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NXT UK Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/14/18)

Another double dose of NXT UK, and The Game, Triple H, has an announcement! What will the COO and the UK GM have to say about the future of the UK Brand?



  • Episode 7 – Sid Scala VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.
  • Episode 7 – Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams VS Saxon Huxley & Joseph Conners; Huxley & Conners win.
  • Episode 7 – Tyler Bate VS James Drake; Bate wins.
  • Episode 7 – Ashton Smith VS Wolfgang w/ The Coffey Brothers; Wolfgang wins.
  • Episode 8 – NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament: Dakota Kai VS Nina Samuels; Kai wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Episode 8 – Tyson T-Bone VS Jake Constantinou; T-Bone wins.
  • Episode 8 – Dave Mastiff VS Dan Moloney; Mastiff wins.
  • Episode 8 – NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament: Jinny VS Millie McKenzie; Jinny wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Episode 8 – Trent Seven VS Zack Gibson; Gibson wins.


NXT UK, Episode 7

The NXT Women’s Division waits on stage.

Stars from Dakota Kai to Rhea Ripley to Toni Storm to the fashionably late Jinny stand in attendance. Because Triple H is here! The Game walks out to join the eight women of NXT UK on stage, and introduces the General Manager, Johnny Saint! Fans fire up for both COO and GM, as HHH says “these eight women are ready to make history.” They will compete in a tournament to crown our very first NXT UK Women’s Champion! Johnny Saint does the honor of revealing the belt. And there it is, with crisp white behind the intricately detailed face plate. All eight women are ready. Birmingham is ready! Who will be the inaugural champion of NXT UK’s Women’s Division?


Sid Scala VS Jordan Devlin!

From big Dave Mastiff to towering Eddie Dennis, little Sid hasn’t had much luck since joining NXT UK. And while Jordan Devlin isn’t a mountain of a man, he’s still skilled and dangerous. Does Sid stand a chance? Or will he fall to the man with the Irish Nation on his back?

The bell rings, both men are focused. They tie up, and Devlin pushes Sid to a corner. Devlin digs his forearm into Sid’s face but backs off at 3 to say “You’re not in my league, you’re not on my level, and you don’t belong here!” But fans rally for Sid, and Sid fires off on Devlin! Devlin hits Sid back, then gets him in a urenage to standing moonsault! Devlins talks Sid as fans say “You Still Suck!” But Devlin hits Sid and whips him corner to corner hard. Then Devlin digs his boot into Sid. He wants the trash out of the ring, but he stomps.

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Fans taunt Devlin that he’s no Finn Balor, but Devlin takes his frustration out on Sid with an armbar suplex. Devlin then traps the arm between his legs and twists! Sid clutches his arm, but Devlin is still on him with European Uppercuts. Fans rally up but Devlin puts Sid in a corner. Sid boots back, then puts Devlin on the apron. Devlin blocks, shoulders in, slingshot cutter! Cover, TWO! Sid survives and that frustrates Devlin. Devlin drags Sid up into a fireman’s carry, but Sid sunset flips! Cover, TWO! Devlin kicks but SId blocks it to fire off haymakesr! Sid roars, fakes Devlin out and gets a jumping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Sid is close and fans cheer him on. Sid gets to a corner, climbs up top, and leaps at Devlin, only to get Devlin’s dropkick! Devlin drags Sid up, fireman’s carry, pop-up driver! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace continues his win streak while Sid continues on a losing streak. Will Sid ever make it out of the starting gate?

In-ring interview with Devlin.

Fans boo and jeer as Devlin is complimented on his newest win. The question is: “Have we seen the real Jordan Devlin?” Don’t make him laugh. The last thing Devlin is concerned with is the fans knowing who he is. Devlin knows who he is: the Irish Ace! Fans taunt him with “Who are ya?” Devlin tells Radsy to use that microphone and ask everyone else who THEY think they are! Because all Devlin sees is posers. The best one, the man in a mask and cape claiming to be a luchadoar when he’s from Leeds! Devlin knows who Devlin is, but who does Ligero think he is? The Irish Ace calls out the Leeds Luchador, when and where will these two clash?


NXT UK, meet Tyson T-Bone.

The King of the Travelers, this gritty gypsy has gone all over the UK and beat up everyone he’s faced. He wants to prove to himself and to the UK Universe that he’s the biggest, strongest and meanest competitor. He makes his debut next week, will the King of the Travelers become a king of NXT?

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Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams VS Saxon Huxley & Joseph Conners!

When the challenge was put out by Mustache Mountain to form the best possible NXT UK Tag Team Division, many heeded the call. Can the Bhangra Bad Boy and the Luckyan make a better team than the Muscle Cat and the Righteous Killer?

The teams sort out, and we start with Huxley and Amir. Fans chant “Tarzan Jesus!” as Huxely ties up with Amir. Huxely brings Amir to the mat with a double wristlock cover, but Amir gets shoulders up. Amir kips up but gets a knee. Huxley whips but Amir handsprings through to show off his Bhangra dance moves. Huxley swings on him but Amir ducks and runs to run Huxley over with a crossbody! Amir handsprings again, then hip tosses Huxley. Cover, ONE, so Amir tags Williams. Williams headbutts the arm, wrenches the wrist, and brings Huxley to the mat. Leg drop on the arm, float over to cover, TWO! Amir tags in and elbows Huxley’s arm.

Amir wrenches but Huxley backs him up to ropes. Huxley backs off but Conners smacks Amir to distract him, and Huxley pounces from behind. The ref reprimands Conners as Huxley gut wrench slams Amir. Cover, TWO! Tag to Conners, and he goes after Amir. He has him on the outside and laces him through a corner to bend him against the cross bars! The ref counts and Conners backs off at 4, but then drags Amir in. Amir hits back but Conners shoves him and gets him with a back elbow, then a spinning clothesline to another clothesline! Cover, TWO! Conners keeps his cool as he drags Amir up by an ear.

Tag to Huxley and they mug Amir. Huxley has a fireman’s carry and tosses Amir to the mat. Huxley kicks Amir while he’s down, and Amir gets to a corner. Amir counter punches and ax handles Huxley, then hops up for a leaping lariat! Both men are down and fans fire up as they crawl for their corners. Conners leaps in to hit Williams just because he can! Huxley drags Amir up but Amir breaks free and enziguris! Hot tag to Williams! Williams hits Conners back then slips out of Huxley’s scoop. He baits Huxley in to dump him out, then triangle jump back elbow!

Williams wrecks Conners with a dropkick, skins the cat and DIVES on the Muscle Cat! Williams puts Huxley in then climbs up top. He leaps over Huxley, rolls through but his tilt-o-whirl is derailed. Huxley tags in Conners, Conners runs in, sunset flip into buckles! Conners hits Amir for good measure, then drags Williams up for the Don’t Look Down! Cover, Conners & Huxley win!

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Winners: Joseph Conners & Saxon Huxley, Conners pinning

The gritty Conners and the towering Huxley worked as a team here, but will they stick together long enough to take on Mustache Mountain?

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We have our NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament Bracket!

To begin this historic tournament, it will be:

Dakota Kai VS Nina Samuels!
Rhea Ripley VS Xia Brookside!
Jinny VS Millie McKenzie!
and Toni Storm VS Isla Dawn!

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Who will make it out of the first round and into the semifinals? Who will make it all the way to become WWE’s inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion?


NXT UK Media catches up with Trent Seven.

The Man from Mustache Mountain shares his thoughts on Zack Gibson. Gibson’s debut in the Royal Albert Hall, three matches in one day, that’s a great feat. But on the next night, he lost to The Bruiserweight. Gibson’s confidence has taken a knock so now he lashes out on the rest of British Strong Style. Seven is pretty sure 1v1 on the mic or in the ring, Gibson won’t get it done against him, either. Is that an official challenge? Well he is a wrestler, so “let’s have a go.” Liverpool’s Number One takes Seven on in the next episode, who will get the better of the other?


Tyler Bate VS James Drake!

The inaugural United Kingdom Champion wants to be one of the inaugural United Kingdom Tag Team Champions, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take a singles match here and there. Meanwhile, Mr. Mayhem wants to show everyone he’s worthy of challenging the current UK Champion, Pete Dunne, but can he do it against the original?

The bell rings and fans sing for Bate. Bate and Drake circle as fans start chanting “Big Strong Boy!” They tie up, and Bate gets the wristlock. Drake rolls but Bate brings him down. Bate wrenches the wrist more, but Drake gets up and spins around. He breaks free to snapmare Bate to a headlock but Bate quickly gets out to get the wrist back! Bate wrenches and Drake drops to a knee. Drake gets up and pulls at the mustache. The ref counts and Drake lets go at 3, only to headbutt Bate low. Drake wrenches Bate’s arm and brings him down to a chinbar. Drake hits the arm then wrenches it again. Bate rolls, spins and handsprings to dropkick Drake down! Bate then handsprings up and checks his mustache.

Fans sing as Drake gets Bate with a waistlock. Bate drops down to slide under, then he waistlocks Drake. Drake elbows out then brings Bate over to suplex him out. Bate lands on the apron, and feints with Bop to hit with BANG! Drake goes down and Bate heads up top. Drake intercepts with a big forearm! Bate hits the floor, but Drake doesn’t leave him alone. Drake bumps Bate off the apron then puts him in. Drake rams his knee in and wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally up and Bate fights back. Drake knees low and snapmares Bate, to then stomp Bate right on the chin. Fans boo but Drake grins as he stalks Bate, Drake stomps Bate more, then forearms him to a corner. Drake goes after the chin but Bate has ropes, so he lets off. But then Drake comes back to stomp and choke Bate.

Fans taunt Drake, Bate chops him! Bate gives a EuroUpper, then another. He gives more, then whips, but Drake reverses and dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Drake keeps on Bate with a chinlock, and he puts his weight on Bate. Fans rally and Bate gets up, but Drake wrangles him back down. Bate feeds off the fans’ energy, and he gets up with Drake like a backpack. Bate backs Drake into buckles, but Drake holds on. Fans rally for the “Big Strong Boy!” and Bate bumps him again. Bate is free, but Drake comes back for another chinlock! Bate pries his way free to arm-drag Drake and get a huricanrana! Both men are down but fans fire up with another song for Bate. Both men stand, and Bate rallies with forearms and elbows.

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Bate whips but Drake reverses. Drake runs but into the boot and knee! Bate up, flying elbow! Fans fire up with Bate as he runs corner to corner, EuroUpper in the corner! But Drake follows to splash! Only to be caught and thrown! Bate kips up and hits a standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Bate keeps his cool, and brings Drake up. Drake resists the back suplex, then fights out. Drake whips but Bate reverses, so Drake tumbles to the apron. Bate sees Drake, but fakes him out with the rebound, to then DIVE the second time! Bate puts Drake in, and gets the saido suplex! Cover, TWO!! Drake survives but Bate still has fans on his side. Bate brings Drake around, double underhooks but Drake back drops out. Bate gets to a corner, but gets a dropkick! Cover, TWO!!

Drake grows frustrated, but he stalks Bate as he sits up. Drake brings Bate around, but Bate slips out to jackknife cover! TWO, forearm from Drake but a haymaker from Bate. Drake enziguris and shoves Bate, then runs, but misses in the corner! Bate rebounds, clothesline! Double underhook, Tyler Driver ’97! Cover, Bate wins!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

Mustach Mountain’s prodigy protege is victorious! Bate keeps rolling on, will he and Seven be ready for tag team gold? Will Bate also earn himself another go at singles gold in the near future?


Ashton Smith VS Wolfgang w/ The Coffey Brothers!

The Prestige owes the Last King of Scotland some major payback. Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers all attacked Smith as a pack one week, then used chaos and numbers to get the better of Smith and his team in a Six-Man Tag. Things are meant to be 1v1 tonight, will Smith get revenge on the Regulator? Or will Wolfgang howl his way to another victory?

The bell rings, and Smith is aware of Mark and Joe on the outside. He circles with Wolfgang and ties up. Smith gets a cravat, but Wolfgang fights out with one big body shot. Wolfgang gives more big shots, then stomps. Wolfgang gives a EuroUpper, then another, and has Smith on the ropes. He drags Smith up to whip but Smith reverses. Things speed up and Smith gets Wolfgang with a dropkick! Wolfgang staggers, Smith throws him with headscissors! Smith runs in at the corner, but Wolfgang puts him on the apron. Smith counter punches then leaps for a triangle jump ax handle! Wolfgang only falls to a knee, so Smith keeps going. Smith leaps again, but into a gutbuster! Wolfgang stomps away on Smith, but glares at the ref as he backs off.

Wolfgang grinds his boot into Smith in the corner, then whips him hard corner to corner! Smith falls to the mat and the Coffey Brothers like what they see. Wolfgang eggs Smith on, dares him to stand. Wolfgang knees Smith low, then again. Smith staggers but hits back. Smith throws hands but Wolfgang rocks him with another big body shot. Fans boo and jeer as Wolfgang stalks Smith. Wolfgang wraps on a rear bearhug as fans chant “We Don’t Like You!” Smith endures the squeeze and fans rally up. Smith stands and throws elbows, but Wolfgang squeezes. They go back and forth like that, Smith fights out with big haymakers!

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Smith reels Wolfgang in for a clothesline, but Wolfgang doesn’t fall. So Smith tries again with a bicycle boot! Then he runs corner to corner for a big knee! He keeps moving, dodges Wolfgang’s clotheslines to hit a leaping lariat! Fans fire up and “Woop!” as Smith whips Wolfgang corner to corner. Wolfgang reverses, but runs into a back elbow. Smith dodges Wolfgang to then hit a leap frog springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Smith is surprised but fans rally up for him. Wolfgang catches his breath as he scrapes and kicks at Smith. Smith throws another big haymaker, and another. He throws a third, then reels Wolfgang in for a fireman’s carry. Wolfgang slips out, but Smith elbows him away. Smith runs, but into a flapjack! Wolfgang runs for a sideways senton! Then he throws Smith with a trapped-leg exploder! Cover, Wolfgang wins!

Winner: Wolfgang, by pinfall

The Scottish alliance gets another win as Wolfgang smashes Smith! With these three standing tall and together, is there any trio that can stop them?

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