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WCW Monday Nitro Episode 7



WCW Monday Nitro

Here we are once again, with WCW Monday Nitro episode 7! We are moving closer to Halloween Havoc and the card is starting to take shape.

WCW United States Championship
Diamond Dallas Page (with Diamond Doll) vs Johnny B. Badd

DDP jumps Badd with the belt to the back of the head before the match and he’s laid out. The attack leaves Johnny unconscious and DDP is disqualified. What a disappointment. DDP is a guy that I’ve liked without seeing too much of him. I was looking forward to more.

Winner: Johnny B. Badd via Disqualification

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

After some chain wrestling, Eddie hits a big cross body from the top rope to the outside. Benoit looks amazing here, he’s so quick in the ring, his transitions are seamless. Eddie hit a beautiful springboard tornado DDT that popped the crowd. Benoit largely staying in control despite quick bursts by Eddie. Eddie turns it around and drops Benoit with a side suplex that looked brutal followed by a brainbuster and a frog splash attempt is met by knees to the back. Benoit hit a STIFF powerbomb on Eddie, his head definitely bounced off the mat. Benoit sticks Guerrero with a full nelson suplex with a bridge for the pinfall. Really fun match here, awesome to see these guys just go and go.

Winner: Chris Benoit via pinfall

Mean Gene interviews Kevin Sullivan and The Giant. Sullivan runs down Hulk Hogan but it is a very bland promo. Disco Inferno comes out and dances for a minute before Meng’s music hits and Disco is chased off.

Meng vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hacksaw gets a huge pop but is attacked while posturing to the crowd. Meng is in control early but misses a cross body that allows Duggan to take charge. Meng counters back with a thrust kick to the face and then locks in the spike for the submission victory. Slow, plodding match without much excitement.

Winner: Meng via submission

Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman vs Ric Flair and Sting

Sting isn’t in the match to start, just Flair. Ric stays in control early, the crowd is growing restless for Sting. Anderson gets locked into the figure four and Pillman tries to break it up only to get locked into it himself before Arn breaks it up. Anderson gains control but then Sting comes out to be Flair’s partner. Sting gets the hot tag and comes in to beat down both Anderson and Pillman. Stinger splashes to both guys before tossing them both outside. The referee counts them out to end the match. Hot match after Sting got in, but a lackluster finish.

Winner: Ric Flair and Sting via countout

Mean Gene interviews Flair and Sting after the match, and Sting is putting Flair over big time. Sting agrees to team with Flair.

A somewhat lackluster overall episode, but seeing Benoit and Guerrero is encouraging for the future episodes!

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