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WWE News: Sasha Banks Reveals She Didn’t Think Ronda Rousey Signing Was ‘Fair’



Sasha Banks

There’s certainly no denying that since her signing with the WWE back in January, Ronda Rousey has impressed in her limited time in the ring and has quickly become (arguably) the company’s biggest draw, crushing the competition in our weekly YouTube reports.

WWE RAW Superstar Sasha Banks recently spoke with CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast to discuss a number of topics, revealing that her initial reaction to the company bringing Rousey in did not sit well with her:

“When I first heard that she was gonna be here, I was a little like, ‘huh, that’s not really fair.”

‘The Legit Boss’ has since changed her tune on ‘Rowdy’ Ronda, admitting that she’s been impressed with her work:

“She had been killing it. She’s proven all the doubters wrong and it’s so crazy to see her matches. I’m like in shock, I’m in awe. I loved her match at WrestleMania. I loved her match at Money in the Bank and I definitely think she’s one to watch. I can’t believe Money in the Bank was only her second match and I am so impressed and I hope I get to wrestle her in the future and I’m really excited for her here in the WWE and she really has been killing it.”

Quotes c/o WrestlingInc

EA’s Take: This screams of jealousy to me and clearly, Sasha didn’t get it at first. Life’s not fair and neither is wrestling. Bringing in Rousey, regardless of what anybody thinks, is one hundred percent a good thing for all the female Superstars because she will elevate the entire division in terms of interest. Anybody that Ronda works with will come out the better for it because people that aren’t hardcore wrestling fans tune in to check out what she’s up to. For example, more people will know who Nia Jax is after she faced Ronda at Money In The Bank because Rousey draws more eyes. It’s quite simple really.


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