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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/10/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

We have a NEW Cruiserweight Champion in the Melbourne Superman, Buddy Murphy! What will the new champion have to say on day one of the JUGGERNAUT Era?



  • Man of the Hour Open Challenge: Lio Rush VS ???; Lince Dorado wins, by disqualification.
  • Tony Nese VS Cedric Alexander; Nese wins.


Super Show-Down’s Cruiserweight Championship match was an epic!

The Melbourne Juggernaut went toe to toe and move for move with the Age of Alexander. Buddy Murphy would shock Cedric time and again as he survived the champion’s biggest and best moves. And in the end, Murphy’s Law would bring the inevitable: a NEW Cruiserweight Champion!! The Age of Alexander ends and the Juggernaut Era begins, now!


Man of the Hour Open Challenge: Lio Rush VS ???

The 23 year old piece of gold is feeling really good. He’s not only the Manager of the Hour to the Rocky Mountain Machine, Bobby Lashley, but he’s still undefeated here on 205 Live. However, is he being too confident in himself to give a shot to anyone in the locker room?

Lio speaks before the match and asks if the fans “hear that”. Do they hear the ticking of the clock? That means it’s Lio’s time, that means it is #RushHour. That means at every minute is a moment to make someone famous. Lio wants to make someone in Indianapolis famous! He knows Indy loves those fast cars on that track, but no one and no thing faster than him. Lio gives one lucky individual the opportunity to prove him wrong. Who steps up to the plate? That person better come correct, because Lio came to collect. The superstar that answers the call is… Lucha House Party’s Lince Dorado! The Golden Lynx steps up to the 23 year old piece of gold, but which piece of gold will shine brighter?

The bell rings and Lio grins as he circles with Lince. Lio likes the lucha lucha, so Lince shows him it’s “Lucha! Lucha!” They tie up, and Lio gets a wristlock. Lince pushes, body shots, handsprings and reverses the wristlock. Lince wrenches, but Lio rolls, rolls and spins to roll Lince. Lio runs into an arm-drag but gives one back. They both go to arm-drag then both go to dropkick. The moves cancel out and they both handspring up. Fans like it, but Lio doesn’t as he clubs and punches Lince to ropes. Lince hits back but Lio whips. Lince reverses, things speed up and Lince gets a headscissor and dropkick! Lio backs off to a corner to then kick Lince away. Lio runs but into a backbreaker! Lince plank splashes, cover, ONE! Fans applaud and Lince starts up the “Lucha! Lucha!” again.

Lince gives Lio a European Uppercut, then a different uppercut. He gives Lio body shots but Lio puts him on the apron. Lince hits back and bumps Lio off buckles. Lince climbs but Lio handspring kicks Lince down. Lio builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on Lince with the “low-pe”, and Lio refreshes the count to keep the fight on the outside. Lio stomps Lince then throws him into barriers. The ring count climbs and Lio gets Lince back in at 7. Lio covers, ONE. Lio grows frustrated as he kicks Lince to a corner. He stands Lince up to tweak the arms against the ropes. He throws hands on Lince then claws the back! Lio back suplexes Lince down, covers, TWO! Lince survives and Lio might actually respect him now. Lio mocks the “Kitty cat”, then puts on a bearhug.

Fans rally up as Lince moves around. They stand up, and Lince fights out as fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” Lince rebounds but Lio ducks to fire off a strike fest! Lio continues to mock Lince but Lince hits him again. Lio rocks Lince with a right, then goes for the mask! Lince had enough of this with TJP, and he kicks Lio back. Lince gives uppercuts, restraps the mask, but runs into a dropkick! Lio grimaces but then grins again as he builds speed. But he runs into a big clothesline and kicks! Lince bobs ‘n’ weaves with Lio to hit him down again, then capoeria kick! Lio staggers into the swinging slam! Lince aims from across the way, corner to corner but Lio dodges. Lince’s up on the ropes and kicks Lio away.

Lio anchors a foot but Lince brings him up for fast hands. Lince says it’s time, for the big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Lio still lives, but Lince stalks him to the ropes. Lince grabs Lio’s legs but Lio grabs the ropes. The ref backs Lince off, but Lio mule kicks then heel kicks him. Lio stands Lince up and turns him around, to then spin him an extra 360 before the Unprettier! Cover, TWO!? Lio can’t believe it! Lince lives but Lio says now it’s time for him to end it. Lio climbs up top, but Lince rolls out of the drop zone. Lio hops down and walks over, but into a victory roll! Cover, TWO!! SUPERKICK! Lio sits down in a corner, so Lince prepares himself for “Lucha Time!” Lince hits the bronco buster!

Lince goes to whip Lio but Lio reverses, only to get a Golden Rewind! But Lio flounders all the way out of the ring, so Lince slingshot planchas onto him! Lince puts Lio back in and fans fire up as Lince climbs. But wait, is that.. Maria Kanellis?! And there’s MIKE! He shoves Lince right down!

Winner: Lince Dorado, by disqualification

The Man of the Hour gets some timely help from the returning Super Couple! Mike rains furious rights down on Lince while his lovely wife loves what she sees. She stands on the apron while Mike takes Lince for a spin with the twisting inverted DDT! Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis are back in a big way, but will their love conquer all in the Cruiserweight Division?


Buddy Murphy speaks.

The NEW Cruiserweight Champion said it before and will say it again: “You can’t stop the unstoppable.” And he proved it when he won at Super Show Down. But he won’t be live at 205 Live, because he stayed in Melbourne to celebrate. The champ will come back when he’s ready, but who will be ready for him when he returns?


Mustafa Ali talks with Cedric Alexander.

The Heart checks on the Soul, and both are good. Ali has his match with Hideo Itami in two weeks, Falls Count Anywhere. Itami is in for the fight of his life, but so is Ali. It will end one way or another. Alexander wishes Ali luck, but then Ali needs to say something. This match with Tony Nese is too soon. The Premier Athlete has been talking trash but Alexander must be a little off balance. But Alexander says he’ll just do what he does best, and he’ll send a message through Nese so loud, Murphy’s bound to hear it in Melbourne. Then Alexander will just use his rematch clause. Ali wishes Alexander luck, but does Ali have a point about this being too soon? Or will Alexander score big points on the road to his rematch?


Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher speak.

After they cruelly kicked THE Brian Kendrick out of their alliance, G&G speak on how “difficult” the process is. The honorable thing is to address the situation immediately. Was it unpleasant? Maybe. But was necessary? Yes. Kendrick was once a champion who inspired Gallagher. Their partnership was built on being “scoundrels”, but even Gallagher could see the “painfully obvious”: Kendrick had grown sentimental. Gulak will not allow weakness to hinder their campaign. Gulak only regrets not ending the partnership sooner. But next week, they will remove another thorn in their side int he form of Akira Tozawa. The message is clear, no one will stand in the way of their #Better205Live. Thank you for your time. Will Gulak finally grind Tozawa into dust? Or will they regret removing the Man with a Plan from their ranks?


Tony Nese VS Cedric Alexander!

The Premier Athlete was not only proud of his fellow Body Guy for winning, but he was also getting in the face of the former champion a bit too much for Alexander’s liking. Will the Soul of 205 Live make the Abs of 205 Live eat his words? Or will the Age of Alexander have a hard time rebuilding after Super Show Down?

The bell rings and Alexander circles with his familiar foe. Fans are on Alexander’s side but Nese just flexes. They tie up and Alexander gets a headlock. Nese tries but can’t power out as Alexander holds tight. Nese tries again and gets free this time, but Alexander runs him over with a shoulder. Alexander runs and things speed up. Alexander rolls, handsprings, but Nese has seen that trick too many times. Fans applaud this even match-up and the two men circle again. They tie up and push each other. Nese gets a waistlock, Alexander works against the hold to get the wristlock. Nese reverses back but Alexander rolls and reverses. Alexander whips but Nese goes up and over. Nese leaps but Alexander gets under.

Alexander wants a lift but Nese arm-drags him to the mat. Nese holds onto the arm as he says Alexander’s “got nothing.” Alexander stands but Nese wrenches. Alexander handsprings and hammerlocks to whip. Nese elbows him away to jump. Alexander dodges but Nese goes Matrix, then shows off his stamina with jumping jacks. Nese flexes but Alexander dropkicks him down! Nese goes to ropes but Alexander bumps him off buckles. Alexander chops Nese sharp in the corner, then chops him again. Nese staggers away but Alexander is on him with EuroUppers. Alexander stomps a mudhole into Nese, but backs off at 4. Fans fire up with Alexander but Nese bails out.

Alexander goes after him, but the referee backs him off. Alexander goes again but the ref again backs him off. He goes a third time, but Nese trips him up and pulls him out! Nese kicks Alexander while he’s down, then grimaces as he paces around the former champ. Nese kicks Alexander again, then drags Alexander up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Nese stomps Alexander now, then wraps on the rear bearhug. Alexander endures the squeeze and fans build to a rally. Alexander powers up and elbows out of the hold. He gives Nese a EuroUpper, then boots and knees Nese from the corner. Alexander rolls, handsprings and headscissors successfully this time. Nese rolls out so Alexander builds speed, only to run into a big back elbow! Cover, TWO! Nese kicks Alexander again, then covers, TWO.

Nese wraps Alexander in a body scissor and squeezes. He pulls Alexander’s hair but fans rally up. Alexander sits up and elbows out again. Nese clubs Alexander back, then runs, for a BIG hotshot! Then Nese jumps, for the triangle moonsault, onto knees! Both men are down and gasping for air. The ref starts a 10 count, and fans rally up. Nese stands at 5, but Alexander follows. Alexander rallies with lariats and uppercuts. Alexander whips Nese but Nese reverses. Nese runs in but into a dropkick that sends him to buckles. Alexander hurries to the apron for the big kick in the corner! Alexander steps in and springboards for the complete shot! Nese bails out but Alexander runs. Alexander avoids the elbow to clothesline Nese back out, and then keeps moving so he can FLY! Direct hit!

Alexander hurries to get Nese up and in, then aims from the apron. Alexander springboards for the flying clothesline! Cover, TWO! Nese is just as tough as anyone, but Alexander keeps his focus. Alexander drags Nese up but Nese pushes him away. Nese gets the takedown to jackknife, TWO! Alexander backslides, TWO! The two of them roll around and stand up. Alexander swings Nese out and in to the Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Alexander feels some frustration, perhaps remembering back to Melbourne. Nese crawls to ropes while Alexander stands up. Alexander walks over but Nese puts him on the apron. Alexander wants another complete shot but Nese catches and denies it with power. Nese puts Alexander in a corner but Alexander boots him away. Alexander springboards but Nese rolls to SHORYUKEN!

Alexander is dazed sideways on the top rope, and Nese comes back for the kick and gutbuster! Cover, TWO!! That was close but not close enough! Nese glares at Alexander as he drags him back up. Nese says “You’re a fluke of a champion!” He trash talks and pie faces Alexander, but Alexander chops him. Nese hits Alexander with a forearm, but Alexander chops back! Nese kicks low, then knees, then kicks, but Alexander avoids the sweep. Alexander goes to buzzsaw but Nese blocks and shoves Alexander to forearm him on the rebound! Nese runs but Alexander follows for the Neuralizer! Both men are down but Indy is loving it! Another 10 count begins, but Alexander rolls to his feet at 8. Nese follows at 9, but Alexander is on him.

Nese chops Alexander but Alexander chops Nese. Alexander whips but Nese slides under, pumphandle. Alexander slips out, shoves, SPANISH FLY! Nese rolls a bit before Alexander can cover, ROPEBREAK! Alexander is shocked but that’s clear as day. Alexander calms himself, and stands up. Nese puts him on the apron, but Alexander drags Nese up. Nese sweeps the legs and Alexander folds up on the apron! Now Nese drags Alexander over to a drop zone, but has to bail out as Alexander avoids him. Alexander reels Nese in for the lift, but Nese slips out. Nese grabs but Alexander breaks free to rock Nese with a right! Alexander wants to finish Nese, but Nese holds the ropes. The referee has Alexander let up, but Nese rocks Alexander with that lethal left!

Nese adds a German Suplex into the buckles, then the Premier Kneese! But Nese isn’t done there, he puts Alexander in the drop zone, and climbs up top. Nese hits the Premier 450! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

The former champion continues to fall from grace! Alexander lost to Murphy in Melbourne, and loses to Nese in Indianapolis! How long will it be before Alexander is back on top? And what if Nese proves himself worthy of challenging his own tag team partner for the title?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode for 205 Live. And I feel like I have to point it out: between there being more fans in the seats and the entrance’s LED wall being perfectly fine, I think they recorded this episode before SmackDown. That is a smart move for WWE that they should try to make a regular thing if they’re not going to move 205 Live to a dedicated venue. The fans get in earlier, and will have more energy to give than they will after SmackDown and Mixed Match Challenge during this time.

As for the matches, they were also both really fun. From what we saw on Raw, I was hoping the story of Lio, Lashley and Finn Balor was going to branch over here and have a great Finn VS Lio match because of that Open Challenge. However, we instead got Lio VS Lince, which was still really good. I was wondering if there was going to be someone who could team with TJP against Lucha House Party, and perhaps adding TJP to the “Rush Hour” stable would work. But then there was a great surprise in seeing Mike Kanellis returning! Mike in the Cruiserweight Division should be good mostly for him, because he wasn’t getting anything on SmackDown or Raw. I’m sensing LHS VS TJP, Lio & Mike in a Six Man Tag at some point.

Great to hear Ali VS Itami will be Falls Count Anywhere, because that’ll give them both full range of offense. I’m thinking Ali wins, he hasn’t been that strong against Itami so winning this would be big for him. Alexander VS Nese was great, and I was surprised to see Nese win. However, it does work in a “crisis of confidence” story for Alexander to not just snap back from his first loss of the year. Alexander will likely struggle a bit more, so that he appears doomed to fail in his rematch with Murphy.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (2/18/19)

Celebrate the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Bayley & Sasha Banks!



WWE Raw Cover image

The Boss & Hug Connection bring the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships to Raw! Who will be the first team to challenge Bayley & Sasha Banks for the belts?



  • ???; wins.



Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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AAA Review & Results (2/16/2019)

Triple A coverage, brought to you by our Lucha genie Joe Dinan! 



AAA coverage, brought to you by our Lucha genie Joe Dinan!

Live on Twitch 2/16

Dinastia (Draztik Boy), Dragon Bane, and La Parkita vs Mini Murder Clown, Mini Monster Clown, and Latigo

I don’t usually like reviews minis matches from AAA because they don’t do stories for them. CMLL does for the midgets even if they are dry stories. It’s still something, but I’d like to make note that La Parkita nearly killed himself cracking his skull on the ground doing a swanton bomb. Later in the show they revealed he was okay.

Winners: Draztik Boy, Dragon Bane and La Parkita

Super Porky or Brazo de Plata comes out to cut a promo. Mascara confronts him and Psycho Clown then confronts him. Porky has a walker. :/

Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani (Golden Magic), and Starfire vs Villano III Jr, Keyra, and Lady Maravilla

Magic and Villano start out with some acrobatic spots. Maravilla and Starfire come in and trade spots. Hamburguesa then comes in with Keyra and shoulder blocks her to oblivion. Villano hits a missile drop kick on Hamburguesa. Maravilla holds Nino in place and Keyra kicks him. Golden Magic gets drop kicked in the corner by Keyra. Starfire is getting teamed on now. Villano drops Starfire on Maravilla’s knee. Keyra hits a moonsault. Keyra prevents Nino from getting in then throws Maravilla to the corner. Starfire drop kicks Keyra into the corner and Nino runs into all of them. He then does a flipping senton. Nino then does it again. Magic gets in with Maravilla and super kicks her. Maravilla then trips him on the apron, drop kicks him to the outside then hits a splash off of the top. Keyra and Starfire trade pinning combinations. Starfire hits knees to Keyra’s back then hits a flip dive off the apron. Villano hits a code breaker on Nino then poses. Villano goes for a moonsault and he moves. Nino goes to the top and hits a guillotine leg drop. He goes back to the top. Maravilla tries to distract him. She succeeds and Keyra hits a sunset flip on Starfire and then a german suplex for the win. Keyra pins Starfire with a german suplex.

Winners: VIllano III Jr, Keyra, and Lady Maravilla

(Cruiserweight Championship) Laredo Kid vs Sammy Guevara (Champ)

Guevara fakes out Kid to pose in the beginning. They actually do acrobatic flips until Laredo just drop kicks him. Laredo Kid flips out of the ring, Sammy does the same and then Kid gets back in the ring and hits a middle rope missile head butt basically. Kid then hits an asai moonsault. He got impressive air. Kid goes to the ground then Sammy pretends he’s hurt. He pushes the ref into the ropes to crotch Laredo. He goes to the top and throws Kid up from a fireman’s position and he falls on the turnbuckle for a two count. Kid runs at Sammy and gets power slammed. Sammy then misses a moonsault, lands on feet, misses standing moonsault, lands on feet, then hits a standing shooting star. Sammy hits a standing spanish fly and Laredo no sells it and hits a flipping DDT. Kid kicks Sammy to the outside and hits a 450 off the apron onto the floor. Laredo misses a corkscrew tornado dive and Sammy hits a reverse GTS for a two count. Villano III attacks Laredo from behind when he was setting up the Laredo Fly. Sammy then kicks Laredo to the outside and hits a corkscrew dive over the top rope. Sammy goes to the top and hits a big shooting star press but Laredo kicks out. Everyone is surprised. Villano grabs Laredo by the head and La Parka pulls him down and attacks him on the apron. Sammy goes for a slam but Kid flips out of it and super kicks him. Sammy leaps up to the ropes and jumps but Kid catches him with a cutter. Laredo goes to the top and Sammy leaps to the top rope and hits a Spanish fly for a close two. Sammy goes to the top and Laredo leaps up and kicks him and goes up and hits the Laredo Fly for the win. And naturally he gets beat down by the Mercenaries afterwards. Vikingo and Myzteziz come to his rescue. Laredo Kid wins with a Laredo Fly.

Winner: Laredo Kid

Taya (Lady Shani), Aerostar (Dinastia), and Myzteziz Jr vs Faby Apache, Jack Evans (Super Fly), and Sammy Guevara (La Parka Negra)

This match got picked apart. Dinastia drop kicks Negra and he no sells it. Dinastia hits a head scissors then springboard splash. Super Fly comes in to work with Shani. Faby comes in and kicks Shani. Parka beats on Myzteziz on the outside. Shani gets teamed on in the ring. The technicos try to stop the teaming up but can’t just yet. Faby and the heel ref push each other. Faby kicks Shani and Negra kicks her butt. Myzteziz bounces on the ropes and hits a hurricanrana on Negra. Shani back breakers Faby and Dinastia takes out Super Fly. Apache and Shani meet in the ring now and Faby attacks her butt. Shani kicks Faby and then Super Fly beats on Shani. Shani hits an arm drag then a DDT on Super Fly. Negra runs over Myzteziz. Negra throws Myzteziz in the air but he gets caught for a hurricanrana. Myzteziz back drops Super Fly to the outside. Shani then dives to the outside on Super Fly. Myzteziz then dives over the top on Negra. Dinastia flips Faby in the ring then super kicks her. Faby hits a face buster and the ref counts slow so Dinastia kicks out. Faby then hit a Tiger suplex after dodges Dinastia and this time the ref counts but Faby is still upset with him. Faby Apache pins Dinastia with a tiger suplex.

Winners: Faby Apache, Super Fly, and La Parka Negra

Maximo, Mamba, and Pimpinela Escarlata vs La Mascara, Taurus, and Chessman

Maximo starts out against Mascara and goes for a dive off the apron but misses and Mascara beats on him. Escarlata and Mamba get taken out and they team on Maximo. Escarlata gets kicked in the groin but since he/she is playing a girl. No dq. Escaralata goes for a cross body and turns it into an arm drag on Taurus. Mamba hits an apron dive on Mascara and Maximo on Chessman. Escarlata tries to choke Taurus but he shrugs her off. Escarlata puts her butt in Mascara’s face to his disgust. Escarlata hits a double arm drag on Chessman and Taurus. She tries to kiss Mascara but he moves his head. She hits an arm drag then finally kisses him. She must be poison ivy. Mamba twerks a little bit in the ring with Chessman but then he slaps her ass and flips her over. Mamba hits a hurricanrana then an arm drags followed by the kiss of death twice. He falls out of the ring and she twerks. Maximo gets in with Mascara and Mascara leaves the ring. Maximo hits hurricanrana’s on Chessman and Taurus, then Mamba hits a flip dive through the flip rope. Maximo walks the ropes and hits a flip dive to the outside. Mascara goes to the top with Escarlata but Maximo goes up and kisses him. Escarlata school boys him for the win. Pimpinela Escarlata school boys Mascara for the win.

Winners: Maximo, Mamba, and Pimpinela Escarlata

Drago, Laredo Kid (Aerostar), and Hijo Del Vikingo vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Porde de Norte drop kicks everyone to start to get the advantage. Vikingo hits a drop kick to change momentum. He chops Tito Santana’s chest. Afterwards Porde de Norte continues to work over everyone. Not much detail to say, just constant triple teaming. Drago hits a head scissors on Santana then launches Vikingo into the others for a drop kick. Aerostar then does a dive through the middle rope where he goes flying into the crowd. Vikingo does an asai imploder 450. In the ring Cota hits a belly to belly on Drago for a two count. Aerostar comes in and hits a running cutter on him. Brava crotches Aerostar on the ropes and does the double foot stomp off of the top. Vikingo catches Carta for a swinging slam that Santana breaks up. Santana jumps into a brutal Canadian destroyer and Drago breaks it up. Drago rolls into a code breaker and Brava breaks it up. Aerostar and Vikingo hit drop kicks on Brava and Santana. Aerostar hits a moonsault, Vikingo a 450 and Drago gets a pinning combination all for a two count. Drago then hits a dive through the middle rope on Cota. Vikingo drop kicks Santana then hits a dive through the middle rope on Santana and Cota. Aerostar dumps Brava to the outside and does a cannon ball splash on Brava and Cota. In the ring Drago sprays mist in Santana’s eyes and Vikingo hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo Del Vikingo pins Tito Santana with an imploder 450.

Winners: Drago, Aerostar, and El Hijo Del Vikingo

Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr, and Pagano vs Jeff Jarrett, Rey Escorpion, and Texano Jr

Escorpion attacks Clown with a chair. Texano ties his rope around Pagano’s neck. Jarrett works over Wagner. Texano then chokes Wagner, and Rey continues to beat on Psycho Clown. Clown gets Rey to the outside and hits a dive over the top. Pagano then hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner hits a cutter on Jarrett then dragon screw leg whips Texano. Psycho Clown grabs the rope and hits Texano with it. Clown breaks a broom over Escorpion’s back. They hit multiple clotheslines in the corner on Jeff Jarrett. Clown works with Rey and Rey hits a power slam for a two count. Clown hits a head scissors followed by a sunset flip for a two count. Rey hits a draping DDT with Clown caught in the ropes for a two count. Rey postures on the top rope and Clown drop kicks him off. He goes on the turnbuckle post and leaps off onto Esocrpion. Wagner gets distracted by the ref and Jarrett breaks a guitar over his head. Pagano hits a leg drop to stop the count. Pagano hits a cutter on Texano and sets up a table. Pagano head butts a chair into Texano then smacks himself with said chair. Pagano goes to the top with the chair but Texano hits a crucifix power bomb through the table on him for the win. Texano Jr pins Pagano with a crucifix power bomb off the top. 

They continue to beat on the technicos post match. They steal Psycho Clown’s mask, yet again as they do every taping.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett, Rey Escorpion, and Texano Jr

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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