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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/7/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Division is in the UK! And the champion, Buddy Murphy, issued a challenge to the UK Division’s Mark Andrews! Will he regret being so bold?



  • Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis; Lucha House Party wins.
  • Lio Rush VS Josh Morrell; Rush wins.
  • Buddy Murphy VS Mark Andrews; Murphy wins.


Drake Maverick sets the scene for tonight’s episode.

Firstly, he congratulates The Heart of 205 Live, Mustafa Ali, for earning a Cruiserweight Championship match over The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese. And that championship match against Buddy Murphy will take place at Survivor Series!

As for tonight’s action, the Lucha House Party want retribution against both TJP and Mike Kanellis. TJP has been showing nothing but disrespect to the lucha trio, and Mike Kanellis hasn’t been far behind. These two team together for the first time ever, but will they get away with another win, and some masks?

Then in a crossover main event, NXT UK’s Mark Andrews will have a match with the champion himself, Buddy Murphy!


Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis!

Lince Dorado and Kalisto step up for their trio in seeking retribution for the disrespect the “Cruiser-Great” has shown them. The FilAm Flash ran to the only man, and woman, on 205 Live he felt would help him, and they accepted his premise for an alliance. Will this team of convenience work well together? Or will the Golden Lynx and Lucha Dragon take the win and the masks back?

The bell rings and TJP starts with Kalisto. They go around and tie up. Kalisto gets TJP into a corner, and backs off cleanly. TJP goes after the mask! Kalisto kicks him away then whips but TJP reverses. TJP drops down, but Kalisto hops on and says “giddy-up!” TJP stands up with a look of anger and humiliation, but Kalisto has a smile and a dance. They go again, Kalisto slides under and rolls back to wheelbarrow arm-drag TJP down. The “Lucha! Lucha!” chants start, and Kalisto dropkicks TJP down. Tag to Lince, and the luchadores work together for the elevated Kalisto splash, and Lince planking splash! TJP scrambles to Mike for both a tag, and maybe some reassuring hugs. Mike runs in, but both luchadores are ready with double uppercuts! Then double clotheslines send Mike out!

Mike scrambles over to TJP now, but both luchadores build speed! But just for a double fake out! Kalisto and Lince handspring for double flexing! Maria is furious for her husband, but fans love the LHP. Mike hurries back in and kicks Lince low. He uppercuts Lince to a corner, then stomps a mudhole into him. Mike dedicates this to Maria, but Lince throws haymakers! Lince whips corner to corner but Mike reverses. Lince goes up and over, then handsprings and slides under, to then tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick! He arm-drags Mike into an armlock! The matracas make noise but Maria is furious. Mike gets up and powers Lince back. He breaks at the rope but TJP gets in a cheap shot! TJP tags in and throws hands on Lince. He slingshot sentons on Lince then covers, TWO! TJP drags Lince up to trip him up, and tag to Mike.

TJP flings Lince forward, then Mike drops an elbow. Mike goes after the mask, then stomps away on Lince. He drags Lince into a corner and takes time to soak up the heat. Mike whips Lince and hits a corner clothesline. He blows a kiss to fans before whipping Lince corner to corner again. Mike hits another corner clothesline, then runs for a boot! Cover, TWO! Maria is furious again but Mike tags in TJP. TJP stomps Lince around then snapmares him into a chinlock. The matracas start up again and it annoys Maria. Fans rally up with the noise, though, and Lince gets up. Lince fights back but is put in a corner. TJP runs in but misses! TJP tumbles down so Mike goes after Lince. Mike misses and Lince hits a triangle dropkick! Lince is alone in the ring and heads for the LHP corner.

TJP intercepts Lince’s leap! Lince pushes him away, hot tag to Kalisto! Springboard crossbody for TJP, forearm for Mike, springboard corkscrew for TJP! Kailsto handsprings to dodge, then gives kick after kick! Kalisto whips but TJP reverses. TJP runs in but Kalisto dodges. Mike tags in as Kalisto rolls up TJP for the school boy kick! Kalisto fires up, but Mike trips him up and yanks him out. Mike throws Kalisto into the barriers with a Russian leg sweep! He puts Kalisto back in and covers, TWO! Mike knees Kalisto down as Maria coaches him on. Mike puts on a rear bearhug and Kalisto endures. Fans rally up, and Kalisto gets to his feet. Mike clubs him down, then back suplexes. Kalisto fights back, wheelbarrow to DDT! Both men are down, and the matracas start again. Hot tags to TJP and Lince!

Lince climbs up and hits a crossbody! He rallies with kicks, then CHOPS TJP off his feet! Lince handsprings to capoeria kick. Mike runs in but for a flapjack! Lince gets Mike out, then dodges TJP in the corner. SUPERKICK drops TJP, springboard moonsault to another! But Lince isn’t done there, he goes up high for a BIG moonsault! Cover but Mike breaks it in time! Maria is relieved, and now Mike and TJP double whip. Lince handsprings to double Golden Rewinds! The fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” as the LHP go up on opposite corners, for the DOUBLE ASAI! They hit both TJP and Mike down and get TJP in the ring.

Lince runs in corner to corner for the bronco buster! Lince wants the inverted DDT but TJP drops down for a kneebar! Mike keeps Kalisto down as TJP grapevines. Kalisto gets free and breaks the hold in time! Kalisto then dumps Mike out, dodges TJP to DIVE on Mike! Lince springboard sunsets TJP, TWO and TJP gets the mask! TJP has unmasked Lince again! Well, actually, Lince had a spare! Huricanrana to pin! Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, Lince Dorado pinning

TJP got outsmarted, and the LHP get even! Maria keeps Mike and TJP calm, saying she’s got this. They’ve still got the other masks, but where and when will they be back for more?


Cedric Alexander trains in the WWE Performance Center.

Steve Corino puts the former Cruiserweight Champion through his drills, then has Alexander look through the footage. But then, in walks the Man of the Hour, Lio Rush. Lio laughs at what he sees, but what does he want? To see if the rumors were true, and they are. Alexander lost his confidence, so now he’s back in school training with rookies! Alexander says that if Lio ever stopped caring about carrying Lashley’s bags, and actually did some training, maybe Lio would be champion. Lio knows what Alexander wants. Alexander wants to be champion again, but that’s not happening here. He needs a marquee match with the 23 year old piece of gold. Oh that’s what Alexander needs?

Lio says Alexander should think it over, but if he wants to find Lio later, he’s not a hard man to find. That is, if Alexander gets out of class on time. Lio laughs his way back out, but the match has been made for next week! Will the Age of Alexander rebuild itself on top of the Man of the Hour’s reputation?


Lio Rush VS Josh Morrell!

Speaking of the Man of the Hour, he’s still in Manchester because he #CametoCollect his own paycheck for Cruiserweight action. Lio is still undefeated in 1v1 action, but he seems to be taking everything to easy. Will he be caught off guard by Manchester’s own? Or will he still be at the top of his game without even trying?

The bell rings and Lio doesn’t see what’s so great about his opponent. However, Morrell dares Lio to “cross the line”. Lio takes Morrell up on the challenge, and they tie up. Lio gets a wristlock, but Morrell rolls, cartwheels, handsprings and throws Lio! That definitely surprises Lio. Things speed up, and Morrell somehow keeps pace. Lio stops on a dime but Morrell catches Lio’s kick. Morrell keeps out of reach, flips Lio back, and enziguris Lio to a corner! Morrell whips Lio but Lio reverses. Lio runs but into a boot! Morrell hops up but Lio enziguris Morrell out of the ring! Lio fetches Morrell and throws him into the barrier!

Lio has a temper and he uses it on Morrell by stomping in a mudhole! The ref backs Lio off, but Lio leaps in for a cannonball! Lio drags Morrell up, whips him around to reel him into a drop toehold, and Morrell hits buckles face first! The ref checks on Morrell, but he’s somehow okay. Morrell flounders around, fans call Lio names but Lio ignores them. He climbs up top, and hits his Final Hour frog splash! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The win streak continues, but Lio had to put in some work. He takes up the mic to dedicate his victory to a man that truly inspires him. That man is Cedric Alexander. Ever since Alexander lost the Cruiserweight Champinoship, he’s been in a slump. So what Alexander did was go back to the WWE PC, to his roots. To be honest, Lio isn’t mad. Lio actually respects that. Because Lio knows “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Alexander’s working hard, that much is true.

But Lio reminds everyone that there is absolutely no one, and that means NO ONE, that works harder than Lio Rush! If Alexander thinks he’s getting back up on his high horse at the expense of the 23 year old piece of gold, he’s sadly mistaken. Lio promises that the #AgeOfAlexander meets its Final Hour. “Tick tock, Cedric, tick tock.” Will Alexander’s time be up? Or are the days of Lio’s undefeated streak numbered?


205 Live takes at the UK Cruiserweight crossover star, Mark Andrews.

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving rockstar wrestles not only to put the UK on the map, but also Wales on the map. Andrews vows to make Wales proud in both NXT UK and the Cruiserweight Division, but will he face a mountain too big to climb in the Aussie Juggernaut?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

The Beacon of Light knows that at first “they called me a ‘maybe’. Today, they call me the Heart of 205 Live.” At Wrestlemania, he was so close to being called champion. That slipped through his fingers, but he’s scratched and clawed his way back to this chance. He and Buddy Murphy have gone back and forth all year, but this time, nothing will slip past Ali. No one will see Ali as a “maybe”, because this time they will call him champion. Survivor Series may pit Raw against SmackDown, but who will come out atop 205 Live?


Buddy Murphy VS Mark Andrews!

The champion wanted something big for his first match since winning the title at Super Show-Down, and issued a challenge to the best Cruiserweights in NXT UK. The Juggernaut says he looks forward to another go with the Heart of 205 Live, and the High-Fiver Stage-Diver is a great tune-up for Murphy. Murphy claims that in the real world, the bad guy always wins, and he’s the biggest and baddest around! Will Andrews learn before Ali that there really is no stopping the unstoppable?

The bell rings and Manchester is behind #Mandrews more than Murphy. The two circle and Murphy corners Andrews. Andrews can’t get away, so he grapples with Murphy. Murphy brings Andrews down with strength, but Andrews gets up. Andrews rolls and hooks Murphy’s leg. Murphy throws Andrews off and has him back down. Andrews handsprings up and goes for the legs again, but Murphy brings him down again. Fans rally and Andrews gets up again. Andrews spins around and gets a wristlock. He still tries to bring Murphy down but Murphy breaks free to snapmare. Andrews lands on his feet and grins at Murphy. Murphy sweeps the legs and covers, ONE.

Andrews wants a sweep but his arms aren’t strong enough, so he uses his legs! Andrews moonsaults but lands on his feet when Murphy moves. Fans applaud this close match-up, and even Murphy smirks. Murphy then tosses Andrews to a corner! Andrews gets out and chops, but Murphy isn’t bothered. Andrews tries to arm-drag but Murphy blocks. Murphy whips and then bounces Andrews off his shoulder! Andrews is shocked as he rolls out of the ring. Murphy goes out to chase Andrews, they end up back in the ring and Andrews goes for a headscissors. Murphy blocks, but Andrews sunset flips, TWO! Andrews was close to getting one over on the champ. Andrews slides under to then enziguri Murphy! Murphy bails out, but Andrews builds speed, to FLY! For headscissors! Fans fire up as Murphy hits the floor.

Andrews brings Murphy up and into the ring. Andrews hurries up top, but Murphy gets up. Murphy jumps under Andrews, then catches his tilt-o-whirl for a long dart into buckles! Andrews checks his teeth while Murphy catches his breath. Murphy stalks Andrews back into the corner, then throws him across the ring! Murphy brings Andrews up and shoves him to ropes, for a forearm to the back on the rebound! Fans still rally for Andrews as Murphy stalks him. Andrews hits back but Murphy rocks him with a right. Murphy throws Andrews across the ring again, then looms over him. He drags Andrews up for elbows to the head, then covers. TWO, but Murphy wraps on an armlock. Murphy grinds his forearm into Andrews’ face, but fans rally up.

Andrews endures as Murphy drives elbows into the neck and chest! Cover, TWO, so it’s back to the armlock. Andrews continues to endure, and works his way out of the hold. He stands up and gives Murphy a jawbreaker! Andrews is free, but Murphy pops him right up onto his shoulders! Andrews uses that for a Reveres-Rana! Murphy tumbles out of the ring while Andrews rests in the ring. Fans fire up as Andrews builds speed. Andrews DIVES! Murphy is blasted over the announce desk! Andrews grits his teeth and gets up to leap over the desk! He throws hands on Murphy, then chases him to ringside. Murphy throws Andrews in, but Andrews gets him back with a basement dropkick! Andrews fetches Murphy, and rocks him with a right.

They go around the corner, and Andrews uses the steel steps to launch for a cannonball senton! Fans fire up as Andrews gets Murphy up and into the ring. Andrews hurries up and springboards, but into a pumphandle! Murphy lifts but Andrews wheelbarrows to victory roll and double stomps! Then standing corkscrew moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Murphy survives to Andrews’ surprise. Andrews walks over but Murphy puts him on the apron. Andrews kicks back then slingshots for a sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Murphy stirs while Andrews catches his breath. Andrews throws forearms, but Murphy fires his strike fest! Murphy’s knee misses but he boots Andrews to a corner.

Andrews enziguris, then hops up! Murphy tucks him in, but misses his superkick! Andrews mule kicks Murphy, then quebrada to tornado, but Murphy blocks the DDT! Suplex, Andrews tries a huricanrana, but Murphy blocks that into a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!? Andrews survives and now Murphy is surprised, but fans are loving this! Both men are down but Murphy sits up first. Murphy toys with Andrews but Manchester rallies up. Murphy suplexes but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews hurries to the top rope, Shooting Star gets knees! Murphy hits a knee trigger! Then pumphandle, Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The champion rolls on towards Survivor Series and his familiar foe in Mustafa Ali! What will it take to stop the Unstoppable?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of 205 Live here. TJP and the Kanellises work together well despite losing, but I was glad to see they did a “mask under a mask” spot like that. Their feud hopefully ends with the Lucha House Party actually getting those stolen masks back, since the Heels still hold one of each. It was a clever choice for Lio to have a tougher time with his jobber opponent tonight, to make a point of the very quote he used. Alexander VS Lio next week should be an amazing match, and I can’t be sure which way it should go. Chances are, Lio will win to keep his undefeated streak going while perpetuating Alexander’s crisis of confidence story. It’d be too soon after Maverick told Alexander last week that he only gets his title rematch when he’s ready, for Alexander to suddenly win such an important match.

Just as I was wondering, we learn that the Cruiserweight Championship will be defended at Survivor Series so that there’s a chance something changes the status quo that Sunday. Murphy VS Andrews was a great match tonight, and another sign that there could be crossovers between divisions. If Lucha House Party can be on Raw for their tag team division and NXT/NXT UK stars can be on 205 Live for Cruiserweight action, maybe one day we can actually get a story where someone is a champion on multiple WWE programs.

My Score: 8.4/10

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