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Chairshot Classics: WCW Starrcade ’90 – Collision Course



Match #12 – Street Fight for the NWA Tag Team Championships: NWA Tag Team Champions Doom (Butch Reed & Ron Simmons) w/Teddy Long vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham
As expected, a brawl immediately ensues. Simmons and Windham roll out onto the entrance ramp where Windham receives a scoop slam. Anderson rushes to his aid and beats down Reed. Anderson whips Simmons with a belt, but the champ fights back. Inside the ring, Windham gets Reed with a vertical suplex. Reed is dumped to the floor. Windham gets a belt to the face while Anderson uses a chair on Simmons. Windham goes head first into the ring post and he is bleeding. Reed uses a belt buckle on the wound and Windham reverses with a belly to back suplex. Anderson whips Reed with a belt and inside the ring, Windham scoops Simmons.

Windham misses with knee. Reed was temporarily in the ring but quickly dumped out. The Horsemen double team Simmons before Double A rolls out to pursue Reed. Anderson cracks him on the head with a steel chair and hands it to his partner. Windham uses it to hit Simmons in the back of the head. Simmons reverses a whip to the ropes. Windham is hit from the floor with a chair before receiving a spine buster. Windham rakes the eyes to break up a pin attempt. Reed sneaks into the ring and goes to the 2nd turnbuckle. Windham moves to the other side of the ring and Reed ambushes him. Reed knocks him down with some quick strikes. Simmons is back up to the apron. He does battle with Arn who is now bleeding as well. Windham takes a prison beating on the mat while Arn is lifted for a military press slam.

Simmons to the top rope, Windham catches him with a low blow. Windham climbs the turnbuckle and turns him over with a superplex. Simmons barely kicks out. Butch Reed climbs the top rope for a flying shoulder block. Windham throws Simmons out of the ring. Windham lands a big DDT on Reed. Simmons rolls back in with a chair but he’s cut off by Anderson. Double A tries a head shot. Simmons blocks it and sends it back in his face. He goes for a pin and Anderson gets his shoulder up at the last possible second. Reed lifts Windham for a piledriver. Reed pulls Windham up and delivers some rights. Windham ducks one of them and lifts him out of the ring.

Windham holds Simmons in place. Double A tries an ax handle but Simmons breaks away and hits him with a clothesline. Windham sends Reed for the ride and catches him with an inside cradle. Meanwhile, Simmons was pinning Anderson. Nick Patrick counts to three with one member of each team pinned.
Winners: No Contest

  • EA’s Take: Definitely a tough one to call with constant action all over the place, but that made it stand out from the rest of the card so far. I thought they were still under a no blading policy at this point, but I guess not, even though that had cost Dusty Rhodes is job not that long before. I’m just glad the entire night wasn’t a disgusting, blood bath like previous Starrcades. When it’s used properly and makes sense is what I prefer.

Match #13 – Pat O’Connor Memorial Tag Tournament Finals: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) vs. Mr. Saito & The Great Muta
Scott starts it out with Muta and the crowd is quick to back the American team. Collar and elbow tie up and Muta starts quickly with karate kicks. Scott reverses the ride, Muta catches his boot, and Steiner strengths him down to the mat with a unique roll up. Steiner applies a half crab on Muta but it’s broken by the ropes. Back to their feet and the two tie up again. A wristlock and a quick tag to Rick. Muta lands some kicks to the midsection. Spinning kick takes Rick off his feet. He tries to stay on the offense, but is hit with a Steinerline. Muta tags in Saito. Rick is victim to chops on his back. A side headlock by Saito before some stiff rights.

Rick ducks a clothesline and flies for a clothesline. Saito is up quickly and Rick hits him with a Steinerline. Muta climbs to the top rope but he’s dropped by Rick. Saito slows it down and bows to Steiner. Rick kicks him in the chest. The crowd chants “USA” and Scott is tagged in. Muta changes places on the other side. Collar and elbow tie up and Scott is pushed to the corner. Shoulder blocks to the mid section. Irish whip and hand spring elbow combo delivered by Muta. Another Irish whip but this time Scott catches him, following it up with a belly to belly suplex. Lateral press is interupted by Saito. Official tag is made to Saito. The two exchange blows. Saito is sent for the ride. Elbow by Scott and a tag is made to his brother. Rick gets some strikes but Saito changes the momentum with a waistlock and a belly to back suplex.

The two run the ropes and collide with football tackles. Both men are slow to get up. Muta is tagged in first. Snapmare takedown and a powerful elbow from Muta. Rick is dumped outside and Scott protests. Outside the ring, Rick is run hard into the post. Muta follows outside and rams the ring bell into Rick Steiner’s jaw. Saito holds Rick up and Muta hits him with a clothesline. Muta rolls Rick back in and makes the tag to Saito. He holds Rick’s arm while Saito comes off the 2nd rope with a shot to the ribs. Saito chokes Rick on the mat and Scott’s not happy. The ref tries to break up the choke hold but Saito doesn’t let go. Rick is slow to his feet while Saito hangs on. Muta goes to the top rope. The ref fends Scott off and Muta comes down with a cheap elbow. A tag is made to Muta who immedately kicks the ribs.

Steiner sent for the ride, he ducks a kick and comes back with a Steinerline. Scott is tagged in and lifts Muta with a back body drop. Double underhook sitout suplex by Scott. Saito interrupts the count and the ref backs Rick off. Muta chokes Scott while he’s not looking. A tag is made to Saito. He sends Scott and hits a big elbow. He lands the belly to back suplex that won them the last match and he chokes Scott again. Rick rushes in but is once again fended off. Saito lifts Scott for a spike pile driver. Rick rushes the ring but is cut off by Muta’s spinning kick. The ref tells Muta to get out of the ring. Saito sends Scott’s head into the turnbuckle. He sends Scott running, but a blind tag was made to Rick. He catches Scott in a sleeper hold, but the legal brother climbs the top rope and executes a sunset flip on Saito. The Steiners win the tournament.
Winners: The Steiner Brothers (Rick/Sunset Flip)

  • After The Bell: Tony Schiavone introduces Pat O’Connor’s family and Jim Herd presents The Steiners with the 7 foot tall trophy. Scott says he was proud to represent the United States and he gives a military shoutout.
  • EA’s Take: Well, it took them until the finals, but finally a match in this tournament that was fun to watch. There were a lot of no name guys in this thing and honestly, did this not seem like the inevitable happening here? The Steiners are in the midst of an enormous push, but it would have meant more if the field was a little deeper.

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