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Joe Lucha Libre Report

Lucha Capital

Carta Brava Jr vs La Mascara

This tournament is so far over the edge. It’s just random matches basically. They start out countering each other and Mascara hits a hurricanrana and goes to the outside where Brava attacks him. They throw him back in the ring and Brava continues to work on him. Brava gets him in a small package and Mascara kicks out. Mascara counters with a drop kick and then hits a middle rope dive. Mascara goes to the top and goes for a move but Brava drop kicks him. Mascara hits knees in the corner but Brava gets his hands on the rope. They fight in the corner and Brava hits the corner stomp for a two count. Brava hits a drop kick in the corner for a two count. Mascara hits a super kick then victory rolls Brava into a stretch submission for the win. Mascara submits Brava with a stretch submission.

Winner: Mascara

Maximo vs Mascarita Sagrada

They posture a lot to start this match. Maximo works over Sagrada to start. He just keeps beating on him, working heel almost. It’s not possible to work baby face against a midget. Mascarita makes a little come back hitting two arm drags. He then hits a flip dive off the apron. Maximo goes for a suplex but Mascarita reverses it into a cradle but Maximo kicks out. Maximo kissed Mascarita and pinned him like that. Maximo pins Mascarita with a kiss.

Winner: Maximo

Golden Magic vs Aerostar

It took Lucha Capital 7 weeks to give graphics for the matches. They start the match trading a bunch of pinning combinations. Aerostar hits a head scissors then does a step up dive to the outside. Golden Magic does a springboard tornado dive to the outside. Paramedics are out there and they’re checking on him. They tie stuff athletic tape around his head and he goes back in the ring. What is that I don’t even know. Is he hurt? Maybe he’s bleeding? He’s not selling it much. They trade some corner attacks and then Magic hits a rolling cutter. Aerostar hits a back stabber in the corner. Aerostar goes for a moonsault but Magic gets the feet up. Magic goes to the top but Aerostar power bombs him off the top. Aerostar then hits a rolling cutter himself. Magic goes for a 450 and misses. Aerostar goes to the top but Magic meets him. He gets Aerostar in a fall away slam position and does a flip off the top for the win. Golden Magic does a fall away slam Spanish fly.

Winner: Golden Magic

Laredo Kid vs Texano Jr

Fenix is on commentary for this match. Laredo Kid is gonna face him for the title. Maybe even on the new years show? Fenix is still scheduled to work Impact on the 6th. They start at a fast pace countering each others moves. Kid hits Texano with multiple arm drags. Kid does an incredible asai moonsault to the outside. They fight on the apron and Texano scoop slams Kid to the floor. Texano brings his bull rope in and starts to hit Kid with him. Texano continues to work over Laredo Kid. Kid makes a come back hitting a dive to the outside. They fight on the turnbuckle and Laredo Kid hits him with the Laredo Fly for the win. Laredo Kid pins Texano with a Laredo Fly.

Winner: Laredo Kid

Drago Vs Hijo Del Vikingo

So I guess we are getting six matches. I’d rather them do more matches and less in between stuff so that works. They start out super hot in this match. No mat wrestling to start. Vikingo kicks Drago on the apron then does a shooting star press off the apron. He brings him back in the ring to pin but he kicks out. Vikingo hits a springboard code breaker. He goes for a shooting star press but Drago gets the knees up. Vikingo catches him in a hurricanrana then hits a flip dive over the top rope. Vikingo hits knees to the corner but Drago kicks out. Drago hits a Canadian destroyer and Vikingo kicks out. They sound surprised. Drago goes for a cross body but Vikingo catches him for a spinning side walk slam. Drago shot gun drop kicks Vikingo in the corner but he gets his foot on the ropes. Vikingo slams Drago and hits an imploder 450 for the win. Vikingo wins with an imploder 450.

Winner: Hijo Del Vikingo

Keyra vs Vanilla vs Taya Valkyrie

I truly don’t know what’s going on in this tournament. It’s now been split into men and women randomly. So this is apparently the women’s finals even though Taya won one match. Whatever it’s AAA. So this is for the number one contender to face Lady Shani and the Female Lucha Capital winner. They feign tying up for a bit then Keyra gets taken out. Taya drop kicks Vanilla against the ropes. Taya gets thrown to the outside and Keyra kicks Vanilla. Taya gets Keyra and Vanilla up and does a samoan drop fall away slam on both. Taya tries to do something to Vanilla in the ropes but she clotheslines her and does a leap over elbow drop. Impressive athleticism. Taya german suplexes Keyra. She’s really dominating the match mostly. Keyra does a tiger face buster on Vanilla. Taya does a face buster to Keyra but Vanilla breaks it up. Taya hits a northern lights suplex on Vanilla then does a double stomp on her for the win. Taya Valkyrie pins Vanilla with a northern lights suplex and double stomp.

Winner of the female Lucha Capital: Taya Valkyrie

Here and There


MLW is taping on Saturday going forward because they want to accommodate CMLL and their talent since they don’t usually work Saturday’s. MLW is going to be live Friday featuring Rush and Dragon Lee. Very exciting. They’re also doing TV tapings on Thursday and Friday and I’m trying to avoid spoilers like a bad journalist because I love the show.

Rush is going to be a big player in MLW I believe and I really think he can be a star. Court is playing towards the hispanic audience which is good. A lot of people speak Spanish in America and I believe not knowing English means nothing as far as getting over. I saw Jeff Hardy become a huge star and he could barely string sentences together. It’s a WWE brain wash thing in the last 20 years to think you need to cut great long promos and know the language great to get over. I guarantee Rush will become a top star and I hope Sombra joins him soon. The way WWE treats luchadors, non English speakers, and those with accents, like they’re lesser humans is disgusting. I won’t go off on a huge rant but Nakamura is one of the most talented men in wrestling period and he is never on television according to the reviews I read on this site and twitter. Sad.

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