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Chairshot Classics: WCW BattleBowl ’93 – Ready! Set! BattleBowl!



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Open: Much like the past two Starrcade PPVs, a “Lethal Lottery” will randomly pair competitors together for preliminary tag team matches. The two winners from each match will be placed in the main event Battle Royal, with the last man standing being crowned the winner of BattleBowl. ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund & FiFi will be drawing the names tonight.

Match #1: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader & Cactus Jack w/Harley Race vs. Charlie Norris & Kane
Vader and Jack are not interested in getting along and they brawl on the entrance ramp before their opponents can even get to the ring. Race tries to get things under control. Kane comes in from behind and helps out Vader. Norris rushes down and he’s greeted with headbutts from the champ. Norris is tossed off the ramp while Kane and Jack duke it out between the ropes. Jack throws him into the turnbuckle. Outside, Race reminds Vader that he can’t go to BattleBowl if he doesn’t work together. Kane is dumped to the floor and Vader hits him with rights. Jack cuts Vader off from behind as this is his man.

He dumps Kane inside and Race is caught in between the foes who are forced to partner. Inside, a scoop slam by Kane on Jack and a tag is made to Norris. Big forearm and a whip to the ropes, Norris kicking Jack in the face. Jack comes back with headbutts, Vader reaches for a tag and Jack reluctantly obliges. Standing clothesline by the champ followed by a scoop slam. Vader to the 2nd rope and he hits a big splash. Norris is dumped to the floor and Vader follows. He holds Norris in place and lets Jack somersault to the floor. Back in the ring, Vader sends Norris down with all his weight. Tag is made to Jack who hits a leg drop.

He hooks the leg and Norris kicks out. He tries again, another kick out. Belly to back suplex by Jack and Kane forces the break. Norris is up first and he makes the tag. Kane clubs Jack over the back of the head, sends him to the ropes and hits a clothesline. Vader tries to sneak in, and he exchanges blows with Kane. Jack sends him for a back drop but it’s reversed with a boot. Tag is made to Norris who hits a vertical suplex on Jack. Norris hits a big boot and Jack tumbles to the floor. Kane attacks him on the outside, introducing Jack to the railing. Cactus rolls back in and eats some karate chops and a snap mare into a reverse chin lock from Norris.

Vader comes in to break the hold. A tag is made to Kane, Jack ducks an elbow an plants him with a double arm DDT. Both are slow to get up and tags are made. Norris with a chop from the top rope. He rushes the champ, but he’s too big and strong. Vader with a running splash and he calls for the power bomb. He lands it, Jack prevents Kane from interfering and the enemies move on together, staring each other down as their arms are raised.
Winners: Big Van Vader & Cactus Jack (Vader/Powerbomb)

  • EA’s Take: If you were going to put foes together as a team, this was a good choice to kick the show off. Norris was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy on multiple spots in this one, just one of a few good indications why he never got off the ground. Pretty unusual that Vader is opening your show here, but anything’s possible with BatleBowl, right? At least that’s the premise.

Match #2: WCW World Tag Team Champion Brian Knobs & Johnny B. Badd w/Missy Hyatt vs. Paul Roma & Erik Watts
Knobs and Hyatt lecture Badd, they want to see what he has so he’ll start against Roma. Collar and elbow, they circle and it’s broken on the ropes. Knobs is still on Badd’s case. Collar and elbow, side headlock by Badd, to the ropes, and neither can land a hip toss as they dance around with reversals. Collar and elbow, headlock by Badd, to the ropes, shoulder block by Badd. Roma leapfrogs, but down he goes with an arm drag. Badd cranks the wrist, Roma with a knee to the midsection.

Rights from the Horseman and to the ropes they go. Leap frog and a duck down before another arm drag by Badd. Knobs won’t get out of his ear and he’s tagged in. He ambushes Roma and throws him into the turnbuckle. To the ropes for a big clothesline, and he tells Badd that’s how you get aggressive. Forearm shots by the Nasty Boy. Roma ducks an elbow and gets Knobs with a back drop and a scoop slam. Standing drop kick and a tag is made to Watts who delivers a big knee and drop kicks him to the floor. Knobs rolls in and tags Badd. They shake hands and lock up, hammerlock by Badd quickly reversed but Badd scores with a hip toss. Double leg into a bridge by Badd and Watts kicks out at two.

Watts is up quickly and he grabs an arm bar before tagging Roma who comes off the top with an ax. Roma with a hammerlock/scoop slam combo and another quick tag is made. Double ax handle by Watts who stays on the wrist. An Irish whip but Badd moves out of the way. Carry over by Badd and a tag is made to Knobs. Watts is sent to the corner, an Irish whip with a follow up clothesline by Knobs who then drops an elbow. Forearm shots by Knobs. They hit the ropes and Watts avoids the clotheslines with two arm drags. Knobs goes to the eyes and tags in Badd. Collar and elbow, side headlock to the ropes. Badd avoids contact and hits a drop toe hold. Watts reverses the hammerlock on the mat.

Tag is made to Roma and they send Badd for a double elbow. Lateral press and Badd kicks out. To the ropes again and it’s Roma with a scoop slam. Missy Hyatt runs a distraction on the apron to avoid a pin being made. Side headlock takedown by Badd and he hangs onto it. Roma breaks it with elbows to the back of the head. To the ropes and Knobs trips Roma from the floor. Badd is hesitant to take advantage of it. Badd tags in Knobs who has no problem stomping away. He rolls him to the floor and the ref backs Watts back to his corner when he checks on his partner. Hyatt instructs Badd to cheapshot Roma but he doesn’t do it. Roma rolls back in and Knobs hits a vertical suplex. Roma kicks out at two.

Knobs locks in an abdominal stretch and tags in Badd. Johnny with a side head lock, he sends Roma for the ride and they collide with shoulder blocks. Badd is up first and he tags in Knobs. Scoop slam to Roma and he says this match is finished. To the 2nd rope, he tries a splash and Roma gets the boot up. Roma is blocked from making the tag and he hits an enzigure. He’s able to tag Watts who sends Knobs for an elbow, a clothesline and a scoop slam. Watts with a big elbow drop and he throws Knobs into the turnbuckle before laying in a big right. Knobs reverses the Irish whip, Watts comes back with a crossbody, Knobs uses the momentum to roll all the way over. He grabs a handful of tights and the team of Knobs and Badd advance.
Winners: Brian Knobs & Johnny B. Badd (Knobs/Roll-Up)

  • EA’s Take: Nothing overly exciting here, Badd is playing the role of the consummate babyface, absolutely refusing to take advantage of any foul play. You have to imagine that most of your belt holders will advance, so here comes Nasty Boy #1.

Match #3: WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal & Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat w/Sir William vs. The Shockmaster & ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff
Regal and Steamboat are not impressed with being partners while Orndorff deals with the “Paula” chants. The Dragon and Mr. Wonderful kick things off. Collar and elbow, side headlock take down by Steamboat. He holds it on the mat, Orndorff back to his feet. They hit the ropes and it’s a shoulder block by Steamboat. Orndorff almost DQs himself early by throwing Steamboat over the top rope. Dragon hangs onto the rope, lifts himself up and pulls Wonderful over the top with a head scissor. Vicious brawl ensues on the floor, they move it back to the ring, Orndorff heads for the top rope but Steamboat cuts him off with a shot to the midsection.

A knee to the skull and Steamboat covers for two. He moves into a reverse chin lock. Up to their feet and to the ropes. Orndorff tries a monkey flip but Steamboat stops short. Side headlock by Steamboat and they jockey for pinning position. Up to vertical, Orndorff with body shots and elbows to the head. Steamboat tries a chop but it’s Wonderful with the Irish whip. Steamboat leapfrogs and hits an atomic drop. Orndorff bounces off the corner with a back elbow and they both collapse. Regal finally gets his tag, but on the other side it’s Shockmaster. Collar and elbow and Shockmaster tosses Regal aside. Lord Steven ducks and works into a side headlock. Shockmaster picks him up and sets him on the top rope, petting him on the head.

Regal is furious. Shockmaster with a wristlock, broken by a knee and a European uppercut but that simply wakes Shockmaster up. Shockmaster reverses the whip, Regal tries a flying body press but he’s caught and slammed out of the air. A tag is made to Wonderful who isn’t happy about coming in. Shockmaster leads the Paula chants. Regal offers a handshake, Steamboat is ticked and telling Regal to just wrestle. Collar and elbow, Regal with the side head lock and works Orndorff down to his knees. Shoulder block by Regal, side headlock takedown by the champ and he holds him on the mat. To the ropes again, Orndorff with a leapfrog, Regal counters the hip toss. Orndorff tries a backslide and Regal kicks out. Regal slows things down again and offers another hand which angers The Dragon. Collar and elbow, Regal with a full nelson.

Orndorff reverses into one of his own. Regal grabs the ankle to escape and cartwheels across the ring. The partners continue to argue and Steamboat insists that it’s his turn. To the ropes, Steamboat tries a leapfrog, Orndorff catches him and hangs him across the top rope. Wonderful drives the knees into Steamboat’s kidneys, William insisting Ricky tag Regal back in. Side slam by Orndorff who follows with a scoop slam. He makes a reluctant tag to Shockmaster. He tries an elbow and Steamboat moves. Regal reaches for a tag but pulls back when Dragon tries to make it. Shockmaster puts their hands together and throws Regal over the top rope and in. Regal is driven into the corner. He tries an Irish whip but Regal makes him miss.

Wonderful tries to break up the pin, Regal moves and Orndorff elbows his own partner. Shockmaster is up, taking exception to this, but on the other end Regal and Steamboat have come to blows. Steamboat hits Regal in the head with Sir William’s umbrella. William yells at him and The Dragon chases him off. Shockmaster sees the supine Regal in the center of the ring so he drops a big splash and he and Orndorff advance.
Winners: The Shockmaster & ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff (Shockmaster/Splash)

  • EA’s Take: Surprising not to see Regal and/or Steamboat advance, but the end of the match ultimately sets up a challenge by Steamboat for the TV Title. Definitely the best match so far in terms of both work and story. Also of note, until covering the start of Regal’s WCW run earlier in this same year, I never realized Sir William was Bill Dundee. Still really odd to think about.
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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF Survivor Series ’90 – The WWF Thanksgiving Night Tradition!



Survivor Series 1990
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Looking back at the 1990 Survivor Series!

We’re getting closer to WWE’s annual November tradition the Survivor Series, so today we’re taking a look back at another previous event! The 1990 Survivor Series is primarily remembered for the mystery surrounding it, as two big, looming questions were finally answered. What was going to come out of the giant egg? Who was Ted DiBiase’s mystery partner?

Open: A video voiced-over by Vince McMahon plays, running down tonight’s card featuring teams captained by Hulk Hogan, Earthquake, The Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Sgt. Slaughter and more.

Match #1 – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Perfect Team (Demolition (Ax, Smash & Crush) & Mr. Perfect) w/Mr. Fuji & Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan vs. The Warriors (WWF Intercontinental Champion The Texas Tornado, The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) & WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior)
Animal tackles Smash and unloads with right hands to start us off quick, sends him into a right hand from Hawk, The Warriors play back and forth with Smash. Animal shoots him into the ropes for a back body drop, Smash sees it coming and delivers a big right, Perfect with one from the apron and Smash follows with a snap suplex for a count of 2.

He drives Animal into Perfect’s boot, tags him in and The Perfect One clubs away before bringing Smash back in. Animal reverses a whip into the ropes, plants Smash with a powerslam, then catches Perfect coming in with an atomic drop, Hawk enters the ring and follows with an inverted atomic drop and Warrior with a clothesline. Order is restored, Texas Tornado gets the tag and fires away with stiff rights, loses track of where he is in the ring and Ax gets the tag and clubs away. Tornado reverses a whip into the corner, gets him in the Iron Claw off the rebound, but Smash comes in to break the hold. The Warrior gets the tag, hits the ropes for multiple shoulder tackles, follows it all up with a splash and gets a count of 3. Ax has been eliminated.

Crush tries to ambush The Ultimate One after the pinfall, gets slammed for his troubles, Smash comes in and takes one too, Perfect getting clotheslined over the top. Crush takes advantage of the distractions, lays Warrior out with a clothesline and delivers heavy shots, Smash tags for a quick slam, tag back to Crush and he comes off the top with a knee drop that gets a 2 count. He buries fists into Warrior’s midsection in the corner, whips him across, charges in and meets a boot to the face, The Ultimate One exploding out with a clothesline. Hawk enters the match as Perfect gets a tag, Perfect gets right hands blocked and Hawk elevates him in the air with a choke, then flattens him with a clothesline.

He whips The Perfect One into the corner, Perfect stumbles and falls face-first into the turnbuckle. Hawk with a whip back across, rushes in for a spear and drives his shoulder into the ring post as Perfect moves. Smash gets the tag, drags him to his corner, brings in Crush and they beat Hawk down to the mat. Crush with a backbreaker, The Perfect One tags for a series of rights, quick-tags out to Smash and Hawk with a quick flurry, but gets taken down with a drop toe hold. Smash sends him into the ropes, misses a clothesline and Hawk scores with a shoulder tackle, drops a big fist and levels him with a clothesline.

He climbs to the top turnbuckle, comes off the top with a clothesline and covers, but Crush is in to make the save. Animal comes in to get a piece, LOD & Demolition brawl and the referee ends up taking a boot to the midsection, calling for the bell and disqualifying all 4 guys. Hawk, Animal, Smash & Crush have been eliminated. Mr. Perfect is now left all by himself in a 2 on 1 situation, The Brain offers some advice on the apron as Warrior steps in the ring. The Perfect One asks for The Tornado, Warrior obliges and makes the tag, Perfect ambushes him coming in the ring and takes him to the corner.

Tornado turns the tables, unleashes a flurry of right hands and sends Perfect flying to the outside, he slingshots him back in from the apron, then clotheslines him over the top on the other side. Perfect tries to regroup with Heenan, The Warrior comes around ringside and brings them closer together with a double noggin knocker, rolls The Perfect One back inside and tosses The Brain over the barricade. Back in the ring, Tornado shoots Perfect into the corner, charges in, Perfect side-steps and Texas Tornado goes shoulder-first into the post. Mr. Perfect takes advantage with heavy blows, stops a small flurry with a finger to the eye, drives him head-first into a turnbuckle that had become exposed and finishes Tornado off with the Perfect-Plex. The Texas Tornado has been eliminated.

We’re down to 1 on 1, The Ultimate One rushes in for a splash in the corner and misses, hits the exposed turnbuckle, Perfect scores with another Perfect-Plex, but the champion kicks out at 2. The Perfect One fires away with fists, lays him out with a standing dropkick and gets a count of 2. He pummels the champion with kicks and chops, irish whip into the ropes and levels him with a clothesline for a near fall and continues to dish out punishment. The Ultimate One starts to block some right hands, gets a rush of adrenaline and hits the ropes for multiple clotheslines. Back into the ropes he goes for a shoulder tackle, connects with the splash and wins the match.
Winner & Sole Survivor: The Ultimate Warrior

  • EA’s Take: Initially I thought to myself, “At least Kerry Von Erich and Perfect are part of the match”, as I knew with the participants this had the makings of a messy brawl. While it was not that messy it was certainly a brawl, even Perfect getting sucked into using very little wrestling holds. It’s a bit of an odd time as Ultimate Warrior didn’t really have any challenger for his WWF Title, joining forces with the LOD in their rivalry with Demolition. The rivalry would fizzle out before the end of the year and the LOD would focus on the tag team titles. As for Demolition, Ax would leave the company soon after this night while Smash & Crush would continue on, but also continue to be phased out. As for Mr. Perfect, he would regain the IC Championship by the end of the year, going in a seperate direction from The Texas Tornado.

Backstage: Sean Mooney is standing by with The Million Dollar Team. Jimmy Hart vows that they will surive tonight, conspicuous by his absence is Ted DiBiase’s mystery partner. DiBiase ensures Mooney that he’s in the building and everyone’s in for a big surprise. As for Koko B. Ware, he’s just another bird that will be plucked for Thanksgiving. Rhythm & Blues will take care of The Hart Foundation and Dusty Rhodes will be where he belongs, begging on his hands and knees for mercy.

Match #2 – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Dream Team (‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, Koko B. Ware & WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation (Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart & Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart) vs. The Million Dollar Team (Rhythm & Blues (The Honky Tonk Man & Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine), Million Dollar Champion ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase & The Undertaker) w/’Colonel’ Jimmy Hart, Virgil & Brother Love
Undertaker & Bret will kickoff the action, Taker with clubbing shots, shoots Hitman into the ropes, Bret ducks a right hand and gets caught by the throat, then slammed to the canvas. The Anvil gets the tag, hits the ropes for a shoulder and Taker doesn’t budge, tries it again and gets caught in a slam.

Koko gets a tag and hits the ropes for a crossbody, Undertaker side-steps it and The Birdman is hung across the top rope, Taker spiking him with a Tombstone Piledriver and Koko’s night is finished. Koko B. Ware has been eliminated. Bret steps in and looks puzzled by Undertaker, they tie-up and Hitman gets shoved into the ropes, rebounding off for right hands that have little affect, Taker casually tagging out. The Hammer & Dusty take the ring, collar & elbow tie-up, Valentine backs The Dream into the corner and fires away chops, Rhodes returning fire and bringing in Neidhart. The Anvil with a wristlock, hammers away at the shoulder, Bret gets the tag and works Valentine over in the corner.

He whips him across and follows in, meets a boot to the face, Honky Tonk enters the match and pummels away at the Hitman. Bret buries elbows to the midsection, hits the ropes and scores with a shoulder knockdown, back into the ropes and HTM buries a knee to the breadbasket. Neidhart gets a blind tag as Honky dances for the crowd, Hitman reversing an irish whip into the ropes, The Anvil steps in and catches Honky Tonk in a powerslam for a count of 3. Honky Tonk Man has been eliminated.

DiBiase jumps Neidhart after the fall, serves a plate of chops in the corner, The Anvil reverses a whip across and flattens him with a clothesline off the rebound. Neidhart slams him and brings in The American Dream, Rhodes with The MDM in the corner, reigning down right hands from the 2nd rope. Irish whip to the ropes, Dusty with a dropkick, brings The Anvil back in and they score with a double back elbow for a count of 2. Neidhart with a snap suplex for another 2, grabs a side headlock, gets pushed into the ropes and drops DiBiase with a shoulder. Back into the ropes he goes, Virgil grabs the foot causing a distraction, DiBiase clocks The Anvil in the back of the head with a forearm and gets the elimination. Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart has been eliminated.

The Hitman wastes no time stepping in and pounding DiBiase with right hands, drives him into Dusty’s elbow and tags out. The Dream with left hand jabs, The MDM goes to the eyes, shoots him into the ropes and levels him with a clothesline. The Undertaker re-enters the match, scores with a shot to the throat, Rhodes falls back into a tag and Bret takes a throat shot stepping in. Taker gets the Hitman in his corner, The Hammer tags for boots to the ribs, brings in DiBiase and Bret battles out of the corner with right hands, splitting The MDM with an inverted atomic drop. Dusty back in with heavy elbows to the top of the head, The MDM reaches Undertaker and regains control.

Irish whip to the ropes, Taker with a knee to the midsection, climbs upstairs, walks the top rope and connects with a clubbing blow to score the pinfall. ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes has been eliminated. Taker tosses Rhodes over the top to the outside after the 3 count, Bret ambushes him from behind, but Valentine is able to get the tag as Brother Love puts the boots to The Dream on the floor. Dusty finally gets his hands on him, but Taker clocks him from behind and they fight their way down the aisle, the bell rings and Undertaker has been counted out. The Undertaker has been eliminated.

Back in the ring, The Hammer is putting a number on Hitman, goes for the Figure Four, Bret counters into a small package and gets the 1-2-3. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine has been eliminated. We’re down to 1 on 1, DiBiase steps into the ring and Hitman fires up with fists, hits an atomic drop and The MDM spills out to the floor. Bret flies over the top with a slingshot crossbody, puts a beating on DiBiase and drives him into the ring post, then the steel steps. He tosses The MDM back inside, working him over in the corner with uppercuts and headbutts, DiBiase reverses a whip across and the Hitman goes hard into the turnbuckles sternum-first, MDM covering for a count of 2.

DiBiase delivers chops in the corner, whips Hitman across for a back body drop off the rebound, Bret sees it coming and goes to a backslide for a near fall. Into the ropes they go, DiBiase with a drop down and Bret collapses to the mat holding his knee. The MDM thinks it’s easy pickings now, Hitman was playing possum, gets a roll-up from behind and gains a 2 count. Virgil gets to the apron, ducks a right hand, holds Bret for DiBiase, Hitman escapes and Virgil gets dropped, Bret with a schoolboy and another near fall. He splits The MDM with a backbreaker, drops an elbow from the 2nd rope and DiBiase kicks out at 2. The MDM reverses a whip into the ropes, Hitman with a crossbody, DiBiase rolls through, hooks the leg and steals the win.
Winner & Sole Survivor: ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase

  • EA’s Take: This was much better than our opening contest, a lot more of a mix of styles. It would have been a big win for Bret, but with the format this year having all the survivors in the main event, you had to have some heels in there. Obviously the big takeaway from this is the debut of The Undertaker, as he was made to look very strong and had a character the like of which had never been seen before. After leaving WCW just two months prior, ‘Mean’ Mark Callous would work dark matches as Kane the Undertaker prior to debuting as Ted DiBiase’s mystery partner. He’d look to solidify himself as a Superstar in the coming months, dropping Brother Love in favor of a future Hall Of Fame manager. This would also mark a coming out party for Bret Hart, the office taking notice of how well the people were receiving him.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with The Vipers in the showers, a place that Damian enjoys. Jake Roberts talks about The Rockers looking to seek revenge on Power & Glory for tearing up Shawn Michaels’ knee. He tells us that Jimmy Snuka has been through many battles and as for himself, he may be showing the affects of taking Rick Martel’s Arrogance, but if his team dares to rattle his tree then Damian just might fall out of it.

Match #3 – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Visionaries (‘The Model’ Rick Martel, Power & Glory (Paul Roma & Hercules) & The Warlord) w/Slick vs. The Vipers (Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) & ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka) w/Damian
Jannetty & Warlord to get us going, Marty using his quickness to avoid Warlord’s grasp, sticking and moving with jabs. Warlord finally catches him in the corner, charges in and Jannetty hops to the apron to avoid it, slingshots back in with a kick and staggers the big man with a dropkick, tries another and Warlord brushes him away. Marty rolls to the apron, slides back in between Warlord’s legs, delivers right hands to Roma & Martel, then avoids Warlord rushing in and he collides with Hercules.

Michaels gets the tag, Jannetty with a sunset flip, Shawn takes Warlord down with a clothesline and covers for a count of 2. The Warlord pushes Michaels into his corner, The Model tags in, attempts to ram Shawn’s head into the turnbuckle, Michaels blocks and Martel gets driven in. Michaels grabs a side headlock, The Model pushes him off into the ropes, tries a hiptoss, Shawn flips to his feet and tosses Martel with one of his own, following up with a dropkick. He monkey flips Martel out of the corner, gets the tag to The Snake and The Model quickly tags out to Roma. Collar & elbow tie-up, Roma with a knee to the midsection, shoots Roberts into the ropes, leapfrogs over and turns around into a right hand.

Roberts goes to work on the arm, Superfly tags in and pounds on the shoulder joint, going to a wristlock and Roma rakes the eyes to little affect. Herc enters the match, gets a side headlock and is pushed into the ropes, scores with a shoulder knockdown, goes back into the ropes and Snuka with a knife-edge chop. Warlord re-enters the contest, Superfly hits the ropes and they collide shoulders, hits the ropes again for a clothesline, Warlord ducks it and slams Snuka, looks to follow with an elbow drop and misses. Snuka hits the ropes for a dropkick, Jannetty tags in and goes to a wristlock, Warlord with clubbing blows to the back to break the hold.

He gets Marty in a bearhug, Jannetty fights out of it, connects with a right hand off the 2nd rope, climbs back up for a crossbody, Warlord catching him into a powerslam and he gets a 3 count. Marty Jannetty has been eliminated. Shawn steps in and fires away with lefts and rights, Warlord reverses a whip into the ropes, catches Michaels trying to leapfrog over on his shoulders, Michaels countering into a hurricanrana and tagging out. Roberts works over Warlord with lefts and rights, the big man reverses a whip into the corner, The Snake rebounding out with a clothesline that merely budges him.

Warlord reverses another irish whip into the corner, follows in and takes a boot to the face, Roberts with another clothesline and Warlord finally goes down. Shawn tags in and makes the cover, gets powered to the outside off the kickout, Roma coming back in and dropping an elbow as Michaels slides into the ring. He stomps away at Michaels, hammering him with forearms, brings Warlord back in and he shoots Shawn in for a back body drop. Hercules tags and makes the cover for 2, sends Michaels into the ropes and turns him inside out with a clothesline. Martel with the tag, drops a knee for a count of 2, then pummels Shawn in the corner with double axe handles.

He cracks Michaels with a backbreaker for a 2 count, Roma in and he whips Shawn into the corner, turning him inside-out again, The Model with the tag for another 2 count. He sends Michaels across to the opposite corner, charges in and Shawn ducks away, Martel going shoulder-first into the ring post. Michaels crawls to a tag, Snuka comes in and hammers The Model in the corner, whips him into the corner and hits a back body drop off the rebound. Martel reverses a whip to the ropes, Superfly scores with a flying forearm, shooting The Model into the corner. Martel reverses it, Snuka jumps to the 2nd rope for a crossbody, The Model uses the momentum to roll through, grabs the tights and gets the elimination. ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka has been eliminated.

Roberts comes in and Martel looks to get away, making the tag to Herc and The Snake is frustrated. They lock-up, Hercules backs The Snake into the ropes, whips him across for a back body drop and Roberts counters with a kneelift. Jake calls for the DDT, The Mighty One bails out under the bottom rope and gets some words of wisdom from Slick before heading back inside. Martel holds a conference in the corner, Hercules gets a right hand blocked, Roberts fires back with jabs, The Model dropping The Snake with a clothesline from the apron. Roma gets the tag and slams Roberts, heads to the top rope and misses a fist drop, Michaels getting the tag.

Shawn whips Roma into the ropes for a jumping back elbow, Roma reverses another whip for a back body drop, Michaels sees it coming and hooks him for a vertical suplex. He comes off the 2nd rope with an elbow drop for a count of 2, ducks a right hand and splits Roma with an atomic drop, Hercules making a blind tag. Shawn lays Roma out with a flying forearm, Hercules dropping an elbow to the back of the head and taking back control. He unloads with the heavy artillery in the corner, shoots Michaels in and flattens him with a clothesline. The Mighty One drops Shawn off the military press, The Model comes in for a couple quick shots before bringing back Herc for clubbing shots to the back.

He props Michaels on the top turnbuckle, tags Roma, they connect with the PowerPlex and Roma gets the 1-2-3. Shawn Michaels has been eliminated. The Snake is staring at a 1 on 4 situation, Hercules takes the ring and corners Roberts, delivering boots to the breadbasket. Warlord tags in, whips Jake hard into the turnbuckles and locks in a bearhug off the rebound. Roberts goes to the eyes to break it, drops Power & Glory off the apron with right hands, Warlord with a shot to the back, attempts a slam and The Snake slips out, spiking him with a DDT. Power & Glory have the referee distracted, Martel grabs his bottle of Arrogance and sprays it in Jake’s face. Roberts goes over and pulls Damian out of the bag, chases The Model out of the ring and to the back, the referee counts to 10.
Winners & Sole Survivors: ‘The Model’ Rick Martel, The Warlord, Hercules & Paul Roma

  • EA’s Take: Decent match here that continued rivalries between Power & Glory and The Rockers, as well as Jake Roberts & Rick Martel. Snuka & Warlord were just used to fill out the teams as neither really had any kind of impact on television anymore. The Rockers’ feud with Power & Glory would quickly die-out as dissension would start to boil backstage between Michaels & Jannetty. Jake had his eyes (or should I say, eye?) set on Rick Martel after The Model sprayed some of his trademark fragrance in The Snake’s left eye, leaving him (kayfabe) partially blinded, Roberts wearing a contact that made his entire left eye whited-out. This was one of the company’s hottest feuds at the time, continuing into the coming year with Roberts still seeking to exact revenge.
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Classic Nitro

Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 22

Hogan vs Flair, Giant vs Savage!



WCW Monday Nitro

From the Canton Memorial Civic Center, in Canton, Ohio, WCW brings us Monday Nitro from January 29, 1996!

This show is advertised to feature Hulk Hogan taking on Ric Flair. There’s a tease about tension between The Dungeon of Doom and The Four Horsemen while The Road Warriors battle The Faces of Fear. We also are slated to see Randy Savage facing The Giant. Bischoff, McMichael and Heenan are on the call as usual.

Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is jerking the curtain? How often did this happen? Hogan is getting a sizable amount of boos at this point in 1996. Miss Elizabeth is back too, out in Hulk’s corner. Flair gets shoved a few times so Hogan can look strong to start the match, Flair goes for a couple of chops, but Hogan no sells them, hits a big back body drop and clotheslines Flair out of the ring and poses. Back in the ring, Flair chop blocks a leg to get his heat back after Hogan just ruined Flair’s offense by no selling. Finally Hogan sells the chops, but Flair goes to the top rope and gets tossed off as Hogan starts to come back until he eats a back elbow. Jimmy Hart tries to get involved but Hogan kicks him off. Hulk comes back with strikes a forehead bite because he’s a good guy. Outside the ring, Flair rakes the eyes to regain control and get back in the ring. Ric tosses him back out and Jimmy chokes Hulk with a bandana. Flair continues to work on the leg, hits a shin breaker and HOLDS ON! He locks on the figure four leglock in a sequence I’ve never seen, beautiful. Hogan reverses the hold and Flair gets to the ropes. Hulk blocks a suplex attempt and hits one of his own. Flair chops and strikes but Hogan no sells but his come back is cut off by a back elbow. Flair hits a stalling belly to back suplex, awesome, but only gets a near fall. Hulk starts to, well, Hulk up. Three punches, big boot and a leg drop. Arn Anderson with brass knuckles gets cut off by Hulk. Flair hits Hogan with Miss Elizabeth’s high heel shoe and gets the pinfall victory. Elizabeth and Savage checking on Hogan, who is selling the eye big time. Very stereotypical Hogan match, but it was given some good time to breathe.

Winner: Ric Flair via pinfall

Faces of Fear vs Road Warriors

Hawk and Animal get a huge pop, out in black and blue spikes, looking ready to dominate. This is a pretty typical looking LOD match. Animal is in early, with some shows of strength, then tags in Hawk. Hawk takes a little punishment then no sells a piledriver. Animal back in and eats some more offense from both of the Faces of Fear, seeming to work on the back. Barbarian hits a big back breaker, and Meng is back in with a camel clutch. Animal slams the mat a few times….isn’t that a submission? Apparently not, as Animal is sent out of the ring and into the barricade and turnbuckle by Barbarian. Meng hits a big dropkick, that was pretty impressive! Barbarian hits a big powerbomb on Animal but he kicks out at two. Animal sells a 2nd rope clothesline in a very strange way, falling forward. Barbarian tries it again but Animal clotheslines him and tags in Hawk. Hawk is on fire, striking both Barbarian and Meng before hitting a double clothesline on them. Barbarian puts Hawk up on the top rope and Animal goes for the Doomsday Device, but Meng pushes him off the top rope. Animal eats a piledriver, and Barbarian goes for another but Hawk comes off the top rope with a clothesline for a pinfall victory. Not the typical squash type match for the Road Warriors.

Winners: Road Warriors via pinfall

Mean Gene has Kevin Sullivan in the ring talking about the dissension between The Dungeon of Doom and The Four Horsemen with Hugh Morrus by his side. Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman come down and Sullivan says that Anderson should take care of Pillman. Anderson takes Pillman to task and tells him that all that’s left is tough love. Sullivan and Morrus attack Anderson and Pillman but Anderson fights back and clears out the Dungeon. Anderson tells WCW executives that he demands a match with Sullivan and Morrus, Pillman says he’ll get them out this mess since he got them into it.

Sister Sherri vs Madusa

Mean Gene is back in the ring with Sister Sherri and Madusa comes out and attacks Sherri with a cross body from the top rope. Sherrie comes back and wraps Madusa’s leg around the turnbuckle but Madusa comes back with a snap suplex on the outside of the ring. Bischoff is obsessed with calling these kicks silly martial arts type names like “back leg round kicks” and it really takes away from the action. Sherri comes back and goes up top, Madusa counters it and Sherri holds on to roll her up for the pinfall victory. Madusa snaps after the match, hits a german suplex that drops Sherri right on her head in an ugly landing. Madusa slams Sherri’s head in the mat repeatedly before the refs get control. That all looked rough.

Winner: Sherri via pinfall

WCW Heavyweight Championship
The Giant vs Randy Savage

Savage attacks Giant from behind with the belt before the match and one shot after the bell rings. The ref calls for the bell and there’s a disqualification. Ric Flair is out and attacks Savage before taking a big stalling suplex by The Giant. They knock the ref out and continue to work over Savage. Flair is directing Giant which is odd. Flair calls for the chokeslam and Giant obliges. Out comes Hogan with an eye wrap and chair, takes out Giant and the entire Dungeon of Doom as they come out. Flair grabs a mic and Jimmy Hart and The Giant join him and challenge Hogan and Savage. Flair challenges Savage for the World title in a cage and Giant challenges Hogan in an unsanctioned match in a cage for Superbrawl. Hogan and a ref are helping Savage out as the show closes.

Winner: The Giant via disqualification (title stays with Savage)

What a show this Nitro turned out to be. Entertaining with the story telling. The wrestling was alright, but the big factor was all the story progression here. They’re building to WCW Superbrawl, and we’ll see how that all goes down!

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