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Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2013



After the match, Cole and the guys are quick to introduce the next match. It features the number one contender, Christian vying for Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Title. We start with a package highlighting Christian’s career. This is full of great stuff like pictures of Edge and Christian as teenagers together, clips from some of their crazy TLC tag matches and really starts by focusing on their highly decorated tag team career. His IC Title run builds to him finally winning Heavyweight Gold for the first time. Christian would have a brief stint in TNA and this is around the time he returned and beat Randy Orton to become number one contender. There isn’t much of a feud between the two here and the story is more about Christian’s return for one more chance at the Gold. The challenger is the first one out and receives a warm welcome from his “Peeps”. Alberto Del Rio on the other hand is a heat magnet and the fans give it to him when he makes his way out. Michael Cole mentions the black eye of Del Rio here and says it came at the hands of Christian’s Killswitch. This is kayfabe, folks, as it really occurred in a bar fight the previous night. Apparently Del Rio and McIntyre were out with some ladies, and when someone made a crude remark at them, Del Rio intervened. Not much else has been said that I could find, but it definitely wasn’t from Christian.


Once the Champion is in the ring, the ring announcer, Lillian Garcia reintroduces the two. Del Rio insists that she introduces him in Spanish, to which she obliges. It is clear that the fans are clearly behind Christian in this, and pop hard when his name is announced. Del Rio, on the other hand, gets nothing but heat. After the bell sounds, the collar and elbow ends up in the corner and the ref breaks it up. Del Rio strikes first with a shin kick and puts Christian in a standing side headlock. Christian pushes him into the ropes, but Del Rio is able to keep the hold applied. Christian eventually escapes, but is knocked right to the mat with a shoulder block. After Christian lands a few punches, he tosses Del Rio out of the ring. The crowd starts to clap, but when Christian hits the ropes Alberto runs from harms way. Christian slides out of the ring and Del Rio is quick to slide right back into it. Christian makes it to the apron and hotshots the back of Del Rio on the rope. They tussle in the corner and it ends with Christian seated on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd. Del Rio takes a few steps back and charges for a great step-up enziguri that leaves Christian in a tree of woe. Del Rio gets a few kicks in before Christian falls to the mat and rolls from the ring. He joins Christian on the outside and uses a hammerlock to drive Christian’s shoulder into the security wall. Del Rio returns Christian to the ring and makes the cover. When Christian kicks out Del Rio uses a wristlock to work the shoulder some more.


After a few midsection punches Christian breaks free from the hold. He hits the ropes but Del Rio tosses him sky-high and Christian pancakes to the mat. A dropkick to the face from Del Rio follows and he then uses the bottom rope for leverage to stretch the shoulder some more. Alberto uses the ref’s full five count before releasing the hold. He takes to the top turnbuckle and uses a double stomp on the shoulder of Christian. Del Rio hooks a leg, but its not over yet because Christian kicks out once again, Del Rio uses the full five count to torque the shoulder with the second rope. When it is broken up Del Rio hits the ropes. Christian is able to move and this leaves Alberto sailing through the ropes. Del Rio doesn’t even graze the ropes on his way out and hits the floor with full steam. Christian takes to the top rope, leaps to the outside and splashes the Champion. This leaves the men on the mat for a moment and the ref makes it to a six count before they re-enter the ring. This first move falls in Alberto’s favor and he yanks Christian to the mat by his arm. When Del Rio stomps Christian and taunts the crowd he gets the heat turned back up. He tries to leap from the second turnbuckle, but Christian is able to gets his boots up and connect with Del Rio’s jaw. Christian pounds the mat and gets the crowd clapping. He dodges the clothesline and leaves Del Rio dazed with a European uppercut. Christian is quick to jump from the second turnbuckle and plant a missile dropkick on the chest of the Champ. After a ten count in the corner, Christian once again takes to the skies and lands a crossbody. He hooks the leg of Del Rio, but the Champion still has something left and kicks it out.


The crowd starts to rumble when Christian tries for a killswitch, but Del Rio is able to shove him into the corner. Christian tries to springboard out of the corner but Del Rio catches him and slams him to the mat. After another kick-out from Christian he is able to roll Alberto up for a pin of his own. Del Rio kicks out and they both hop to their feet. Alberto has the faster trigger and hits Christian with an enziguri. Del Rio again covers and this is the narrowest escape thus far. After a quick choke, Del Rio jumps from the second rope for a senton. Christian avoids it and gives the turnbuckle a few slaps to get the crowd back into it. Christian now jumps from the second rope and catches Del Rio with the back elbow. He then starts to clap and the crowd follows suit. This delay allows Del Rio to tackle Christian into the corner and place him on the top turnbuckle. The Champion joins him up there but is met with some punches to the midsection. Christian tries for a sunset flip but Del Rio hangs on to the turnbuckle. After a punch to the face, Christian falls to the mat. He is still the first to strike and dropkicks Del Rio, who is still seated on the top turnbuckle. The crowd explodes when Christian flips Del Rio to the mat with a Frankenstiener. They count along when he hooks the leg but this doesn’t stop Del Rio from kicking out. Christian tries for a spear but Del Rio nails him with a devastating dropkick to the face. The crowd once again erupts when Christian kicks out of Del Rio’s cover. Cristian is able to reverse Del Rio’s finish and leaves him on the ropes with a drop toe hold. He then leaps to the outside for his patented face slap. This may not have been the wisest of moves because as he is climbing back through the ropes Del Rio hits him with a superkick. Alberto again hooks the leg, but Christian still kicks out. The crowd starts in with “This is Awesome” chants as Del Rio lowers his knee pad. He charges for the knee strike but Christian ducks it and rolls Del Rio up for a near fall. Christian then explodes into a Spear, but after he hits it he is holding the “injured” arm. The delay allows Del Rio to grab the injured arm and put Christian into the armbreaker. After some struggle, Christian is forced to tap out and Alberto Del Rio retains the World Heavyweight Title. This is a great match and it shows just why many people have said Christian has always been one of the best in-ring workers. This is a match you don’t want to miss and is worth the time to watch it. Match Time-12:30


Cole introduces the package for the yearly SummerSlam event, Axxess. This is the ComicCon-like event that features the Superstars of the WWE. This is where Eva Marie would make her WWE debut, a rare occurrence. Our host for the evening, The Miz, rejoins us and introduces us to the host of Axxess, Maria Menounos. This is because Maria was involved in Eva Marie’s match at the Axxess event. The interview is interrupted by the dancing of Fandango and Summer Rae. This leaves The Miz and Maria with no out so they start to dance as well. When we re-enter the arena Natalya is on her way out and is joined by the Funkadactyls. They are the team of Cameron and Naomi. Her opponent, Brie Bella is out next and has her sister, Nikki Bella, and Eva Marie with her. This is at a time when Total Bella’s was in its heyday so why not jam them all on the roster. The collar and elbow kicks us off and Brie pushes Nat into the ropes. When the ref forces the break Brie is quick with a side headlock. After a leap frog from Natalya the two meet in the middle of the ring and Brie slaps Natalya in the face. Brie then makes the finger L and the two have a smack off. Natalya yanks Brie’s feet and tries for a Boston crab. Brie is able to get to the ropes and her Partners in Crime pull her from the ring. Natalya leaves the ring and throws Brie back into it. When she returns to the apron Nikki and Eva pull her back to the floor to attack her. This leaves Natalya leaning on the apron and Brie nails her in the back with a baseball slide. The fans are definitely not feeling this match and start to chant “JBL”. After a moment they become “Michael Cole” and then finally “Jerry” in the style of the famous talk show host Jerry Springer.


Back in the ring it is pretty slow going, and after a hair whip to the mat, Brie has the advantage. Natalya is able to escape an arm stretch and hit Brie with a stunner followed by a clothesline. She puts Brie into the Sharpshooter, but after a moment Brie is able to escape by pulling Nat into the turnbuckle. Brie then stomps a mudhole until the ref forces the break. While Brie argue with the official Nikki and Eva Marie attack Natalya. The Funkadactyls come to her rescue and tackle the other two to the mat. The two have a little back and forth before Brie finds herself in the Sharpshooter. It doesn’t take long and she soon taps out. This match wasn’t good at all. I feel I find myself saying this often but we are lucky to have the Women’s Division we have today. The only good thing about this match were the beautiful women involved in it. Match Time-5:19

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