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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (ending 11/11/2018)



They show a short back stage thing where Nino Hamburguesa gets a love letter from someone.

Maximo, Pimpinela Escarlate, and Mamba vs Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Mascara

You could not do this match or feud in any other country but Mexico. Pimpinela and Escorpion start and posture a lot. They throw a few strikes. Texano gets in with Mamba and there’s more posturing. Texano takes him down but he rubs his ass in Texano’s groin. Mamba slaps him which makes him fall out of the ring. Maximo and Mascara are in next and they do a ton of posturing too. They slap each other a bunch. Escorpion went to hold Maximo for a double team but he kept rubbing his crotch with his butt.

Mamba comes in and basically does a cat walk. The Mercenaries are disgusted. Mamba takes Escorpion out and feigns a dive then twerks. Texano is having none of it and now they’re all finally brawling. Mercenaries go to ram their heads but they get countered. The exoticos kiss them. Then Maximo does it again to La Mascara and he rolls him up. Maximo rolls up La Mascara for the win.

Post match Maximo emotionally grabs the mic. I think he asks Mascara to leave them and join them. But he kicks him in the nuts and they jump them. Mascara says he’s with the Mercenaries.

Winners: Maximo, Pimpinela Escarlate, and Mamba

Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Angelikal vs Mocho Coto Jr, Carta Brava, and Tito Santana

Carta Brava and Laredo Kid start out and trade some moves. Very quickly Angelikal and Vikingo hit hurricanranas to the outside, then all three of them do dives. Carta Brava must not like Vikingo because he didn’t get into position at all to catch him and Vikingo went flying and hit the floor. This kids always throwing himself around, I don’t know how he can move. Porde de Norte is now beating on them. A come back starts to get made and Vikingo hits a code breaker and holds Coto there, then Kid hits a 450 onto them. Ouch. Now they’re the ones doing the triple teaming. Porde de Porte are so stiff with their chair shots.

This is chaos, each member is taken out till Brava and Vikingo are in the ring and both hit each other with cross bodies. Now it’s Laredo Kid and Coto. Kid hits a flipping DDT but it gets broken up. Now Angelikal and Santana. Angelikal hits a hurricanrana but it’s broken up by a chair shot. Now they’re all just trading moves back and forth. Coto is on the outside with Santana and Vikingo and Angelikal just busts out a asai double moonsault. Holy cow, find a gif of that if you can. In the ring Brava goes to the top for the finishing move on Laredo Kid but he gets up and hits a modified Spanish Fly, which they called the Laredo Fly. It’s a Spanish fly but instead of being at your side, he hugs you then flips. Laredo Kid pins Carta Brava Jr with a Laredo Fly.

After the match Kid gets the mic and challenges them for their titles I believe.

Winners: Laredo Kid, Hijo del Vikingo, and Angelikal

Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Drago vs Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Kross, and Hijo Del Fantasma

Jeff Jarrett has an American mask on to cover his bald head. Wagner wants Jeff but Jeff doesn’t want him. There’s so much posturing but Jeff Jarrett’s involved so what do you expect. Fantasma and Drago start the wrestling portion of this match doing some quick moves but Kross and Clown come in. Kross shows off his strength catching Clown after a springboard move then choke slams him. Now Jeff comes in but Clown is able to make the tag to Wagner. Jeff has nowhere to run now and they exchange strikes.

Now it’s broken down into a brawl. Jeff and Wagner, Kross and Psycho. Fantasma and Drago in the ring. They all brawl around the ring for a few minutes. Kross does some very very impressive suplexes. Pscyho, Drago, and Wagner kick them all out of the ring and they do dives. Except Wagner. He gets Jeff in the ring to unmask him. He gets it off and Jeff sells it like a champion. Psycho Clown hits a falcon arrow on the table on Fantasma. Then dives on him off the barricade. Clown then breaks a mop over his back. A tower of doom spot is done and everyone is laid out except Jeff and Wagner.

Jeff tries escaping up the ramp. Wagner hits him on the stage. Blue Demon Jr comes from behind and starts beating up Wagner. They do a double suplex on the stage. In the ring Clown and Fantasma trade pins. Kross and Clown both fall out of the ring after a clothesline attempt. In the ring Drago does a pinning combination on Fantasma for the win. Drago rolls up Hijo Del Fantasma with a pinning combination.

After the match Drago reiterates his challenge for the Latin American title but Kross comes from behind to put a hurting on him. Jarrett just calls everyone trash after the match. Crowd is throwing drinks into the ring. How very WCW of them.

Winners: Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Drago

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