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Chairshot Classics: NWA-TNA Episode 12 – Best of the X-Division



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Borash and Goldy are back and talking about Amazing Red and the Spanish Announce Team, which consists of the Maximo Brothers. We learn that the Maximos did a sixteen-hour bus ride to get to TNA for the opportunity to be part of the X-Division.

Amazing Red vs Lo-Ki

Comment: I was impressed with this match the first time I saw it but I don’t know if I’m as impressed with it now. This match was certainly faster than the usual X-Division match, but Red’s skills were mostly of the high-flying variety. Lo-Ki’s in-ring work sometimes bothers me because he seems to work very stiff, which can be extremely dangerous, especially when he starts kicking people. Something I didn’t notice before was that it looks like Red gave Lo-Ki a little color under his eye.

Amazing Red, Jose Maximo, and Joel Maximo vs The Flying Elvises

Comment: Honestly, I’m not sure why this match was included, it’s not a great match, unless they wanted to show the breakdown of the Elvises.

After this, Tenay is shown singing the praises of the Maximos and what a different mix they bring to TNA. He also recounts the ‘Sixteen Hour Bus Ride’ story. The Maximos, for their part, said that they had done all of that but hadn’t really expected to be on the show and that they were so excited to be given a spot. Something I didn’t realize was that it seems that the Maximos either innovate the Spanish Fly or made it more popular. The Maximos come across as very humble, but also very confident in their abilities, which is nice.

Amazing Red says that one of his heroes is Rey Mysterio, we also learn that he and the Maximos are cousins. ALSO, the Maximos say out loud what I’ve been saying for a while: The X-Division is Cruiserweights! Thank you, Maximos!


Borash and Goldy talk about all the hot action the X-Division has brought to TNA: Jerry Lynn vs AJ Styles, the SATs, Flying Elvises, and Lo-Ki.

Tenay talks about how Lo-Ki brings something very different since he does martial arts and aerial. Estrada says that Lo-Ki is his favorite and calls him the best of the Division.

Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Title: Lo-Ki vs AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn

Comment: This match was really great, but it seemed like TNA was getting cold feet on pulling the trigger on a full Jerry Lynn/AJ Styles feud for the X-Division Championship and put the belt on Lo-Ki to let Lynn/Styles go on without the title. Lo-Ki is a great athlete but his title reign, at this point, hasn’t had the same great matches as Styles had.

Goldylocks has a rare interview with Lo-Ki and asks him about how he heard about the X-Division and what his reaction was. Lo-Ki, who has a VERY deep voice for such as skinny guy, says that his reaction was that there was no opportunity bigger than this for a guy his size on a national level. He says that competitors from all over the country and he takes advantage of his opportunities.

Goldy points out that Lo-Ki is one of the fan favorites and how expectations are raised for favorites. How will he outdo himself?  Lo-Ki says that he sets standards for himself and that the best he can do is continue to learn and grow to meet his standards and expectations for himself because that’s the only way to succeed in the X-Division.

When asked about Styles and Lynn, Lo-Ki says that Styles is a character that takes advantage of situations and is a contender for the X-Division title. Lynn is a great wrestler who is smart and knows what he’s doing.

When asked about himself, Lo-Ki says he can only get better.

X-Division Championship Match: Lo-Ki vs Jose Estrada vs Jimmy Yang vs Sonny Siaki.

Comment: This was a really good match and the better of Lo-Ki’s first two title defenses. The Elivises really gave Lo-Ki a run for his money and made themselves look like legit contenders.

X-Division Championship: Lo-Ki vs Joel Maximo vs Jose Maximo vs Amazing Red

Comment: I’m honestly still not impressed with this match. It was high spot fest than a wrestling match.

Borash and Goldy introduce the incredible 2-out-of-3 Falls Match between Styles and Lynn.

2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the #1 Contendership of the X-Division Championship: AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn.

Comment: I still love this match series, but I still wish that TNA had let them do this as one match instead of doing one match at the start of the match and then rushing the other two at the end of the show.


Styles seems to be the final person highlighted for this show and everyone’s singing his praises about what a great wrestler he is.

Styles, for his part, doesn’t share the Maximos (and my) view that the X-Division is cruiserweight, he says that it means ‘Extreme’, even though there’s been nothing extreme about it, in my opinion. Styles says that his first match in TNA was more than he’d expected because he suddenly wasn’t the only one jumping around and doing crazy stuff.

When asked about how he would top himself, Styles admitted that he didn’t know but he challenges the fans to come see for themselves how he’ll top whatever he did the previous week. He then said the X-Division was limitless and there was nowhere it couldn’t go.

When asked about Lynn and Lo-Ki, Styles had nothing but praise for both of them. When asked about himself, Styles said that he was limitless and he wasn’t going to limit himself to just the X-Division Title, he had other prizes in mind.

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the X-Division Championship: Lo-Ki vs AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn.

Comment: This was a great match and rightfully deserves the final spot on the show. My only issue with how TNA does ladder matches is that the ladder is barely used, which makes the match a little boring for someone who is used to WWE’s ladder matches.


It seems that Jerry Lynn, not AJ Styles is the final star highlighted in this show, which makes sense since he’s the X-Division Champion. Everyone sings his praises and tout him as the glue of the division.

Goldylocks has an interview with Lynn, who is wearing glasses. Lynn says that he’s worked for every company and always got shut down, so when he heard about the X-Division, he was excited to be able to show off what he could do. After the first match, his first reaction was to go to bed because he was pushed to his limits. When asked how he tops himself, Lynn admits that topping yourself every week isn’t possible, you have to adapt to whomever you’re wrestling with and do the best you can with that person. Lynn says that he’s has an idea to have an X-Division Invitational every month, month an a half because there’s so much untapped potential in the indys. He praises Styles and Lo-Ki, but unlike the rest of the wrestlers in this show, Lynn attempts to stick to kayfabe a little by commenting on Styles’ cocky attitude. On himself, Lynn says he still has a lot to learn in the business. However, we’re interrupted by Styles, who congratulates Lynn on winning the title and tells him to enjoy the belt while he has it. Lo-Ki comes up behind Styles but Styles leaves after a brief standoff. Lo-Ki warns Lynn that Styles isn’t the only one gunning for him.

Overall Comments: So, how was Best of X? This was a pretty good clip show and did a good job of showcasing the X-Division, which, if you’ve read my rewatches so far, is usually the match of the night every week and outshines the heavyweight division.

I did have a few gripes: I don’t think Amazing Red or the Maximos had any matches that I would deem the best of the division in terms of quality, but I’m guessing that this was more of a infomercial for the X-Division and TNA, in case they got a new sponsor.

My other complaint is that they clearly, and sometimes badly, trimmed these matches to make them fit into the two-hour timeframe. Plus, they did a poor job of showing that we going from one competitor or team to another.

I did like seeing Goldylocks in an interviewer capacity without the BS of the guys acting like jerks to her, plus the fact that they put the ongoing storyline about Styles/Lynn/Lo-Ki in at the VERY end of the show was fun.

Overall, this was a really good show. As someone who has been increasingly irritated with TNA’s writing and booking, it was nice to have a palate cleanser, even if the real backstory was TNA was buying time to find a new backer.

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