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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/12/18)

The NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, returns to the air! What will he have to say about his blackhearted reign? Plus, Shayna Baszler returns to in-ring action!



  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Cezar Bononi & Adrian Jaoude; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • Shayna Baszler VS Violet Payne; Baszler wins.
  • Raul Mendoza VS Lars Sullivan; Sullivan wins.
  • Nikki Cross VS Bianca Belair; Double Count-out.


Tommaso Ciampa arrives!

The NXT Champion is back, but he’s not going to talk to NXT Media. He heads right inside, what will he have to say?


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Cezar Bononi & Adrian Jaoude!

The brawlers return! The brawler of Boston is back from injury and so he and the brawler from Britain are in action against these two behemoths from Brazil! Can Lorcan & Burch make a big impact in their return to NXT? Or will Bononi & Jaoude make an even bigger one when they ruin it?

Fans chant “One Two!” for the punching pair as Burch starts with Bononi. Bononi and Burch tie up, and go around until Burch gets a hammerlock. Bononi elbows but Burch hits back. Burch gives European Uppercuts, then swings Bononi around for a headbutt! Burch also hits a corner clothesline and enziguri, to then hit a second rope missile dropkick! He kips right up and brings Bononi over. Lorcan tags in and the One-Two combo double suplex. Jaoude rushes in but the referee keeps him back. Lorcan keeps on Bononi as he tags Burch back in. They double chop Bononi, then Burch wrenches the arm. Burch tries to bring Bononi to the mat but Bononi is too tall and strong. Tag to Jaoude and now the Brazilian duo isolate him in the corner.

Jaoude goes for an armlock but Burch forearms. Burch has a cravat, but Jaoude pries his way out for a reverse straitjacket, aka the Juji Garami! Jaoude pushes Burch but Burch feeds off the fans. Jaoude knees low to then throw Burch using the Garami! He throws body shots and tags into Bononi. Bononi stomps a mudhole and clubs away on Burch, then backs off. Tag to Jaoude and the Brazilians work together for a backbreaker and running knee! Cover, ONE, but Jaoude keeps on Burch with a modified keylock. Fans chant “One Two! Three Four!” Jaoude knees low and whips but Burch goes back and slides under, hot tag to Lorcan!

Lorcan grabs Jaoude to slap, slap and SLAP! He runs to run Jaoude over with a EuroUpper! Lorcan also takes out Bononi for good measure. Lorcan hits another EuroUpper on Jaoude, ducks Bononi, and comes back for a DOUBLE Blockbuster! Fans fire up with Lorcan as he tags into Burch. They bring Jaoude up, for the draping DDT! Cover, Burch & Lorcan win!

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan, Burch pinning

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The One-Two gets the one-two-there! The NXT Tag Team Division is stacking up, but with War Machine on the trail of the Undisputed Era, when will Lorcan & Burch find themselves near the titles again?


Tommaso Ciampa heads to the ring!

And he actually has theme music now. But that aside, Full Sail still boos and jeers at the Psycho Killer walking down the ramp. And even still, Ciampa still soaks it all in with a sinister grin and laugh as he holds up his NXT Championship. Ciampa ignores the fans chanting “You Suck! You Suck!” as he says “That music is a personal message from the champ to each and every one of you.” It is Ciampa’s way of saying, in the most polite way possible, “Shut up!” For the last month, Ciampa has heard all the whispers and pointed fingers, “I know who did it! I know who took out Aleister Black!” It had to be Ciampa. They based this on what? Imagination? Ciampa doesn’t play make believe, he lives in the real world, and bases opinions on facts.

When Ciampa confronts someone, he does it publicly, on the biggest stage possible, “with all the eyes of the world on me, so you can worship your master at work!” Fans are a thunderous mix as Ciampa says he isn’t going to lie to us, because a champ never lies. The fact is, Ciampa had all the intentions in taking out Aleister before Brooklyn, but someone beat him to the punch. Just like the fans, he wants to know who. But he doesn’t, because he’d be patting them on the back and say “Job well done.” However, Ciampa wants fans to understand: even if Aleister was at Brooklyn, things would remain the same. Gargano loses, Aleister loses, Ciampa wins. Ciampa takes a moment to admire the belt before continuing.

“The title has something it would like me to tell you all.” The belt THANKS Ciampa for putting it back in the main event of TakeOver! Because Ciampa IS the champion of champions, who talks the talk and walks the walk. When Ciampa says he’s going to do something, he does it! That makes Ciampa THE greatest NXT success story EVER! That’s what makes Ciampa “YOUR NXT Champion!” Fans duel as Ciampa says his final point. He really wants everyone watching and everyone in the locker room to listen to this. “Because the fact is, if you want to be a success, if you want to be a winner, if you want to be a champion, then follow the lead of Tommaso Ciampa.” The man with the darkest heart in NXT declares himself the mold of greatness, but will there come a challenger to break that mold?


Shayna Baszler VS Violet Payne!

The Queen of Spades no longer reigns with an iron fist, but she’s got her eyes set on her rematch with the Pirate Princess. Will Baszler build momentum back up by making Payne feel some pain? Or will she overlook the newcomer and end up in an upset?

The fans know “Shayna’s gonna kill~ you!” as the bell rings. Violet goes right at Shayna, but runs right into the takedown! Shayna throws hands from both sides, then gets up to stalk Violet. Violet sits up but Shayna knees her right down! Shayna goes after the hand, especially the fingers and wrist. She ends the entire limb all different ways, then into a modifed anaconda lock! Violet somehow doesn’t tap, so Shayna hammerlocks and STOMPS the arm! Violet feels the same as Dakota Kai did months ago, but Shayna shows even less mercy. She puts Violet in the Kirafuda Klutch! Violet taps, Shayna wins!

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Winner: Shayan Baszler, by submission

But Shayna won’t let go until Violet goes to sleep! And she even toys with the unconscious Violet with slaps across the face. Bully Baszler made the rookie tap AND snap, so what will she do to Kairi when they have their title rematch?

Wait, Shayna isn’t leaving Violet alone after all! She goes right back and drags Violet back in the ring, into another Kirafuda Klutch! Violet gasps for air as referees rush in! Shayna holds on until Violet is out again, then paces about, before putting Violet in the Kirafuda AGAIN! Bully Baszler is downright evil as she squeezes Violet until she’s purple! Shayna finally lets go, to dump Violet out of the ring. The Queen of Spades finally storms off, leaving the poor Payne alone. Will she brutalize Kairi so bad that this looks like playful rough housing?


NXT receives footage of Heavy Machinery’s physical encounter.

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic were investigating the Aleister Black assault case and were narrowing in on their top suspect, “Tomato Champus.” Mispronunciations aside, they just saw Ciampa claim he was innocent, but aren’t buying it. Ciampa walks over and heard Dozer get his name wrong. He wants them to say his name with respect. Or are they just like these fans who think this is a game? Otis tells Ciampa they aren’t playing around, so if Ciampa wants to get it on, they can get it on. GM William Regal sees them and keeps the peace. But it’s nice to see Ciampa, so they’ll talk in his office. The match will have to wait. Otis makes sure Ciampa knows, “I’m comin’!!” When and where will Dozer get his hands on Ciampa?


The Undisputed Era speak.

Roderick Strong has to get something off his chest, something that’s been bothering him. What’s that? The War Raiders talking about “You can run but you can’t hide.” This isn’t Hide ‘n’ Seek, Strong plays that with his son and wins every time. They’re way too popular to hide, Kyle O’Reilly gets spotted just shopping for groceries. The War Raiders are the real cowards, and a few hundred years short of making fashion statements. Where is it in the Viking handbook that you wait to attack your targets from behind?

But moving on from Rowe & Hanson, Adam Cole brings up next week’s first time ever, Champion VS Champion, Ricochet VS Pete Dunne. It should be called the Adam Cole Invitational, because whoever ends up North American Champion will defend against him via his rematch clause. Cole doesn’t care who wins, he gets his rematch one way or another, and in the end, his opponent will fail. He’s going to scout things out, because whether it’s Ricochet, Pete Dunne or the “Bore Raiders”, they’re not on the level of these four. “And that is Undisputed.” Clearly there’s no lack of confidence, but will there be some regret when those title match-ups finally happen?

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Raul Mendoza VS Lars Sullivan!

The literal average man wants payback on the Leviathan for ruining his match with the Top One Percent. EC3 would probably be going after Lars himself if Lars didn’t take him out first. Can Mendoza survive the mauling the Mile High Monster has in store? Or will he just be another victim of Sullivan’s wrath?

Lars laughs at the much smaller Mendoza, but Mendoza is itching for this fight. The bell rings and Mendoza dodges Lars. Lars lunges in and grabs Mendoza this time. But Mendoza slips out to kick back. Mendoza kicks and kicks but Lars stops him with a whip. Mendoza slides under to springboard enziguri! Lars puts him on the apron to then block the kick and toss Mendoza halfway across the ring! Mendoza crawls to a corner, but Lars tosses him out of it! Fans want “One More Time!” so Lars throws Mendoza one more time! Mendoza writhes from the painful impact, but Lars isn’t done with him. Lars runs in for a big corner splash, then gives him the saido suplex toss! Lars laughs, as he enjoys what he’s doing to Mendoza.

Fans rally up and Mendoza fights back with a chop! But Lars clobbers Mendoza with one forearm! Lars sits Mendoza up for a neck wrench, then a wrench the other way. Fans rally up again while Lars laughs. Mendoza fades, but fans give him a second wind. Mendoza stands and fights back, to then jawbreaker out! Lars runs into Mendoza’s boots, then into the post! Mendoza kicks away on that leg, but his whip is blocked by power. He manages to slip and slide to the apron to swing kick Lars away. Springboard missile dropkick, but Lars only staggers. Mendoza runs, but into a pop-up powerslam! Lars isn’t done, he drags Mendoza up for crossface forearms. Then, the FREAK ACCIDENT! Cover, Lars wins!

Winner: Lars Sullivan, by pinfall

The monster of NXT just mangled Mendoza. It didn’t matter how much fire Mendoza had, the Leviathan had much more aggression and love of destruction. Will Lars climb back up to the NXT Championship scene and do the same to someone like Ciampa?


NXT Media interviews Pete Dunne.

The Bruiserweight faces the One and Only, winner takes all. Things have gotten heated, will that affect his mindset? Dunne’s mindset is fine. Their loss is on Ricochet, but Dunne does admit he probably should’ve stayed out of Ricochet’s problems. At the same time, Dunne does want after the gold Ricochet now holds, so he plans on becoming the first dual North American and United Kingdom Champion. Ricochet’s only been champion, but Dunne is the longest reigning WWE champion today. The only problem Dunne will have is figuring out how to fit both titles in his mouth. He says that’s his only problem, but will he soon have a One and Only problem?

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Backstage interview with Ricochet to respond.

The second-ever NXT North American Champion heard Dunne’s words, and thinks it’s funny. Dunne says Ricochet can’t handle the situation, but in reality, Dunne knows Ricochet has been in these situations long before joining NXT. Ricochet knows Dunne is the same, but he’s just another hurdle he has to leap over. It doesn’t matter how long someone has been champion, it just matters that you are champion. Ricochet will prove it when he retains his NAC while taking Dunne’s UKC. Then Ricochet will be the One and Only Dual Champion. The King of Flight is ready to reach new heights, but will the Bruiserweight drag him down to the ground?


The Forgotten Sons speak.

“Trashed. Tossed aside. Erased. Lost. Forgotten.” They gave so much of themselves, but once their usefulness was used up, they were forsaken. “Like garbage.” These three “twisted heaps” are not alone. They have each other, and they will be heard. Discarded but never forgotten again. Will they stamp their names on history by taking the NXT Tag Team Division by storm?


NXT Media took a survey for Ricochet VS Dunne.

Most fans went with Ricochet, but the survey was interrupted by an argument between Aliyah and Dakota Kai, that also bruoght in Lacey Evans and Deonna Purrazzo. The “ladies” of NXT didn’t want to escalate things, but it seems Team Kick has a new member. These four ladies face off next week, which side will win this battle?

William Regal continues his investigation into Aleister Black’s attack.

The Pirate Princess is innocent, but hopes to be of help in the investigation. She leaves, and next is Kassius Ohno. The Knockout Artist has his own perspective to share, but it seems he wasn’t a suspect at all. Ohno is confused. Is he invisible? No, it’s not that, Kairi gave him an alibi because they were together with Candice. However, when Ohno did walk in, he seemed upset.

Really? Good Guy Kassius? Oh no. If Regal paid attention to him more, maybe he’d see Ohno is actually upset all the time! Imagine being the returning hot free agents only to be pushed to the back of the line. Look at all the other “hottest free agents” that have come and gone. What does Ohno have to do to be part of TakeOver? Buy his own ticket? Sit in the front row with a nice suit on? Regal assures Ohno that he’s on the radar. Ohno doesn’t think so. But just let him know when the newest toy shows up, so he can “take care of him.”

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Nikki Cross VS Bianca Belair!

The Loony Lass came close to taking the NXT Women’s Championship for herself, but she instead went to sleep with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, the EST is the only “Un-De-Fea-Ted” woman left in NXT. Can Bianca continue that streak to then move up towards the title? Or will Nikki make it back up to try for gold one more time?

Fans are excited for Nikki but that just annoys Bianca. The fans duel now, chanting for “EST! EST!” just as much. Nikki lunges but Bianca backs up. Nikki is having too much fun moving around, even as Bianca shoves her down. She gets around Bianca and waves hi. She gets under Bianca again, then scares Bianca off her feet! Fans are having almost as much fun as Nikki is as she shoves Bianca. Bianca hits back with a shoulder, then handsprings over Nikki. Nikki likes! She ducks under and monkey flips, then tilt-o-whirl headscissors. Nikki hops on for a sleeper, but Bianca swings her around for a backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Fans duel again as Bianca stalks Nikki to a corner.

Nikki gets up but Bianca drives in her shoulder! Bianca carries Nikki out of the corner and into a bearhug to use that impressive strength. Fans rally for Nikki and Nikki fights back with a headbutt. Nikki sunset flips but Bianca drags her up and into a corner. Bianca runs in but into an elbow. Nikki runs out but is caught, scooped, and lifted! Bianca military presses then dumps Nikki. Bianca says kiss this, then goes for the EST splash. She misses as Nikki gets clear! Nikki gets up, dodges and crossbodies! She thrashes Bianca around, then rallies with forearms. Nikki tackles with a Thezs Press and gives more fast hands! She has Bianca in the corner for a manic mudhole stomp.

Nikki runs in and hits a big corner splash. Bianca staggers while Nikki climbs, but Bianca gets to the apron. Nikki just changes plans and sweets the legs. Nikki has Bianca in the apron and fires off clubbing forearms! She stops at the ref’s count, and Bianca shoves her into the steel steps. Both women slowly stand, Bianca LASHES Nikki with her hair! But then Nikki hops on for another sleeper! The count passes 5, Bianca slams Nikki and herself onto the ramp! Both women get counted out!

Double Count-out; No Contest

Bianca doesn’t win, but she doesn’t lose, so she’s technically still undefeated. Even so, Bianca doesn’t appreciate this blemish on her spotless record. She and Nikki brawl on the ramp! Bianca bumps Nikki off the apron, but more referees come out. The officials work to separate the two even as fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Nikki gives chase and now she and Bianca brawl near the announce desk. Bianca clubs Nikki down but won’t let the refs stop her. Bianca tosses Nikki up and over onto the announce desk! Nikki recovers quick, and FLIES onto Bianca and the referees! Nikki puts the Cross in Crossbody, and smiles though she’s down and out. Will these two be given a rematch to settle the score?


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My Thoughts:

Another packed episode of NXT that builds plenty of stuff for down the line. It was great to see Lorcan & Burch back, as well as the on-air debut of at least part of that talked-about Brazilian stable. Bononi & Jaoude have legit talents but it was good for Lorcan & Burch to go over here in their return. Then Ciampa sandwiching them with his appearance and promo was great, Ciampa getting in Heavy Machinery’s face was great. Ciampa uses similar reasoning to Lars Sullivan as to why he wasn’t who attacked Aleister Black, and thankfully they kept it from being him so that it wasn’t just the obvious. Otis taking on Ciampa 1v1 would be a great opportunity for The Dozer, even though we know he’s going to lose. And when Aleister finally returns, his rematch with Ciampa is going to be killer.

Shayna just upped the ante on being a Heel physically, but it actually works that Kairi didn’t come out. Shayna can naturally accuse her of being a coward now, and this will help extend and heat up their build towards the rematch. I would love if that rematch was also more than just a normal match, I bet Kairi and Shayna could make even just a No Disqualification match incredible. The same goes for Lars Sullivan VS EC3. Lars himself is such a monster that it’d be okay if EC3 felt the need to go hardcore on him in order to win. The Undisputed Era are also setting themselves up for things, their respective tag title and North American title matches will be great. There are such great rivalries in NXT, it puts Raw and even SmackDown to shame.

I liked Kassius Ohno actually getting upset that he wasn’t a suspect, because he wants to be taken seriously as a threat. He has to be the first real opponent for Keith Lee and/or Matt Riddle at this point, he is making a point of going after the “new guy”. Nikki VS Bianca was surprisingly fast, but boy was it great. This will surely become a thing to give Bianca that boost up to the title scene, and should also be something that escalates to a No Disqualification or even a Falls Count Anywhere to fit what happened tonight. Then Nikki can go up to main and Bianca can go after the title, win win for them both!

My Score: 8.5/10


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