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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/7/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Division is in the UK! And the champion, Buddy Murphy, issued a challenge to the UK Division’s Mark Andrews! Will he regret being so bold?



  • Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis; Lucha House Party wins.
  • Lio Rush VS Josh Morrell; Rush wins.
  • Buddy Murphy VS Mark Andrews; Murphy wins.


Drake Maverick sets the scene for tonight’s episode.

Firstly, he congratulates The Heart of 205 Live, Mustafa Ali, for earning a Cruiserweight Championship match over The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese. And that championship match against Buddy Murphy will take place at Survivor Series!

As for tonight’s action, the Lucha House Party want retribution against both TJP and Mike Kanellis. TJP has been showing nothing but disrespect to the lucha trio, and Mike Kanellis hasn’t been far behind. These two team together for the first time ever, but will they get away with another win, and some masks?

Then in a crossover main event, NXT UK’s Mark Andrews will have a match with the champion himself, Buddy Murphy!


Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis!

Lince Dorado and Kalisto step up for their trio in seeking retribution for the disrespect the “Cruiser-Great” has shown them. The FilAm Flash ran to the only man, and woman, on 205 Live he felt would help him, and they accepted his premise for an alliance. Will this team of convenience work well together? Or will the Golden Lynx and Lucha Dragon take the win and the masks back?

The bell rings and TJP starts with Kalisto. They go around and tie up. Kalisto gets TJP into a corner, and backs off cleanly. TJP goes after the mask! Kalisto kicks him away then whips but TJP reverses. TJP drops down, but Kalisto hops on and says “giddy-up!” TJP stands up with a look of anger and humiliation, but Kalisto has a smile and a dance. They go again, Kalisto slides under and rolls back to wheelbarrow arm-drag TJP down. The “Lucha! Lucha!” chants start, and Kalisto dropkicks TJP down. Tag to Lince, and the luchadores work together for the elevated Kalisto splash, and Lince planking splash! TJP scrambles to Mike for both a tag, and maybe some reassuring hugs. Mike runs in, but both luchadores are ready with double uppercuts! Then double clotheslines send Mike out!

Mike scrambles over to TJP now, but both luchadores build speed! But just for a double fake out! Kalisto and Lince handspring for double flexing! Maria is furious for her husband, but fans love the LHP. Mike hurries back in and kicks Lince low. He uppercuts Lince to a corner, then stomps a mudhole into him. Mike dedicates this to Maria, but Lince throws haymakers! Lince whips corner to corner but Mike reverses. Lince goes up and over, then handsprings and slides under, to then tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick! He arm-drags Mike into an armlock! The matracas make noise but Maria is furious. Mike gets up and powers Lince back. He breaks at the rope but TJP gets in a cheap shot! TJP tags in and throws hands on Lince. He slingshot sentons on Lince then covers, TWO! TJP drags Lince up to trip him up, and tag to Mike.

TJP flings Lince forward, then Mike drops an elbow. Mike goes after the mask, then stomps away on Lince. He drags Lince into a corner and takes time to soak up the heat. Mike whips Lince and hits a corner clothesline. He blows a kiss to fans before whipping Lince corner to corner again. Mike hits another corner clothesline, then runs for a boot! Cover, TWO! Maria is furious again but Mike tags in TJP. TJP stomps Lince around then snapmares him into a chinlock. The matracas start up again and it annoys Maria. Fans rally up with the noise, though, and Lince gets up. Lince fights back but is put in a corner. TJP runs in but misses! TJP tumbles down so Mike goes after Lince. Mike misses and Lince hits a triangle dropkick! Lince is alone in the ring and heads for the LHP corner.

TJP intercepts Lince’s leap! Lince pushes him away, hot tag to Kalisto! Springboard crossbody for TJP, forearm for Mike, springboard corkscrew for TJP! Kailsto handsprings to dodge, then gives kick after kick! Kalisto whips but TJP reverses. TJP runs in but Kalisto dodges. Mike tags in as Kalisto rolls up TJP for the school boy kick! Kalisto fires up, but Mike trips him up and yanks him out. Mike throws Kalisto into the barriers with a Russian leg sweep! He puts Kalisto back in and covers, TWO! Mike knees Kalisto down as Maria coaches him on. Mike puts on a rear bearhug and Kalisto endures. Fans rally up, and Kalisto gets to his feet. Mike clubs him down, then back suplexes. Kalisto fights back, wheelbarrow to DDT! Both men are down, and the matracas start again. Hot tags to TJP and Lince!

Lince climbs up and hits a crossbody! He rallies with kicks, then CHOPS TJP off his feet! Lince handsprings to capoeria kick. Mike runs in but for a flapjack! Lince gets Mike out, then dodges TJP in the corner. SUPERKICK drops TJP, springboard moonsault to another! But Lince isn’t done there, he goes up high for a BIG moonsault! Cover but Mike breaks it in time! Maria is relieved, and now Mike and TJP double whip. Lince handsprings to double Golden Rewinds! The fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” as the LHP go up on opposite corners, for the DOUBLE ASAI! They hit both TJP and Mike down and get TJP in the ring.

Lince runs in corner to corner for the bronco buster! Lince wants the inverted DDT but TJP drops down for a kneebar! Mike keeps Kalisto down as TJP grapevines. Kalisto gets free and breaks the hold in time! Kalisto then dumps Mike out, dodges TJP to DIVE on Mike! Lince springboard sunsets TJP, TWO and TJP gets the mask! TJP has unmasked Lince again! Well, actually, Lince had a spare! Huricanrana to pin! Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, Lince Dorado pinning

TJP got outsmarted, and the LHP get even! Maria keeps Mike and TJP calm, saying she’s got this. They’ve still got the other masks, but where and when will they be back for more?


Cedric Alexander trains in the WWE Performance Center.

Steve Corino puts the former Cruiserweight Champion through his drills, then has Alexander look through the footage. But then, in walks the Man of the Hour, Lio Rush. Lio laughs at what he sees, but what does he want? To see if the rumors were true, and they are. Alexander lost his confidence, so now he’s back in school training with rookies! Alexander says that if Lio ever stopped caring about carrying Lashley’s bags, and actually did some training, maybe Lio would be champion. Lio knows what Alexander wants. Alexander wants to be champion again, but that’s not happening here. He needs a marquee match with the 23 year old piece of gold. Oh that’s what Alexander needs?

Lio says Alexander should think it over, but if he wants to find Lio later, he’s not a hard man to find. That is, if Alexander gets out of class on time. Lio laughs his way back out, but the match has been made for next week! Will the Age of Alexander rebuild itself on top of the Man of the Hour’s reputation?


Lio Rush VS Josh Morrell!

Speaking of the Man of the Hour, he’s still in Manchester because he #CametoCollect his own paycheck for Cruiserweight action. Lio is still undefeated in 1v1 action, but he seems to be taking everything to easy. Will he be caught off guard by Manchester’s own? Or will he still be at the top of his game without even trying?

The bell rings and Lio doesn’t see what’s so great about his opponent. However, Morrell dares Lio to “cross the line”. Lio takes Morrell up on the challenge, and they tie up. Lio gets a wristlock, but Morrell rolls, cartwheels, handsprings and throws Lio! That definitely surprises Lio. Things speed up, and Morrell somehow keeps pace. Lio stops on a dime but Morrell catches Lio’s kick. Morrell keeps out of reach, flips Lio back, and enziguris Lio to a corner! Morrell whips Lio but Lio reverses. Lio runs but into a boot! Morrell hops up but Lio enziguris Morrell out of the ring! Lio fetches Morrell and throws him into the barrier!

Lio has a temper and he uses it on Morrell by stomping in a mudhole! The ref backs Lio off, but Lio leaps in for a cannonball! Lio drags Morrell up, whips him around to reel him into a drop toehold, and Morrell hits buckles face first! The ref checks on Morrell, but he’s somehow okay. Morrell flounders around, fans call Lio names but Lio ignores them. He climbs up top, and hits his Final Hour frog splash! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The win streak continues, but Lio had to put in some work. He takes up the mic to dedicate his victory to a man that truly inspires him. That man is Cedric Alexander. Ever since Alexander lost the Cruiserweight Champinoship, he’s been in a slump. So what Alexander did was go back to the WWE PC, to his roots. To be honest, Lio isn’t mad. Lio actually respects that. Because Lio knows “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Alexander’s working hard, that much is true.

But Lio reminds everyone that there is absolutely no one, and that means NO ONE, that works harder than Lio Rush! If Alexander thinks he’s getting back up on his high horse at the expense of the 23 year old piece of gold, he’s sadly mistaken. Lio promises that the #AgeOfAlexander meets its Final Hour. “Tick tock, Cedric, tick tock.” Will Alexander’s time be up? Or are the days of Lio’s undefeated streak numbered?


205 Live takes at the UK Cruiserweight crossover star, Mark Andrews.

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving rockstar wrestles not only to put the UK on the map, but also Wales on the map. Andrews vows to make Wales proud in both NXT UK and the Cruiserweight Division, but will he face a mountain too big to climb in the Aussie Juggernaut?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

The Beacon of Light knows that at first “they called me a ‘maybe’. Today, they call me the Heart of 205 Live.” At Wrestlemania, he was so close to being called champion. That slipped through his fingers, but he’s scratched and clawed his way back to this chance. He and Buddy Murphy have gone back and forth all year, but this time, nothing will slip past Ali. No one will see Ali as a “maybe”, because this time they will call him champion. Survivor Series may pit Raw against SmackDown, but who will come out atop 205 Live?


Buddy Murphy VS Mark Andrews!

The champion wanted something big for his first match since winning the title at Super Show-Down, and issued a challenge to the best Cruiserweights in NXT UK. The Juggernaut says he looks forward to another go with the Heart of 205 Live, and the High-Fiver Stage-Diver is a great tune-up for Murphy. Murphy claims that in the real world, the bad guy always wins, and he’s the biggest and baddest around! Will Andrews learn before Ali that there really is no stopping the unstoppable?

The bell rings and Manchester is behind #Mandrews more than Murphy. The two circle and Murphy corners Andrews. Andrews can’t get away, so he grapples with Murphy. Murphy brings Andrews down with strength, but Andrews gets up. Andrews rolls and hooks Murphy’s leg. Murphy throws Andrews off and has him back down. Andrews handsprings up and goes for the legs again, but Murphy brings him down again. Fans rally and Andrews gets up again. Andrews spins around and gets a wristlock. He still tries to bring Murphy down but Murphy breaks free to snapmare. Andrews lands on his feet and grins at Murphy. Murphy sweeps the legs and covers, ONE.

Andrews wants a sweep but his arms aren’t strong enough, so he uses his legs! Andrews moonsaults but lands on his feet when Murphy moves. Fans applaud this close match-up, and even Murphy smirks. Murphy then tosses Andrews to a corner! Andrews gets out and chops, but Murphy isn’t bothered. Andrews tries to arm-drag but Murphy blocks. Murphy whips and then bounces Andrews off his shoulder! Andrews is shocked as he rolls out of the ring. Murphy goes out to chase Andrews, they end up back in the ring and Andrews goes for a headscissors. Murphy blocks, but Andrews sunset flips, TWO! Andrews was close to getting one over on the champ. Andrews slides under to then enziguri Murphy! Murphy bails out, but Andrews builds speed, to FLY! For headscissors! Fans fire up as Murphy hits the floor.

Andrews brings Murphy up and into the ring. Andrews hurries up top, but Murphy gets up. Murphy jumps under Andrews, then catches his tilt-o-whirl for a long dart into buckles! Andrews checks his teeth while Murphy catches his breath. Murphy stalks Andrews back into the corner, then throws him across the ring! Murphy brings Andrews up and shoves him to ropes, for a forearm to the back on the rebound! Fans still rally for Andrews as Murphy stalks him. Andrews hits back but Murphy rocks him with a right. Murphy throws Andrews across the ring again, then looms over him. He drags Andrews up for elbows to the head, then covers. TWO, but Murphy wraps on an armlock. Murphy grinds his forearm into Andrews’ face, but fans rally up.

Andrews endures as Murphy drives elbows into the neck and chest! Cover, TWO, so it’s back to the armlock. Andrews continues to endure, and works his way out of the hold. He stands up and gives Murphy a jawbreaker! Andrews is free, but Murphy pops him right up onto his shoulders! Andrews uses that for a Reveres-Rana! Murphy tumbles out of the ring while Andrews rests in the ring. Fans fire up as Andrews builds speed. Andrews DIVES! Murphy is blasted over the announce desk! Andrews grits his teeth and gets up to leap over the desk! He throws hands on Murphy, then chases him to ringside. Murphy throws Andrews in, but Andrews gets him back with a basement dropkick! Andrews fetches Murphy, and rocks him with a right.

They go around the corner, and Andrews uses the steel steps to launch for a cannonball senton! Fans fire up as Andrews gets Murphy up and into the ring. Andrews hurries up and springboards, but into a pumphandle! Murphy lifts but Andrews wheelbarrows to victory roll and double stomps! Then standing corkscrew moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Murphy survives to Andrews’ surprise. Andrews walks over but Murphy puts him on the apron. Andrews kicks back then slingshots for a sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Murphy stirs while Andrews catches his breath. Andrews throws forearms, but Murphy fires his strike fest! Murphy’s knee misses but he boots Andrews to a corner.

Andrews enziguris, then hops up! Murphy tucks him in, but misses his superkick! Andrews mule kicks Murphy, then quebrada to tornado, but Murphy blocks the DDT! Suplex, Andrews tries a huricanrana, but Murphy blocks that into a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!? Andrews survives and now Murphy is surprised, but fans are loving this! Both men are down but Murphy sits up first. Murphy toys with Andrews but Manchester rallies up. Murphy suplexes but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews hurries to the top rope, Shooting Star gets knees! Murphy hits a knee trigger! Then pumphandle, Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The champion rolls on towards Survivor Series and his familiar foe in Mustafa Ali! What will it take to stop the Unstoppable?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of 205 Live here. TJP and the Kanellises work together well despite losing, but I was glad to see they did a “mask under a mask” spot like that. Their feud hopefully ends with the Lucha House Party actually getting those stolen masks back, since the Heels still hold one of each. It was a clever choice for Lio to have a tougher time with his jobber opponent tonight, to make a point of the very quote he used. Alexander VS Lio next week should be an amazing match, and I can’t be sure which way it should go. Chances are, Lio will win to keep his undefeated streak going while perpetuating Alexander’s crisis of confidence story. It’d be too soon after Maverick told Alexander last week that he only gets his title rematch when he’s ready, for Alexander to suddenly win such an important match.

Just as I was wondering, we learn that the Cruiserweight Championship will be defended at Survivor Series so that there’s a chance something changes the status quo that Sunday. Murphy VS Andrews was a great match tonight, and another sign that there could be crossovers between divisions. If Lucha House Party can be on Raw for their tag team division and NXT/NXT UK stars can be on 205 Live for Cruiserweight action, maybe one day we can actually get a story where someone is a champion on multiple WWE programs.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AJPW Dream Power Series 2019 Results & Review (3/19/2019)

Mathew shows us some power! AJPW puts together a card that could rival anything all year. Does it live up to the expectations?



Mathew shows us some power! AJPW puts together a card that could rival anything all year. Does it live up to the expectations?

Welcome back to AJPW! We’re gonna talk about the last big show before this year’s Champions Carnival coming up in early April as we have a few title matches in this show that I couldn’t resist wanting to cover it.

We got some dealing with revenge along with one trying to make history. How’s this year’s Champions Carnival gonna shape up?

Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette


Six Man Tag Team Match
Atsuki Aoyagi, Danji Tamura, & Hokuto Omori vs. Evolution (Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, & Yusuke Okada)

Review: Our opening contest is a six-man tag team match with our young lions, Atsuki Aoyagi, Danji Tamura, and Hokuto Omori taking on three members of Evolution, Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, and Yusuke Okada. Going up against three people from the junior division is a fair start to have them all fight each other in this tag bout and a better view of how the young guys are doing. Will Evolution school the young boys or will they somehow get one of the biggest wins in their starting careers?

As I’ve said, this match is mostly to showcase our future talent as they fight the vets of the game in the junior division. I do gotta admit that these three have definitely improved in the ring as they’re shaping up to be some of All Japan’s finest students. Evolution held off on their own and I’m glad they were their opponents for this match since they’re very easy to work with. Another thing I loved about the match is that they had a good amount of time instead of just being less than five minutes like how most matches will do. Yusuke and Hokuto are in the ring now and Yusuke would hit him with a Brainbuster for a two count and would quickly apply a Boston Crab onto him and Hokuto struggles to get to the ropes and once he does, Yusuke pulled him back in and would lock it in more as he would tap out to give Evolution the victory in a solid match.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half


Six Man Tag Team Match
Jun Akiyama, TAJIRI, & Ultimo Dragon vs. Black Menso-Re, Masanobu Fuchi, & Takao Omori

Review: We got another six-man tag team match here as Jun Akiyama, TAJIRI, and Ultimo Dragon will be taking on Black Menso-Re, Masanobu Fuchi, and Takao Omori. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Ultimo Dragon wrestling in All Japan, so I’ll never complain to see him in the ring. This is another match with the vets and Manso-Re for being a punching bag as it’ll most likely be a comedy style match. Which one of them will win?

Menso-Re starting with Ultimo Dragon as he wanted him first, but TAJIRI would slap Menso before the bell would ring and we would kick it off right now. They would do a little bit before Jun and Takao get tagged in, but we all care about TAJIRI and Fuchi getting tagged in now as Fuchi would try to get his hands on him. TAJIRI would be the sneaky heel with leaving the ring to sit with the crowd so he could avoid contact in the match. TAJIRI would get back in the ring only to tag in Ultimo as the crowd would just boo TAJIRI. Fuchi would do his antics with the punch to the forehead as the crowd eats it up but everything would backfire on Fuchi as he would miss a Dropkick to make the crowd boo Ultimo which is a shocker. Ultimo would kick Fuchi and attempt an Asai DDT but Fuchi would turn it around to a Backslide as Ultimo would kick out. Both TAJIRI and Jun would both make Fuchi miss a Dropkick and taunt him right after to make the crowd boo them. Ultimo would get Fuchi in the La Magistral and he gets the win for his team in a rather entertaining match.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a quarter


Tag Team Match
NEXTREAM (Yoshitatsu & Yumi Aoyagi) vs. Sweeper (Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai)

Review: Our next match here is a tag team match as NEXTREAM members, Yoshitatsu and Yuma Aoyagi will be taking on members of Sweeper, Jake Lee and Ryouji Sai. Since Naoya is no longer Yumi’s partner, he’s gonna be paired off with Yoshitatsu this time around. Since all four of them are in the Champions Carnival, a win for either of them would give them some momentum leading to the tournament. Which one of these two teams will win and what will be the future payoff?

It seems like Yoshitatsu has a little gripe with Jake Lee in this match as he seems to be disgruntled when he was in the ring with him, especially when Jake would just best him during the first sequence with the chaining. Ryouji and Yuma are in the ring now and Ryouji with a series of kicks in the match and have him in a submission before Yoshi would break the hold and just stared at Jake again. Yuma is really growing out on his own as an individual and you can see that when he’s not partner with Naoya. Yuma would have Jake in a Headlock but Jake would attempt a Backdrop Driver as Yuma flipped it into a Crossbody as Jake kicked out at two. Once Jake kicked out, Yuma would try to turn the pin into a European Clutch as Jake kicked out at 2 as even the referee was shocked by this. Yuma would run into him as Jake kneed him in the face and hits him with a Backdrop Driver as he pinned Yuma for the victory.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Six Man Tag Team Match
Atsushi Maruyama, KAI, & Zeus vs. Bomber (Dylan James & Joe Doering,) & Francisco Akira

Review: We have another six-man tag team match taking place as Atsushi Maruyama, KAI, and Zeus team up to take on Dylan James, Joe Doering, and Francisco Akira. KAI recently failed at Dragon Gate to win the Open the Twin Gate Championships, so he could at least try to win for his team but I think Zeus has a lot on his plate when it comes to their opponent since Dylan James and Joe Doering are a strong team to beat and wants to try and look powerful leading into the Carnival. Which one of these two teams will win the match?

Zeus and Dylan would charge at each other right away to test their strengths with also some chops and a test of strength as the two appear to be evenly matched, which is no surprised. KAI gets tagged in and he calls Joe to get tagged in since he wants to fight him as Dylan honors that request and lets Joe have a turn on the fun. Joe would start to make him regret that decision as he had the upper hand on him at first but KAI would hit a few Dropkicks on him but Joe still wouldn’t go down as he tackled him and went for an Elbow Drop before KAI moved and quickly tagged in Atsushi. The juniors get a turn on the fun as Francisco showed more of his impressive ability. One problem I had with the match was that the last few minutes are incredibly sloppy with Atsushi missing most of his kicks to Joe in the corner, Francisco slipping on his Moonsault to the outside, which he thankfully caught himself and redid it again. The finish would be with Joe hitting Atsushi with the Powerbomb and it looked like he got knocked out as he took the pinfall despite his shoulder being kinda up, so it looked botched but the referee still has a job to do as Joe just left the ring and walked to the back possibly frustrated.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


World Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Koji Iwamoto (c) vs. Kotaro Suzuki

Review: Our first title match of the show is Koji Iwamoto defending his Junior Heavyweight Championship against Kotaro Suzuki. The two fought each other in the A Block of the Junior Battle of Glory Tournament where Kotaro defeated Koji in the match but would eventually fail to win as Koji would actually be the one to win it all. Koji decided to defend the title against Kotaro since it was only fair due to him winning the match and wants to avenge that loss. Will Koji be able to retain his title again or will Kotaro get the upper hand on him again?

Kotaro showed no mercy to the champion as fought him to the outside and Slingshots him into the turnbuckle post and DDT’s him face first into the mat as you hear the loud thud and damage has been done to Koji. Kotaro has beaten Koji before so he knows what he has to do to try and defeat him again as he worked on Koji’s neck a bit during the match and gets the heat from the crowd. I know Kotaro is a Freelancer and is mostly at NOAH right now due to being a champion there, I hope he does stick around a little bit longer since I feel like the division could really use him as he’s a very talented individual. Koji would try to outrun him after he dodged him to the outside and it appeared as if Kotaro would botch but he quickly caught himself and dived to the outside to land on Koji, getting the better of him again.

Koji would finally be able to get a comeback as he hits an STO onto the ring apron to knock Koji down and most of the time, he would try to hit the Koko no Geijutsu but Kotaro would hold his ground to make sure he wouldn’t hit it but Koji would be able to deliver a German Suplex and a Dragon Suplex. Kotaro would land a few punches before Koji tried to hit the move again, but Kotaro would hold his ground again and kick his leg out to work on his neck before landing Gory Bomb Special and tops it off with the La Magistral for the pin and Koji would kick out various times whenever Koji would try to roll out of it and was so close to having a new champion. Koji would just use this time to hit a couple of STO’s in a row to weaken him down a bit. Koji would go for it again but he catches him for a Back Suplex to save himself a bit. Kotaro would now hit not one but two Excaliburs onto him to try and end it as Koji would somehow kick out of it again. It all came down to his as Koji would attempt the Koko no Geijutsu again as Kotaro would stop himself to pin him for a two count and they both would spin around as Koji would hit it this him but he picked him up to hit the Koko no Geijutsu properly this time and pins him to retain the title! After the match, various people from the junior division would come out and it looks like they all want a shot at the Junior Heavyweight Championship but Koji would have to pick one of them to be his opponent. It does look like, however, that Koji doesn’t have a clear opponent right now as he left the ring but I guess we’ll see soon.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


World Tag Team Title Match
Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) (c) vs. Violence Giant (Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama)

Review: Our next title match for this show is Strong BJ defending their titles against the team that they defeated them for, The Violence Giant. Strong BJ defeated them on January 13th to win the titles and after they retain their titles on the February 24 show, Violence Giant requested a rematch to bring the titles back home on their turf this time instead of the BJW show. If it’s anything like their previous match, it’s sure to be hard hitting and a not miss. Will Strong BJ remain on top or will Violence Giant bring the belts back home?

Shuji and Daisuke would be the ones to start off our match here with an incredible display of power as the two were unable to budge and they would tag in their respective partners. Suwama and Yuji were both also very hard-hitting as they would now fight outside of the ring as these two teams are making it personal. Strong BJ has been doing great work during this rivalry with the Violence Giant and they would even give Suwama a big beatdown but the former ace would even try his best to fight them off, even when he was on the corner and would kick Yuji to show his fighting spirit. Suwama would hit a Dropkick to save himself for a little bit and would tag in Shuji for the hot tag and Shuji does indeed come in hot with his Lariats, knees, anything he can throw along with the kitchen sink.

Yuji would brawl with Shuji to deliver some chops while Shuji would give him a couple of forearms and a headbutt to try and daze him but Yuji is pumped up and slams him down with a few Lariats. Once Yuji would hit another Lariat to Shuji, he would kick out at one that time around before getting hit with another one with a two count. What’s it gonna take to take Shuji down for good? Yuji would get to the top rope to hit the Splash and it looks like this could be it but Suwama would break the pinfall to save his partner. Strong BJ would have them up for the Torture Racks but they would get down for Suwama to hit a Back Suplex while Shuji hits a Dragon Suplex. Shuji is alone with Yuji again and would hit another Dragon Suplex and a Running Knee to get him out for another two count, he was so close! Shuji would pick Yuji up real quick for the Fire Thunder and goes for the pin as Daisuke breaks the pinfall this time around as Suwama would get Daisuke out of the ring. Shuji knew what he had to do to try and end it as he hits the Giants Slam and pins Yuji to win back the titles! Hell of a match and definitely topped their previous encounter at BJW. I would love to see Violence Giant get a fair and dominating run with this reign, can’t wait to see where this goes now.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a half


Triple Crown Championship
Kento Miyahara (c) vs. Naoya Nomura

Review: This is our third title match and the main event of the show as we have Kento Miyahara defending his Triple Crown Championship against former NEXTREAM member, Naoya Nomura. On the February 24th show, Naoya Nomura would defeat Dylan James in a singles match and Kento Miyahara would have his second successful title defense against Suwama. After Kento would defeat Suwama, Naoya would come in to make the challenge to his stablemate and announce his departure from the NEXTREAM group in the process, leading him to also vacate the All Asia Tag Team Championship with Yuma Aoyagi. Kento is now 30 years old and while it’s his third title defense in this run, this will be his first time defending it while no longer in his twenties. If Kento can defeat Naoya, he’ll be the champion leading into the Champions Carnival and won’t defend the title until the tournament is over. Will Kento be able to retain it once again or does Naoya pull the surprise victory?

Kento came in here with a plan since he knew what he was gonna do to Naoya once he challenged him to this match, he didn’t wanna go easy on him despite being former teammates but he wants to see how badly Naoya wants the spotlight on him. They were fairly matched during the lock-up part of the match and they would start to fight outside for a little bit as Naoya would get Kento down as he taunts him when he got back in the ring. Naoya would hit him with a big forearm before going onto the apron to jump and Kento catches him with a knee and has him right where he wants him now. This is where Kento would just attack him with a few Headbutts as Naoya would try to deliver one to him but Kento gives him multiple ones as a counterattack and this is why you don’t mess with the champion.

Naoya would eventually make a comeback after being kicked around by Kento as he quickly got up to charge at him with a shoulder tackle and you can hear that too. He would hit a few more along with another forearm to the face as he goes for the Brainbuster but Kento would struggle to make sure he didn’t hit it and has Naoya over the ropes but wait, Naoya grabbed his leg to pull him over as he attempted a Death Valley Driver onto the apron as Kento jumped off to hit a Blackout. The two would be on the turnbuckle and Naoya gets behind him to attempt a German Suplex as Kento struggles, but Naoya would slam Kento’s head on the post and gets off the turnbuckle to hit the German Suplex as both men are down. Naoya would go to the top rope to hit the first Splash as Kento kicked out but Naoya would quickly get up again to hit one more as Kento still kicked out.

Kento would eventually hit him with a Blackout at full force and hits him with a German Suplex for another two count. Kento looks like he’s going for the Shutdown German Suplex Hold as Naoya would kick his knee out and hit him with a Spear and the two are down again. Kento would hit another Blackout on the back of his head and tries the German Suplex Hold once again as Naoya would still kick out at two as Kento is starting to get concerned with what he has to do now. Kento tried the Shutdown German Suplex Hold again as Naoya broke out of it and picked him up Fisherman style and dropped him on his head and picked him up for the Death Valley Driver as Kento fought him off but Naoya would hit him with a flurry of forearms to daze him and hits the Spear with the roll-up as Kento kicked out at two again! Naoya picked him back up but Kento would go back to delivering the Blackouts and it looks like Naoya is all out of fight as Kento finally hits the Shutdown German Suplex Hold to get the pinfall victory and his third successful title defense. Great match and a very impressive showing to Naoya but Kento is just still better than him right now. Kento will now officially be the Triple Crown Champion leading into the Champions Carnival. Three defenses down, eight more to go.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter


Overall: I thought it was a very solid show from top to bottom but the last three title matches were what sold it to me. I would highly recommend that you look out for those matches if you can find them online or subscribe to the streaming service and if you’re not already subscribed, what the hell is wrong with you? Get on that!

Favorite Match: Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) vs. Violence Giant (Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama)

Least Favorite Match: Jun Akiyama, TAJIRI, & Ultimo Dragon vs. Black Menso-Re, Masanobu Fuchi, & Takao Omori

Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/20/19)

Triple H addresses an NXT Championship dilemma!



NXT cover image

NXT sees the return of HHH, but under sad circumstances. The Game will address Tommaso Ciampa’s injury, and what happens with his precious championship!



  • NXT Championship Contenders Fatal 5 Way: Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle; Cole wins and will face Johnny Gargano for the vacated NXT Championship at TakeOver: New York.


Triple H opens NXT!

Full Sail is happy to see The Game, but he comes out holding the NXT Championship. HHH goes to the ring and also picks up a mic. He takes a moment to hear the fans chant for him and NXT before getting to business. “From those cheers, I don’t have to remind you of just how special this place is.” The building, the environment, the fans. “NXT is something special.” It is here in NXT and the ring that “dreams can become possibilities.” For some, the dream starts in NXT. For others, it takes a long time, maybe years of scratching and clawing, going up and down a road, just to get to this ring. But in reality, for every superstar, their dream can end at any moment.

HHH was going to announce the main event of TakeOver: New York, an epic years in the making, of Johnny “Wrestling” Gargano VS Psycho Killer, Tommaso Ciampa. But the reality has made that impossible now. Ciampa’s dream is on hold, because he needs neck surgery. That surgery has taken place, and now Ciampa must relinquish the title. But the beauty of NXT is that when one dream ends, another begins. And that new dream begins right here! Gargano continues his dream and he WILL compete for the NXT Championship! But against who? We find that out tonight! Five men step into this ring! Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

Those five men fight for an opportunity to live a dream in New York, on the biggest stage yet, and compete for the title against Gargano. It will be decisive in New York, 2 Out of 3 Falls! The winner will walk out the NEW NXT Champion! A major match of former, current and future champions, but who will have a match with Gargano to determine NXT’s future?


Backstage interview with various superstars.

The Finest thinks Cathy Kelly was waiting for him. But since he showed up, what is his reaction to the big news tonight? Well tonight’s main event will be great, but Kona Reeves knows it won’t be The Finest. The Forgotten Sons appear next, and they don’t care about tonight’s main event. They are more concerned with next week’s main event, because in case people have already forgotten, they’re in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic FINALS! Aleister Black & Ricochet need to not forget Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake are coming. They hope one of those two win, so that they’ll be too focused on something else. Then it’ll be that much easier for the Forgotten Sons to go on and win the NXT Tag Team Championships. Then no one will forget them ever again.


NXT Media shares Tommaso Ciampa’s trip to Birmingham, Alabama.

This is not the first time Ciampa has been to the WWE’s preferred surgical facility. Ciampa has had one knee and both shoulders, but now the neck leaves him no choice but to have another surgery. The pressure on his spinal cord could paralyze Ciampa, so this is not just for his career, but for his life as he knows it. There are various bone graftings and now it’s just about time. When and where will the greatest sports entertainer in NXT make another return?


NXT’s contenders speak.

The King of Flight and the Embodiment of the End are one of the most unexpected duos in the tag team division. They work together because they expect the best from each other. But there’s no misunderstanding, it will be every man for himself tonight.

Velveteen Dream is already the NXT North American Champion, but he wants the biggest spotlight possible. The way he sees it, tonight’s Fatal 5 Way will be #DreamOver. And when Dream wins it all, then Dream will just be the first ever dual champion, on the grandest stage in NXT history.

The Original King of Bros is still undefeated, and is stoked to have such a big opportunity so soon. Riddle worked his ace off to get here, and nothing will stop him from going to NXT TakeOver: New York and becoming the new NXT Champion, bro.

Adam Cole says he is the one who makes history in NXT, and no one is more deserving! The inaugural North American Champion wants to be the first to also have the top title. He takes on four of the best to then go to the Barclays Center. That’s the very place Cole made his debut and held that title high above his head. He’ll do it again, when the announcement is made that he is the new NXT Champion! And that is Undisputed!


Backstage interviews with The Sky Pirates.

Io Shirai & Kairi Sane are very excited for tonight’s main event to see who goes to TakeOver. And speaking of, they’re both going, too, because they’re in a Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Women’s Championship. Are they concerned the title and their friendship will get in the way? Not at all! May the best woman win! Io and Kairi both want the title, and will fight each other if they need to. “Gurl, uh-uh!”

Bianca Belair knows this isn’t her business, but this shouldn’t be a Fatal 4. Shayna got in the way and kept Bianca from beating Io. And this doesn’t have anything to do with the little pirate! But now it does, so in New York, The EST will run through both of them to become the new NXT Women’s Champion. No one can do anything about it, because she still feels Un-De-Fea-Ted. Io holds Kairi back while Bianca takes her leave. Whether it’s Bianca, Kairi or Io, will there be a new Women’s Champion alongside a new NXT Champion in New York?


NXT Championship Contenders Fatal 5 Way: Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

The One and Only, Panama City Playboy, Dutch Destroyer, Patrick Clark Experience and Original Bro wage war like NXT has never seen! Johnny Wrestling awaits, who moves on to challenge him for the vacant throne?

The fans are already fired up for “All These Guys!” as the bell rings. Cole goes after Aleister than Ricochet while Riddle chases Dream. Riddle originally wanted after Dream for the North American title, so why not have that out here? Dream has other ideas as he throws Riddle into barriers then gets back in the ring. Aleister and Ricochet work together against Cole then Dream. Ricochet clotheslines Cole out but Cole drags Ricochet out. Dream rolls ALeister, TWO! Riddle returns but Dream throws him back out. Aleister waistlocks but Dream throws him off. Dream runs into Aleister’s boots then Aleister hops up. Aleister leaps but Dream gets under. Dream lifts Aleister but Aleister slips out. Aleister sweeps but Dream jumps over and rolls through! Aleister slips out again to cradle, TWO!

Dream runs into Aleister’s boot! Aleister runs but Cole trips and drags him out. Cole swings but gets Aleister’s kick! Aleister clibms up but Dream sends him back down. Ricochet mule kicks and whips Dream but Dream reverses. Ricochet rolls off the back and handsprings to headscissor and dropkick! Dream bails out but Riddle’s back. Riddle gut wrenches Ricochet, then holds on to do it again! And again! Full Sail is thunderous for the “Bro!” but Cole is after him. Riddle standing switches but gets an enziguri from Cole. Cole stomps a mudhole, then hits his pose BAYBAY! ALeister attacks but Cole reverses. The Unexpected Duo work together, leg sweep and standing moonsault! Cole gets away, and now the tag team phenomenons face each other. They shake hands and circle. But Cole disrupts it by shoving Ricochet into Aleister!

Aleister falls out and Cole stomps away on Ricochet. Cole hits a neckbreaker then covers, TWO! Cole keeps Riddle out with a right hand then goes after Ricochet. He snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Ricochet just escapes, but Cole boots Aleister back out! Cole drags Ricochet up for a big back suplex! Cover, TWO! Another close call but Cole can’t put Ricochet away. Cole goes after Dream but Dream shoulders in. Ricochet somersault shotgun dropkicks Cole! Dream knees Ricochet out then throws heavy hands on Cole. Dream whips but Cole reverses, only for Dream to slide out. Cole runs over but gets an uppercut! Dream climbs up and ax handles Alesiter out.

Dream tosses Cole out then climbs, to LEAP for a big ax handle! He puts Cole in fast and climbs back up. Purple Rain- Riddle gets Dream with a German! Aleister kicks but Riddle reverses! Riddle wants and gets the BroMission!! But Dream breaks it with a falling elbow! Dream stalks Riddle as fans fire up again. Dream tosses Riddle out and turns his attention to Aleister. Aleister fires off a strike fest, sweep to knee! Cole returns but Aleister is ready, two-for-one quebrada! Aleister roundhouses Dream, covers, TWO! Dream survives but Aleister keeps going. Aleister lifts Dream with his foot, but Cole drags Aleister out by the other foot. Cole sends Aleister into steel steps! Cole returns to the ring, only to meet Riddle. They were going to fight to see who contends for the North American title, so now they have it out!

Riddle gets the edge with open palm CHOP after CHOP! Cole stomps Riddle’s bare foot! But his superkick is caught, Riddle gets Cole in a Bromission! But again Dream breaks it up with a leaping ax handle! Dream haymakers Riddle but Riddle ROCKS Dream with that right! Cole hits Riddle now, but Riddle hits back. Dream, Riddle and Cole brawl on their knees in a triangle of strikes. They slowly stand, throwing big hands, forearms and uppercuts. Riddle CHOPS Dream, Cole BOOTS Riddle, Dream SUPERKICKS Cole! Ricochet returns, rolls and PELES Dream down! Cole SUPERKICKS Ricochet but Riddle KNEES Cole! Aleister returns and fires off with Riddle, double roundhouses take them both out! All five men are down and Full Sail reaches a fever pitch!

Ricochet staggers up and goes after Riddle. He puts the Bro in the drop zone then climbs up. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” as Cole intercepts Ricochet. Cole climbs up to join Ricochet, but Ricochet resists. Dream adds on, climbing up to join them. They brawl and Aleister staggers over. Riddle follows, and they’re all on the second rope! It’s a Double Russian Leg Sweep SUPERPLEX! All five men are down again and fans know “This is Awesome!” The referee checks on everyone in turn and they’re all okay to continue. Fans build to a rally as the five slowly stir. Cole, Riddle and Ricochet bail out while Dream meets Aleister. Dream and Aleister trade haymakers on their knees. Aleister fires off hand after hand but Dream powers him to a corner. Aleister boots Dream away then hops up, Meteora!

Dream’s up but gets a roundhouse and a German! But Riddle sentons the bridge! Riddle drags Aleister up in a deadlift Fisherman Buster! Cradle, but Cole breaks it! Cole drags Riddle up but Riddle fires off fast hands! Riddle misses, gets a SUPERKICK, and Last Ride brainbuster! Cover, but Ricochet breaks it! Ricochet drags Cole up but Cole breaks free. Ricochet fakes Cole out for a boot and an ax kick! He keeps going, fireman’s carry but Cole rakes eyes! SUPERKICK to the front, SUPERKICK to the back! Cole brings the knee pad down but misses the Last Shot Wizard to get a Reverse-Rrana! Cole rolls all the way out and Ricochet can’t believe it. But Ricochet also sees a prime target, and FLIES with the Sasuke Special! Ricochet wipes Cole out but hurries to get back up.

Dream returns to the ring but so does Riddle. The would-be North American Championship showdown happens as Riddle throws chops. Riddle swings up and around Dream’s clothesline to powerbomb, but Dream slips out! Dream wants but Riddle denies the Sidewinder, to wring Dream out for a Bro Trigger! Riddle reels Dream into the BroMission! Dream flails but Cole yanks the ref out! No Disqualifications, but plenty of consequences as Riddle BOOTS Cole! Riddle turns around into BLACK MASS! Aleister turns around into Dream Valley Driver! Dream hurries to the top rope, but Ricochet’s right up for a SUPER STEINER onto Aleister and Cole! Ricochet hurries up for his own, SHOOTING STAR onto Riddle! Cover, but LAST SHOT!! Cole covers, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; will face Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship

You never see the shot that takes you down! Cole came outta nowhere, and now he’s going to New York City! Will Cole finally make the NXT Championship #Undisputed? Or will Gargano once again become Johnny Champion?



My Thoughts:

I’m going to call this episode a one match classic, because how else would you describe it? First it is unfortunate for Ciampa to again be out with an injury, and an injury as serious as the neck, so I’m sure I speak for everyone by saying get well soon, Psycho Killer. But HHH had such a great speech to open the night, and it is very true, this became a massive opportunity for another superstar to move up. The five men chosen were the right choices, and this made for an amazing Fatal 5 Way.

However, it makes a lot of sense for this to be Adam Cole’s night. Aleister & Ricochet are not only busy on the main roster, but they’re in the Dusty Rhodes Classic finals, where I would think they defeat the Forgotten Sons and move on to the War Raiders. It wouldn’t be very good to give those two double duty on TakeOver Friday and possibly something on Mania Sunday. Then Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle can and will still happen, and that is going to be great. It would’ve been too epic if Dream was trying for both titles, even if it’s Wrestlemania Weekend. Gargano VS Cole is going to be great and really could go either way, but I feel that since Gargano VS Ciampa was the plan, Gargano might’ve won that title to have his triumphant victory on the biggest WWE weekend of the year.

My Score: 8.6/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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