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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/24/18)



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Aleister Black has returned to NXT! And Nikki Cross let him know who attacked him! Who will the Embodiment of the End make #FadeToBlack out of revenge?



  • EC3 VS Adam Cole w/ The Undisputed Era; EC3 wins.
  • Mia Yim VS Aliyah; Yim wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Justin Xavier; Ohno wins.


NXT GM William Regal prepares security for tonight.

They need to make sure Aleister Black comes to see him before doing anything else tonight. The security thinks they’re ready for an angry Dutch Destroyer, but are they?


The Undisputed Era heads to the ring!

Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly and the healed up Bobby Fish feel great because not only are they back to full strength, they’re still owners of the NXT Tag Team Championships. Of course, a large part of retaining those titles was because they had their fourth man back to use Champions’ Advantage. Cole wants to make sure everyone understands that Fish is back, and their fearsome foursome is at 100%. This is therefore a warning to the rest of NXT. Just ask the War Raiders. “Two of the biggest and baddest men in all of NXT” and the Undisputed Era demolished them. If anyone else wants to get in their way, they won’t be for long. The Undisputed Era will get people to fear NXT, because NXT isn’t the fans. NXT is the Undisputed Era.

Which brings Cole to Ricochet, “a man who has my property.” Ricochet defended the North American Championship against Pete Dunne and Adam Cole. Ricochet beat Dunne but not Cole, because he can’t! When Cole gets his rematch for the NAC– But wait, EC3 appears! The Top One Percent stands at the stage and tells Cole “some God honest truth. You do not deserve a rematch.” Excuse me? Does EC3 really think it’s smart to come out alone and mess with the Undisputed Era? EC3 knows Cole wasn’t pinned, but he didn’t win. The Era stands there, at 100%, but it doesn’t matter, because EC3 is the top one percent. Cole tells EC3 to shut up! If he thinks he’s big and bad, get a ref and give everyone a match so that Cole can make an example out of EC3. A referee appears, and this match is on!

EC3 VS Adam Cole w/ The Undisputed Era!

Fans are on the side of “NX3! NX3!” as the bell rings. Cole kicks low then throws forearms. He puts EC3 in the corner and stomps a mudhole into him. EC3 turns things around and bumps Cole off buckles. EC3 chops Cole then bumps him again, then chops him again! Cole is reeling and his team is freaking out as EC3 whips and chops Cole down. EC3 scoop slams Cole, then calls it out, the elbow drop! He clotheslines himself and COle right out of the ring, but EC3 is up quick. The Era lurks but he keeps them back. EC3 catches Cole’s boot to then throw him into the apron! He puts Cole in but Cole SUPERKICKS EC3! Fans rally as Cole stands. Cole puts EC3 in a corner then stomps another mudhole into him.

Cole brings EC3 out for the neckbreaker, then drops ax handles. He brings EC3 up and forearms him into a corner. He throws more forearms as his team cheers him on. Cole gives EC3 another neckbreaker, then covers, ONE! Cole gets the facelock and brings EC3 to the mat. Fans rally up and EC3 feeds off the energy. EC3 powers Cole off the hold, but walks into the bicycle boot! Cover, TWO! Cole keeps his cool while EC3 gets to ropes. Cole chokes EC3 on the ropes, and Strong taunts EC3 as he gets to a corner. EC3 gets a boot to his face but the ref backs Cole off. EC3 fights back with chops, but Cole puts him in another corner. Cole throws more forearms then whips. EC3 reverses but misses the splash. Cole gets EC3 up for the Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO!

Cole keeps on EC3 with the facelock, but fans rally up again. EC3 gets up but Cole wrangles him back down. EC3 endures and fans continue to rally. The Era keep taunting EC3 but he gets up, so Cole puts on body scissors! But EC3 powers out to suplex Cole down! Fans rally for EC3 as the Era tell them to shut up. Cole and EC3 stand, and EC3 counter punches. EC3 throws hands from both sides, then whips to run COle over with an elbow. He keep smoving to knock Cole down again. EC3 splashes in the corner then throws Cole with a German Suplex! Fans fire up as EC3 brings Cole up in the fireman’s carry. Cole fights out, but misses the boot. EC3 gets the sit-out powerbomb! TWO!

EC3 sees the Era on the apron and scares them off, but turns around into a SUPERKICK! Cole brings down the knee pad, but EC3 clobbers him with a clothesline! The Era gets on the apron again, and get hands and elbows! Cole kicks low, misses the Last Shot, EC3 rolls Cole up! EC3 wins!!

Winner: EC3, by pinfall

The Top One Percent was more than enough for all four members of the Undisputed Era! Cole can’t believe it, but then EC3 gets Strong Elimination! The Era stomp away on EC3, then drag him up the ramp. They stomp and club him on the stage, then Cole rains down rights. They drag EC3 up, for Cole’s Last Shot Shining Wizard! Cole shouts “NXT belongs to us!” And they’re not done with EC3. Fish gets a chair, to SMACK EC3’s legs! Even Cole thinks that’s crazy. They leave EC3 down before anyone else shows up. Will the Undisputed Era continue to do what they want to whoever they want? Or will EC3 get some friends to help even the odds?


Nikki Cross creeps around the security guards.

“He’s coming! He’s coming~!” Nikki must mean Aleister. She runs off with her usual loony laughter before confirming. Does she sense the coming destruction?


Mia Yim VS Aliyah!

The Blasian Baddie battled in both Mae Young Classic tournaments, but never quite made it to the end. However, she more than impressed the WWE Universe and COO, Triple H. HHH rewarded Mia’s hard work with an NXT contract, but now the real work begins. Can Mia make an even bigger impression against the Cat’s Meow?

The bell rings and Aliyah is annoyed by the fans chanting for Mia. Mia and Aliyah tie up, Mia gets the hammerlock. Aliyah elbows out but runs into an arm-drag, and then another. Mia dropkicks Aliyah out and fans applaud. Mia brings Aliyah up but Aliyah hotshots her back. Aliyah runs and brings Mia down by her hair. Aliyah scowls as she drops elbows, then covers, TWO. Fans duel as Aliyah puts Mia in a half straitjacket and thrashes her about. Fans rally up and Mia feeds off the energy. Mia gets up and around to whip Aliyah. Aliyah slides to a stop to then turn around and take Mia down with a Thesz Press! She throws furious hands and covers, TWO! Aliyah is frustrated, but she keeps on Mia with corner forearms.

Fans continue to chant for Mia as Aliyah Northern Light Suplexes with a bridge. Cover, TWO! Aliyah is furious, but she goes back to the straitjacket. She makes it part clutch as fans duel. Mia endures so Aliyah shifts to a more grounded hold. Mia feeds off the rally and backs Aliyah down. She bumps her off buckles and gets free, then throws forearms of her own. Mia whips corner to corner but Aliyah slides again, but turns around into boots! Mia rallies and dropkicks Aliyah to a corner, then runs in for a helluva kick! Then the cannonball! She drags Aliyah out, reels her in, and feeds her Sole Food! Cover, Mia wins!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

Her first match in NXT is her first win in NXT! Mia is springing back from the Mae Young Classic, can she find her way to the Women’s Championship after Evolution?


William Regal talks with Bianca Belair.

But whatever he offered, it’s not good enough for The EST. He needs to treat stars like stars, and she’s a star. Bianca is Un-De-Fea-Ted, and she wants her title shot! He’ll take that into consideration. Regal is then interviewed in regards to Aleister Black’s appearance, and who Nikki Cross told him attacked him. Does Regal have any clue as to who Nikki named? No, but he knows Aleister will raise Hell to get to them.

But then the Undisputed Era come in and complain about what EC3 did tot hem. Regal needs to do his job and get his act together. Regal says they need to be the ones to get their act together. He saw what they did to EC3, so next week the War Raiders get Bobby Fish and Adam Cole. The Undisputed Era say Regal will regret this, but will they be the ones getting what they deserve?


The Lady of NXT speaks.

Lacey Evans is a Model Soldier, a US Marine, and vows to show the world what a strong woman can do. She’s elegantly arrogant but she does have a Woman’s Right backing her up. Lacey fights like a lady, and is what every woman wishes she could be. She vows to be a legitimate role model and the face of the company, and to never lose her manners. When will the Lady of NXT become the Women’s Champion of NXT?


The Pirate Princess sets sail for Evolution.

Kairi Sane won the inaugural Mae Young Classic, but the Queen of Spades got to the title first. However, they have battled back and forth, and now Kairi is on top. She sails on to continue her international legacy, but Bully Baszler is ready to make Kairi #TapNaporSnap. This feud between them is far from over, will Evolution bring us a fairy tale ending? Or will the Reign of Terror return for another round?


Kassius Ohno VS Justin Xavier!

The Knockout Artist has declared himself the gatekeeper of NXT, and vowed to toss aside any of the new “toys” that come to Full Sail. Will KO send JX back to Chicago?

The bell rings and fans say “Ohno’s gonna kill~ you~”! Xavier gets a headlock but Ohno just stands up and lifts him! Ohno powers out and Xavier throws a shoulder, but it doesn’t affect him at all. Ohno jokes with Xaiver, then pie-faces him. Things speed up and Xavier shows off his speed and agility, to stun Ohno with an elbow! Ohno whips but Xavier goes up and over, only to run into a boot! Xavier flounders around but Ohno runs in for another boot! Ohno throws a stiff right, then seethes as he fireman’s carries Xavier into a toss. He runs, to drop a BIG leaping leg drop!

Xavier scrambles to the other side but Ohno still doesn’t see what he asked for. “This ain’t what I asked for, Regal.” Xavier throws hands! And chops! And more haymakers! Xavier whips but Ohno comes back with another boot, then the back senton, then another senton! Ohno grits his teeth as he drags Xavier up. He wrings Xavier out, for the Dream Crusher! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

Ohno shows little mercy, but he’s still looking for someone. Wait, Nikki Cross appears? She’s not who he was looking for, but fans know “Nikki’s got a secret~!” “He’s coming! I know~! I know what you did~!” She laughs herself to the back again, but Ohno has no idea what she’s going on about. Ohno still wants what he wants, but will Regal give it to him?


Matt Riddle is on his way.

Strength, speed, and ferocity, bro. The King of Bros arrives next week!


William Regal heads to the ring!

The General Manager of NXT has promised big news for this year’s TakeOver: WarGames, and the time has come for him to share that news with the world. We’re just four weeks away, and Regal is here to name Tommaso Ciampa’s #1 contender. But speaking of, Tommaso Ciampa appears! The Psycho NXT Champion stands in his spotlight with his title, then paces as he says “With all due respect, sir, wipe that smug look off your face.” And don’t stare at the champ’s title. Regal came out here to make an announcement, so do it. But then Velveteen Dream appears!

The Patrick Clark Experience has his own mic, and tells everyone to hold the phones and stop the presses. The headliner is here! And The Dream has the scoop right here. The people don’t want a bunch of complaints, they want an Experience. But it’s not about the people, but about The Dream, and The Dream wants Regal to #SayMyName. But wait, Lars Sullivan appears?! The Leviathan, a mic in his hand, and wants everyone to be mindful where they are. They’re all standing in #SullivanTerritory! So Dream better move aside, because the Worst Nightmare is here, and that title belongs to him.

Ciampa clutches his precious while Dream speaks up. Dream understands Sullivan sees himself as a Nightmare, but when you’re talking to The Dream, please wear some pants. Sullivan laughs, then grabs Dream by the neck! But then Nikki returns and says “He’s coming! He’s coming!” Yes, Aleister Black is here! And he just broke through security!! BLACK MASS to that poor guy who got in his way! Aleister storms the ring and Ciampa runs away, so Black Mass for Sullivan! Aleister demands to know where “he” is, but then Aleister turns around into a SUPERKICK! From Gargano!! Full Sail call Johnny Wrestling an “A**hole!” as Gargano tells Aleister, “I’m right here.” So it was Gargano, Aleister! It was Gargano all along! What does this mean for WarGames?!



My Thoughts:

Wow! Pretty fun episode here. The Undisputed Era, mostly Cole, had a nice little promo to start, and then EC3 VS Cole was pretty good. EC3 going over only to get beaten down makes for good story between him and them, I’m betting EC3 teams with the War Raiders to face Strong, O’Reilly & Fish in THE WarGames match. Then maybe Cole gets his shot against Ricochet 1v1 for the North American Championship separate from WarGames. Mia VS Aliyah was decent, with only that corner boot looking sloppy because fans didn’t really react to it. Mia wins, obviously, because she’s a fan favorite and a great Face already. Depending on what happens with Evolution, Mia could make a case for herself and the Women’s Championship.

Kassius Ohno may have given us one of the best squash matches ever. He no sold Xavier’s early offense but then went along with the later stuff, only to just destroy Xavier to finish. Riddle debuts next week, I’m betting Ohno makes sure Regal has no choice but to make Ohno Riddle’s opponent for a WarGames TakeOver match. That match is going to be amazing. Then the entirety of Regal’s announcement, which he never got to give, was amazing. Except for Sullivan now having “LARS” on his tights. He was fine with plain red but oh well. Ohno may have destroyed Xavier, but Aleister annihilated the guards. And sadly, they did the obvious “It was me, Austin!” twist of making it Gargano, but it’ll be good for Gargano to try being Heel. I’m thinking Regal “changes” things and we get a Fatal 5 for the title.

My Score: 8.5/10

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