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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2010

We see Chris Jericho in the locker room and he is trying to campaign Miz to be their seventh man in the Main Event. Miz is stroking his Money in the Bank briefcase as Edge, eating a Slim Jim, chimes in. He is also trying to convince Miz and the two are stroking his ego like Miz is the case. Miz declines their offer and says “He isn’t sure he wants the make Nexus a priority right now. But I’ll let you know.” Cool little vignette here.


Back in the arena Justin Roberts is announcing the WWE Diva’s Champion, Alicia Fox. Her challenger for the evening is Melina and it is her that receives all the pop. She is the hometown girl so this makes sense as she enters looking like an Aztec Princess. Melina is a former champion but was forced to vacate the Title after a torn ACL in January. So this is her chance to regain what she never lost. The collar and elbow kicks us off and Melina is able to easily put Fox into the corner. This causes the ref to separate the two and start again. Once more its the collar and elbow, and this time Fox is able to transition into a side headlock. She uses this in combination with a hip toss and brings Melina to the mat. Melina slowly makes her way to her feet and then to the ropes, forcing the break. Fox uses the ref’s full three count before releasing the lock. After a shove from Fox, Melina rallies behind a right hand. She takes Fox to the mat and after a leglock, stomps Fox’s face into the mat. Melina then spears her into the corner and lays Fox across the second rope. She the climbs to the top and jumps off, driving both her knees into the midsection of the champion. The ref is taking a moment to check Alicia Fox and every time Melina approaches he shoves her away. Melina charges from the corner when she sees her window, but Melina is privy to this and plants Fox on her face. Melina then tries for the first cover but Fox is able to kick out. When Melina leap frogs over Fox next, she lands awkwardly and is starting to limp. This is a play on the previous injury she suffered that I mentioned earlier. The ref now keeps the two separate so he can check Melina out. Once she appears ok he allows them to continue. Fox tries for the clothesline, but Melina ducks it and catches her with the superkick to the chest. Fox rolls to the apron to stand and Melina is quick to join her. When Melina is out there Fox pulls her face first into the ring pole. When they return to the ring Fox works the arm, first with a knee drop then an armbar. Melina rallies behind some midsection forearms but it is quickly stopped with a kick to the gut from Fox. Melina lands a kick of her own and this leaves both women staggered. Melina hooks the tights and tries for the pin but Fox is quick to kick-out. Melina keeps the momentum with a series of forearms and dropkick that leaves Fox on the ropes. Melina hits the double knee strike to the back followed by a facebuster of sorts. She hooks the leg of the Champ and the crowd pops as the ref counts the three. And Melina is the new Diva’s Champion. This is a decent match and helped to showcase what would later become a great Women’s Division in the WWE. It all started at some point and this feels like where it started to head to the division we have today. Match Time-5:20


Justin Roberts is back in the ring and trying to interview the new champion. but she is quickly interrupted by the music of LayCool. This is the team of Layla and Michelle McCool. They have a pair of mics and are coming to the ring to congratulate Melina. These two have the old Women’s Title, which is split in half and are rocking it like an unofficial Women’s Tag Team Title. After a selfie goes wrong this turns into a brawl and LayCool comes out looking like the bullies that they portrayed. We get another view of the LA Skyline and are introduced to the next match.

The package starts with the unmasking of the newly bald CM Punk by The Big Show. Punk is wearing a Lucha mask during the match because his head was shaved by Rey Mysterio. The Straight Edge Society would help Punk extract his revenge by holding Big Show down so Selina can stomp his hand with her high heel boots. This would “break” the hand of The Big Show and pave the way for this three versus one affair. The Society is out first and they are made up of Punk, Selina, Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury. Gallows would, of course, leave the WWE and head to NJPW after this run and become a part of Bullet Club. He would return to the WWE after under the same moniker. The Big Show gets some nice pop as he enters and is wearing a cast from the previous assault. He has a nice rib towards Punk here with a white “X” on the cast. This is something Punk has always done to signify his StraightXEdge lifestyle. The Society leaves the ring when Show enters and the crowd explodes when he raises the big casted fist high above his head. The Big Show then has a member of the medical staff cut the cast from his had. Show then smirks as he shows the boys outside the ring that the right hand is back in play.

Mercury charges the big man first, but is quickly taken off his feet with a right hand. Gallows is next and Show easily tosses him into the ropes to deliver a big chop to ensure we know the right hand is working. The Society now leaves the ring and regroups on the apron. After Punk formulates the plan, Gallows and Mercury enter and try to ambush The Big Show. This quickly backfires and Gallows is tossed from the ring by his arm. He then lifts Mercury with two hands by the head, and slams him to the mat. Mercury rolls from the ring but Big Show palms his head and lifts him back into the ring. Only to toss him back out and into the chest of Gallows. Punk has no choice but to enter the ring and after sometime does so. Big Show makes quick work of him with a right hand and a chop so Punk rolls from the ring. Big Show follows and Punk strikes with a chop to the throat. He then tries to stomp the injured hand of Show into the ring steps, but Show is able to pull it away. Big Show then pulls the foot of Punk and he lands squarely on his back on the ring steps. Show then tries to chop Punk with the injured hand. Punk is able to roll from the reach of Show and this leaves the injured hand crashing into the ring steps. All three members of The Society start to attack Show, stomping him repeatedly. Punk returns to the ring and after the others pound Show some more, they soon slide the big man back in and soon all four men are back into the ring.

They stomp the hands of Big Show some more before Punk holds his legs so the other two can splash him. Elbow and leg drops follows this and slowly Big Show makes it back to his feet but is beat into the corner. They take turns whipping each other into Show but when it is Punk’s turn he is met with a back elbow. He takes the other two out with clotheslines and then whips them both into the same corner. Big Show then charges them for a back splash. When Gallows and Mercury come out of the corner they are both flattened with a double shoulder block. Big Show unleashes a scream after this and so do the fans. Punk tries to springboard off the top rope and get the advantage but Show notices him, catching Punk by the throat. Punk saves face by getting his foot way up there and kicking Show in the back of the head. Punk falls into the corner and Big Show charges. Punk is able to move and Big Show splashes the turnbuckle instead. This sets Punk up to hit the lifting knee, which he repeats two more times. Punk is now calling for the lackeys to re-enter the ring and help out. Mercury listens and jumps off the tope rope with Punk for a double DDT. Mercury makes the first cover, but Big Show easily tosses him off, sending him rolling from the ring. Punk pounds away at Big Show’s hand, but the big man is still able to get to his feet. He places Punk in the Samoan Drop position but Mercury comes jumping off the top rope. Big Show catches him by the throat and now Gallows re-enters the ring. He kicks The Big Show in the chest and this causes Punk to be dropped out of the ring. Show bounces back off the ropes and levels the other two with a double clothesline. Big Show “knocks out” Gallows with a right hand and then chokeslams Mercury on top of him. He covers them both and gets the three. Mercury suffered a torn pectoral in the match but you couldn’t really tell because he stayed involved throughout. Selina is helping Punk up the ramp and he has seamed to abandoned his boys. For a 3-Vs-1 match I don’t think they could have done much better. I enjoyed it from start to end and you probably will too. Match Time-6:45

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