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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW SuperBrawl IV (1994) – Flair vs. Vader 2

Our weekly WCW Chairshot Classics series continues with SuperBrawl IV!

Open: Ric Flair has re-dedicated himself to getting into the best shape of his life in preparation for his rematch with Vader.

In The Arena: Johnny B. Badd is introduced for his opening bout with Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes. Badd comes down to the ring but Hayes is brought out in a wheelchair pushed by fellow Freebird Jimmy Garvin. ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund stops them for a word and he’s joined by commissioner Nick Bockwinkel. Hayes explains a shady story about how he was injured and sucks up to Bockwinkel. He’s unable to wrestle, Gene questions the legitimacy of his injury. Garvin presents doctors note, Bockwinkel is suspicious and he explains that there is a contractual obligation for the Freebirds. Garvin says he’s retired, but he’s told not for long, because he’ll have to take Hayes’ place soon. If he doesn’t do it, they’ll both be fined and suspended.

Match #1: Harlem Heat (Kole & Kane) vs. Thunder & Lightning
Kole takes a slap at Lightning. They exchange wristlocks and Kole flips into a hammerlock that’s quickly countered. It’s broken in the ropes and he checks in with Kane. Waist lock by Kole, Lightning reverses and takes him to the mat. He moves into a hammerlock on the mat. Kole breaks it with elbows and forearms. To the ropes and it’s Lightning with a hip toss, drop kick and an arm drag. Lightning hangs on with an arm bar. He snap mares Kole over and makes a tag. Thunder drops an elbow and grabs a headlock. They work into a top wristlock, Kole pulls him down by the hair but Thunder holds a hammerlock.

Kole is back to his feet and clubs out of the hold. Scoop slam and a tag is made to Kane. Quick strikes from the bigger brother and he sends him to the ropes, Thunder ducks clotheslines and hits him with a diving shoulder block. Kane is caught in a wrist lock and a tag is made to Lightning. Kane goes to the eyes and scoop slams him. He tries an ax handle, Lightning moves and goes back to the wrist. Kane uses the eyes to break it and tags in Kole, Lightning greets him with a hip toss and an arm bar. Tag is made to Thunder and they double team Kole for a knee lift. Deep arm drag by Lightning and he cranks the arm.

Kole breaks it with forearms, but he’s picked up for a scoop slam. Lightning hits the ropes, Kane cheapshots him and Kole clotheslines him over the top rope. Kole runs a distraction and Kane runs him into the steel. Lightning is rolled back in and double teamed by Harlem Heat. They use the top rope to choke the man. Kane lands a big clothesline, a lateral press earns him two. Tag is made to Kole and he scores with a crossbody elbow. Snapmare and a chinlock by Kole. A split screen appears to peer into Flair’s locker room, he’s getting ready for his World Title match with Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat. Back in the ring, Kole is brought down with a sunset flip but he’s able to tag Kane on the way down.

Quick tag back, Kane scoop slams Thunder but Kole misses with a top rope elbow. Tag is made to Lightning, he takes on both members of Harlem Heat. Drop kick to Kane and he sends Kole for a belly to belly suplex. Kane breaks up the pin and it’s a 4 man melee. Lightning catches Kole with a Victory Roll but the ref doesn’t see it. Kane rushes over and lays in a stiff boot to his ear, Kole rolls over and they pick up the win.
Winners: Harlem Heat (Kole/Kick)

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  • EA’s Take: Ho-hum way to kick off the show. Harlem Heat will blow up before long, but Thunder and Lightning can be described as “basic fare”. I mean…really? Thunder and frickin’ Lightning? Yikes.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is outside Flair and Vader’s locker rooms. There is heavy security with a team of police officers to protect any foul play from happening before the main event.

Match #2: The Equalizer vs. ‘Jungle’ Jim Steele
Equalizer rushes in, Steele ducks and hits two arm drags. Equalizer with a kick from the neutral position and he sends Steele to the turnbuckle. Jungle Jim blocks the next attempt and returns the favor. He cranks the wrist, ducks a clothesline and tries a schoolboy for two. Steele with an armbar but Equalizer breaks it with a knee to the gut. Equalizer grabs the arm but he’s monkey flipped and drop kicked. The big man doesn’t go all the way down. Irish whip by Steele, he tries another flip but Equalizer hangs on.

Aggressive strikes, a scoop slam and a leg drop by Equalizer and Steele is dumped to the floor. Equalizer pursues him and rams him into the apron. Steele is rolled back in and kicked around. Back breaker by Equalizer, lateral press and Steele kicks out. Equalizer locks in a bearhug, Steele desperate to fight out of it. Clubbing forearms across the back by Steele followed by an uppercut in the corner. To the ropes, Steele surprises Equalizer with a crucifix but he kicks out. Equalizer digs at the face but it’s counted off on the ropes. He drags the eyes of Steele across the top rope. Jim with some body shots, Irish whip but Equalizer gets his boot up.

Reverse chinlock applied by Equalizer, Steele stands up and once again Equalizer dumps him to the floor. Steele tries getting up on the apron but he’s met by a boot and a knee. He finally climbs up, drives his shoulder in the midsection. Atomic drop and a dropkick in the ring. To the ropes, Steele holds on to the top, boots Equalizer in the face and hits a clothesline. Irish whip to the corner. For the ride they go again, Steele ducks a clothesline and lands the Steele Trap, picking up the 3 count.
Winner: ‘Jungle’ Jim Steele (Steele Trap)

  • EA’s Take: Jungle…Jim…I get it. Lots of similar finishers have a variety of names, the RKO and the Diamond Cutter are practically the same, but I’m not the biggest fan of renaming a move as historically iconic as the Lou Thesz Press. Especially for a guy who is low on the card like this forgettable WCW blunder.

In The Arena: ‘Mean’ Gene promotes a WCW Hotline survey and he’s joined by Commissioner Nick Bockwinkeland Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat. He wants a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship this year. Flair has gone public saying he will give him that shot, but Bockwinkel confirms that even if Vader wins, The Dragon will get his shot.

Match #3: Diamond Dallas Page w/The Diamond Doll vs. Terry Taylor
Page hides behind the Diamond Doll, he tries to cheapshot Taylor, Terry ducks and cleans house. Spinning Karate kick by Taylor followed by a modified slam. Taylor grabs a wristlock and yanks at the arm. Page hits a right but Taylor boots him in the gut. Taylor with a mat submission, but Page gets to the ropes. He rolls out to regroup. Taylor pulls him back in the ring and flips him to the mat. Taylor twists the wrist, Page works to his feet and they hit the ropes. Sunset flip by Page and they reverse it on each other over and over again for two counts. Taylor goes back to work on the arm, they hit the ropes and Page eats a hip toss.

Page counters by kicking him away but it doesn’t deter Taylor. Terry with a clothesline but it’s Page with a big elbow. DDP stomps at the midsection and drops an elbow. Taylor meets the turnbuckle and Page dazes him with more elbows to the chin. Page stomps and taunts Taylor, he pulls him up for some headbutts and clubs the back of his neck. Taylor tries turning the table, Irish whip but Page catches him with a boot. Back drop by Page and Taylor is forced to kick out at two. Gut buster by Page and he lays in an elbow, he tries a cover but Taylor is in the ropes. Belly to back suplex by DDP and a cover, Taylor is up again.

Page goes for a cobra clutch, he works Taylor to the mat who has to make sure his shoulders aren’t down. Taylor works his way to his feet and he gets loose for a second but Page ambushes him with a clothesline. A kick to the ribs by Page, he tries sending Taylor to the turnbuckle, Terry blocks it but Page goes to the eyes. He pulls Taylor down by his hair and holds on with a headlock. Taylor gets up to vertical and he picks Page up with a belly to back suplex. Standing dropkick by Taylor, he sends Page to the ropes but DDP counters with a facebuster, Taylor kicks out. A modified chinlock is locked in by Page and he holds Taylor down on the mat.

Taylor hulks up to his feet, lays in some elbows, he ducks a clothesline and scores with a crossbody. Page is up quick and he knocks Taylor down with a closed fist. The ref lectures him, he tries a cover but it took too long. Irish whip by Page and he drives his shoulder into the midsection. Another Irish whip, Taylor moves away, DDP bounces backwards off the turnbuckle and he’s schoolboyed.
Winner: Terry Taylor (Schoolboy)

  • EA’s Take: Solid match, DDP continues to improve. He broke into the business as a manager and commentator, gradually worked his way into the ring and then became the poster graduate of the WCW Power Plant. Both these men are still very important to professional wrestling these days with DDP’s yoga program helping so many active Superstars and beloved alumni and Taylor currently working as a trainer for NXT.
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