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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (11/12/18)



WWE Raw Cover image
The Raw Commissioner and The Beast return as The Goddess reveals her 5-Woman Team for Survivor Series! What will Stephanie McMahon have to say on this week’s edition of WWE Raw!



  • Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal; No Contest.
  • Ember Moon VS Tamina w/ Nia Jax; Tamina wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Drew McIntyre; Finn wins.
  • Natalya VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad; No Contest.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal, second attempt; Ready, Willing & GLORIOUS wins and will lead the Raw Tag Team Division Elimination Match team.
  • Elias VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; Lashley wins by count-out, and is the fifth man of Raw’s 5-Man Elimination Match team.
  • Sasha Banks VS Bayley; No Contest.


WWE and Raw honor America’s Veterans.

“We will never forget it was you who stepped forward when we needed you most.”

Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal!

Almost the entire tag team division is in the ring and ready to fight! Who will be the last team left to lead the Red Brand into Survivor Series’ 10v10 Elimination match?

The brawling is chaotic and all over the ring! Lince Dorado slips out of Chad Gable’s German Suplex to then combine with the Lucha House Party for a Kalisto elevated splash, a Lince planking splash, and Gran Metalik’s springboard missile dropkick! Kalisto bates Dash Wilder of the Revival into the corner, but here comes BRAUN!? He’s not part of a tag team, but he doesn’t care! The Ascension slide out to meet him but get run over! Lince leaps but gets swatted! Kalisto leaps but is caught and thrown at Metalik! Strowman clubs Bobby Roode, then enters the ring to rock the Revival! The B-Team, Gable, Slater and Rhyno attack all at once, but Strowman explodes out of it! He steamrolls the Revival, then roars!

Fans are on the Monster Among Men’s side as he starts making laps around the ring. Strowman blasts Curt Axel, then Chad Gable, then Scott Dawson! Strowman picks up a chair! And he brings it into the ring, but Roode and Slater retreat. Strowman has cleared the ring, and grabs a microphone.

“Tonight’s Monday Night Raw episode is brought to you by The Monster Among Men.” He uses the chair to take a seat and says, “I’m done chasing Acting General Manager, Baron Corbin, around. I’m not leaving this ring until Corbin Gets. These. Hands!” The Monster waits for the man who screwed him over, but he instead gets Stephanie McMahon. The Commissioner makes her appearance earlier than she planned, but the current situation calls for her presence.

Stephanie knows Braun is upset, and he has every right to be. But he cannot hold Raw hostage. Fans boo and chant “Get These Hands!” Stephanie appreciates Braun’s rage, but she wants him to channel it for what matters: Survivor Series. Shane McMahon insulted the entire Raw locker room when he stole the WWE World Cup win. Is Strowman going to let Shane disrespect the locker room? Braun doesn’t give a damn about Shane, or about representing Raw! Well Stephanie does, so he better give a damn, too! Well all due respect, he knows the corporate types just see him as “a mindless meat castle,” but he’s smart enough to know when people are manipulating him. So just bring Corbin out so they can settle this.

Stephanie doesn’t underestimate him, she’s a business woman. They’ll compromise so everyone gets what they want. Raw has beat Survivor Series two years in a row. If they get a 3-0 sweep, Strowamn gets whatever he wants. He word is her bond. Fans don’t believe that. He doesn’t care about planes, trains or any of that, he just wants another shot at Brock Lesnar! “Done.” But before that, Strowman wants Corbin. Also done. And under his stipulations. Also done. Good. Stephanie just needs to get Corbint to sign a waiver so Strowman isn’t responsible for the damage. She can get that done, provided he does nothing to Corbin until after Survivor Series. Fans boo but Stephanie wants Strowman to prove he’s a proud member of the roster. Then he can have what he wants. He better, or else he’ll destroy WWE headquarters! Also understood.

Stephanie says she’s being very transparent about motivating the roster, from monster to man to– Ronda Rousey! Ronda heads right to the ring and Stephanie is not happy about it. But Stephanie still gives Ronda an introduction, up until Ronda snatches the mic away. “You can save the pep talk, Steph.” There’s nothing Stephanie has that could motivate Ronda more. Ronda’s been waiting for a challenge like Becky Lynch since showing up to WWE. She’s sick and tired of hearing talk from “The Man”, she just wants to fight. However, fans do chant for Becky, too. Ronda realizes she doesn’t have to wait for a fight. Stephanie is in fear for her arms, but here comes Baron Corbin!

The Constable wants everyone to relax. They need to focus on Shane and SmackDown this Sunday. And Corbin is here to motivate the talent. Corbin carefully approaches with Strowman’s eyes on him. Corbin agrees with Stephanie, Shane stole the WWE World Cup. Raw is in a must win situation now. And that includes Ronda. He puts his hand on her shoulder, she throws him down! Ronda picks up her belt and heads out, but Corbin turns around to see Strowman. Stephanie reminds Strowman of their deal. Strowman says Corbin should enjoy being Stephanie’s lap dog while he can, because after Survivor Series, Strowman vows to neuter the Lone Wolf! It’s only a matter of time, what will be left of Corbin once Strowman can #GetTheseHands on him?

Ember Moon VS Tamina w/ Nia Jax!

An alliance has been struck between the Samoan Dynasty cousins, and now the Irresistible Force has an equally powerful ally. The Prophecy of Flame was Nia’s friend, but now she’s just prey, will she be able to survive the Daughter of Super Fly?

The bell rings and Ember glares at both of them. But she looks at Nia too long, Tamina clobbers her! Tamina kicks and headbutts Ember, but Ember hits back. Tamina puts Ember in a corner hard, but then misses as Ember gose up and over. Ember gets moving, lands on her feet out of the hip toss and spins around to a sunset flip. Tamina stays up and brings Ember up, but Ember fires off strikes! Ember kicks and kicks and kicks, but Tamina shvoes her back. Ember comes back with an enziguri! Tamina is down so Ember hits her with a running forearm. Cover, TWO!

Alexa Bliss watches back stage as Tamina rocks Ember back. Surely Alexa wants to be 100% sure her team of five is the best possible. Tamina brings Ember up and scoops, but Ember slips out. Ember kicks Tamina’s leg, then runs for the sliding shot! Tamina rolls out but Ember gets to the apron. Ember has the fans on her side as she slides for a dropkick! Tamina staggers and crashes into barriers. Ember goes out to fetch Tamina, but Nia approaches. Ember is distracted and Tamina pounces again! Tamina has control with thanks from family as we go to break.

Raw returns as Tamina has Ember in a chinlock. Fans rally as Ember endures, and Ember fights back. Tamina wrangles her back down, but Ember continues to endure. Ember fights her way back up as fans rally, but Tamina drops a knee! Cover, TWO! Ember fights back but Tamina pushes her to a corner. Tamina runs into a boot, and Ember throws forearms. Tamina hits back and reels Ember into a back suplex. Ember slips out to fire off more forearms! Tamina shoves Ember but Ember comes back with a dropkick! Ember kicks, kicks and forearms, then enziguris again! Tamina is dazed, but still hits back with an uppercut. Tamina whips but Ember dodges, to DIVE onto Nia! But Nia just deflects her. Ember shakes off the shock to kick Tamina away!

Ember runs in, springboards, crossbody! Cover, TWO! Nia is relieved, but Ember keeps moving. She runs in at Tamina for the handspring forearm! Tamina staggers out and Ember climbs up. Nia distracts again, SUPERKICK from Tamina! Ember goes down as fans boo and jeer, but Tamina climbs up now. Tamina leaps for the Superfly! Cover, Tamina wins!

Winner: Tamina, by pinfall

The Moon was taken down by these duo of lady titans. Nia adds insult to injury as she drops a leg on Ember! Will this killer instinct and ruthless aggression get the Samoan Dynasty added to Alexa’s Team Raw?


Exclusive in-ring interview with Seth Rollins!

The Architect is back to being only Intercontinental Champion because The Lunatic Fringe wouldn’t help him in a Raw Tag Team Championship defense. However, Rollins must shrug that off and prepare for the United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, at Survivor Series!

Rollins joins Corey Graves in the ring and Corey asks Rollins how he feels going up against The King of Strong Style, mentally. Well, a first-time-ever match up of Rollins VS Nakamura, it’ll be a hell of a fight. But Rollins doesn’t actually care about any of that. Dean Ambrose is still on his mind, but Corey wants Rollins to know that if he’s not focused, Nakamura knees Rollins’ head off. Rollins will be ready for Nakamura on Sunday, but this is Monday. Tonight, Monday in Kansas City, Rollins wants answers! Why did Ambrose do what he did? Corey has known Ambrose as long as Rollins has, and while Ambrose doesn’t always speak his mind, he’s still a bright guy. Ambrose has a reason, he’s just not man enough to tell any of us.

But Ambrose is on the titantron! Not man enough? Ambrose won’t let Rollins say he’s not man enough. Ambrose is more than man enough to go into the arena and beat the hell out of Rollins! But he won’t, because no one here deserves that. No one deserves an explanation from Ambrose! These fans who come up with no manners, calling Ambrose names and crying, “Why, Dean, why?” Ambrose says The Architect doesn’t have all the answers, huh? Maybe Rollins shouldn’t have treated Ambrose like an idiot or a charity case. Maybe something went wrong with Ambrose. Or maybe Ambrose has always been this way, but Rollins was just too selfish to see reality. Maybe Ambrose regrets what he did and when he did. Maybe his brothers will forgive him.

No, Ambrose thought the Shield was stronger together. Ambrose thought the fist and the gear made him strong. But the truth is, “The Shield made me weak.” Rollins and Roman made Ambrose weak. The burden of watching their backs made him weak! But it’s a new day, “a chance to be reborn. A chance to take the past… And burn it down.” Ambrose soaks his old Shield vest in gasoline, then tosses it into the fire. Ambrose has almost literally burned the bridge between him and Rollins. Is there any going back? Rollins storms off towards the back, will he find Ambrose when he gets there?


Kurt Angle heads to the ring! NOT!

Last week, The Olympic Gold Medalist fought to become captain of Team Raw, but the Scottish Terminator was on a mission to destroy the legend put in front of him. McIntyre could’ve won even sooner than he did, but he chose to humiliate Angle using his own submission hold to win. But instead of seeing the Hall of Famer, we see Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre walk out. The Show-Off and the Scotsman are part of Team Raw alongside Braun Strowamn, but there are still two spaces left to be filled.

McIntyre picks up a mic and speaks over the booing fans. “When I first showed up on Raw, I told you I was going to take over. Do you believe me now?!” First McIntyre had a part in breaking The Shield, and then he alone broke Kurt Angle. Angle went into the match a national treasure, but left as “nothing more than an embarrassment.” Angle gave it his all, McIntyre has to admit. But McIntyre saw Angle’s will to win fade in his eyes. McIntyre saw Angle realize that he was in the ring with a superior man. And finally, McIntyre saw Angle crawl on his hands and knees. Then “he started crying.” Ziggler mockingly says that’s too heart wrenching.

McIntyre was never more disgusted in his entire life! But McIntyre was more than happy to put Angle down with his own Ankle Lock! McIntyre says he’s had the highest highs, the lowest lows, and has sacrificed more than anyone here ever has. “Look at me! Raw is my show now!” And McIntyre shall mold this show into his image. There is no room for weakness! No more nostalgia acts! But here comes Finn Balor! The Extraordinary Man leads Balor Club into Kansas City and the ring, because he wants payback for the swerve McIntyre gave him with that Claymore kick.

Finn grabs a mic as fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” McIntyre admits Finn has guts for coming out here. Finn admits that, too, but he also says that listening to McIntyre talk about all this, that’s just too much. Finn says McIntyre crossed a line. McIntyre could’ve won. Oh sorry, did McIntyre offend everyone? Here’s a life lesson: “Dignity is not a right reserved for all.” McIntyre could’ve done even worse but chose not to. But Finn isn’t here for Angle, he’s here because McIntyre tricked Finn after what “Big Bad Bobby” did to him. But Finn is exactly what’s wrong with Raw. So many superstars here are more concerned with their feelings, it makes him sick. Go cry to Balor Club and too sweet some–

SHUT UP! Does McIntyre want to act like a bully? Finn’s had bullies his whole life. So Finn will stick to what he knows: Finn VS McIntyre, right here and now! Fans want to see that! McIntyre wonders what’s more fragile: Finn’s feelings or his body. But if it’s a match he wants, it’s a match he gets! Not with McIntyre, though. Fans boo as McIntyre says it’ll be a match with the TRUE Best in the World, Dolph Ziggler! If Finn somehow defeats Ziggler, then maybe McIntyre will lower himself to Finn’s level. McIntyre of course makes a height joke with this. Ziggler doesn’t take Finn seriously, but then McIntyre headbutts Finn! Will Finn be able to get past Ziggler after that?

Finn Balor VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Drew McIntyre!

Raw returns as Finn says he’s okay to do this match. The bell rings and Ziggler goes right at Finn with haymakers! The ref backs Ziggler of, but Ziggler comes back to grind his boot into Finn. Finn crawls but Ziggler grinds his face into ropes. The ref counts and Ziggler backs off at 4, but then goes back after Finn. Ziggler puts Finn in an armlock and chinlock. Fans rally for Finn as Finn endures. Finn fights his way up but Ziggler wrangles him back down. Ziggler drops an elbow, then covers, TWO! Ziggler wraps Finn into a sleeper hold and body scissors. Finn endures again as McIntyre stares him down.

Ziggler shifts to a camel clutch with his hands over Finn’s face. Even so, Finn reaches out and gets the ropebreak! Ziggler lets go at 3, and Finn gets to his feet, only to get a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ziggler stalks Finn to throw hands. Finn tries to shake it off but Ziggler is on him with another chinlock. Ziggler shifts to a modified armlock, then rolls Finn back into the body scissors and sleeper. Fans rally and Finn gets up again. Finn elbows his way out but Ziggler knees low. Ziggler runs but into Finn’s boot! Then Finn throws haymakers to back Ziggler down. Ziggler kicks low, then whips. Finn reverses but Ziggler sunset flips, Finn rolls through to dropkick! Finn runs in but Ziggler rolls him up, with tights! TWO, and Ziggler hits the splash in a corner.

Finn spins the neckbreaker off, then dodges Ziggler to swing kick! Ziggler’s down, Finn goes up! Ziggler trips him up! The Show-Off is back in control as we go to break.

Raw returns and Ziggler still has Finn down on the mat. Fans rally up but Ziggler eggs Finn on. Ziggler brings Finn up for the neckbreaker! Finn rolls to a corner, but boots Ziggler away. Ziggler kicks back then throws haymakers. Ziggler runs, but into a chop! Finn blocks the kick but runs into an elbow, to PELE Ziggler down! Both men are down but fans rally up. McIntyre coaches Ziggler as he paces on the outside. Ziggler and Finn slowly stand, and Finn fires off on Ziggler. Fans fire up with Finn as he runs in for the chop! Finn whips Ziggler but Ziggler reverses and redirects. Finn goes up and over but walks into a boot. Ziggler hops up but gets a kick! Then the takedown to double stomps! Cover, TWO!

McIntyre glares as Finn takes aim. Ziggler stands, and gets a slingblade! Finn aims again, but runs into a knee! Ziggler leaps, satellite DDT! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and Ziggler grows frustrated. Ziggler waits for Finn to stand, but Finn blocks the kick. Ziggler kick slow, Famouser! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre grows frustrated along with Ziggler as Finn survives again. Ziggler watches Finn stand, but Finn bucks off the Zigzag to dropkick Ziggler down! Finn hurries up top, but Ziggler gets under the jump. Finn sends Ziggler, out, and dropkicks McIntyre down! But Ziggler returns, only to be launched! Ziggler and McIntyre regroup as Finn builds speed, Finn FLIES! He hits both men then puts Ziggler in. Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” as Finn leaps. Ziggler dodges, rolls Finn but Finn reverses, Finn wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The Extraordinary Man beats the “Best in the World”, and to McIntyre’s chagrin! Will McIntyre man up and take Finn on 1v1?


Baron Corbin talks with Stephanie McMahon.

The Constable isn’t so sure bribery is the best way to control The Monster. It’s not bribery. But before Stephanie can argue her reasoning, they encounter Finn Balor. Stephanie congratulates Finn on his win, but also for standing up for himself. Not everyone has that kind of courage. Finn is going to be on Team Raw! Finn thanks Stephanie for the opportunity. Corbin wants to discuss the decision of making Finn the fourth man, but then McIntyre comes storming in! McIntyre asks if Finn thinks he’s funny. Stephanie tells McIntyre that she heard what he said, and corrects him: Raw is her show. And while McIntyre is upset, he can’t hurt his new teammate. Ziggler wants to get his hands on Shane for the World Cup, and McIntyre showed pure evil, which is what she wants him to do to Shane and all of SmackDown’s team.

Now, these three don’t have to like each other, but they have to work together. Understood? Yes. After they win, they can tear each other apart. Finn grins but so does McIntyre. Can Team Raw coexist long enough to win at Survivor Series?


Backstage interview with Ronda Rousey.

We’ve all heard what Becky Lynch said on Tuesday, what is Ronda’s response? Becky can dish it out, but Ronda wasn’t trying to offend or mock anything about Becky’s past. Ronda was just pointing out how ridiculous it is for Becky to think she’s taking Ronda’s arm. While Becky was learning the alphabet, Ronda was learning armbars. While Becky was learning to juggle, Ronda was learning armbars. And while Becky was pointing to where the exits were, Ronda was learning armbars. Ronda can’t believe she has to point this out. Becky can dish it out, but she can’t take it. Ronda speaks specifically to Becky about how “hypersensitive” she’s being. Becky isn’t “The Man”, she’s The Millennial. The skinny jean wearing, avocado toast munching Man with a bubble-wrapped ego and a porcelain self-perception.

Maybe someone should tell The Man that Ronda isn’t Charlotte, Raw isn’t SmackDown, and that being upset doesn’t make you right. Put the tiny violin away, “champ”, this isn’t Oliver Twist VS a trust-fund golden child. Ronda earned every fan with her blood, sweat and tears! And Ronda sure as hell didn’t pour her heart and soul into redefining “Fight like a girl” so that a leader of the Women’s Revolution could call herself “The Man”! Ronda calms down when Nia Jax walks by, with Tamina. They just want to wish their champ luck. And remind her that Nia is up next. The Baddest Woman is all riled up, but will her rowdy fighting spirit get burned by Becky’s Straight Fire?


Natalya VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad!

Before the match, Ruby has a mic to speak to The Queen of Harts. Ruby addresses her actions last week, while showing us footage. The Six Woman Tag rematch between The Riott Squad and Natty’s team ended not with a pinfall or a submission, but with Ruby breaking Jim the Anvil’s sunglasses. Natty was in tears but The Squad didn’t seem to care at the time. Now a week later, Ruby says that breaking The Anvil’s sunglasses struck a nerve with Natty and the WWE Universe. She thought it over since then, and she completely understands why there’s such backlash. “Let’s face it, Jim was a future WWE Hall of Famer.” He was a badass powerhouse with infectious charisma. And in that moment, Ruby took all of those happy memories and made them into nightmares.

Not only that, but Ruby humiliated Natalya in front of the world. “And I enjoyed every second of it!” The Squad laughs at how they tricked all the fans. That wasn’t taking it too far! That wasn’t far enough! These three have scratched and clawed for so much, and Ruby wanted everyone to feel emotion, REAL emotion. And “to bawl like a baby.” In that moment, it just made sense as to why Jim wore the sunglasses: “It was because he was ashamed to look at his own daughter.” Jim had to cover his eyes– But here comes the Daughter of the Anvil! Not from the ramp, but from behind! And she trips Ruby up to hammer away!

Liv and Sarah come back but Natty takes care of them. Ruby gets Natty, and now it’s a numbers game! Sarah lifts Natty up, and Ruby runs, for a Hart Attack! They steal the move of Bret & Jim to further humiliate Natty! Natty isn’t crying, but she isn’t standing either. Will Natalya ever get payback for what The Squad did in disrespect?


Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal!

The Monster Among Men blasted this match apart to open the show, but now we’ll try again. Who will be the last team standing to lead the Red Brand into the epic 10v10 Elimination Match?

The bell rings and that brawl begins again. The Revival pick on Slater while The Ascension go after Bobby Roode. The Lucha House party go after Rhyno while Corey complains that they shouldn’t have the entire trio in a tag team battle royal. Slater fights off The Revival but ends up caught on the top rope. Dawson throw him out, The Revival ELIMINATES Slater & Rhyno! Rhyno has to leave by default, and The Revival go after Lucha House Party.

The B-Team go after Chad Gable while The Revival and LHP continue to fight. The Revival put Kalisto on the apron but Kalisto fights them off. Lince runs in to help but is tossed over! Kalisto helps keep Lince in and they skin the cat. Lince headscissors but Dawson reverses to shove Lince out. Lince bodyscissors to bring Dawson with him! Dash goes to save Dawson, but Metalik suckers him into the B-Team. Axel knees Dash and feeds him to Metalik’s tornado DDT, that he also uses to kick Dawson down! Lucha House Party ELIMINATES The Revival! B-Team help throw Dash out for good measure, and the #TopGuys collide!

Bo Dallas & Curt Axel chant “B-Team! B-Team! GO GO GO!” but Lucha House Party respond with “Lucha! Lucha!” The Ascension blow up the chant battle, and go after everyone left. Konnor has all three luchadores on him but throws them all off! And then he throws Kalisto out, The Ascension ELIMINATES Lucha House Party! Lince and Metalik roll out, leaving The Ascension, The B-Team and Roode-Gable. Viktor throws Axel at Bo and gets rid of them both, The Ascension ELIMINATES The B-Team! Viktor and Gable brawl and Roode hits Konnor! Roode gets Viktor in place for a neckbreaker, and Gable adds a moonsault! The teamwork works out, and they hurry to get Viktor up. Konnor hits Roode down, then boots Gable. Konnor brings Gable up, but gets caught into a handing armbar! Roode dumps Konnor out, they ELIMINATE the Ascension!

Winners: #ReadyWillingAndGLORIOUS

We have our Raw team captains! The captains are victorious and GLORIOUS, but which other four teams will they bring with them to Survivor Series?


Raw returns, and we have our Tag Team Division team!

With names like the Authors of Pain already champions, Dolph & Drew in the normal Men’s Team and Rollins & Ambrose at odds, it wasn’t hard for them to choose. Roode & Gable will bring The Revival, The B-Team, the Ascension and Lucha House Party with them to face Team SmackDown! Who will SmackDown captains, Jimmy & Jey Uso, bring besides themselves and The New Day?


Brock Lesnar is here!

The Beast and his Advocate head to the ring, the WWE Universal Championship belt back around his waist. Of course, it was thanks to Baron Corbin’s Crown Jewel Screw-Job, but that doesn’t matter to Lesnar or Heyman. Now for the second year in a row, Survivor Series will feature The Beast VS The Phenomenal One in the Universal VS World, Champion VS Champion match. Heyman gives his standard introduction for himself and the “only two-time reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion”, BROCK! LESNAR!! And Heyman knows everyone will agree with him that no one deserves congratulations more tahn The Beast. But Strowman will get some congratulations that he’s almost unbeatable, “except when you get hit with not one F5, not two F5’s,” but FIVE F5’s from Brock, Lesnar. And congrats to Strowman that he’s able to worm his way back to a title shot with “some hardball negotiations.”

Heyman congrats the SmackDown roster for avoiding the beating their world champion gets at Survivor Series. Heyman congrats AJ Styles for being the world champion who will get that beating. Fans chant “AJ Styles!” but Heyman says they only chant that because they think Styles has a fighting chance based on last year’s match. Heyman says that Styles will fly into LA, check in to Hotel California, go to the “Suplex City” suite, and “take the beating that is coming the way of the WWE Champion.” For those who don’t know what that Hotel California reference was about, “google it, b*tches, I’m not here to educate you!”

But he’s here to educate AJ Styles. So based on last year, there is no one in the WWE from Raw or SmackDown or NXT, or even the UFC, that Lesnar wants to beat up more, wants to take to Suplex City more, wants to F5 more, and no one Lesnar wants to beat more, than AJ Styles. “Which means, ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday at Survivor Series, Suplex City, F5, one, two, three.” Your winner, the champion of champions, Brock Lesnar. That’s not a prediction, that’s– Jinder Mahal? Mahal addresses Heyman and respects the goal of making Lesnar a two sport champion. But do not underestimate AJ Styles. Last year, Mahal was focused on a dream match: Universal Champion, “The Beast” Lesnar VS World Champion “Beast Master” Mahal! That opening allowed Styles to steal the title and steal the match!

So Mahal is here as a friend to offer his services and help Lesnar focus. Mahal can show Lesnar the power of his mantra! Mantra? Seriously? Is Lesnar even going to entertain this notion? Surprisingly, yes. Lesnar says Heyman should hear this, since he’s Jewish and all. Heyman tries to explain that’s not how it works, but Mahal enters the ring. Mahal thanks Lesnar for this chance. Now, center your energy. Breathe in, then breathe out as you say “Shanti!” Lesnar tries the breathing, but he decides instead of “Shanti”, he says Suplex City! He runs one Singh Brother over and throws the other! Lesnar clotheslines Mahal out, then a suplex for the other Singh Brother! Then back to Sunil for another suplex! Heyman uses “Shanti”, and it seems to keep him calm as Lesnar throws Samir again!

Fans want “One More Time!”, so Lesnar hauls Sunil up to toss at Mahal! The Beast looms over the Modern Day Maharaja, then hauls him up for an F5 to the floor! Heyman hands Lesnar back his belt, and The Beast leaves Mahal and the Singh Brothers down and out. Will this rematch one year later go the same way? Or will Styles surprise everyone, but especially Heyman and Lesnar?


Elias VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

The Monster Among Men, the Scottish Terminator, the Show-Off and the Extraordinary Man are four of the five members of Team Raw. Will the Drifter or the Rocky Mountain Machine join them as the fifth and final man?

Before the match, the Hype Man of the Hour hypes up “the most magnificent body in the world.” Bobby Lashley is a work of art! His genetic make-up is art. But show them all those poses. “Yes, yes!” The side pose, the lats, the double biceps and quads. And yes, Kansas City will get Lashley’s favorite, the gluteus maximus! Lio gets a laugh out of it, that’s fore sure. But then Elias appears! Elias sits on stage with his guitar, and takes out his phone. Why? Because he needs to tell Kansas City Child Protective Services that Lashley has a child he kidnapped weeks ago. How old? Lio how old are you? Can’t be more than 10. And the poor kid is pointing at Lashley’s muscles, and Lashley was bent over just now. Why? No idea. Yes, it’s very disturbing, hence the call.

How long can they hold him? Make it quick, the longer Lashley is out here, the more prone we are to falling asleep. Lashley tells Elias the clown to shut up. Elias is up there running his mouth and trying to be funny, why doesn’t he get down here to say it in Lashley’s face? Calm down, Lashley. Elias will tell the whole world that Lashley sucks. Elias was just trying to help Lashley and “the toddler”, but before that, he plays his guitar. And then he asks, “Who Wants to Walk with Elias?!” Kansas City does! This match happens after the break!

Raw returns as Lashley has Elias in a headlock. Lashley wrangles Elias down but Elias keeps fighting back. Fans rally up and Elias gets up, only to be thrown down by Lashley! Lashley stomps Elias, then drops an elbow. Elias moves and Lashley hits mat. Elias throws hands, but Lashley kicks low. Lashley backs Elias down then whips him corner to corner. Elias goes up, and dropkicks Lashley away. Elias runs in corner to corner and runs Lashley over! Lashley staggers to a corner, Elias stomps and throws hands! Fans fire up with Elias, but Lio gets up on the apron. Elias hits him down, but Lashley rolls him up! TWO, and Elias baits Lashley. Elias dumps Lashley out, then leaps from the apron for a big knee!

Lashley’s down but Elias whips him into the post. But Lashley throws Elias into steel steps! Lashley gets in the ring at 6, Elias heads over, but Lio appears from under the apron! Lio keeps Elias from getting in before 10!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by count-out; joins the Raw 5-Man Survivor Series team

The now 24 year old piece of gold pays dividends! His big man gets in, keeping Elias out of Survivor Series. So Elias goes after little Lio! But then Big Bobby runs in, so Elias dodges to send him into the post! Elias throws Lashley into barriers, then grabs Lio. Elias puts Lio in the ring, hauls him up by his pants, then tosses him back out onto Lashley! The Drifter gets the last laugh on Lashley & Lio tonight, but will he be able to bounce back from this loss? Is the Men’s Team Raw truly powerful enough to destroy SmackDown once and for all?

Alexa Bliss heads to the ring!

The Goddess was put in charge of putting together the Raw Women’s Team, and she has Mickie James, Tamina and Nia Jax in tow as she makes her entrance. SmackDown already gave their team, though it’s unclear if Charlotte Flair will accept the appointment. That said, knowing Naomi, Carmella, Sonya Deville and Asuka will definitely be on the other side, Alexa surely wants to have the best possible on her side.

Alexa says “This Sunday is personal.” This is about proving Raw is always the A-Show and SmackDown is always second best. The Goddess not only expects a win, but demands it! She has the most dominant team ever, “you’re welcome.” A key member of the team, Natalya, has had an emotional night. She was sent home early to channel that range and focus it at SmackDown. For now, she introduces the present members of her team: First, her loyal friend and six-time women’s champion, Mickie James. Second, the former Raw Women’s Champion, Evolution Battle Royal winner, and perhaps someone who can help Alexa bury the hatchet, Nia Jax! Third, another fierce competitor and someone has shown she was born with the killer instinct, Tamina!

2Now this plus Natty is still one superstar short. Alexa thought long and hard on who the fifth woman to be. It should be someone willing to do anything, even end friendships, to win. The winner of tonight’s main event will be that fifth woman.

Sasha Banks VS Bayley!

No matter how many times the Legit Boss and the Huggable One make up as friends, they’re always pitted against each other over something. Will Sasha and Bayley stay friends after this match? Or will history repeat itself here tonight?

Raw returns, and the bell rings. The two friends circle and tie up as the others watch closely at ringside. Sasha chops then goes acrobatic to arm-drag Bayley. Sasha runs in but Bayley rolls her up, ONE. Bayley rolls Sasha again, ONE! Sasha waistlocks but Bayley bucks her off. Bayley hits a sliding lariat, cover, TWO! Sasha whips Bayley but Bayley slips out and brings Sasha over. Sasha denies the hotshot to knee Bayley down! Bayley goes down but catches the slide to knee Sasha back! Both women are down but Bayley gets up to put Sasha in the ring. Sasha spins around and hits a huricanrana! Now Sasha puts Bayley in, then climbs up. Flying meteora! Cover, TWO! Both women are down again but Sasha sits up first.

Sasha runs in but Bayley pops her up and tosses her out. Bayley elbows Sasha down, then goes out. Bayley runs, and dropkicks through the corner, but Sasha swings her into the post! Sasha catches her breath while Bayley clutches her ribs. Sasha gets in the ring, and goes to the apron to double knee Bayley into the post! She goes back in, but Bayley dodges and Sasha’s knees hit post! Bayley rolls Sasha up, TWO! Alexa seems mildly amused while fans fire up for both women. Bayley gets up but Sasha throws her out. Sasha hobbles over but into a hotshot! They’re both on the apron now as they slowly stand up. Fans rally up, Sasha blocks the kick to give a knee! But she runs into a Bayley2Belly on the apron!! They both crash down while we go to one last break.

Raw returns once again, as Bayley’s Macho Elbow hits knees! Sasha puts on the crossface! Bayley reaches, but  Tamina and Mickie attack?!

No Contest

And now so does Nia! Tamina SUPERKICKS Sasha, and Nia gives Bayley a leg drop! Alexa is mockingly shocked. Bayley and Sasha didn’t win, so she’ll introduce her real fifth woman: Ruby Riott!! The Squad Leader appears, as do Sarah and Liv. Seems it was all just a game to The Goddess, and now the team is complete. However, with the tension between Ruby and Natalya, can the women of Team Red coexist long enough to defeat Team Blue?

An attack happens backstage!!

Becky Lynch has somehow gotten in the building, in the locker room, and after Ronda’s arm!! “The Man” bends back the Baddest Woman’s arm, threatening to break it now before Survivor Series! Security runs Becky off and she shouts “Everyone’s tough ’til The Man comes ’round!” The Relent-Lass Straight Fire has fired the first shot, but she’s not done! She heads to the ring with all the Raw women in the ring. Is she crazy?! No, she has back-up! Team SmackDown appears!

Naomi, Asuka, Carmella, Sonya and even Charlotte are here to fight! The IIconics, too! They throw the Raw Women around, so Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox come out to reinforce their team. Nia takes Charlotte and puts her in a corner, but oddly enough her enemy, Becky, saves her. Becky has a bloody nose but she helps Naomi with Tamina while Sonya takes care of Nia. Fans see the chaos and declare “This is Awesome!”

But here comes RONDA!! Becky gets out, she’s already had her go. Ronda decimates the IIconics and Mandy Rose, and with one arm she decks Peyton Royce. But Becky has a chair to jam into Ronda’s ribs! SmackDown continue to wreck Raw as Naomi throws Tamina into steps, and the rest throw Nia into a post! Charlotte SPEARS Nia while Becky SMACKS Ronda! Fans want “One More Time!” so Becky does SMACK Ronda one more time! Becky leads her team out, but Ronda glares daggers at them all. Alexa is beside herself on the ramp. Raw may have the Baddest Woman and the strongest team, but will any of that matter when SmackDown is united in their defiance?


Stephanie is FURIOUS!

Where was Baron Corbin? How could he let this happen under his nose?! Becky and SmackDown decimated Raw! Corbin has no idea, but Stephanie wants to know how that’s possible! Is he not the acting GM? He is, but– But nothing! This cannot happen on Sunday! What will Corbin do to fix this?! Corbin promises to find a way, but can he? Or is he going to be out of power the moment Team Raw suffers even one loss?

My Thoughts:

For about 80% of tonight, Raw was in the sad standard of sub-par go-home. It opened with a lot of fun as Strowman wrecks that battle royal, and while I’m disappointed he didn’t threaten to just dismantle everything on the Raw side of Survivor Series, I suppose it’s fine Strowman will hold onto his anger until after. If Strowman is going after Corbin in a match of his choosing, I’m thinking TLC ends up being when and where. This will of course bring into question what Strowman does in the Mixed Match Challenge now that we know there’s actually something at stake in it. But Corbin at TLC and Lesnar at Royal Rumble makes sense for Strowman’s path of destruction towards the title he should already have.

Then we go into that sub-par mode as we get very few matches in two hours. We didn’t need recaps, just the building on those events. Ziggler VS Finn was a great match, though, and I suppose we’re just accepting that Finn isn’t feuding with Lashley anymore. Finn VS McIntyre will be a great match when we get it, and putting Finn on Team Raw is an interesting twist. I’m thinking all this dysfunction on Team Raw and the emphasis of getting back at Shane is going to be exactly why SmackDown wins the Men’s match. And in the Rollins-Ambrose story, Ambrose says we don’t deserve an explanation, but he still technically gave us one. As I figured, it’s one part what The Pack brought up, and one part how Ambrose took Rollins using his nickname of “Lunatic”. Ambrose likely attacks Rollins, title match at TLC.

Heyman has another great promo to plug Lesnar VS Styles 2018, and it was actually a pretty good moment of continuity for Mahal to act like he’s the expert on Styles. Mahal and the Singh Brothers end up a good workout for Lesnar as he slaughters them with Suplex City. Now obviously there’s a lot that says Lesnar wins, such as this talk of his UFC match and perhaps the spectacle a WWE Universal Champion becoming a UFC Heavyweight Champion brings. But I’m still banking on some sort of shocking upset, or maybe, if The Club aren’t brought onto Team SmackDown’s Tag Team team, Gallows & Anderson help Styles just beat down Lesnar because they can. I doubt they’d be booed if they did.

Ember put up a good fight against Tamina, but with Nia helping out, naturally Tamina wins her singles return. And naturally, Tamina and Nia make a lot of sense to be put on the Women’s team. Alexa had a good character moment to say that maybe she and Nia can be friends again. For one, wrestling logic dictates that Heels can always find common ground regardless of their pasts. Second, Alexa is literally the kind of character to work with someone, betray them, then work with them again. Just look at Mickie. Now, I expected the entire Riott Squad to be on the team instead of Mickie and Natty, but it seems the Women’s Team needs dysfunction to jeopardize their chances, too. And that entire ending brawl was amazing! Becky got a bloody nose, but that somehow adds to how badass she is. She has to win now, right?

My Score: 8.1/10

Did the last Raw before WWE Survivor Series do it for you? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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