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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (8/8/18)



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Tonight, Limitless Keith Lee has his NXT in-ring debut! Plus, Aleister Black VS Johnny Gargano in a grudge match stemming from the NXT championship mishap!



  • Amber Nova VS Nikki Cross; Nikki wins.
  • Ricochet VS ???; no contest.
  • Adrian Jauode VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.
  • Keith Lee VS Marcel Barthel; Lee wins.
  • Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match: Vanessa Borne VS Taynara Conti; Taynara wins and enters the 2018 Mae Young Classic.
  • Aleister Black VS Johnny Gargano; no contest.


This is Ciampa’s NXT now.

The Sicilian Psycho is now our champion, but Aleister Black won’t stand for it. Neither will Johnny Gargano, as he attacked Ciampa last week! “The only reason he’s NXT Champion is because of me!” Aleister agrees, which is why he gave Gargano Black Mass! Gargano admits he did deserve that one. His mistake is why Ciampa got the better of Aleister. Gargano’s obsession won’t allow him to accept Ciampa as champ, but Aleister wants to get through Johnny Wrestling to get back to Tommy Entertainment. Will Gargano #FadetoBlack tonight?


Amber Nova VS Nikki Cross!

A bright new star is here in NXT and ready to ride down the highway to the NXT Women’s Championship. However, she might’ve driven into the wrong part of town, because her first opponent is SAnitY’s Loony Lass! Will Crazy Cross cause Amber to crash and burn before she even gets started here?

The bell rings and fans know “Nikki’s gonna kill~ you~!” Nikki and Amber circle, tie up, and Nikki puts Amber in a corner. The ref counts and Nikki lets Amber go clean. Amber shoves Nikki, but Nikki welcomes it. Nikki arm-drags Amber, but Amber pulls hair. Amber throws forearms, but Nikki ducks under to back suplex Amber down hard. Cover, TWO, and Amber crawls to a corner. Nikki slaps herself to fire up, but runs into headscissors and a buckle bump! Amber throws Nikki down by her hair, then grounds and pounds with right forearms. Cover, ONE, but Amber tries again. TWO, but Amber puts a straitjacket on insane Nikki. Nikki endures while fans build to a rally.

Amber keeps Nikki down, grinding a knee into Nikki’s back. Fans rally up for Nikki, and Nikki feeds off that energy. She backs Amber into buckles, then throws her off with another arm-drag. Amber runs in but into an elbow and then boots. Amber keeps coming but gets buckles now. Nikki screams and claws herself to start rallying on Amber with forearms. Nikki tackles Amber and throws fast hands. She’s all fired up, and she gets herself to the top rope. Nikki flies for a crossbody! But she’s not done there, she hits the Purge! Cover, Nikki wins!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall

SAnitY’s twisted sister was more than a speed bump for Amber Nova in her debut. Nikki hasn’t gotten that Women’s Championship just yet, but can she make another go of it in the future?


“I am Limitless.”

Keith Lee knows this lifestyle is about getting up and getting stronger after every defeat. “Look to yesterday and aim to be better than that every single day.” NXT Universe, Keith Lee is inviting you to #BaskInMyGlory.


Ricochet VS ???

The One and Only, the King of Flight, is aiming for the NXT North American Championship. However, he’s called the current champion, Adam Cole, “a coward” over how little he’s defended that title since winning it. But wait, that’s not Ricochet coming out. The Undisputed Era drags Ricochet out here! He thinks Cole is a coward? Cole doesn’t hide behind anyone! Ricochet is battered and beaten while Cole stands tall, The One and Only NXT North American Champion. And after Cole mangles Ricochet in Brooklyn, that will truly be Undisputed. The Undisputed Era may be riding high now, but will Cole regret treating his challenger like trash?


NXT Media catches up with Vanessa Borne.

She’s up against the Brazilian prodigy, Taynara Conti, for the final spot in this year’s Mae Young Classic tournament. What is her game plan tonight? Media never leaves her alone, but she has her plan: to win. But she wouldn’t want to deprive the world of The Vision. The MYC is about the most “immaculate performers”, so Borne just has to be in it. She’ll get what she deserves, and she’ll give the world what it deserves: her in the MYC. Now go away so she can finish preparing. And never bother her again, especially while warming up. Vanessa has a vision for herself, but will Taynara ruin it for her?


Adrian Javode VS Kassius Ohno!

The Rio de Janeiro martial artist makes his NXT in-ring debut suddenly, given what happened to Ricochet earlier. But will he be up to task of taking on the NXT veteran Knockout Artist?

The bell rings and Ohno circles with Jauode. Jauode moves capoeria style, but Ohno doesn’t want to bother with that. Jauode wants Ohno to fight, so Ohno has no choice but to move forward. They approach, Jauode gets around for a waistlock, but Ohno doesn’t take him serious. That is, until Jauode slams him! Then fireman’s carry throws him! Jauode gets a headlock, but Ohno powers him to ropes for rib shots. Ohno whips Jauode and boots him hard! Ohno gets mad now, as he adds a back senton. Jauode hurries to a corner, but gets another boot for it!

Ohno stalks Jauode, brings him up and kicks him in the face again and again. Ohno mocks the capoeria, then gives Jauode a slap. He brings Jauode up, but Jauode manages a single-leg lift! Ohno elbows his way out, then knees him in the head. Yet Jauode still gets the suplex! Fans boo, they can’t believe this rookie is doing better than Ohno. Jauode runs in, but into a stiff elbow! Ohno brings Jauode up, for the Dream Crusher elbow! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Knockout Artist has another hit victory, and with very little mercy. He glares down at the new superstar, but then shrugs it off. Will Ohno take this new aggression all the way to his first title in NXT?


EC3 joined The Velveteen Dream in his world.

The Patrick Clark Experience lounged by his lavish pool, and the Top One Percent walked up in his fashionable polo and jeans. Dream offered him a seat, and EC3 accepted. Does EC3 want to take a walk? EC3 would be charmed. But then Dream teased him, he almost put EC3 into the pool. There’s no need to treat him like that, the Top ONe Percent gets special treatment. Yes, everyone loves EC3. Don’t patronize him. EC3 wouldn’t, even if he’s here to fight. But now that they’ve spoken in person, this is bigger than life. This is worth the wait. TakeOver: Brooklyn 4, Purple Rainmaker VS Golden God. The “alleged” One and THE Top One Percent.

The sunglasses come off. Dream invites EC3 to his home, and yet he gets disrespect. No one respects EC3? Dream just did. Oops, dropped his glasses. EC3 kindly reaches down, Dream tries to strike, but it’s Dream who ends up all wet! Dream flounders, but his pool is only three feet deep. EC3 takes his leave while Dream sits and sulks in his pool. How will Dream respond when returning to Full Sail next week?


Keith Lee VS Marcel Barthel!

Two NXT in-ring debuts in one match, as the Limitless Lee debuts against the second-generation grimacing German superstar! Will Marcel be made to #BaskInMyGlory?

Fans already sing “Oh~ Bask in His Glory~” for Lee. The bell rings, and Marcel looks surprised by how strongly the fans are behind Lee. Marcel gets behind Lee and pushes him. Marcel shouts “NEIN”, but gets a big forearm from Lee! Lee responds “YEAH!” Lee hits Marcel with another big left. Marcel flounders at the ropes, but Lee is on him. Marcel throat chops! Then he throws haymakers and European Uppercuts. Lee shoves, things speed up and Lee leaps all over before giving Marcel a dropkick! Fans fire up for Lee’s ability to defy physics alone. Marcel crawls to a corner, fans are singing, but Lee is stalking Marcel. Marcel kicks back, but can’t pry free of Lee’s grip! Lee says “Nein”, but gets a boot to the chest. Marcel kicks and elbows, but he runs into Lee’s boot. He blocks it and shouts NEIN as he enziguris Lee.

Marcel then ties Lee up sideways in the ropes to stomp an elevated mudhole into him. He runs side to side, and dropkicks Lee in the chest. Cover, TWO! Marcel is surprised again, but the fans rally up for Lee. Marcel fires off shots on Lee, then drags Lee up. Lee hits back with a headbutt! Lee puts Marcel in the corner for double chops! Fans love it and want “One More Time!” Lee takes aim at Marcel, runs in, but misses the splash. Marcel hits a running EuroUpper, but he can’t suplex Lee! Lee suplexes and tosses Marcel! Lee runs, Marcel dodges but Lee goes up and over to then POUNCE! But Lee’s not done yet, and fans anticipate what’s coming. Lee drags Marcel up, fireman’s carry, to Death Valley Jackhammer! Cover, Lee wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Limitless to say the least, Lee wins his debut! How long before Lee makes all of NXT #BaskInHisGlory?


The Street Profits are back again!

And they’re back with a new edition of Street Talk! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are feeling good by the ATM. They talk about “a couple of mates” who think they’re top dogs? TM61, aka The Mighty. They think the name change will make them better. The Mighty Kangaroos don’t want none of the Profits. They’re going to have their match in seven days, “know that!” Will the Profits score big before Brooklyn? Or will The Mighty make them kneel instead?


Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match: Vanessa Borne VS Taynara Conti!

There are 31 spots filled in this 32-participant tournament. Both “The Vision” and the Brazilian black-belt want back in, but only one can. Who will join the Parade of Champions on the way to this second ever all-women tournament?

The bell rings, and the two tie up. Vanessa drags Taynara to the mat, ONE, and Taynara covers. ONE, and the two roll around side to side. They stand back up and Taynara uses her judo for a takedown. Cover, TWO, and Vanessa gets a takedown to jackknife cover. TWO, and now Taynara monkey flips Vanessa. Cover, TWO, but Taynara keeps on Vanessa with an arm lock. They stand back up as Vanessa grabs hair. Taynara whips but Vanessa runs her over. Vanessa runs, but Taynara dodges to then get around for a waistlock. Vanessa can’t escape so she elbows Taynara into buckles. She bumps Taynara off those buckles over and over, shouting she deserves this more. Taynara cries a bit from the pain to her head. Vanessa shows no mercy with a snapmare and cover, TWO.

Vanessa has a dragon facelock, keeping Taynara on the mat. Fans rally up while Taynara fades. Vanessa brings Taynara up for clubbing palm strikes, and body scissors! Taynara’s head is free, but Vanessa slaps her around and pulls her hair. Vanessa continues to insist she is more deserving of a second MYC run. Taynara ignores her to power back to a cover. TWO, Vanessa drops but misses an elbow! Taynara gets to a corner and dodges Vanessa, to furiously hit back with palm strikes and boots. Taynara says this is her shot at a second MYC, and works to drag Vanessa out. Vanessa holds ropes, so Taynara kicks her in the side. Vanessa staggers up, and into a judo throw. Then an overhead suplex!

Vanessa tries to retreat but Tyanara is on her. Vanessa holds the apron skirt, but then she SLAPS Taynara. Taynara only gets pissed off, but she runs into a crucifix. Taynara uses strength to deny the takedown, and swings Vanessa out for a slam! Cover, Taynara wins!

Winner: Taynara Conti; joins the 2018 MYC Tournament.

These two were friends a week ago, but this level of aggression is what a chance at glory means to them. Taynara is the one who wanted it more, but can she make good on such fiery determination?


Aleister Black VS Johnny Gargano!

The Embodiment of the End is no longer champion, and it’s all Johnny Wrestling’s fault. Now he looks to give Gargano want he deserves before going after Blackheart Tommaso Ciampa in Brooklyn. Will he make Gargano #FadeToBlack? Or will it be Gargano’s fault Aleister loses again on purpose?

Fans are divided at the bell, but Aleister rushes Gargano right away! Gargano dodges the boot to give foraerms, but aleister rseponds with kicks. Aleister kicks Gargano down but Gargano gets up to give more forearms. Aleister knocks Gargano down again,t hen dares him to get up. Fans duel as Gargano gets up and fires off forearms from both sides. Aleister blocks one to give knees and elbows of his own. Gargano stops the strike fest to school boy kick Aleister out. Gargano DIVES right away! Fans fire up while Gargano drags Aleister up and in. Aleister gets to a corner, and Gargano walks over to stomp a mudhole into him. Gargano backs off at 4, but comes back in. Aleister puts him on the apron, but Gargano slingshots, into a knee! Gargano flounders while Aleister checks his jaw.

Aleister fires off body shots fast and furious, then runs in. Gargano goes up, over and rolls. The kick misses this time, but Aleister hits the knee! Aleister looms over Gargano, and wants Gargano to look him in the eye. Fans duel while Gargano jumps over the kick. Aleister ducks a kick, and both men collide with clotheslines. They collide again, but stay standing. Aleister kicks, double clotheslines does it this time! Both men are down, but now Ciampa appears?! The Psycho Killer isn’t going to let either challenger or archenemy get a win tonight as he throws Gargano out, then attacks Aleister!

No Contest

Fans boo and jeer the most hated man in NXT History, but he keeps going off on his challenger. Ciampa bumps Aleister off buckles then stomps more. Gargano returns to fight Ciampa! Aleister kicks Ciampa down, but then kicks Gargano, too! Aleister goes after Ciampa now with furious muldhole stomps. Fans want a triple threat while Gargano just wants more Ciampa. Ciampa can’t escape, but Aleister won’t leave them alone, either. Gargano fights Aleister off, then flies onto Ciampa with a CANNONBALL! Ciampa rolls away, but Gargano is on him again! Aleister comes back to put Gargano back in the ring. Aleister grounds ‘n’ pounds Gargano now, but more referees come in. Fans boo as the officials keep these three apart. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but here comes GM William Regal!

“This is out of control, all of it!” These three are hellbent on destroying each other. Regal won’t try to control, nor will he prevent it. In fact, he’ll allow it to happen. TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 will now have a TRIPLE THREAT NXT Championship match! Ciampa is furious, but he brought this upon himself. Gargano is elated and Aleister is satisfied with this decision. Fans thank Regal while Ciampa clutches his precious. Brooklyn will be the site of the first-ever Triple Threat for the title, who will make history as the first NXT Champion to defeat two opponents at once?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode, all things considered. We got a lot of debuts, and an expected but welcomed ending. Amber Nova did well against Nikki Cross, but obviously Nikki wins. Who knows if Nikki will ever get the NXT Women’s Championship, but at this point, I feel she should just get her call-up to SmackDown. If Shayna Baszler doesn’t retain it’ll be Kairi Sane as champion, and Face VS Face isn’t how WWE does things, even in NXT. Granted, Nikki will have to be Heel or Heel Tweener once joining SAnitY on SmackDown, but it’d be a shame if she left NXT the Heel. Taynara VS Vanessa was a bit scrappy and sloppy, but that gave it its own great quality. Taynara winning is great, she’s got legitimate skill to make for good matches with any other participant, but she’s still young so she doesn’t need to go far.

It was a great Heel move for Undisputed Era to jump Ricochet to then have Adam Cole insist he’s not a coward. Ricochet VS Cole is going to be heated now with Ricochet wanting revenge for that. I did not expect Ohno to be so arrogant and then so aggressive with Jauode, but perhaps a Heel turn for him is what he needs to spark one last try at a title. He’s been in and out of NXT, but has yet to touch gold or be sent to the main roster. Something’s gotta give, so a meaner, darker Ohno would be interesting. Keith Lee VS Marcel Barthel was pretty darn good for a dual debut. Seems Marcel’s thing is already shouting “NEIN” in his matches, but Limitless Lee definitely has what it takes to make this third attempt at NXT a championship run.

Then while it was disappointing that Aleister VS Gargano didn’t happen in full, it’s great that we get the official announcement of the Triple Threat. Unfortunately, that’s already in jeopardy as Aleister Black has since been injured in reality. As reported, Aleister’s groin injury might keep him from being part of that TakeOver match. Surely NXT will figure out a way to make it work in kayfabe, with at least an “attack” that night from Ciampa to keep Aleister from competing. Aleister’s misfortune might be to Gargano’s good fortune, as this might finally be Gargano’s crowning achievement by both winning the title and ruining Ciampa’s moment. And Aleister can always come back for a rematch for his return, unless he’s meant to go to main roster already.

My Score: 8.5/10

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