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Who Should Beat Shayna Baszler?

Shayna Baszler is someone who divides opinion. Some people love her character while others resent the fact that she’s came in from a different sport and was put in the spot she’s in so quickly.

I fall more on the former because her character perfectly suits a heel champion: A badass who knows how good they are and doesn’t care what anyone says about them. She’s basically what everyone thinks Brock Lesnar is.

They say the best characters are the person’s real personality turned way up. I’m not saying she’s this arrogant in real life but you can tell she knows how could she is. In my opinion she’s the best person to lead the division after Asuka left. She helped to Ember Moon who could be very hit or miss in NXT tell a good story over two Takeovers. You’ve got a few women in the division who could be considered underdogs who look even more like underdogs when they go against Baszler.

As good as she is all good things must come to an end and eventually someone has to dethrone her. This begs the question who should that be?

Next week we have a fatal four way to decide the next challenger between Nikki Cross, Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae and Kairi Sane. The match will likely take place in Brooklyn. We can immediately rule out Cross because she’s had her shot and is likely to be going up very soon.

I don’t think it should be Kairi Sane. I think she should get a shot because they could put on a great match together but she shouldn’t win the title. Nothing against her as a wrestler. she’s a great in the ring her pirate character needs to be flushed out more.

Bianca Belair is a good candidate and if she keeps going the way she’ going with her character she will be a future champion. However, it shouldn’t come against Baszler because it’s heel vs heel. Also, as good she is now she’s still very early in her development so there’s no rush to make her champion yet.

If it was up to be I would have Candice LeRae take the title from her. They have history going back to the Mae Young Classic where Baszler beat LeRae but refused to let go of the submission. The seeds for the this were planted on this weeks NXT when LeRae confronted Baszler outside Full Sail.

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Le Rae seems to be the perfect person to finally stand up to the bully Baszler. If not in Brooklyn this would be a match they could build to the November Takeover or even January depending on how long they want Baszler to stay in NXT.

Once Baszler drops the belt she can go up and do something with her friend Ronda Rousey. Whether that be as partners or even opponents there’s so many possibilities there.

LeRae can go on to play this underdog champion who must prove she deserve to be champion. This allows her to be involved in her own stories rather than being a supporting player in Johnny Gargano’s story. She can go up against heels like Lacey Evans, Bianca Belair or even someone from the second Mae Young Classic. Maybe this is where you give Belair the title. Instant heel heat for her character.


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