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Mathew’s Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Results & Review: Day 4

Welcome back to day four and originally we were going to wait till the next show aired due to us only having two matches each on the September 1st show, but since we found out this weekend we would have six matches each, we decided to cover just this one show despite the two matches and add a match or two from the actual show.

The rest of the card looked pretty decent and I’ll cover the opener and the main event while I leave out the four-way tag. So who will get points today and will Mayu & Saki retain their titles in our main event?

Well, let us find out and…dive right in.


Singles Match
Natsu Sumire vs. AZM

Review: This has been a small rivalry slowly being built up because when we saw these two in a tag match, they would trade insults with each other with Sumire calling her a brat and AZM calling her grandma despite her being 26. So this time, they will have a singles match together since Sumire doesn’t have a tournament match today. Can AZM win against this ‘grandma’ or will Sumire shut the brat up?

Sumire started to attack AZM right away when she got into the ring and had the advantage till AZM made her run the ropes back and forth until she ran out of breath and that’s when the insults start happening. And that’s about half of the match, the two just insulting each other while beating each other down at the same time and Sumire calls her a brat and sometimes a little turd, but AZM would trade insults by calling her grandma again and grandma face until Sumire couldn’t take it anymore and begged AZM to stop since she was starting to cry. AZM told her she was sorry and proceeds to slap her in the face, this is amazing. Even with the good comedy, they still gave us some pretty decent wrestling action to go with it to make the match even more entertaining than it already was. Sumire would surprise AZM with a Cradle pin and gets the surprise victory. After the match, Sumire isn’t done yet as she decides to take the Queen’s Quest flag and run off with it. You go, Sumire.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


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Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Hazuki vs. Nicole Savoy

Review: Hazuki is still considered undefeated despite not wrestling at the last two shows, but she still has zero losses and only two wins and now this is a good time to try and get more points so she could be up ahead in the game. Her opponent is Nicole Savoy who is even right now with her wins and losses, so she would need a win here to keep her in the game without risk of elimination. Can Hazuki remain undefeated with her Hazukistral or will Nicole break the streak?

I see Sumire still came out with the Queen’s Quest flag and crossed their name off of it while she carried it around. Hazuki has been on a roll in this tournament and loving the progression she has been showing lately in her matches and I hope she keeps it going from here on out. Nicole still looking great in her matches and has been showing some pretty good chemistry with some of the Stardom roster and I wouldn’t mind seeing her come back for more tours. Hazuki showed some early strong offense with her Dropkicks from the ropes and even hitting a Codebreaker to her to try and knock her down to size, but Nicole would also do her Suplexes to throw Hazuki off her game here. Hazuki would go for the Hazukistral to show that it’s 100% but Nicole flipped her back around to put her in the Rings of Saturn to try and make her tap out, but Hazuki had her foot on the ropes to break it and Nicole hits the Exploder Suplex for the win and to put her in the lead.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Kelly Klein vs. Momo Watanabe

Review: Momo suffered her first loss at the previous afternoon show thanks to Natsu Sumire ruining it for them, but she hopes to bounce back here with another win as she takes on Kelly Klein. Kelly talked about how she watched Momo last year and says that Momo isn’t only the future of Stardom, but she believes she’s the future of women’s wrestling and she encourages the fans to watch this bout. It should be a great match but only one of them can win, so who will take it?

Both of them did a great job here in this match with Kelly showing how much of a beast she is with her power and agility to give Momo a run for her money while Momo using her ability and stuff strikes to knock her down to size, they definitely had the chemistry here and gave us a great match to top it all off here. Kelly would pull a Sumire with attempting a handshake about two times and Momo would just ignore it and even slapped her hand the second time around to make Kelly throw her around a little bit more for good measure. Both played their strengths really well and had great sequences in the match to make both of these women looking strong during the entire match. Momo would hit her Tequila Sunrise and it looks like this could be it but Kelly kicked out at two which left Momo frustrated and tried to go for it again and Kelly knocks her down. Kelly would hit her Fireman’s Carry Slam and Momo kicks out of that one showing both of these women won’t quit here. Kelly went to pick her up for a Powerbomb and Momo used her weight to make Kelly fall down for a pin and Kelly kicks out just in time, but Momo quickly picked her up for another Tequila Sunrise and she gets it this time.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


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Goddesses of Stardom Title Match
Mayu Iwatani & Saki Kashima (c) vs. Tam Nakano & Starlight Kid

Review: On the August 12th show, Tam and Starlight were involved in a tag gauntlet where the winner would get a future title shot at the Goddesses of Stardom Championships and they just so happen to have won that match and earned the right to fight fellow STARS members and current champions, Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima. I expected them to have the match once the Five Star Grand Prix was over but since Tam, Mayu, and Saki were double booked in their previous shows, they had some time and thought it is best to do the match tonight. I’m glad to see Starlight Kid getting a title opportunity since she right now has no new contenders for the Future of Stardom Championship. Tam even got a mask matching Starlights while having the buns in her hair be used for the ear holes and that is adorable. Mayu and Saki talked about this being their third defense and first time facing STARS members in a tag match, but they won’t take it easy on those two in the ring and also said they need an actual tag team name for them and will think of one after the match. Can Mayu and Saki retain the belts or will they drop it to fellow STARS members?

Tam and Starlight played it smart by attacking Mayu and Saki before the bell would ring and would get the early advantage until Saki and Mayu turned it around and Dropkicked Starlight. The match started pretty explosively with first Saki and Tam going at it except a little slip-up during their sequence and Mayu and Starlight would have one together as well once they both got tagged in showing both teams are fairly even right now. This is the first time we can actually see how well Starlight and Tam do as a tag team and I gotta say that I’m pretty impressed with the results with their partnership here and definitely could be the tag team of the faction if Mayu and Saki drop the belts and decide to do more solo stuff if they win the tournament and World of Stardom Championship. Mayu and Saki, of course, work really well together proving why they’re the champions in the first place and working with their surrounds and ring placement to make sure Tam and Starlight wouldn’t tag each other in. Mayu and Starlight were probably the favorites in this match for me since they both executed everything they needed to very well and maybe next year we can see Starlight doing much bigger matches than she already is now and she has proven that when she fought Io Shirai, AZM, and Kagetsu. Despite the little slip-ups and a botch or two, still, a very solid match and really didn’t take away much of it and besides, botches happen, I mean just look at Cameron from WWE and her career. It looked like we were gonna have new champions when Starlight pushed Saki into Tam to have Tam kick her and hits a Code Red for a two count but they kept going and Dropkicked both Saki and Mayu to the outside and did a dive off the top rope. Saki went for a Double Underhook Facebuster and pinned her for a two count but they don’t stop as Mayu hits Starlight with the Frogsplash and Skai topped it off with a Double Stomp off the top rope but Starlight still kicked out, and Saki picks her up for the Killswitch and the champions retain!

I thought this would’ve been a great time to have Tam and Starlight win the titles together for the unexpected surprise, but at the same time, I felt like it would’ve also been obvious thinking that Saki or Mayu would win the whole tournament due to them dropping the belts. Plus, Starlight and Tam are still growing as a team and I’m sure will definitely get a rematch. After the match, the two teams would embrace each other in a hug and Sak igrabbed the microphone talking about having their third title defense and can see that all four of these women were in tears. Saki closed the show out with their saying and nobody guessed right for the prediction contest, meaning Oedo Tai didn’t make ramen for the winner…I want ramen made by Oedo Tai. Also, Mayu and Saki didn’t announce their new team name like they said in their pre-match interview, the liars.

Rating: Eric Bischoff an a half


Overall: The show was solid up and down giving us some fun matches from both the tournament and the ones outside the tournament.

Favorite Match: Kelly Klein vs. Momo Watanabe

Least Favorite Match: Hazuki vs. Nicole Savoy

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Score: 7/10

Blue Stars Standings:
Momo Watanabe: 3-1 (6 Points)
Nicole Savoy: 3-2 (6 Points)
Mayu Iwatani: 2-2 (4 Points)
Hazuki: 2-1 (4 Points)
Kelly Klein: 2-2 (4 Points)
Jamie Hayter: 2-2 (4 Points)
Saki Kashima: 1-3 (2 Points)
Natsu Sumire: 1-3 (2 Points)


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