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Will Candice LeRae Turn Heel With Johnny?

On this week’s NXT Johnny Gargano cut a hand held promo discussing the reasons why he attacked Aleister Black. A decent promo with clear motivations as why he did it. As well as they’re doing to establish him in his new role as heel they’ve yet to confirm what this does to his relationship with Candice LeRae.

The reasons Johnny gave for doing it as we all thought was because Black was in his way of taking on Ciampa for the NXT title. He like all good bad guys still sees himself as the hero of this story finishing with a nice touch of sitting cross legged at the same spot he attacked him.

This promo as well as Candice’s interaction with Cross and Black last week has me wondering how this will affect her on screen relationship with Johnny? More specifically will she also turn heel?

Judging from that interaction Candice doesn’t believe Nikki Cross and seems to have been oblivious to the fact it was Johnny. Of course she could be lying and we may be about to see her turn heel alongside her husband at Takeover War Games 2. As shown during the Gargano-Ciampa feud earlier this year, Candice is more than willing to stand by her husband. However the closer we got to TakeOver Brooklyn 4 and in turn the attack on Black, Candice didn’t like what he was becoming.  And it’s that fact that makes me hesitant to believe she will turn.

If she didn’t know about it maybe she decides later on to join him because she’s committed. Either way I believe she will play a part in the Gargano and Black match at Takeover.

I don’t think Candice has ever been a heel in her career to my knowledge. This makes it hard to determine how good she would be in that role. Doesn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t pull it off I always look to the Sami Zayn heel turn as an example.

It would be especially great if she turned heel and we got that heel DIY reunion. All three of them going up to the main roster and just causing havoc. There aren’t that many groups in WWE that have both male and female members. They only ones that come to mind are the original DX or Sanity. Let’s just hope they’re not booked the exact same as Sanity have been on the main roster.

Of course she doesn’t have to turn as her career doesn’t have to follow directly alongside Johnny’s. She can from her own path and stand on her own merits. It’s just that they can’t not acknowledge some difference in their relationship now that Johnny is heel.

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Her career became intertwined with Johnny’s the moment they acknowledged on screen that they were married. The same thing happened with Rusev and Lana or Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan on the main roster.


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