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Chairshot Classics: WWE Hell In A Cell 2016



Match #7 – Hell In A Cell for the RAW Women’s Championship: Charlotte vs. RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks
Charlotte blindsides Sasha as the cell lowers, tosses her to the outside, rams her face-first off the announce table, then looks to tosses her over the barricade. The champion turns the tables and throws Charlotte into the crowd, hops the wall and attempts to ram her into a chair, The Queen blocks and returns the favor, both ladies exchanging blows before Banks sends Charlotte back towards ringside. She clears off one of the announce tables, Charlotte pushes her away and starts to climb the cage, The Boss goes up after her, drives The Queen face-first off the cage and she falls to the floor. Charlotte pulls herself up, catches the champion climbing down, delivers a powerbomb through the announce table and referees come around to check on her.

The official has to keep Charlotte away, The Boss fights to pull herself to her feet, stumbles around ringside with help from the referee and he finally calls to the back for EMTs. Charlotte rolls into the ring and calls for the title to be given to her, Sasha in tears as EMTs put her in a neckbrace and place her on a backboard. Jojo announces that Charlotte is the winner due to forfeit and new champion, Sasha rolls off the stretcher, enters the cell and the bell finally rings. Charlotte reaches out the ropes to grab her, The Boss drags her to the outside, drives The Queen into the cage, chases her into the ring and unloads with right hands. Charlotte rolls outside and wants out, Banks goes after her and scores with chops, The Queen looks to crawl back inside, Sasha gets ahold of her by the foot, but gets pulled face-first into the ring post.

The challenger slides back out and monkey flips the champion into the cell, tosses her into the squared circle, hooks the leg and gets a count of 2. She buries knees into the spine, twists her up in the ropes to keep wrenching on the back, Charlotte with a snap suplex to send her into the turnbuckles, covers and gets another 2 count. She picks the champion up and looks for a t-bone suplex, Banks slips out of it, cracks her with a Backstabber, slaps on the Bank Statement, Charlotte powers up to her feet, dumps her over the top and Sasha falls to the apron, then the floor. The Queen rolls out to throw her in the ring, reaches under the apron and pulls out a chair, tries to climb back in and The Boss hits her with multiple baseball slides, then flies through the ropes with a suicide dive.

The champion sends the challenger into the squared circle, slides in and grabs the chair, sits it up in the middle of the ring, but gets surprised by a kick to the midsection. Charlotte looks to drive her face-first into the chair, Sasha blocks it and tries to return to the favor to no avail, the challenger fires away with knife-edge chops in the corner, climbs to the 2nd rope and poses for the people. Sasha sweeps the leg to drop her face-first on the top turnbuckle, unloads with a flurry of fists, Charlotte kicks her away, charges out and runs into a drop toe hold, falling face-first on the chair. Banks rams The Queen over-and-over again into the chair and hits the ropes, Charlotte picks her up and drops her spine-first on the steel with a side suplex, hooks the leg and gets a near fall.

The Queen rolls outside and drags Sasha under the bottom rope in the corner, twists her up around the ring post to punish the back further, gets a little too cocky and Banks kicks her in the back of the head. The Boss runs at Charlotte and gets elevated into the cage, Sasha clutches on, jumps off with double knees and lays the challenger out. Both ladies struggle to their feet, The Queen tries to connect with a big boot, Sasha blocks it, delivers a kick of her own, whips the challenger into the cell, then squashes her into the cage with multiple running knees. She tosses Charlotte inside, measures her in the corner for more double knees, hits her with the Three Amigos in honor of Eddie Guerrero and goes to the high rent district.

The Boss connects with a frog splash that almost finishes it, goes right into the Bank Statement, Charlotte drags herself under the bottom rope to the outside to get away, kicks Sasha from the apron, but gets caught with knees to the abdomen stepping back in. The champion planks her across the 2nd rope in the corner, planks the chair across the ropes below her, drives Charlotte down with double knees, covers, but still only gets 2. The Queen rolls to the outside and Sasha reaches out to grab her, the challenger pulls her out and drops her face-first off the steel steps, tosses her into the squared circle, then goes under the ring and pulls out a table. She stands it up at ringside and climbs up to the apron, pulls Banks up to the 2nd rope for a superplex, The Boss blocks it, smashes her with knees, then kicks the challenger down through the table.

The Boss drags Charlotte up and puts her in the ring for another count of 2, Sasha rolls back out and gets another table, slides it into the ring, The Queen grabs it and pushes it back out, pinning Banks against the cell. She sets the table up in the ring now, the champion slowly makes her way back in, bounces Charlotte face-first off the table, climbs on top of it and jumps off, but gets caught with a modified backbreaker. The challenger follows it up with a big boot and hooks on the Figure Eight, The Boss reaches for the chair, smacks Charlotte multiple times in the midsection to break the hold, both women struggling to their feet. The Queen clocks Banks with a forearm shot, the champion fires back with one of her own, both of them try another and connect, dropping to the canvas.

The challenger pulls herself up and looks for a clothesline, Banks ducks it, hits the ropes and goes into a tilt-a-whirl, tries to bring Charlotte down into the Bank Statement, but it’s blocked and the champion gets cracked by multiple backbreakers, followed by a side slam that almost ends it. She picks The Boss up and places her on the table, slaps her across the face numerous times, goes upstairs, The Boss rolls off the table and delivers shots to the lower back. She positions the table in the opposite corner, pulls Charlotte out for a powerbomb, the champion’s back gives out and The Queen throws her multiple times on the table, hits Natural Selection and gets the 3 count.
Winner and NEW RAW Women’s Champion: Charlotte (Natural Selection)

  • EA’s Take: I’m proud of both of these girls, this match definitely reached all the expectations I had for it and they absolutely deserved this spot on the card. I liked the tease of it ending early with Charlotte’s powerbomb through the table in the opening moments, I’m pretty surprised that Charlotte regains the title here though. All the cards were aligned for a big win for Sasha in her hometown, I’m not entirely certain why this championship has been jumping around so much over the past couple of months. Where do they go from here? I can’t imagine Sasha will move on, so perhaps Bayley gets added to the mix and it continues on. RAW just doesn’t have the depth to do much else.

EA’s Finisher: From top-to-bottom a fairly entertaining show, but I’ve always felt as though these Cell matches aren’t like they used to be. There’s only so much creatively you can come up with and while they are violent and brutal, the absence of blood is still a big part that’s missing to me. Some of the decisions tonight with the winners were not very surprising and a lot of the matches seemed to be predictable, but Charlotte regaining the title might be the shocker of the night, if you can even call it a shocker. That match will easily be what this event is remembered most for.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte
2 – Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens
3 – Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

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