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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (8/22/18)



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NXT continues to take over Brooklyn, with a special treat! Pete Dunne defends his WWE United Kingdom Championship against Zack Gibson once again!



  • Bianca Belair VS Deonna Purrazzo; Bianca wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Zack Gibson; Dunne wins and retains the WWE UK Championship.


TakeOver is over, but NXT has only just begun a new chapter.

While the Undisputed Era holds on to their Tag Team Championships, The One and Only takes away the North American title from Adam Cole BAYBAY! Velveteen Dream finally gets one when the spotlight is on him, and Kairi proves that not only did she know it, but now the whole world knows she can beat Shayna Baszler. And when it came down to Last Man Standing, it took just one moment of Johnny Wrestling going too far for Tommaso Ciampa to keep this HIS NXT.


Bianca Belair VS Deonna Purrazzo!

The EST returns to NXT after recovering from injury, but she will remind anyone who asks that she’s still undefeated. Meanwhile, the Virtuosa returns after seeing the world and perfecting her Fujiwara Armbar. Deonna will also be part of the second-ever Mae Young Classic Tournament just a couple weeks away. Will the Fujiwara Armbar Specialist give the EST her first L?

The bell rings and fans fire up for both ladies as they circle. They tie up, Bianca gets a wristlock. Deonna reverses to her own, but Bianca stomps feet to get a headlock. Bianca gets the takedown but Deonna gets the headscissors. Bianca pops out an roles reverse, but Deonna works her way out with style. She impresses fans, but Bianca is just mad. They circle again and tie up. Bianca knees low then gets the headlock back. Deonna powers out but Bianca goes up and over to handspring and flip, then dropkicks Deonna down. Fans applaud Bianca, too, but then Bianca goes after Deonna’s hair. She whips but Deonna ducks to tilt-o-whirl! Deonna wants her armbar but Bianca powers out to then tilt-o-whirl gutbuster! Cover, TWO, but Bianca is on Deonna with a neck wrench.

Bianca demands respect before bumping Deonna down. Fans rally as Bianca keeps on Deonna. Bianca puts Deonna in a full nelson clutch, and she thrashes Deonna around while stretching her. Fans rally up again and Deonna starts to power out, but Bianca drops her down. Bianca puts the full nelson back on, and thrashes her around again. Fans rally one more time, and Deonna feeds off it to arm-drag out. Bianca runs at Deonna and tackles her in a corner. She rams her shoulder in again and again, but backs off at 4. Bianca whips her corner to corner but Deonna dodges. Deonna tries to roll up but Bianca denies. Deonna dodges the stomp but not the shoulder.

Bianca drags Deonna around for many elbow drops. Bianca continues to talk trash as she scoops Deonna up. She slams her down and fans chant “EST! EST!” Bianca blows a kiss and mocks Deonna’s bow, but her moonsault flops! Both women are down but stirring. Fans rally again as the two women stand. Deonna chops Bianca, but Bianca kicks low. Bianca scoops but Deonna slips out to bicycle boot! Then hip toss to back flip dropkick! Fans fire up with Deonna as she runs in corner to corner. Deonna blocks the boot, into a takedown! Fujiwara Armbar! But Bianca stands up to put Deonna into the post. Then Bianca gets the torture rack, to EST Hammer! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

The strongest, fastest and toughest woman in NXT stays undefeated! Though, this may have been her toughest match yet. How far will Bianca go before she’s the EST Women’s Champion?


Exclusive footage of the backstage interviews after the #TopOnePercentDream Match.

Dream came out the winner, but what does it really mean? He crowns Cathy Kelly and asks what she’s doing Wednesday. Nothing. Well then, “Queen”, get on the WWE Network, 8 PM EST, and find out what’s next like everyone else. A vague message from the Prince of NXT, what will we see from the Patrick Clark Experience next?

EC3 meanwhile felt down, what’s going through his mind? It is a clash of personalities, yin and yang, they both want the same thing. Dream was the better man Saturday, but EC3 has made some outlandish claims. He wants #VictoryAfterVictory, but there are losses inside that. Top One Percent is a mind set, which is win at all costs. He lost, but he’s not done. The Six Way Ladder Match, his match with Gargano, the Royal Albert Hall tag match, etc. None of this is over, until he says it’s over.

Speaking of Aleister Black, what did EC3 see that night? He was outside at the time, but it was all chaos and bedlam. The one thing that seems so simple, he feels like an ace detective. The 6′ 5″ monster with a busted jaw was in the area, sticking out like a sore thumb. Lars Sullivan was present, and while he’s not implying anything, maybe an angry Leviathan took a cheap shot. This isn’t some Keyser Söze thing though, so don’t read too into it. Is EC3 pointing fingers? Will he regret accusing said angry monster of revenge?


More exclusive footage of backstage interviews.

The King of Flight is now the One And Only North American Champion. After his win over Adam Cole, the second-ever NA Champ felt a wide range of emotions after his 15 years of hard work paid off. Cole was hiding and running, but that run came to an end. But then the still NXT Tag Team Champions came in to accuse the “nerd” of running his mouth too much. Just as it looked to become a 2v1 situation, the WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne, walked by. With numbers evened, Strong & O’Reilly backed down from the new “friends.”

Ricochet thanked Dunne, but Dunne said he didn’t do that to help Ricochet, he just doesn’t like the Undisputed Era. And as far as Dunne and Ricochet go, Ricochet has something Dunne wants. The UK and NA Champs might meet in the ring in the near future, but that’s only if Dunne is still UK Champion after tonight.

On top of that, GM William Regal is aware of this encounter, and schedules a Champions VS Champions Tag Team Match! Dunne & Ricochet will take on Strong & O’Reilly, which gold-studded team will come out the victors?


NXT Investigators have cleared up the security footage!

The night Aleister Black was attacked, security cameras on Full Sail campus managed to capture the moments just after the incident. After days of working on the raw footage, NXT has managed an enhanced version! And up on the rooftops, someone is watching it all happen! That’s Nikki Cross, but does her presence give us any leads on to who did it and why?


Exclusive footage of the backstage interview with Shayna Baszler.

The Queen of Spades lost her NXT Women’s Championship to the Pirate Princess, but she had her friends in the MMA Four Horsewomen by her side. Things didn’t go as she planned, but don’t read the results the wrong way. Kairi didn’t win, Shayna lost. Skill didn’t win, despite the loss. Shayna is a better fighter, and we all know she has a rematch clause to use. When and where will Shayna come back for revenge that goes beyond her personal series with Kairi?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Zack Gibson!

The Bruiserweight has reigned for over a year, but he’s been a fighting champion in it. He and Liverpool’s Number One faced off after Gibson won the second-ever WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Gibson’s “Scouse Style” didn’t get it done that time, but has he made adjustments to get it done against Dunne this time?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Fans are strongly behind the Bruiserweight as he stares down Gibson. Gibson tunes the fans out and ties up with Dunne. They’re even in strength, but Dunne gets a wristlock. Gibson rolls through to reverse and get a takedown. Gibson goes after the wrist and fingers, but Dunne gets up. Dunne rolls through, kips up and handsprings to wring Gibson! Gibson backs off to the ropes, but then throat chops! Fans boo Gibson, but he goes right after the wrist and elbow. Dunne powers out and things speed up, until Dunne rocks Gibson with a forearm smash! Dunne goes after the arms now, putting one in a hammerlock while pulling at the other.

Gibson screams as Dunne bends the fingers back beyond their limits! Dunne does the same to the elbow, for double hammerlock stomps! Gibson hits back but so does Dunne. They slap and slap, but Dunne gets the hoverboard! Gibson slips out and they slap more. They end up in a double crap and they bridge to headstands. And they still slap each other! The two fall over, but Gibson is up first. Gibson runs but into a wristlock. Dunne hammerlocks again, for another stomp! Gibson writhes his way to the ropes but Dunne is on him. Dunne whips but Gibson reverses to push Dunne against the ropes. The ref calls for a break but Gibson gives Dunne body shots and a hotshot to that arm. Gibson keeps on the arm with a hammerlock, for a keylock driver!

Dunne clutches his arm now while Gibson embraces the heat. Gibson stomps Dunne, then rocks him with forearms. He puts Dunne in a corner, then whips only to jam the arm! Cover, ONE, but Gibson keeps on Dunne with a cobra clutch. Fans rally up and Dunne grabs Gibson’s beard. He also hooks the nose, but Gibson thrashes him around. They stand up and Dunne fights out with forearms. Gibson holds on even through chops. He lifts Dunne for a single leg suplex! Cover, TWO, but Gibson is back with an armlock. Gibson bends Dunne’s fingers now in revenge for before. He puts Dunne back in the cobra clutch and wants Dunne to quit. Fans rally up and Dunne pulls his way up. Gibson wrings him out for an elbow, then an overhead suplex! Gibson dusts himself off but fans boo and jeer.

Dunne sits up and grits his teeth, even as he gets a forearm from Gibson. Gibson gives more but Dunne just gets stronger for it. Dunne blasts Gibson with a forearm of his own! Fans fire up as Dunne corner clotheslines. He whips corner to corner, Gibson reverses but Dunne goes up and over, to give an enziguri! Dunne reels Gibson in but Gibson standing switch. Gibson German Suplexes but Dunne lands on his feet to kick Gibson in the head! Dunne drags Gibson up, for the X Plex, into an armbar! Gibson flails and gets the ropebreak. Dunne lets go and Gibson goes to the outside. Dunne goes to the apron, then up top, for a MOONSAULT! Direct hit and Gibson goes down! Fans are thunderous while both men stir.

The ref counts and reaches 4 by the time Dunne and Gibson get back in. Gibson wants mercy, but Dunne refuses with a double stomp! Dunne lifts, sit-out powerbomb! TWO, but barely! Dunne’s a bit surprised, but he keeps his eyes on Gibson. Gibson goes to a corner, but Dunne kicks his leg. Dunne whips corner to corner but Gibson reverses. Gibson sees Dunne going up and over, and kicks him out of the air! Gibson climbs up now, for a flying code breaker, aka the Ticket to Ride! Cover, TWO! That wasn’t Gibson’s ticket to the title just yet. The fans chant for Dunne, but Gibson looms over him. Gibson drags Dunne up and slaps Dunne around, but Dunne hits back.

Dunne blocks the throat chop, into stomps on both hands! Then a buzzsaw kick! But Gibson gives another code breaker! Dunne still enziguris! They both forearm, they both enziguri! Both men are down but fans are thunderous all over again! The ref counts and Gibson scrambles to a corner. Dunne has his foot, and tortures the ankle. Gibson kicks Dunne, hops up, but Dunne kicks Gibson! Dunne climbs up to join him, and tortures Gibson’s arm into the suplex hold. Gibson resists, and turns it into a SUPER Helter Skelter! Cover, TWO!! Dunne somehow survives, but Gibson isn’t done! Gibson grabs the arm, Shankly Gates! But Dunne resists, reaches for ropes, but Gibson blocks with his body. Gibson slaps Dunne around, then rolls him for a body scissors into Shankly Gates!

Dunne endures being bent and stretched but the fans give him strength. Dunne drags himself towards ropes, but Gibson denies the ropebreak with a leg! But Dunne keeps going, to bite the ropes!! Gibson has to let go, but then he STOMPS Dunne’s head! The mouth piece comes out, and Gibson stomps a mudhole into the Bruiserweight. Fans boo and jeer while Gibson backs off. Dunne sees his mouth piece and crawls for it. But Gibson steps on it! Gibson asks if that’s what Dunne wanted. He drags Dunne up for a clobbering clothesline! Dunne is in the corner, completely dazed. Gibson takes the mouth piece, examines it, then goes to toss it, only for Dunne to stop him! Dunne pries those fingers apart to get his mouth piece back! And SNAPS the fingers! Then, Bitter End!! Cover, Dunne wins!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

The Bruiserweight is bleeding from the mouth, but it’s just proof of his grit. Dunne won’t be dethroned so easily, what will it take to end his already historic reign?



My Thoughts:

While post-TakeOver NXTs continue to be filler, this was still pretty fun. The recap package was great at the beginning, and all the post match interviews were good in setting up upcoming action for all these stories. Dream does great in leaving us guessing, as he almost always has. I expect now that he’s finally gotten a TakeOver win, he’ll want no less than a North American Championship title match. EC3 points to one of the more obvious suspects in the Aleister Black mystery, and Lars Sullivan returning to test EC3’s toughness will make for a good story while we wait for Aleister’s return. Shayna is perfect Heel saying she lost but wasn’t beat. If the rematch for the Women’s Championship isn’t happening on NXT TV, WWE Evolution makes a lot of sense.

I really liked the backstage interaction of Dunne, Ricochet, Strong & O’Reilly. It’s smart for them to intermingle the many stories, and then giving us a tag match with all four. Obviously making this tag match also meant Dunne would retain tonight, but man that rematch with Gibson was an amazing one. Dunne just keeps growing his reputation as only the second-ever WWE UK Champion, which lends itself to the inevitable debut of NXT UK. The tag team match next week can go either way, but I bet Ricochet & Dunne win to then give us an NXT US VS NXT UK feud already, North American Champion VS United Kingdom Champion. I’m pretty sure each superstar retains their title, because it’d be too much even for these two to be a dual champion of that magnitude.

My Score: 8.3/10

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