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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (9/17/2018)



CMLL Coverage

(Lightning Round) Drone vs Rey Cometa

We start with Cometa working a standing ki lock on Drone trying to fight for position. They pick up the pace pretty quickly and Rey Cometa hits a hurricanrana to the outside. When they get back into the ring, Cometa goes for a spring board attack but is drop kicked in the back. Drone gets Cometa to the outside, he feigns and dive and then feigns to hit a pose and actually goes for a middle rope head butt dive. Drone gets Cometa in the corner and balances himself on the turnbuckle then hits him with a knee attack.

Drone does a sunset flip but Cometa hits a drop kick after rolling out of it. Cometa then goes to the top to hit a leg drop but Drone kicks out. Cometa gets Drone to the outside then hits a big dive. Drone gets to his feet first, and hits a spring board rotating dive to the outside. Hit about 3 rotations. Drone gets Cometa in the ring and goes for a swanton bomb but misses. Cometa then hits a canadian destroyer for the win. It’s weird how spike moves are apparently banned in Mexico but that move isn’t. Perhaps just spike piledrivers. Rey Cometa pins Drone with a canadian destroyer.

Winner: Rey Cometa

Kraneo, El Valiente, and Volcano vs Hechicero, Polvora, and El Felino

Hechicero starts with Valiente and then he attacks Volcano but retreats. Then Volcano and Hechicero squared off. Hechicero left the ring though, and the crowd booed. Valiente and Polvora enter and they start to chain wrestle. Valiente got the best of him and then Felino came in. Everyone squared off and then finally Volcano and Hechicero finally get in and wrestle. Hechicero gets Volcano in an ankle lock but Volcano pushes him off. Volcano knocks Hechicero to the outside and then feigns a dive.

Kaneo gets in there with Felino now. Felino goes to suplex Kraneo but he can’t because well, Kraneo is too fat. The rest of the rudos come in to briefly triple team Kraneo. Hechicero and Volcano brawl on the outside. Polvora hits Valiente with an attack where he’s on his shoulder and slams him face down. First Fall: Polvora pins Valiente with a modified sit out face buster.

Polvora and Hechicero double team Kraneo to start the round. Felino then got Kraneo in a submission for a while while Hechicero and Polvora double team Volcano. Hechicero hit him with a drop kick to the groin in the corner. Valiente is being doubled now while Polvora works over Kraneo. Kraneo counters counters the triple team and helps his team gain momentum. He hits a big splash on two of them. Volcano hits a corner splash on Hechicero and Kraneo hits Felino with a hip attack. Second Fall: Volcano pins Hechicero after a splash in the corner.

Volcano and Polvora start out and Volcano does an acrobatic spot. He’s actually been looking better in the ring as of late. After he gets Polvora out of there Hechicero makes his way in. Volcano hits a power slam on Hechicero and he falls to the outside. Volcano then hits a top rope arm drag on Felino and then hits a pose. Valiente comes in now to face off with Hechicero. Valiente hits an impressive arm drag over the top to the outside of the ring. Felino and Kraneo are in the ring, and Felino chops him a few times.

Kraeno gets him out with a shoulder block and this brings in Polvora and he hits a big spine buster on him, and then he hits a big splash on Hechicero and Polvora. Valiente comes in and gets triple teamed, but counters with a hurricanrana. This breaks down into all six being in the ring. Kraneo and Volcano get Polvora and Felino in a double team leg stretch. Hechicero breaks it up and then gets knocked to the outside and Valiente hits a big dive. Volcano then hits a springboard splash on Polvora for the win. Third Fall: Volcano hits a springboard splash on Polvora.

Winners: Kraneo, El Valiente, and Volcano

Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs Shocker, Gran Guerrero, and Rey Bucanero

They start out posturing, one team on the ramp looking at each other. Finally Shocker and Angel de Oro squared off in the ring. They start very slowly doing chain wrestling but at a pretty slow pace. Caristico and Rey Bucanero are up next. The match is frequently being interrupted by people entering to double team. Caristico starts to get doubled on the outside leaving Bucanero in the ring with de Oro. De Oro continues to get work over in the ring. Shocker speared Niebla Roja then submitted him. Shocker then holds de Oro across his knee and then Bucanero hit a leg drop for the pin. First Fall: Rey Bucanero pins Angel de Oro with a leg drop.

Bucanero and Roja are fighting on the ramp while Gran Guerrero and Caristico fight in the ring. Guerrero hits a move on Caristico and this brings Caristico to the outside. Niebla Roja got hit with a triple team attack leading him to the outside. Gran Guerrero starts to rip at Caristico’s mask, and he nearly rips it in half. Not leaving much to the imagination. Caristico fights back and hits a hurricanrana on Gran Guerrero bringing him to the outside, and then hits a big dive. Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja both hit lionsaults on Shocker and Rey Bucanero for the fall. Second Fall: Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja pin Shocker and Rey Bucanero with lionsaults.

Gran Guerrero starts the last fall with Caristico. They start by posturing and posing to the crowd to see who gets cheered more. Caristico wins this one. Niebla Roja and Bucanero come in next and pose but then exchange spots. Shocker accidentally hits Bucanero when Roja ducked. Now Roja and Shocker are brawling on the ramp. Bucanero and Angel de Oro now face off in the ring but Bucanero gets the upper hand on him with a shoulder block.

De Oro starts to make a come back by hitting a big hurricanrana and then a super kick. He feigns a dive and then tags Caristico in but he’s immediately attacked from behind by Gran Guerrero. He reverses Gran’s offense and then hits a flying head scissors take over and then hits a hurricanrana to the outside. Oro and Niebla Roja then get Bucanero and Shocker to the outside and hit dives. Caristico and Gran Guerrero are back in the ring and Gran throws Caristico into the ref and then hits him below the belt. The ref doesn’t see it and counts the pin. Third Fall: Gran Guerrero pins Caristico with a low blow.

Winners: Shocker, Gran Guerrero, and Rey Bucanero

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