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Chairshot Classics- WWE SummerSlam 2012



We see Teddy Long and AJ leaving the RAW General Manager’s office and are speaking of how fantastic of a job she is doing. After they finish up, the camera pans over, and there stands CM Punk. Punk sighs before entering and we see AJ Lee in the office. Punk is speculating that a Triple Threat match is an unfair way for him to lose the Title, as he may not even be the one pinned and still lose it. He then says that the only reason she made this match is because he turned down her proposal on RAW, leaving her humiliated in the ring. Punk finishes by saying he will retain the Title either way and AJ Lee doesn’t have anything to say as he exits the room.

We return to the arena and Cole and “The King” introduces us to the next match that is for the World Heavyweight Title. The package begins with Alberto Del Rio spouting off about his championship DNA and his pedigreed upbringing. He then calls Sheamus a peasant and deems him unworthy of a Championship. Sheamus agrees with him from the back on the following week and says “..a change of cars is a good place to start..” He then steals Del Rio’s black Ferrari and takes it for a joy ride around San Antonio. Sheamus returns the vehicle, but it is not in the same shape it was when he left. It’s full of dents and scratches with the interior destroyed. Del Rio tells Sheamus he called the Police and Sheamus offers a Title match instead. The police enter, and instead of arresting Sheamus, they try to jump him. He fights them off for a second but is eventually overcome. This ends with Del Rio using an armbar on Sheamus.

Richardo Rodriguez, the personal announcer of Del Rio, announces Alberto and he enters the arena driving what Cole says in a new 250,000 Ferrari. Cole and Lawler continue to talk on where Del Rio made his fortune, running farms in Mexico. In my eyes he is a cartel drug dealer. The challenger receives nothing but heat as he enters the ring. The Champion, Sheamus, on the other hand gets an explosive pop when he enters the arena. Sheamus stops to admire the new car before he makes his way to the ring with purpose. He raises the Title high to get some more pop from the fans before handing it over. The ref checks the two and signals for the bell. The collar and elbow starts and they are really shoving each other around with the hold. Del Rio shoves Sheamus into the corner and the official is forced to separate them. Sheamus is able to quickly transition the next collar and elbow into a side headlock but Del Rio is able to shove him into the corner once again and force the separation. They collar and elbow once again and this time they hit the ropes so hard they tumble to the outside, with Sheamus colliding with the announce table. Del Rio bounces him off it one more time, but Sheamus is still able to get a few punches in and toss Del Rio back into the ring. Del Rio is able to land a few big kicks and knocks Sheamus into the corner. He then uses the refs five count to choke Sheamus with his boot. Del Rio and the ref argue over this, and Sheamus strikes with a Russian leg sweep. Sheamus hooks the leg and Del Rio kicks out of the first cover of the match.

Alberto finds himself being pounded in the corner, but when the ref separates the two, Del Rio is quick to attack and tosses Sheamus back into the corner. He then delivers a brutal kick to the side of Sheamus’s skull. Del Rio tries for a DDT, but the Celtic Warrior is able to pick him up for a rolling senton. Sheamus tries for a crucifix powerbomb, but Del Rio wiggles free and lands on the top rope facing the crowd. This doesn’t work out and Sheamus starts to club his back before picking him up for an electric chair drop. Before he gets Del Rio up, Del Rio is able to remove the turnbuckle cover. He escapes with a backslide and unleashes a kick to the back of Sheamus. Sheamus is quick to go for the Brogue Kick but Del Rio manages to avoid it leaving the leg of Sheamus tangled in the ropes. Sheamus falls to the apron and when he stands, a dropkick to his midsection sends him off the apron. Del Rio joins him on the outside and shoves Sheamus’s back into the steel steps before returning him to the ring. Del Rio then hits an ax handle from the top turnbuckle and tries for a pin. Sheamus is able to stop this by getting the shoulder up. A side headlock is next from Del Rio and the crowd starts to pop for a comeback from Sheamus. He is able to stand this up and unload some punches to the midsection of De Rio to escape the lock. He tries for a reverse neckbreaker, but Del Rio pushes himself free and delivers a few shin kicks. These leave Sheamus kneeling and Alberto takes him to the mat with a big boot. He tries for another cover but Sheamus still kicks out.

Ricardo argues with the ref over the near fall, while Del Rio stomps the head of Sheamus. He takes a moment to gather some heat from the crowd before choking the Champ with the second rope. Once the ref forces the break, Del Rio gets a couple more stomps in before locking in a sleeper hold. Sheamus finds his footing and escapes the holds with a triplet of headbutts. The Celtic Warrior hits the ropes, but is met with a gutbusting knee from Alberto. A double stomp is delivered to the back of Sheamus before he hooks the leg for another cover that Sheamus kicks out of. The frustration is ever present on the face of Del Rio as he mockingly pounds his chest like Sheamus, saying “Brogue” with each hit. This gets some serious heat from the fans as Del Rio waits for Sheamus to rise. Del Rio strikes but is met with a flying double ax. Two more follow the first ax handle and Del Rio finds himself in the corner from them. Sheamus charges with a shoulder, but Alberto avoids it, leaving the shoulder of Sheamus to go crashing into the ring post. Sheamus finds his way to the apron and is able to unload a headbutt along with a few punches to keep some momentum. He takes to the top rope but Alberto is able to kick his leg out from under him causing Sheamus to land spread eagle on the top turnbuckle. Alberto joins him up there and uses an armbreaker to send them both crashing to the canvas. Del Rio hooks the leg but Sheamus isn’t through yet and gets the shoulder up. Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker and the crowd explodes when Sheamus picks Del Rio up with one arm and slams him to the mat. Both men are slow to rise and the crowd is at full force with “Sheamus” chants. The first move is made by Sheamus as he lifts Del Rio for White Noise. Sheamus now hooks the leg, but Del Rio is the one who now kicks out. The crowd is on their toes and chanting “Brouge” as the Celtic Warrior pounds his chest and waits for Del Rio to rise. Del Rio avoids the Brogue Kick but is still tackled into the corner by Sheamus. Del Rio is tangled in the ropes and Sheamus uses this to his advantage, clubbing Del Rio in the chest ten times. Sheamus puts Alberto back into the corner and tries for another ten count. He gets to five before Del Rio lifts him and gives Sheamus the snake-eyes onto the earlier exposed turnbuckle. Del Rio then nails the Brogue Kick and it looks to be over when he hooks the leg. The call is close but Sheamus narrowly kicks out and the building is shaking at this point. Rodriguez is on the apron arguing and this is when Del Rio pulls his own manager into the ring after slapping him. Del Rio whispers in his manager ear before the ref intervenes. As the ref is distracted, Rodriguez attempts to throw Del Rio his shoe. Sheamus catches it and plants it upside the head of Del Rio. The Irish Curse Backbreaker follows and Sheamus hooks the leg. He is rewarded the three count but Del Rio had his foot on the ropes in time. The ref signals for the bell and hands the Strap over to Sheamus. Sheamus leaves with the Strap as Del Rio is left to argue with the official in the ring. These two had some great chemistry and the match was paced very well. Good stuff and worth the watch. Match Time- 11:22


We see a quick clip of the WWE and their visits with the National Guard. After this we see all the California National Guard members in the arena as they chant “USA”. This leads into the back where Triple H is speaking with a referee about the No DQ match he has tonight with The Beast. He tells the ref that the match ends one of two ways, submission or pinfall, and it will be a fight to the finish, so “Let us fight.”

We re-enter the arena just as the challengers in the next Title match enter. these are the Prime Time Players and they are made up of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. The PTP are without their manager here and that is because AW, or Abraham Washington, was let got three weeks prior for the following on-air quote. “Titus O’Neil is like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel.. He’s Unstoppable.” This is in reference to Kobe’s 2003 rape accusations that were dropped when the accuser refused to testify. Definitely done in poor taste but some fans disagreed with the firing and brought signs to SummerSlam to show that. Allegedly these were all confiscated at the door. The Tag Team Champions are next and they receive some pyro along with some pop from the fans. The champs, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth quickly make their way to the ring and are ready to go. R-Truth and Darren Young kick it off and Truth is quick to tackle him to the mat to unload some punches. The momentum stays in Truth’s favor, using some big right hands and a shoulder block to do so. Young manages to reverse an Irish whip but Truth leapfrogs him and uses a hip toss to slam Young to the mat. After a split from Truth, he hits the ropes for a dancing leg drop. He hooks the leg of Young and the first cover of the match is easily kicked out of.


Young lands a kick that enables him to drive R-Truth into the corner like a freight train. This allows Young to make a tag, but when Titus enters, Truth is fast to switch his focus to him. He is still trying to fight off Young as well and this catches up to him when O’Neil flattens him with a big boot. Titus now hooks a leg, but Truth kicks out at the count of one. A reverse chinlock is applied by Titus and when Truth is able to stand it up, Titus sends him right back to the canvas with some huge clubs to the back. Titus hits the ropes but this doesn’t go as planned because R-Truth springs to life and hits a huge kick. The tag is made and Kofi Kingston enters for the first time. He uses a springboard off the top rope to do so, and catches Titus with a flying punch. This only staggers the big man, so Kofi sends him into the ropes with a high dropkick. Titus returns with a clothesline, but Kofi ducks it and now he hits the ropes. Kofi goes sky-high and takes O’Neil off his feet with a lariat. He hits the leg drop next and gets the crowd fired up with his pre Trouble in Paradise antics. Darren Young distracts him, though, and when Kingston tries to attack him, Young jumps off the apron. Titus uses the distraction to leave the ring and Kofi is quick to start to chase after him. Kofi is able to duck the clothesline of Young, who was waiting to ambush, and flattens him with a clothesline of his own. When Kofi turns around he is clobbered by a clothesline from Titus O’Neil. R-Truth tries to come to the aid of Kingston but the official is there to stop him. Kofi is returned to the ring and Titus tries for a cover that is kicked out of.

Darren Young is tagged in, and the PTP uses a double team maneuver on Kingston. Titus picks Young up for a powerplex, but instead of flipping him over, he drops him face first onto Kingston. Young then hooks the leg, but Kingston manages to kick out. Young uses a side naked choke and the crowd starts with the “Kofi” chants. Kofi wiggles free, and after a few punches, they return to their feet. Young tries for an atomic drop, but Kingston shifts and falls onto the chest of Young. Kingston tries for a quick pin, but Young is able to kick-out at two. Young responds with a quick scoop slam and a cover of his own. Titus tags in, but Kofi tries to rally behind the chants bearing his name. He gets a few punches in before Titus gets him in an abdominal stretch. The clapping begins and Kofi is able to escape the hold. Titus lifts him for what looks like a sidewalk slam and Kingston reverses it into a tornado DDT. The crowd is electric as they wait for a hot tag. Both men are able to make the tag, but R-Truth strikes first with a clothesline. Young is quick to his feet and is able to reverse an Irish whip. R-Truth comes back spinning like a top for a back elbow. A falcon arrow is next from Truth and he makes a cover. He has it won, but Titus enters just in time to break up the cover. Kofi comes in to help and Titus tosses him from the ring. Kingston catches the top rope and pulls himself back into the ring. Titus charges him and Kofi pulls the top rope down, sending O’Neil to the outside. Kingston gets some ridiculous air when he springboards to the outside for a huge crossbody on Titus. Back in the ring, Young tries to steal the win with a school boy pin. It’s close, but Truth kicks out. Young hits the ropes but when he returns is met with Truth’s finisher, What’s Up!?/Shut Up!. This move was called “Little Jimmy” during R-Truth’s Heel runs. Truth hooks the leg for the three count and Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retain the Tag Team Titles. I found this match just meh with a few decent high spots. I would not say it is must watch by any means, but decent none the less. Match Time-7:07

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classic: Andrew’s 2019 AEW Double or Nothing Ratings & Analysis

Take a look back at AEW’s first PPV effort, the 2019 Double Or Nothing in Andrew’s Retro Ratings and Analysis!



AEW Double Or Nothing 2019AEW Double Or Nothing 2019

Take a look back at AEW’s first PPV effort, the 2019 Double Or Nothing in Andrew’s Retro Ratings and Analysis!

With AEW Double Or Nothing–the 2022 edition–on the horizon, enjoy this trip down memory lane as Andrew Balaz reviewed the inaugural Las Vegas AEW pay-per-view…spectacular?

Well this is history boys and girls. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s the first show of the IWC’s favorite t-shirt company. What becomes of Hangman since he’s injured and PAC cancelled? What surprises will we get?

We all sit here with bated breath. Some want it to fail, many want it to succeed. Me? I just want it to not suck.

Let’s see what we got!


  • Casino Battle Royal: Hangman Page wins @10:45 – **
  • Sammy Guevara vs Kip Sabian: Sabian wins Argentine Facebuster @9:55 – ***
  • So Cal Uncensored vs Strong Hearts: SCU wins via Best Meltzer Ever @14:00 – *** 1/2
  • Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Kylie Rae vs Awesome Kong: Britt Bakers wins via Kneecap Brainbuster @11:05 – ***
  • Best Friends vs Angelico & Jack Evans: Best Friends win via Strong Zero @12:55 – ** 1/2
  • Riho, Hikaru Shida &  Ryo Mizunami vs Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura: Hikaru wins via Three Count @13:10 – *** 1/4
  • Dustin Rhodes vs Cody Rhodes: Cody wins via Crossroads @22:35 – *****
  • AAA Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs Lucha Brothers: Bucks retain via Meltzer Driver @25:00 – *****
  • Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho: Jericho wins via Judas Effect @23:50 – **** 1/4


This was definitely a mess. A few spots, a bunch of messy spots and just generally awkward moments. Flying Brian Jr had a few decent spots, Luchasaurus looked good and Orange Cassidy is awful. Hangman being the 21st entrant made a lot of sense, but probably already upset a few people since it wasn’t CM Punk or Jon Moxley. Of course Page won. He can fight with a bum leg, cause he has three of them. So yeah, not an awful match, but it had a lot of issues.

Sabian looked tremendous in this match. Guevara definitely did too much. Shooting Star onto Sabian draped over the outside barricade, a bad double Moonsault and standing Shoot Star hurt the match a little. But Sabian’s technically proficient, charismatic and can hang in the air a bit too. So Sabian was the star here. Solid match.

Well now, this was great. Strong Hearts trio pulled off some great fluid offense and SCU did fantastic. This was just a great match, I can’t really accurately describe more than great match. Best Meltzer Ever is a little dumb when it comes to names, but damn was this a good match.

So Brandi comes out in her gear to swerve us that she’s adding herself to the match, but instead she adds Awesome Kong! So the Triple Threat turns into a Fatal 4 Way and it’s not bad. A lot of the early portion is focused on taking out Kong, then Nyla becomes the target. Britt and Kylie are the ones left in the ring after the collateral damage. Kylie looks to be firing up for a finish, but Britt catches her in a Kneecap Brainbuster (Adam Cole’s Last Shot in ROH).

Excessive spots, excessive near falls, I knew to expect it to a degree with these four, but that doesn’t make it better. This was definitely an ‘Indie style” match, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. There was a lights out attack on both teams from…some team, with masked minions. The “Who Are You” chant kicks up and commentary doesn’t lend any information. So that’s really not helpful.

Everyone got their stuff in, we got to see a lot of personality from the different women and the action was solid. I also appreciated Emi Sakura trying to rally momentum doing We Will Rock You stomps (since she was dressed as Freddy Mercury). Save for the big mess up with the bell ringer calling the end of the match when the referee obviously held up 2 and said 2, just messed up the flow and gave away the finish since Hikaru’s music played. Not bad, just the ending did kind of take the air out of a pretty good match.

Wow. Dustin and Cody brought it, Dustin bladed pretty deep, I think even Dusty would’ve blushed. New moves from Dustin like the Misawa style Apron Senton, a Code Red and a few classics. The blood, the desire to keep fighting, this was everything wrestling should be. It made sense for Cody to win the match of course, but wow after the match was a beautiful moment. Also call of the night might have to go to Excalibur when Cody hit a Pump Kick aka Bicycle Kick and you hear him say something like ” He hit him with a BICYCLE”.  In a huge homage to Dustin and Dusty’s Heart to Heart promo, Cody tells Dustin he can’t retire, because he needs a partner. He doesn’t just need a partner, he needs his big brother. This was a great way cap off such a hard hitting personal match. Wow.

Belt reveal with a few extra curricular and Bret Hart. Much like Bret Hart, the belt doesn’t do anything for me. It looks a lot like Big Gold, but it’s so ostentatious it’s hard to love it. Just too shimmery or whatever. It’s not bad, but I in no way love the belt.

I’m very happy there was the unveiling ceremony between the Rhodes match and this one. Cause this was a great match and moving it out too quick could’ve hurt the crowd immersion. Great tandem moves, a decent thread of the ring rust playing a part against the Young Bucks early on and just generally great spots. There definitely was a lot of stuff, big spots and it was “spot monkey” style, but it all worked. The Lucha Brothers pulled out crazy moves to try and get the AAA belts back and the Bucks were trying to prove they still had it with most of the year off. Just really really good.

Well now Jericho and Omega pick back up where they left off. Referee Paul Turner allows for a lot of out of the ring shenanigans. Jericho busts Omega open, tries to use a table as a shield, but Omega still throws himself at Jericho.Jericho focuses on Omega’s face with the Triangle Dropkick, a Lionsault went high and this was pretty damn solid. A few missteps and Jericho not countering the first One Winged Angel was car crash worthy, but aside from that, this was nice. Multiple Codebreakers followed by the new Judas Effect, leave Omega laying for the 1, 2, 3.

Jericho says AEW is for him not for fans, and he deserves a thank you. When the crowd pops, Jericho thinks it’s for him, but Jon Moxley makes his debut through the crowd! Almost as if it were a reference to Lex Luger showing up on the first Nitro, it looks like Jericho basically says “You don’t work here”. Dirty Deeds to Jericho, Dirty Deeds to referee Paul Turner and Omega manages a burst of energy to brawl for a little bit. They end up on the poker chips, Moxley hits Dirty Deeds and then just dumps him off, onto some other stage item.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Well damn, I was skeptical since All In didn’t rate as highly for me as other fans, but this was great. Aside from a few personal gripes, and not really enjoying the cluster that was the Battle Royal, this was one of the better shows of the year thus far. Good surprises like Awesome Kong, Bret Hart and Jon Moxley. Jericho winning the main event breaks up The Elite getting the clean sweep, so that shows it’s not as predictable as All In.

Oh and yes, I can’t express how good the Rhodes match was. The match itself, the story it told, the promo after, everything was just beautiful. That is my number 1 match of the year personally, cause it was just too damn poignant.

Good job AEW. Great show, and the symbolic moment where Cody used the sledgehammer to break the replica throne Triple H used for his WrestleMania 22 entrance. It was awesome.

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock from WWE Backlash 1999

Ahead of WrestleMania Backlash, Chris King takes a stroll back to WWE Backlash 1999 as Stone Cold Steve Austin defends his WWE Championship against The Rock. 



WWE Backlash 1999 Steve Austin The Rock

Ahead of WrestleMania Backlash, Chris King takes a stroll back to WWE Backlash 1999 as Stone Cold Steve Austin defends his WWE Championship against The Rock.

Let’s set the scene for a minute, you’ve got “The Texas Rattlesnake” and Corporate Rock going one-on-one at WrestleMania XV. Austin wins the championship and the McMahon family is livid. Stone Cold wants his Smoking Skull Championship belt back, and Vince and Shane McMahon are trying to keep it from him by hook or by crook.

Damn, things were different during the Attitude Era, The Rock threw Stone Cold over a bridge and held a funeral for his rival. The storytelling was captivating and exciting, and it kept you guessing what would happen next. Keep in mind this match was conclusively built around a championship belt, something that would never work in the current product.

It was a high-octane no disqualification match with Shane as the special guest referee for their latest encounter. Austin began the match running straight into the ring for a brawl which spilled out all over the arena.  I miss how exciting these two superstars were. Rock hit a vicious Rock Bottom through the Spanish announce table and then got on commentary to talk some smack.

The arrogant challenger took the camera to talk trash while Austin laid on the other announce table, and ate a Stunner through the table. Man, the WWE Universe was on fire throughout the entire match. I feel like both superstars can’t put on a bad match because they have such strong in-ring chemistry.

The finish of the match came when Austin had Rock set up for the three-count but Shane refused to count. Vince came down and struck Shane with the Smoking Skull belt. Austin hit another Stunner and decked the challenger with the belt for the victory. Vince then tossed his rival his precious Smoking Skull Championship.

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