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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/26/18)



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The NXT Champion returns to in-ring action! Will Tommaso Ciampa make Otis Dozovic respect him? Or will The Dozer surprise us all against the Psycho Killer?



  • Lars Sullivan VS Victor Worchak; Sullivan wins.
  • The Street Profits VS The Mighty; The Mighty win.
  • Kairi Sane VS Vanessa Borne; Sane wins.
  • Tommaso Ciampa VS Otis Dozovic; Ciampa wins.


NXT General Manager, William Regal, heads to the ring!

For weeks, Regal has been investigating personally the matter of who attacked Aleister Black just days before TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Regal explains that he’s closer to finding the culprit. But before he can say more, here comes the Undisputed Era! Adam Cole leads Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly on stage. “Week after week after week”, the same routine. Regal doesn’t do his job and pretends to be Sherlock Holmes. Aleister was taken out weeks ago, and is still out, and that’s on Regal. But that’s also in the past. Instead, Regal needs to protect his NXT Tag Team Champions from unprovoked attacks. Strong agrees, because what about the War Raiders? The champs shouldn’t have to worry about cosplay vikings. Kyle admits he feels unsafe.

And Aleister isn’t here. No one likes Aleister, but the fans do. Regal thinks it’s rather interesting these three interrupted his news about the investigation. And when it comes to sneak attacks– What is Regal implying? How dare he imply! The Era join Regal in the ring as they realize he’s changing the subject. He wants the War Raiders to go unchecked, and letting Ricochet do what he wants. What is it Cole says Ricochet is doing? Ducking Cole’s rematch! On top of that, Regal let Pete Dunne challenge for the NXT North American Championship first? Cole gives Regal a deal: Cole wants his championship rematch “right freakin’ now.” Fans like the sound of that.

Regal says Cole never asked before. Cole wanted Dunne to soften Ricochet up first. And then interfering in last week’s Champion VS Champion– Cole wants Regal to tread lightly. Regal says Cole tried to slip something by him, but he didn’t. Cole can’t get his rematch yet, it won’t be fair. Like when Cole robbed Dunne of his opportunity. However, Cole gets his shot in two weeks, against Ricochet AND Pete Dunne in a Triple Threat. Cole does not like that, but Regal lets the tag team champs have nothing to worry about. Because in three weeks, it will be Undisputed Era VS War Raiders for those NXT Tag Team Championships. Cole, Strong and O’Reilly just stuck their foots in their mouths and now must deal with the consequences, and that is Undisputed.


NXT Media caught up with Johnny Gargano.

While Johnny Wrestling is trying to find his way back from failure, his in-ring return will be against 205 Live’s Premier Athlete, Tony Nese. How does he feel about that? Gargano feels good, for the first time in a long time. But the last time he competed, he lost to Velveteen Dream. Gargano said he was sorry, but what about? Gargano apologized to the fans for how he was acting and how he was losing. He got his head right, and he’s seeing clearly now. Sometimes you gotta get knocked down low to stand up tall. Gargano won’t whine, cry or complain anymore. He returns to the man he was meant to be. Will Johnny Wrestling return to his former glory against the Cruiserweight Adonis?

But as Gargano joins up with Mrs. Wrestling, Lacey Evans comes along to see the happy couple for herself. Lacey is so disappointed that Candice LeRae insists on separating work from personal life. A real wife would fight along side her man, no matter what. Candice takes offense to both Lacey’s words and her touching Johnny, and snaps back. Will Candice make the Lady of NXT eat her words along with some fists?


Backstage interview with Velveteen Dream.

The Patrick Clark Experience is a bit annoyed he has to do this. Dream already stole the show time and again, so what’s left to talk about? Him beating Gargano? NO, he’s not talking about Johnny Failure, the man not here (Aleister Black) or the man that attacked that man, the NXT Champion. Wait, does Dream believe Ciampa attacked Aleister? Dream is not a snitch, but the writing is on the wall. Go read it.


Lars Sullivan VS Victor Worchak!

The Leviathan continues his path of destruction now that he’s back from his fractured jaw injury. He wrecked the Top One Percent for pointing fingers and then mauled Raul Mendoza just because he could. What hope does Worchak stand against him?

The bell rings and Lars starts swatting Worchak with big hands! Lars has Worchak in the corner and clubs away with forearms. He drags Worchak up to whip and pop up into a powerslam! Worchak backs off to a corner but Lars is on him with body shots, then a body splash! Lars throws Worchak across the ring, then back the other way! Fans do their best to rally for Worchak with “Let’s Go, Jobber!” but it does no good. Lars tosses Worchak a third time, and Worchak flops out of the ring! But wait, here comes EC3! EC3 attacks from behind!

Winner: Lars Sullivan, by disqualification

EC3 throws hands, but Lars picks him up! EC3 slips out to throw jabs while fans chant “NX3!” The Top One Percent clotheslines Lars out, but then gets caught by one big paw. He breaks free to jab away, then clobber Lars with a haymaker! Lars is furious but so is EC3. EC3 grins as he dares Lars to return, but Lars grins as he walks away. The Best Here, the Best There and the Best Anywhere seems to amuse the Mile High Monster. Will Lars have the last laugh when he crushes EC3 all over again? Or will Lars be the first of #VictoryAfterVictoryAfterVictory?


Backstage interview with William Regal.

Can he elaborate on the investigation announcement he meant to give? Regal says he’s narrowed the suspect list down but he still needs more information before he can name a culprit. But then he hears a banging and a rattling in his office. The door opens and it’s Nikki Cross! What was she doing in there? She doesn’t answer that, and simply says she wants to “play” with Bianca Belair again. He’ll consider her request. But then she again says she knows. If she means the Aleister Black attacker, then why doesn’t she say? No one knows what Nikki knows, perhaps it’s just her mania talking. But will she get to “play” with the Un-De-Fea-Ted EST again?


The Street Profits VS The Mighty!

Both teams want to be the best in NXT, and that’s just fine. But when Shane Thorne & Nick Miller cheat to win and then steal personal items of Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford, that’s a step too far. Will the #CurseOfGreatness make The Mighty kneel? Or will they steal a win along with those chains?

Thorne & Milller rub in that they have the Profits’ swag, so Dawkins rocks Thorne with a swift right! Miller tries to fight back but Dawkins is on him with furious haymakers. The bell rings, Dawkins whips Miller and drops him with a dropkick! Dawkins has Miller in a corner and fires off body shots. Then he hits the spinning splash! Miller knees low and tags Thorne in. The Mighty double whip but Dawkins shoves them into each other. Ford tags in and Dawkins hits a double bulldog. Ford then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Thorne! Then he dodges Miller to send him into steel steps! Ford puts Thorne in to cover, TWO! Ford is still mad over the chain theft, and tags in Dawkins.

The Profits mug Thorne then Dawkins looms over Thorne. Dawkins whips Thorne to a corner but Thorne boots him away. Thorne runs but into a lift and snake eyes. Miller distracts, Thorne dropkicks! Thorne puts Dawkins in his corner to throw hands. Miller returns and tags in, and The Mighty mug Dawkins. The Mighty put Dawkins back in their corner and Miller back suplexes Dawkins down. Fans rally up while Miller covers, TWO! Dawkins crawls for his corner but Miller keeps him back. Thorne tags in and Miller whips him in for the forearm smash. Thorne gives Dawkins a European Uppercut, but Dawkins fires off forearms and elbows. Dawkins dodges, hot tag to Ford!

Ford rallies with stiff lariats on both Mighty. He builds speed, sunset handspring to clothesline Thorne out and calf kick Miller! Ford runs but is put on the apron. He dodges and elbows Miller then jumps over Thorne, only to be put into the post! He stuck between the post and steps, Thorne dropkicks the steps into Ford! Miller fetches Ford and drags him up into the ring. Miller drags Ford around to go after the damaged leg. Tag to Thorne and The Mighty work that leg over together. Thorne toys with Ford then drags Ford up. Fans rally but The Mighty work together again as Miller tags in. The Mighty mug then double leg sweep. Thorne penalty kicks, Miller clotheslines, cover, TWO! Miller puts on a modified deathlock!

Fans and Dawkins rally while Ford endures. Ford gets mad as he chops away on Miller. Miller wrenches but Ford chops! They’re separated but Miller grabs a hand. Ford breaks free from that but Miller chop blocks him! Miller drags Ford back, Thorne tags in and he stomps away on Ford. Thorne has Ford in a corner to uppercut and kick. He runs back in but Ford dodges! Thorne misses an elbow drop, too, and Ford crawls to the Profits’ corner. Miller runs in but is sent back out! Thorne grabs Ford’s leg, but Ford keeps reaching. Thorne swings but misses, double clotheslines take both men down! Fans rally up as Ford stirs. Thorne follows but Miller goes after Dawkins. Dawkins shoves Miller, Ford lands out of the back suplex but his leg buckles! Jackknife cover while Miller anchors Dawkins, The Might win!!

Winners: The Mighty, Shane Thorne by pinfall

Another match, another win won by sneaky tactics! The Mighty get away with the victory and the chains, will the Profits ever get those back?


Kairi Sane VS Vanessa Borne!

The Pirate Princess celebrates her first birthday as NXT Women’s Champion, and it seems her present to herself is a match. Can Kairi continue to sail smoothly in her first reign? Or will the vivacious Vanessa very quickly spoil the birthday girl’s fun?

The bell rings and Kairi has the fans on her side. But Vanessa takes her captain’s hat and wears it mockingly, to then throw it down and kick it out! Vanessa says she’s The Vision, the star of the division. But Kairi is mad now. Vanessa shoves, Kairi shoves. Vanessa swings but Kairi blocks and counters with a takedown. Kairi ax kicks Vanessa, then whips. Vanessa reverses but Kairi comes back to counter the back drop. Vanessa kicks low and hits a spinning suplex, aka the Starry Night. Cover, TWO! Vanessa stomps Kairi out of frustration, but Kairi gets to ropes. The referee backs Vanessa off at 4 but Vanessa comes back to club Kairi down.

Vanessa puts Kairi in a grounded cravat but fans rally up for Kairi. Kairi powers up and fights back with body shots. She powers Vanessa to a corner and arm-drags her off. Vanessas runs but Kairi dodges. Kairi build speed and gets her satellite DDT! But she’s not done with Vanessa yet. She waits for Vanessa to stand so she can hit her down with double ax handles. Kairi runs and spears with the Intercepter! Fans fire up as Kairi matches the plank. Kairi runs and hits the Sliding D! Vanessa is down but Kairi climbs up. Kairi aims, anchors aweigh with the InSane Elbow! Cover, Kairi wins!

Winner: Kairi Sane, by pinfall

The Women’s Champion is still looking strong, but we all know she has the Queen of Spades waiting on the horizon. Speaking of, here she comes! Shayna’s appearance cuts the celebration short as she heads to the ring. She picks up a mic and says Kairi should celebrate while she can. The clock is running out on her reign. Shayna admits Kairi won in Brooklyn, and it hurt. She won’t take out her frustration out on Kairi yet, because the rematch is coming. Shayna promises to drown Kairi, drop the anchor and take back the title.

Kairi responds, “Ahoy, Shayna.” And okay, the rematch will happen. “At WWE Evolution.” The All Women’s PPV has its NXT Women’s Championship match all set! “And I will beat you again!” Will Kairi be the first NXT Women’s Champion to successfully retain at the first ever Evolution? Or will Shayna be the first woman to win the title there instead?


NXT Media caught up with Keith Lee.

The Limitless One has truly impressed since coming to Full Sail, and it’s clear what’s next. Lee wants opportunity, and gold, to be truly Limitless. Lee then runs across The Finest, Kona Reeves. Kona pretends not to know who Lee is, then claims there’s nothing limitless. But Kona is being rude, he introduces himself properly and offers a handshake. But then he takes it back. Kona knows Lee is new, but Lee needs to learn to wait his turn. Lee points out that Lee is turning heads, and The Finest is just the man with the Finest Set of Losses. If Kona wants to talk down to Lee, then how about this? They meet in the ring and maybe The Finest will have the privilege to #BaskInMyGlory. Kona finishes getting his hair done, but will he be The Finest Victory Keith Lee has since coming to NXT?


Tommaso Ciampa VS Otis Dozovic!

The Psycho Killer is the NXT Champion and is still suspected of being the man to attack the Embodiment of the End. Ciampa admitted to wanting to, but claims someone else did it first. The Dozer doesn’t believe, and he also doesn’t see what’s so great about Mr. Blackheart. Will Otis use the power of #SteaksAndWeights to squash the champ? Or will Ciampa make sure Otis never forgets to say his name with respect?

The bell rings while fans tell Ciampa “You Suck!” Otis and Ciampa circle and tie up. Otis throws Ciampa down and Ciampa gets up frustrated. Ciampa checks his jaw before kicking Otis low. He puts on a headlock but Otis uses his strength to lift Ciampa around. Otis powers out and runs Ciampa over with a shoulder. Otis whips Ciampa and runs him over again! He whips Ciampa corner to corner hard, and Ciampa tumbles out to the floor! Otis pursues and puts Ciampa back in, but Ciampa wants a break. Ciampa gets to a corner and back elbows Otis. He jumps up but gets caught by Otis! Otis spins around and around and around before tossing Ciampa. Fans chant “Steaks ‘n’ Weights!” as Otis fires up. Ciampa bails out before the Caterpillar can get going, so Otis has to pursue again.

Ciampa swings but Otis counter punches. Otis clubs Ciampa against the apron, then against barriers. He puts Ciampa in but Ciampa gets him in the facelock! Otis comes in and shovels Ciampa back out. Ciampa is reeling but Otis builds speed, to Caterpillar! Otis dares “Tomato Champus” to come back, but Ciampa stays back. Then Ciampa grabs a leg! He isn’t strong enough to trip Otis, Otis just stands on Ciampa! The ref counts and Otis backs off at 4, but then pursues Ciampa again. Otis lifts and snake eyes Ciampa off the apron. He picks Ciampa up again, but Ciampa slips off to club Otis in the head. Ciampa then throws Otis down by his hair! Otis hits the steel ramp while Ciampa goes back to the ring. Ciampa wants a count out win, and the ref begins her count.

Otis stirs at 5 so Ciampa clubs away on him with vicious forearms! Ciampa puts Otis back in the ring, only to drag him onto the apron, for that knee brace knee strike! Cover, TWO!! Otis survives, and fans fire up. Ciampa runs and hits another knee strike! Cover, TWO!? Ciampa can’t believe the resilience of this human tank. He turns Otis around, neckbreaker! But the Blackheart is not done, he stalks Otis to put him into a chinlock. Ciampa hops on for a sleeper hold, but Otis bumps him into buckles. Ciampa comes back for more, so Otis drops back for the backpack senton! Fans rally up and Otis drags himself up. He clobbers Ciampa with big forearms, then throws him to a corner for the shoulder tackle!

Otis tosses Ciampa across the way, then whips him to the ropes. Ciampa knees Otis but Otis lariats Ciampa! Cover, TWO!! The Dozer almost had a win, and Ciampa knows it. Ciampa bails out, not wanting any more of this. But then Otis’ pal, Tucker Knight, stands in his way! Ciampa turns around and gets run over by Ciampa! Otis puts Ciampa in the ring and splashes in the corner. Otis tosses Ciampa overhead! Tucker coaches Otis on as Otis hits another splash and another overhead toss! Ciampa rolls out again but Otis gives chase. They return into the ring, Ciampa gets the facelock but Otis trips him up! Otis drags Ciampa out for an overhead toss on the floor!

Ciampa writhes but fans fire up for Otis. Otis puts Ciampa in, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!! Fans keep cheering Otis on, and he prepares a powerbomb. Ciampa slips out and hides behind the ref, to then thumb the eyes! Ciampa tries to underhook but Otis powers him back. Otis walks into Ciampa’s boot, but Ciampa runs into the powerbomb!! Cover, TWO?!? Otis was so close, and everyone knows it. The fans are on Dozer’s side as he drags Ciampa into a drop zone. Otis climbs but Ciampa gets to an apron. And he catches Otis into the draping DDT!! Otis is groggy but Tucker encourage shim to continue. Somehow Otis returns, but Ciampa just gets him again, draping DDT! Cover, Ciampa wins!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa, by pinfall

The Psycho Killer wins, or rather, survives! Otis was so close to bulldozing Ciampa, but Ciampa is champion for a reason. Ciampa has no contenders while the former champion, Aleister Black, is still out of commission. Will he reign unchallenged all the way through the Fall? Or will the Dutch Destroyer return to make Ciampa #FadetoBlack?



My Thoughts:

A quick but really good episode. The Aleister Black investigation takes a back seat this time as it’s used mostly to set up other things. A triple threat between Cole, Dunne and Ricochet seemed a pretty clear choice after the Undisputed Era ruined Champion VS Champion, so it’s great we’re getting it in a couple weeks. And it’s about time we get War Raiders VS Strong-O’Reilly. It’s a shame Bobby Fish still seems out of commission, but there’s a chance he’ll be used to help the Era retain against Hanson & Rowe. And with NXT War Games 2 on the horizon, I would love to see the Undisputed Era be forced into it again to go against Ricochet & Raiders and British Strong Style. There could even be a way to put the North American and Tag Team Championships on the line so that the winning trio gets all those belts.

I like the tie-in between Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling and Candice’s own Women’s Division concerns. Lacey Evans is clearly not above seducing Johnny away from Candice, and seeing Lacey VS Candice will be some good stuff while the two wait for the Women’s Championship scene to clear up. Same goes for Nikki Cross VS Bianca Belair round 2, those two can use their feud to jump Bianca up and send Nikki to main. And Kairi VS Shayna at Evolution, that’s going to be awesome. I’ll say it again: If we get to see the Japanese Strong Style women all victorious that night, from Kairi retaining her title, Asuka possibly claiming a title, and Io Shirai more than likely taking the Mae Young Classic, that would be some WWE (R)Evolution in action.

The Mighty sneaks another win, which is fine by their Heel personas. It’s too bad them as Faces didn’t work out, but maybe they’ll finally get their chance at titles once another team moves up to main. Keith Lee VS Kona Reeves next time will be an easy win for Lee, unless Kona starts cheating. EC3 VS Lars Sullivan is going to be great, they can just make that a Top One Percent slug fest, EC3 was taking it to Lars with those haymakers. Otis Dozovic really impressed against Tommaso Ciampa, but it’s still too soon for him to get a win over the top champion. Fans already love Otis, and Tucker is good enough, Heavy Machinery is another team that might have to wait until call-ups. Though, I wonder if this will bring about a Heavy Machinery split with Otis being the HBK to Tucker’s Marty Jannetty…

My Score: 8.5/10

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