanchard looks to hit a move from behing but eats elbows from Madison then a spear which leads to both knockouts down and out on the mat.  Noth get back upand each land strikes on each other. Tessa then lands a big kick into the sturum of Madison Rayne. Tessa looks to hit the hammerlock DDT but Madison counters into a huge crucifix for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Madison Rayne via pinfall

After the match Tessa Blanchard attacks Madison and grabs a chair and looks to hit her with it but Su Yung and the undead bridesmaids make their way to the ring but Tessa braces herself with the steel chair but as they got on the apron Tessa elects to leave the ring leaving Madison alone to face them.

Su Yung then tell the undead bridesmaids to attack Madison followed by Su Yung looking for the panicswitch but the returning Allie makes the save and clears the ring.

Ja’ Von’s Take: The show itself had a different feel to it as they were not in the Impact Zone this week. The show mainly emanated from Saint Clara College but also showed segements from House of Hardcore and PCW Ultra. Overall the show was ok this week as we got two new matches announced for Slammiversary.

My Score: 6/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 3.16.2023

Frankie Kazarian in the main event, Taylor Wilde with a title shot, Heath on the card, Vladimir Kozlov sightings and Johnny Swinger shenanigans. Is it 2023 or 2010?



Sufficed to say, No Surrender and the lead up exhausted my tolerance for IMPACT. That coupled with the brain damaged Busted Open Radio segment, I really couldn’t have cared less about the product. So I removed myself from it for a few weeks hoping I can come back to it a little refreshed and less annoyed.

There’s been title changes, twists and turns with Eddie Edwards and apparently Deonna Purrazzo might be in the midst of a face turn. These are all solid things, hopefully I don’t hate everything though.


  • Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus: Bailey wins via Ultima Weapon -***
  • Steve Maclin vs Heath: Maclin wins via K.I.A. – ** 1/2
  • Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs Jai Vidal w/Savannah Evans & Gisele Shaw: Vidal wins via Running Knee – *
  • Knockouts Tag Team Titles: The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary w/JesSICKa) (c): King wins via Reverse Powerslam – ** 3/4 – TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian & Rich Swann vs Bullet Club (KENTA, Ace Austin & Chris Bey): Bullet Club wins via ABC 1-2-SWEET – *** 1/4



Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus

Gresham has Steve pushed against the ropes early, and just when we expect the typical kind of boring start, Steve bites Gresham, Bailey tries to break it up but Taurus throws him out. A WAZZUP inspired tandem move, but it’s a Dropkick from Taurus instead of the Headbutt. Gresham tries to fight both men off, Taurus accidentally clocks Steve which gives enough of an opening for Gresham to tag in Bailey. A few quick kicks and the Running Shooting Star Press for 2. Buzzsaw Kick attempt, but Steve catches his foot and bites his toes. A quick flurry from both leads to the fall down and crawl to your tag partner spot.

Taurus is in first, he drops Gresham off the apron, Torture Rack flip into a Backbreaker from Taurus then the Pop-Up Samoan Drop. Gresham protects Bailey, Moonsault from both on the two Decay members. Buzzsaw Kick for only a 1, Gresham hits him with the Sliding D, but Steve pushes Gresham onto the pinfall pile. Tornado Kick corner spot from Bailey, Ultima Weapon for the victory.

It wasn’t a long match, but they fit in a lot of fun spots, hard hitting action and damn good execution. 

Steve Maclin vs Heath

So I have never been a huge fan of Heath, but he has been able to put together some solid work in IMPACT. I’m never gonna have any faith in him winning matches that matter, but he’s at least proven to be a better wrestler than WWE allowed him to show.

A few trade spots, then Heath telegraphs the Back Body Drop and Maclin hits him with a Facebreaker combination before Heath dumps him over the top rope and we head to commercial. We come back and Maclin was in charge, but Heath fights back, nearly throws a few things together but he misses the big Lariat and then gets caught with Back Breaker counter.

Combination punches, Knee Lift, Power Slam for 2 from Heath. Maclin tries to counter but eats a Spinebuster and another 2 count. Heath tries a Wake Up Call, but Maclin throws him into the corner, Tree of Woe, Caught in the Crosshairs, K.I.A. – Maclin wins.

Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs Jai Vidal w/Savannah Evans & Gisele Shaw

Swinger tries to start off with the old school test of strength, but Jai just Dropkicks him, Atomic Drop, his own version of a People’s Elbow, and then starts working Swinger over in the corner. Swinger yells at Zicky asking him why he never said the kid could go, but as Zicky gets kicked; Swinger actually takes advantage of things.

A rope choke and a slingshot into the Camel Clutch, but Savannah pulls him out and then they get kicked out for all of the obvious interference. Gisele is arguing with the ref and Deonna blind sides her from the entrance. Deonna looks like a great Mob Wife. Jai hits a Flying Knee and puts down Swinger.

Eddie comes down to the ring, still using the Honor No More music. He claims he’s finally got his past behind him, even though we’ve seen PCO walking to the building the whole time. Kenny King goes full Casey Jones and clocks PCO with a hockey stick. Superkicks and steel chairs try to keep the French Canadian Frankenstein down, but he keeps getting back up. 

They try to pin him against the post with the ring stairs, but PCO erupts out and attacks. Kenny the Kendo stick rocks PCO, and Kenny King with a Blockbuster, Boston Knee Chairshot. Kendo Stick shot on the chair against PCO’s head and both Eddie and King think its over. 

Knockouts Tag Team Titles: The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary w/JesSICKa) (c)

KiLynn and Taya start, and Taya has a few issues with the Short Arm Knockdown + Kip Ups spot. Its not too bad looking, just obviously a little wrong. The gorgeous witch comes in to face the demon, and Rosemary tries to bite off Taylor’s face, both partners come in, Coven gets dumped out and we go to commercial. After the break KiLynn is in full mount raining down fists on Rosemary.

Taylor uses the ropes for her new cute Draping Leg Choke before the referee makes her break the move. After Rosemary counters a few corner charges, Rosemary hits the Upside Down for her own illegal choke move. KiLynn tried to stop Rosemary’s tag, but nope. Taya starts womanhandling KiLynn and Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Taya with the Hip Attack Face Wash, then the Seeing Shadows Knees…for another 2 count. Taya tries to charge at KiLynn, but dodge and Taylor manages to use the ropes for hit Taya. All four women are in, Taylor and Rosemary neutralize one another, big kick from Taylor leads to KiLynn hitting a Reverse Powerslam for the win!

A little sloppy at times, but generally fun and a decent first showing for this new dark magic faction. 

Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian & Rich Swann vs Bullet Club (KENTA, Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Kaz and Bey start off, and early on its more of a test to see if Kaz can still keep up at the old X Division pace. There’s a small hiccup when Bey rolls back before Kaz is in position for the Headscissors Pick, so when they do the spot, it does look a little goofy. Ace and Swann come in next and they have much better chemistry. Even though some spots don’t look as smooth as one would expect, they still work. Which of course tells us that KENTA and Josh are next. KENTA lands a few big kicks, but then Josh catches him, Rolling Senton, then all six men come in for a quick kerfuffle and commercial break.

We come back and Bey hits this buttery smooth Overhead Screw Kick on Swann. Ace of BEYce tandem work, for 2. A little Click Click Boom leads to another 2 count against Rich. A little fun with the ref, Bey throws Rich into KENTA and Ace’s feet, then they go for a little Scott Hall reference. Bey brings Rich to the corner, asks who to tag and Ace does the point to KENTA in true NWO fashion. KENTA works over Rich for a little bit, until the Double Lariat spot. Frankie comes in, levels the playing field hits a Double DDT on the tag champs but then gets rocked by Bey. Wobbly legs and all, Kaz gets to Josh to tag out.

Powerbreaker from Josh, Rich tags in for a 450 and a 1-2-Ace grabs Rich’s foot and pulls him out. Ace gloats and eats the Josh low Crossbody. KENTA and Ace team up to take out Josh before Rich wipes out Ace again. Bey tries a dive but gets kicked in the face. Slingshot from Bey but Kaz is there to catch him with a Cutter into the bodies. Rich crawls in the ring and Ace does the heads up thing by throwing Bey in at 9. Rich is winning the early trade, Triangle Kick from Ace, Slingshot DDT from Kaz, Busaiku Knee from KENTA, Josh tries to go for the C4 Spike but he notices Maclin watch the match. ABC 1-2-SWEET and Bullet Club wins!


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Well okay, maybe a few away helped. I loved the complete lack of the Dreamer/Bully angle beyond the mention of their upcoming match. PCO is always entertaining even if it’s extremely redundant at this point, Santino and Joe Hendry…that’s just comedy gold. The concept of cashing in someone else’s rematch clause because you want revenge as the champion is so stupid, but so logical. Gresham and Bailey have this weird respect rivalry budding that could just give us a few bangers this year or form a damn good tag team. The Coven picking up the win could be an easy out for Taya since I’m pretty sure I saw something about her doing some AEW shows. Deonna being on the face side of this current drama is a logical move for her to start playing babyface, and Josh showing some cracks in his armor is perfect for Maclin.

I’m still in the Jersey boat of Maclin should take the belt off of Alexander. A few mind games, a few more wrinkles and it could really be a thing. Do it you cowards! Put the strap on Maclin!

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Andrew’s IMPACT No Surrender Results & Match Ratings: 2.24.2023

So even with a mediocre build, does the PPV turn out to be a night to remember?



So after probably the worst build in the last 5 years that D’Amore has been at the top of the company. The wrestling on the shows were more mediocre than good, the stories have been uninteresting or just obvious filler, and I can’t really say anything has been interesting after Hard to Kill.

With that, I expect nothing from this show since the build doesn’t really convince me otherwise. And I’m not looking forward to a wasted segment for talking. So here’s my picks:

  1. Gisele Shaw vs Deonna Purrazzo: Gisele wins – because they need to start building new faces in the Women’s division.
  2. Jonathan Gresham vs Speedball: Gresham wins – because he’s not gonna lose again, especially not while Bailey is in a rebuilding arc.
  3. Kaz vs Kon: Kaz wins – because Kon sucks
  4. Knockouts Tags: Death Dollz vs The Hex – Hex win – because who cares, the Knockouts tag division has been awful since the IIconics left.
  5. Digital Media Championship: Moose vs Joe Hendry – Moose wins – because I picked Hendry last time and I feel dirty. I don’t really see Hendry losing but I like Moose too much to pick against him twice.
  6. Maclin vs Myers vs Heath vs PCO: Maclin wins – because its about damn time he got a legit shot at the belt. GIVE THE MAN HIS DAMN TITLE SHOT!
  7. Time Machine vs Bullet Club: The Fans win – Okay that’s a cop out, I love KENTA and I love MCMG…but I’m probably leaning towards Time Machine because of bias.
  8. Knockouts Title: Mickie vs Masha – Mickie wins – While I hate Masha losing her third title shot, they’re making too big of a deal about Jordynne’s rematch to have Mickie drop it.
  9. World Title: Josh Alexander vs Rich Swann: Josh wins – Maclin versus Alexander plays more in my head since Maclin has already beat Swann decisively and a first defense just to potentially drop it or wasting Maclin’s first real shot…sounds stupid.



  • Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal vs Deonna Purrazzo: Gisele wins via Denouement – ** 1/2
  • Jonathan Gresham vs Speedball Mike Bailey: Gresham wins via Laced Cradle – *** 3/4
  • Frankie Kazarian vs Kon w/The Design: Kaz wins via Slingshot Cutter – ** 3/4
  • Knockouts Tag Titles: Death Dollz (Taya & JesSICKa w/Rosemary) (c) vs The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay): Death Dollz retains via SICKishi Driver – ** 1/2
  • dotCOMBAT Match: Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs Moose: Hendry wins via Cradle with Tights – *** 1/2
  • Number 1 Contender Match: Steve Maclin vs Brian Myers vs PCO vs Heath: Maclin wins via K.I.A. – *** 1/4
  • Time Machine (Kushida, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs Bullet Club (KENTA, Chris Bey & Ace Austin): Bullet Club wins via Backslide – **** 1/4
  • Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs Masha Slamovich: Mickie retains via Counter Cradle – ***
  • Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Rich Swann: Josh retains via C4 Spike – ****



Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal vs Deonna Purrazzo

Early back and forth with Deonna pulling off a few more athletic moves and less mat wrestling. Gisele does manage to catch Deonna in the ring skirt and then take it to Deonna for quite a long stretch of this match. Deonna does have quick moments where she turns the tide when Gisele takes too long posturing. Fujiawara attempt, but Gisele gets out, Gisele tries a Queen’s Gambit for the rub ins, but Deonna counters.

Deonna rocks Gisele, sets things up for a win but Jai hits the apron and distracts the referee while Savannah Evans slides in and hits the Full Nelson Bomb on Deonna. Gisele hits the Denouement for the win! And Savannah celebrates with Jai and Gisele.

I’m not mad at this. Gisele gets a solid win on paper, but wins via heel tactics while putting together her own little stable. 

Jonathan Gresham vs Speedball Mike Bailey

Now this is the main reason I’m watching the Countdown. Crazy that this was put on YouTube for free.

Bailey chooses to lock up with Gresham to start with, retreat to the ropes, a few strike misses takes us to a little tie up into the ropes again. Rope run, Shoulder Tackle from Gresham just pauses Bailey and he throws a big Round Kick to Gresham’s chest. Back and forth strikes, with an interesting wrinkle from Gresham as he chops the left leg instead of just the upper body shots.

Rapid Fire kicks, sending Gresham out, Bailey follows with the Triangle Moonsault, but he’s been selling the dinged up leg with ever move. Gresham has been absorbing a lot of kicks with Bailey selling it and Gresham trying to fight through. Gresham steps into the left kicks and doesn’t really budge. A few spots where he sells the legs after each kick, tries the Standing Moonsault but Gresham moves. Rope Run Springboard Frankensteiner from Gresham, he starts laying into the damaged leg and then ties him up in a kneeling Figure Four while raining down some strikes.

Big haymakers miss, strikes miss, Suplexes get flipped out of, Moonsaults get dodged; but Gresham connects with a Rolling Elbow as they both drop but no cover is started. They get up by 9 and Fighting Spirit spot. Bailey tries to run for the Handspring Back Elbow but his leg gives, Gresham almost misses the Springboard Moonsault but gets enough, Bailey powders, eats a Dive, then pops up for a big Asai Moonsault. Tornado Kick attempt but the leg gives out, Sliding D from Gresham, 2 count. Exchanges, Gresham eats a big strike, Bailey fights through the pain, Tornado Kick connects! Ultima Weapon – misses! Gresham jumps on him, forward Cradle with a leg lace for the win!

For a match with no story really, it wasn’t bad at all. Not as good as their tag match last night, but definitely solid enough to make a future encounter sound spicy.

Frankie Kazarian vs Kon w/The Design

Kon tries to take it to Kaz quickly, but Kaz catches him with a flurry of offense. Should blocks, a few rope assisted moves and a big lariat, as Kon lands on his feet. Kaz tries to continue the offense, tries to get Kon back in the ring and his get bounces off the outside ropes and levels Kaz. A few big overhand ham hocks, a single armed trash bag slam; then a nerve hold really keeps Kaz looking like he’s in trouble.

Frankie tries to pull himself up with the ropes and use the momentum for some strikes, but Kon just shakes it off and flings Kaz out of the ring. Kon slides in Kaz, Kon tries to motion to Deaner, but the small delay costs him. Haymakers from Frankie, then he gets Kon for feed for the Guillotine Leg Drop. While Kon is face down, Kaz hits the Springboard Guillotine to send Kon reeling. The crowd gets behind Frankie, he looks for a dive, but Kon recovers and levels Kaz. Picks him up for a Power Slam, Frankie slips it for the Scorpion Death Drop and a near fall. Frustration starts to get to Kaz as he just wails on him while trying to get him in a Chicken Wing, but it’s an exercise in futility. Kon drops Frankie, goes to the top rope for a Diving Headbutt, but misses! La Magistral, only for 2, but he finally gets him into a Chicken Wing. Angels hits the apron, Kaz tries to take out Angels, Callihan grabs a chair, thinks its Kaz but Kaz turns it around and Callihan cracks Kon in the head with the chair. Slingshot Cutter from Kaz for the 1-2-3.

Knockouts Tag Titles: Death Dollz (Taya & JesSICKa w/Rosemary) (c) vs The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay)

Allysin and Taya start off to continue what was started yesterday, if you want to call it that. Quick tag to Marti, some tandem offense for an early near fall, but Taya turns things around on Marti. Tag in JesSICKa, her version of the Flip, Flop and Fly…as she drops Marti and Allysin. Jess hits the ropes and Allysin trips her up.

I mean I’ll say it, for everyone who loves thicc girls, this is definitely a match for you. That’s not just shallow commentary either since 3 of the four women play up their “assets” well and often during spots in the match. Stink Faces, Hip Attacks with booty shaking punctuation – THICC.

Now that I can focus beyond the thiccness, Marti starts taunting JesSICKa’s heavy metal persona, and that allows Jess to do her best Luigi from Smash Bros impression and a Jumping Headbutt clocks Marti and causes the stereo tags. Taya starts showcasing some nice wrestling, ties up Allysin and hits the tied up Curb Stomp for a 2. Hex tries a tandem move, but Taya counters them both. Death by Kay catches Taya after she fought off both, but only two. Corner punches turns into a Running Powerbomb from Taya. Marti sneaks in the tag, Jess tags in, and its just a signature spam spot. Hex Marks the Spot attempt but JesSICKa breaks it up with a POUNCE. Head Kick plus SICKishi Driver equals Death Dollz retain.

dotCOMBAT Match: Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs Moose

Joe Hendry comes out first because he’s Joe, so no real shock. But once Moose comes down, its obvious why Joe came out first because Moose attacks him before the bell. Solid brawling and an occasional chair early on spills outside and then Moose slows down Hendry’s attempts with a huge Uranage through the time keeper’s table.

Moose flips off Hendry and Hendry adds comedy with the Sega Dreamcast and says “No Screw You!” and flips open the disc lid of the Dreamcast. Then Hendry finds a toy car, tries to crash it into Moose, but it does nothing. Moose kicks it away allowing Hendry to throw Moose around a little. Hendry finds box, and now a bigger remote control car!

Propped in the corner Moose is standing there, he wants to drive the car in, but the toy doesn’t work. So Hendry calls an audible and just picks up the RC Car and throws it at Moose’s nuts. Hendry is adding really good comedy in spots without being TOO stupid. Hendry tries to go after Moose, Moose moves and Hendry hits a lodged chair from earlier, then a GO TO HELL for 2!

Black Bag is found! Is it Legos? No it’s Keyboard Keycaps! Uranage no, Standing Ovation No, Uranage finally connects but not on the keys. Moose goes up top, Hendry scoops some caps and throws them to distract Moose, then follows him up, Superplex into the Keycaps for 2! Hendry grabs a VR headset! Moose starts dancing and they show on the tron that he thinks he’s at a club, then it switches to the Dancing Moose video! Moose gets angry, but gets caught by Hendry with a Cutter into the caps for 2! Low Blow from Moose, Lights Out attempt, Head and Arm Cradle for 2, Cradle counter with tights for Moose but Hendry rolls through and returns the favor of tight pulling cradle for the win!

Now I wanted Moose to win, but of course I’m not mad about Joe. A bunch of good comedy spots and solid wrestling all together. 

Oh now its time for that stupid concept of a “Live Busted Open” episode. I think I may go take a dump, walk my non-existent dog, or maybe I’ll just start learning a new language since that would be time better spent than whatever is going to happen here.

Bully brings up the NWO documentary with Nash having to do it with Hall. He’s trying to come off sincere, but we all know with Bully…he’s gonna turn this at some point. Using Nash and Hall for potential heat, is cheap. It sounds like there’s an “End this now chant starting”. Bully throws coffee in Dreamer’s face after the fake sincerity was rejected by Dreamer. So yeah…at least something finally happened. God this was a waste of time. This may be the worst non-wrestling segment of any PPV in the last few years. 

At least that pile of shit is over and we have the upper half of the card left. So it can only get better from here. 

Number 1 Contender Match: Steve Maclin vs Brian Myers vs PCO vs Heath

Hopefully this can resurrect the energy of the show after that Busted Open pile of crap. You don’t put promo battles in the middle of a PPV, especially obvious garbage.

Everyone gangs up on PCO; PCO fires out of the onslaught and after punching everyone, he throws himself at Maclin so they both wipe out. Myers and Heath have a small back and forth in the ring while Maclin and PCO try to stay a little active. Heath pulls off a Senton from apron, which isn’t his usual thing. Tries to slid Maclin in to get a flash Wake Up Call, but Myers pulls him out. Maclin hits the dive and we see PCO take the control back.

Myers manages to dump PCO off the apron, Maclin sees the opportunity and helps Myers backdrop PCO. Then they shove PCO under the ring. Heath tries something, but Maclin and Myers continue their allegiance, so Heath has no chance in a 2v1 for now. Heath tries to fight them off, knocks out Myers but Maclin stops Heath with a Backbreaker and a few near falls. Heath dumps out Maclin, and before he can collect himself Myers flies in with a Knee and then a Flatliner. Myers poses and PCO emerges from under the ring.

PCO takes out Myers, Heath and Maclin fight, Maclin eats a Wake Up Call but powders to the apron and eats a Deanimator from PCO. Cradle attempt into a Rope Run Spear from Myers for 2! Myers looking Roster Cut, but PCO says no! Scorpion Death Drop into a PCO-Sault! Eddie hits the ring with a shovel and starts beating the hell out of PCO. Heath slides in, Wake Up Call on Myers, but before he can pin Myers, Maclin slides in and hits K.I.A! MACLIN WINS!

Trey’s music hits and why the hell is he here? We already heard useless talking. I can’t stand Trey Miguel, he’s seriously a garbage wrestler. Maybe PCO can beat the piss out of him. OH GOOD! PCO Chokeslams him on the apron and takes his head off with a lariat! GOOD! 

Time Machine (Kushida, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs Bullet Club (KENTA, Chris Bey & Ace Austin)

KENTA and Kushida start things off, while KENTA plays the heel game of using the ropes and makes space. KENTA tries to lull Kushida with the opening pace, and then things speed up all of a sudden. Kushida tries for a Flying Armbar, but KENTA gets out of it pretty easily. They get space, Kushida stays in and allows KENTA to tag in Bey.

As the action just starts between Bey and Kushida, Shelley slides in for some of the patented MCMG and Time Splitters tandem attacks. Shelley takes a real tag, then Bey finally gets his footing back to tag in Ace. So Sabin still needs to come in, but this is very paint by numbers Japanese style 6 man. There’s the Sabin tag and a Double Dropkick keeps Ace looking for an opening. Single Crab, Facelock, Sliding Dropkick Time Machine action! Bey eats a double PK to his arms, KENTA gets tripped and crotched on the post and then Sliding Dropkick into the face. Time Machine keeping the game fast and in their advantage. Figure Four headlock into a Reverse Figure Four, but Ace is close to the ropes.

Finally the Bullet Club starts their comeback, Fosbury Flop from Ace, Tope con 2 Sweet from Bey and KENTA acts like he’s gonna dive, but does more of a comedy moment where he just walks through the ropes and kicks Kushida. Dual Back Rakes, and Round Kicks from KENTA, as Kushida then gets Rocket Launched into KENTA’s Yakuza Kick! Near fall, but KENTA is vibing with the Two Sweet chant. Kushida catches KENTA, tries to restrain the tag but a Pele Kick allows Kushida the tag. Locomotion offense, Ace and Bey are in, Sabin is mostly doing the work himself but then Shelley comes in, Field Goal Dive onto KENTA, Shelley and Kushida go after each other member and Time Machine back on top!

Triad of corner moves on Bey, followed by the running kick to the back of the head, and then the Missile Dropkick Flatliner from the guns, but only 2. Malfunctions for Time Machine, Sabin kicks Shelley, then wipes out Kushida, KENTA Yakuza Kick into Hesitation Drop Kick, Double Stomp…only 2! Go 2 Sleep attempt, Sabin slips it, KENTA reverses Sabin, Sabin reverses back, Brainbuster. Triangle Kick + TKO on Sabin from Ace & Bey but only for 2! 1-2-Sweet attempt, but Sabin suplexes Bey, Tornado DDT on Ace, Kushida gets tagged and starts lighting up Ace. Backhandspring Elbow from Kushida, Hoverboard Lock but no! Signature spams with all 6 men!

High Speed Dirt with the Cartwheel Dropkick variation from Time Machine has Ace in a bad way. Stereo Yakuza with a Shotei! Outatime first, then Skull and – NO! Bey blocks Shelley and Ace hits the backslide on Sabin for the surprise 3 count!

Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs Masha Slamovich

Early on there’s a lot of World of Sport chain wrestling. Mickie has wrist control, refuses to let go and it’s roll counters and Arm Wringers, which is smart from Mickie since the whole tap out narrative lead Masha to choke out Mickie a few weeks ago on IMPACT. Mickie tries for the Mick-DT too damn early and Masha Stun Guns her and now starts her full mount fury.

Masha ragdolls Mickie, and then starts licking her face like Mickie likes to and Mickie is the queen of the French Kiss cause she just bites down and counters Masha by biting her tongue. Masha tries to lock in the Kimura afterward, but Mickie rolls it over into a pinfall to force Masha to break the hold. Masha stays aggressive, but Mickie has her flashes of offense. Mickie in the corner, Masha charges, Headscissors counter, Sole Butt, but then Masha launches herself off the ropes to send Mickie spilling out. Masha follows with the Dive and connects enough with Mickie to not look bad.

Goading Mickie just fires her up and we get a strike exchange that leads to Mickie hitting a Neckbreaker to get her a small opening. Sole Butt, Running Forearm, Flapjack and a Kip Up! Classic Mickie offense leads to the potential Thesz Press…but Masha catches her and follows up the corner. They start brawling on the top, Mickie gets the best of things, Avalanche Thesz Press for a VERY close 2. Mick-DT nope, Spinning Backfist from Masha but Mickie ducks it, Mick Kick for 2! Mick-DT but Masha grabs her into a Reverse Piledriver for a near fall!

Buzzsaw Kick attempt from Masha, Mickie catches the leg and spins into a Single Leg Crab and Masha gets to the ropes. Rear Naked Choke out of nowhere, Mickie tries to use the ropes but they get caught. Ref does the 5 count but Masha is relentless, breaking it long enough to not get disqualified and then going back to it for a 4 count. Mickie retreats to the corner, Masha with back to back Yakuza Kicks, Mickie dodges and Masha is perched. Masha tries the Monkey Flip but Mickie Cradles down and turns it into a pinfall! That’s a somewhat unique way to get the Cradle win.

Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Rich Swann

This start at a very deliberate pace, neither wants to make any crazy moves early. So its mostly just a little bit of Josh’s mat based style and Swann trying to add the Cruiserweight flair to his ways out of situations.

The first what feels like 8 minutes is still a lot of “anything you can do I can do better”. They dodge one another similarly and both have moments where they pull a punch just to jaw at the other and make a point. So again, the deliberate pace is expected since Josh has made a habit of 20+ minute matches. But it needs to start picking up soon, every match doesn’t need to be a 25+ minute current era NJPW style match.

The intensity does start to pick up as Josh just throws Rich in the air off a rope run, then feeds into the corner and rolls through into a big German Suplex, not quite a Chaos Theory, but in that kind of vein. Honestly, a lot of solid back and forth work, just too damn slow right now. And on a show where no titles have changed hands, I can’t say this is suspending disbelief.

Swann does have a great Corkscrew Senton to the floor after they were brawling a bit, but I have had no reason to click into this match. Rolling Thunder from Swann for 2, of course. Swann tries to set up the Phoenix Splash, Josh rolls further away, forcing Swann to come get him. Josh takes the opportunity to start pulling off some German Suplexes, then that stops, they find themselves in the corner, Super German attempt, but Rich flips out of it, Hook Kick to the face, Poison Rana, only a near fall. Josh counters a Rana with the Ankle Lock but Rich rolls forward and sends him into the corner.

Poison Rana attempt again, but blocked, Rainmaker attempt, Swann kicks Josh, Falcon Arrow, and only a near fall. Counters, rolls, Backslide into a C4 Spike from Josh. Josh takes a second to recover, tries to drape an arm over and Rich rolls away. Josh tries to collect him, Rich grabs the bottom rope and refuses to roll in. So Josh rips him off the ropes and just slams him down onto the apron.

C4 Spike again, Swann flips up through, grabs onto Josh and starts to light him up with kicks, Phoenix Splash – and Josh kicks out.  Swann crashes and burns on a second Phoenix Splash attempt and Josh locks in the Grapevine Ankle Lock. Swann manages to stand up and fight through, but Josh torques again and won’t let go, Swann stands up again and peppers Josh enough to knock the headgear off. Strike exchange, rope run, double ducks, Lethal Injection from Swann for 2! Hesitation Kick from Swann, Lethal Injection again but no! Jumping Tombstone from Josh into a C4 Spike and he retains!


Overall Score: 7/10

So I mean I’m glad I watched the Countdown because holy crap was the Busted Open segment so bad it ruined this show at the halfway point. The main event in vacuum might be better than I gave it credit for, but honestly the way the card built I had no belief in Swann winning and it started off a bit too slow for my liking. Matches that were supposed to pay off definitely did. Bullet Club versus Time Machine was great, Gresham vs Bailey was awesome and the Hendry vs Moose match was great entertainment. So none of the wrestling matches were horrible, just that worthless Bully Ray segment almost tanked the entire PPV.

If you remove that stupid segment and slot in the Gresham versus Bailey match, this would’ve had better momentum going into a slow burn main event; and I would definitely rate it higher. Holy crap did I hate that Busted Open segment, and not for “heat reasons” it was just soo cliché, paint by numbers heel garbage it felt like it was written by a 10 year old. Also one thing I’ve made mention of in the past few years I’ll say again here, IMPACT runs too many of the same finishes on one card. If you count the Coutdown, there were 9 matches, 4 of which ended with some kind of Cradle ‘non-finishing move’ flash pin. Stop that. One or two is fine, but when nearly half the show is Cradles…that’s pretty re-goddamned-diculous.

Still a decent enough show, definitely better than the last month of TV built up for it. But I really don’t wanna see anymore of Dreamer and Bully…its just pathetic.

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