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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE UK Championship Tournament Day Two (1/15/17)

Match #5 – Semi-Finals: Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne
Collar & elbow tie-up to begin, Dunne quickly powers Andrews down with a body slam for 1, then jumps into a rear chinlock to ground him. He releases to deliver a stomp to the head, whips Andrews into the corner, Andrews springs off the 2nd rope and looks to backflip to his feet, The Bruiserweight catches him over his shoulder, Andrews counters with an arm drag and Dunne is sent to the outside. Andrews measures for and hits a somersault plancha, tosses Dunne back inside, The Bruiserweight stomps his hand sliding in, goes out in pursuit and wants to stomp Andrews’ hand on the steps.

Andrews avoids it, explodes up with a hurricanrana off the steps, tosses Dunne back in the ring, but gets caught sliding in this time with a kick. The Bruiserweight drives him head-first into the bottom turnbuckle for a 2 count, grounds the high-flyer and wrenches away at the neck, releases it and stomps at the back of the head. Andrews sneaks in a couple of shots and gets clobbered back down, Dunne picks him up for a turnbuckle body slam, Andrews slips out to the apron, catches him with a shoulder to the breadbasket, flips himself in for a victory roll, rolls through it and scores with a double stomp. Dunne pulls himself to his feet in the corner, Andrews charges in with double knees, connects with a northern lights suplex, rolls through it for a moonsault senton and almost finishes it. He lines

The Bruiserweight up in the corner and rushes in, gets elevated over the top, Andrews lands on his feet on the apron, slingshots in with a hurricanrana, then follows with a running shooting star press, but still can’t put it away. Dunne rolls to the outside to get a breather, Andrews hops to the apron for a moonsault, The Bruiserweight catches him in the air, turns it into a release vertical suplex and drops Andrews on the apron. Andrews slides into the ring, Dunne drags him back out, delivers another release vertical suplex on the ramp, rolls into the squared circle and allows the referee to count.

Andrews struggles back inside to beat the count at 9, Dunne stomps away at the side of the head, hooks him for another suplex, but it’s countered into a stunner, Andrews hooking the leg for a count of 2. He rolls to the apron and heads upstairs, Dunne meets him with a right hand to the midsection, climbs up for a superplex, they exchange shots and Andrews knocks Dunne to the mat. He comes off with a Shooting Star Press, The Bruiserweight gets the knees up, grabs a small package, but still can’t find a 3 count. He picks Andrews up for the Bitter End, Andrews reverses into an arm drag, stuns Dunne with an enzuigiri, springs off the 2nd rope and gets clocked by a right hand.

The Bruiserweight pulls him back up for the Bitter End, Andrews again counters with a hurricanrana for a near fall, then climbs to the top rope for the Shooting Star Press, Dunne rolls out of the way, Andrews lands on his feet, but gets tossed into the turnbuckles with a german suplex. The Bruiserweight drops him with another release vertical suplex, follows with the Bitter End and heads to the finals.
Winner: Pete Dunne (Bitter End)

Match #6 – Semi-Finals: Tyler Bate vs. Wolfgang
Bate and Wolfgang shake hands before the bell rings. Bate and Wolfgang goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Wolfgang shoves Bate to the corner. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Wolfgang hip tosses Bate to the other side of the ring. Bate slaps Wolfgang in the face. Bate with a series of jabs to Wolfgang. Wolfgang drives Bate to the corner. Wolfgang repeatedly rams his shoulders to the midsection of Bate. Bate with a flying uppercut off the second rope. Bate goes for the Tyler Driver 97, but Wolfgang blocks it.

Wolfgang body slams Bate. Wolfgang sets up for a Moonsault, but Bate dropkicks Wolfgang in the back. Bate connects with a Bicycle Kick. Wolfgang goes for a press slam, but Bate counters with a rollup for a two count. Bate lands a forearm smash. Wolfgang plants Bate with a modified Pop-Up Powerslam for a two count. Wolfgang sets up for the Howling, but Bate rolls out of the way. Wolfgang explodes out of the corner with a Spear for a two count. Wolfgang goes for another Powerbomb, but Bate counters with the Tyler Driver 97 to pickup the victory.
Winner: Tyler Bate (Tyler Driver 97)

  • After The Bell: Pete Dunne runs into the ring behind Bate and ambushes him after the win, drives him shoulder-first into the turnbuckles, then sends Tyler into the ring post.

In The Arena: Neville makes his way to the ring to loud “Neville” chants, takes a mic and says it seems he’s been forgotten yet again. He talks about being passed over for the Cruiserweight Classic and now the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, proclaims he should be the UK Champion by default, but he understands that if he was in it, then it wouldn’t have been a competitive tournament. The King of the Cruiserweights believes he’s the greatest talent England ever produced, stating there’s no man who deserves to stand across the ring from him. Tommy End makes his way out and we have a match.

Match #7: Neville vs. Tommy End
Collar & elbow tie-up to begin, Neville gains a wristlock, Tommy reverses to one of his own, The King of the Cruiserweights uses the ropes to flip through and sends him away with an arm drag. They tie-up again and Tommy goes back to the wristlock, Neville rolls through to one of his own again, gets snapmared over and Tommy drops to the mat in a sitting position to throw Neville off his game. The Man That Gravity Forgot tries to surprise him with a kick, Tommy blocks it, spins him around for a roundhouse kick to the chest and covers for 1. He grounds the high-flyer now with a side headlock, Neville works to his feet, pushes him off to the ropes, Tommy with a shoulder knockdown, goes back into the ropes, The King of the Cruiserweights leapfrogs over, flips over a monkey toss attempt, but runs into another kick to the chest.

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Tommy with a flurry of more kicks, hits the ropes, The Man That Gravity Forgot rolls to the outside for a breather, takes his time heading back in, Tommy gets impatient and slides outside, Neville clocking him with a kick. He tosses Tommy back into the ring, steps in with a flying forearm for a 2 count, then grounds Tommy with a rear chinlock. End works to a standing position, takes a spinning back kick to the breadbasket, The King of the Cruiserweights sends him into the corner, then chokes him with the bottom of his boot. He hammers Tommy with stiff forearms, scores with more kicks to the ribs, hits the ropes for a single-leg dropkick and gets a count of 2.

The Man That Gravity Forgot heads to the high rent district, jumps down into a roundhouse kick to the head, both guys go down and struggle to back to their feet. They exchange shots and Tommy gets the better of it, blocks one and pushes Neville to the ropes for a knee to the abdomen, The King of the Cruiserweights rolls outside to escape, Tommy hops out to the apron and springs off the 2nd rope with a moonsault. He throws Neville back inside and slides in, delivers a barrage of strikes that ends with an enzuigiri for a near fall, looking stunned that didn’t finish it.

End wants to go to the 2nd rope now, catches Neville running in with a boot to the jaw, attempts to come off with a standing double stomp that misses, Neville turns around and walks into a spinning back kick. Tommy follows with a bridging german suplex that almost gets a 3 count, ascends the corner to the top rope, Neville pops up with a kick to take his legs out, then climbs up for a super hurricanrana. He positions End and goes upstairs, scores with the Red Arrow and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner: Neville (Red Arrow)

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