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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/19/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Division celebrates the holidays with hostility! THE Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa take on Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher, in a STREET FIGHT!



  • Hideo Itami w/ Ariya Daivari VS Naom Dar; Itami wins.
  • Lio Rush VS Aaron Solow; Rush wins.
  • Tag Team Street Fight: Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick VS Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher; Tozawa & Kendrick win.


Drake Maverick promises a #Can’tMiss edition of 205 Live!

First, the Cruiserweight Championship rivalry of Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy has been some of the best parts of WWE’s 2018! The tiebreaker went the way of the Juggernaut, and he is still the champion. Murphy will speak on his victory later tonight.

Then, the Man of the Hour will return to in-ring action, his first match since losing for the first time on 205 Live to Cedric Alexander. Who will he face now that he’s back?

And in the main event, the feud that’s heated up the winter season explodes in a Tag Team Street Fight! Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick are unlikely allies but they both have issues with Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher. Can Kendrick redeem himself from all his past sins? Or will the Submission Commission prove Kendrick really is too soft to stay in this new Cruiserweight Division?


Hideo Itami and Ariya Daivari head to the ring!

The Innovator of the GTS and the Persian Lion have come to a respectful understanding, and look to be a new team in the Cruiserweight Division. Daivari takes up the mic to make sure everyone to do something right “for the first time in their lives”, by showing Itami respect! Fans boo and jeer instead. Daivari shouldn’t have to speak for Itami, but he won’t stand by seeing the “gross mistreatment of this legend!” Itami is the most decorated international star on the entire roster, and his feet have a doctorate in stomping faces in! “This man, this legend, hasn’t gotten any real competition on this show for two months.” And until he does, this episode is cancelled!

Not if Drake Maverick has anything to say about it! These two want opportunities? They keep going like this, all they’ll get is suspended! But then Naom Dar appears! The Scottish Supernova assures Maverick that he’ll be the one to shut Itami up. “Put me in, I’m ready to go.” Maverick agrees, and this is Itami’s lucky day. Out of respect for the WWE Universe, Maverick makes Dar VS Itami right here and now! Will Itami and Daivari learn to respect everyone else after Dar gets through with them?

Hideo Itami w/ Ariya Daivari VS Naom Dar!

The bell rings and Itami runs at Dar. Dar dodges and throws haymakers and forearms! He puts Itami in a corner, then bumps him off buckles in another corner, and in another corner. Dar whips Itami but Itami reverses. Dar ducks and comes back with a dropkick! Itami bails out but Dar keeps after him. Dar tells Daivari to back off, then puts Itami back in. Dar headbutts Itami in the gut, then spins him around and around and around before going for the backslide. TWO! Itami and Dar are dizzy, but Dar drags Itami up. Dar goes after Itami’s bad arm but Itami fights him off. Itami haymakers and suplexes Dar up to hang him out on the top rope. Itami kicks away on Dar, then goes to a corner, for the flying guillotine! Fans boo as Itami demands respect. Cover, TWO!

Itami stomps Dar while fans rally up. Itami kicks away in a corner, but Dar hits back, until Itami body shots him back. They go to another corner and Itami rams in his shoulder. Itami whips Dar and hits him with a kitchen sink knee. Cover, TWO! Itami keeps on Dar with a chinlock, but fans rally up. Dar gets up and fights back, but Itami throws him down by his hair. Fans boo while Itami brushes himself off. Itami drags Dar up again, snapmares and drops knees. Itami pulls the knee pad down, but just to scuff Dar’s face. Fans boo but Itami soaks it up. Dar gets up and fires forearms! Dar runs but into another knee. Itami tells Dar to “Respect me!” as he rains rights. Itami drags Dar into another chinlock, but fans rally.

Dar feeds off the energy and gets back up to fight out. Dar grabs an arm to give it a shoulder breaker. Itami kicks low then whips but Dar reverses. Dar ducks and Itami’s dropkick gets nothing! Itami gets to a corner and Dar runs in, but into an elbow. Itami goes up but Dar sweeps the legs! Dar catches his breath and throws strikes on Itami. Itami gets to a corner, and Dar runs in for a big forearm smash! Dar brings Itaim out, Northern Lights suplex! Floatover cover, TWO! Dar tells Daivari to stay back but focuses back on Itami. Itami stands, dodges the sweep and mule kicks Dar. Itami’s back hand misses, Dar rolls him up! TWO, and Itami boots Dar! Itami runs but misses again, and Dar sweeps legs!

Dar hurries up top but Daivari runs in. Dar sends Daivari down, then leaps at Itami. Itami dodges the double stomps then fires a strike fest! Itami runs at Dar, hesitation dropkick! And then, GTS Mk. II! Cover, Itami wins!

Winner: Hideo Itami, by pinfall

Daivari joins Itami in the ring to celebrate, showing Itami the respect he “deserves”. Will Daivari help Itami rise to the top of the Division and finally take that Cruiserweight Championship?


Drake Maverick meets with Buddy Murphy.

He apologizes for the wait and congratulates Murphy on the victory. Now what business does the champion have tonight? Well Murphy heard all the fans saying Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali were his two biggest threats. They thought he was going to lose to Ali at Survivor Series, and then they thought he was going to lose to Alexander at TLC. But guess what happened? The same thing that always happens: Murphy’s hand is raised and is announced “still Cruiserweight Champion.” Maverick is sure no one meant any disrespect, Murphy is one of the best on the roster.

But that’s the thing. He is not one of the best, he is THE best Cruiserweight in the world. And the world needs to know that. And Maverick will help by setting up the next challenge. Murphy wants a challenge, he needs a challenge. That way, when he wins, no one can deny he is THE best Cruiserweight ever. Give Maverick some time and he’ll put it together, to announce it next week. He better. Murphy leaves having given his ultimatum, but who is there for Maverick to put up in the Juggernaut’s path?


Lio Rush VS Aaron Solow!

The 24 Year Old Piece of Gold is back on the fastest hour of WWE, finally looking to get himself back on track after losing to Cedric Alexander. Lio says “matches like this, I usually like to come out here, say a few things, get the crowd hyped up to see the Man of the Hour, but I’m a busy man.” So he sucker punches Solow! The Man of the Hour doesn’t work by the hour, and he insists the referee ring the bell already. The referee checks on Solow, who wants to have this match, so the bell rings. Solow fires off on Lio with fast hands!

Solow runs but Lio runs and trips him! Lio drags Solow out and leaps off the apron for a bulldog! Lio puts Solow back in and climbs up quick, for the Final Hour frog splash! But Lio actually doesn’t end it here, he wants to make a point. He takes off his vest and rains hands down on Solow. Then he goes to another corner and climbs up again. Lio leaps, for a second Final Hour! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

Lio took the time to make a statement to the Cruiserweight Division. He #CametoCollect and get that title, but will the 24 Year Old Piece of Gold be chosen to challenge for the gold?


Cedric Alexander speaks.

“I’ve chased championships before, to come this close and let it slip away at the very last second.” But it takes more than a slip to make Alexander quit. So Murphy can enjoy his championship while he can, but this is still Alexander’s show, Alexander’s division, and that is still Alexander’s title. And Alexander promises to come back for it. Will Maverick make a decision to give Alexander that opportunity?


Tag Team Street Fight: Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick VS Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher!

To ring in both the holidays and the New Year, a long standing feud will be put to rest! The Stamina Monster and the Man with a Plan managed to bury the hatchet and are united against a common enemy. Will they make the Submission Commission pay for belittling Kendrick’s accomplishments and determination? Or will Gulak & Gallagher make them simply tap out?

Kendrick appears, clean shaven! This was the makeover Tozawa talked of last week, not to mention the return of Kendrick’s white leather jacket. Gulak and Gallagher laugh at this literal “baby face” Kendrick, but then they, Kendrick and Tozawa decide why wait to be in the ring? All four men rush each other on the ramp and the fight begins! Tozawa boots Gallagher down and then helps Kendrick go after Gulak! They take turns clubbing Gulak, then make sure Gallagher stays down. Kendrick whips Gulak into the LED then Tozawa whips Gallagher. Kendrick puts Gulak in as Tozawa puts Gallagher in, and now the match begins.

Tozawa kicks Gallagher while Kendrick kicks Gulak. Fans “AH! AH!” as Tozawa and Kendrick get a table! They put it in the ring, but Gulak & Gallagher counter attack. Gallagher throws Kendrick out while Gulak tosses Tozawa. Gulak & Gallagher ptu the table back? Fans boo and protest but a #Better205Live has no room for going extreme. But Tozawa and Kendrick improvise and use the announce desk cover to attack Gallagher & Gulak! Kendrick drags Gulak up and into the ring and Tozawa follows. Fans still want tables but Gulak gets stomps for now. Both Kendrick and Tozawa grind their boots into Gulak, but Gulak fights back. Kendrick clubs Gulak down while Tozawa gets the “AH! AH!” going again.

Tozawa helps put Gulak in a corner, and the unlikely duo double whip Gulak corner to corner. Tozawa runs in for a big forearm smash, then feeds Gulak to Kendrick, and they combine for an enziguri complete shot combo! Cover, but Gallagher returns and breaks it! Gallagher and Tozawa brawl, but then Gallagher finds himself 2v1 between Tozawa and Kendrick. Kendrick and Tozawa double whip and double boot Gallagher down, and then Kendrick becomes a step stool for Tozawa to use for his screaming back senton! Gallagher rolls away and regroups with Gulak. Fans rally up, but Gulak & Gallagher trip Tozawa & Kendrick! Gulak & Gallagher grimace, and decide to bring out a trash can, and a broom! Gallagher SMACKS Kendrick with the can while Gulak also brings out chairs, and an electric leveler?!

Gulak clobbers Tozawa with the leveler while Gallagher stomps Kendrick out. Gulak puts Tozawa back in the ring and then tosses the trash can after him. “You remember this?! I didn’t forget!” Gulak smacks Tozawa with the can and then puts Tozawa inside it. Fans boo and jeer as Gulak picks up the broom. Gulak sweeps the ring, to then SMACK the can! And SMACK down from above! Cover, TWO! Gallagher keeps Tozawa down while Gulak goes after Kendrick. Gulak throws Kendrick into barriers, then scoops him for a slam. Gallagher grinds boots into Tozawa while Gulak fetches a mop! Gulak jams Kendrick in the throat with the handle! And then throws the bucket at him! Gallagher drops Tozawa again, and then he takes the bucket to grind it into Tozawa’s head. Gulak uses the mop handle to SMACK Kendrick more, then gags him with the mop head.

Kendrick fights back and forearms Gulak against the post! Gallagher drags Tozawa up to knock him down. Cover, TWO! Gallagher keeps on Tozawa with an armlock, and Gulak uses cables to punch Kendrick. Gulak drags Kendrick up as fans rally, and TOzawa fights against Gallagher. Gulak chokes Kendrick with a cable assisted fish hook! He drags Kendrick up on the apron but then Tozawa returns the favor to Gulak! Tozawa drags Gulak into the ring but Gallagher clobbers Tozawa down. Gallagher drags Tozawa up to throw him out in a heap. The Submission Commission regroup to go after Tozawa on the outside. They haul Tozawa up to dump him into the timekeeper’s area! Then they go after Kendrick and put him in the ring.

Gulak covers, ONE! Gallagher covers, ONE! Gulak covers, TWO! Gallagher covers, TWO! Kendrick survives this string of pinfall attempts, but the Submission Commission change tactics. Gallagher hauls Kendrick up, to snake eyes him! Gulak clobbers Kendrick with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps his cool while he and Gallagher circle Kendrick. Gulak grabs the bucket and sits it upside down. Gallagher brings Kendrick up, and they double suplex, only to get double DDT’s! Everyone is down with only Gallagher and Kendrick in the ring. Kendrick rolls his way to the apron, and to a chair. Tozawa returns and brawls with Gulak. Gulak staggers around and into a chair, for Tozawa to knock him off! Tozawa fires up, and runs in, but into a mic!

Gulak uses a microphone to clobber Tozawa in the head! “Hah! You remember that one, punk?” Tozawa does, and hits Gulak back! Tozawa fakes the chop, to hit the jab! Gulak is down and Tozawa goes after Gallagher, huricanrana! Shining Wizard! Screaming senton! Kendrick hands Tozawa the chair to throw at Gallagher’s face! Tozawa throws a chair at Gulak! Fans fire up with Tozawa, and he regroups with Kendrick. Kendrick and Tozawa stalk Gulak and fans still want Tables. Tozawa holds Gulak in place against a post, and Kendrick ties him up with the bungie cord! Gulak is trapped, and Tozawa CHOPS him. Kendrick CHOPS, Tozawa CHOPS, and repeat! Gulak takes chop after chop after chop, held up only by the cable! But Gallagher barrels in with a trash can!

Gallagher grimaces while Gulak gets himself free. Gallagher takes away Percy Watson’s arm chair, and then brings it over. He clubs Tozawa and Gulak sits Tozawa down with a headbutt. Gulak pushes Tozawa into Gallagher’s dropkick! Gallagher goes after Kendrick again, and decides it’s his turn. Gulak puts Kendrick in the chair but Kendrick fights back. Gulak ends up taking a seat, and then Kendrick uses an exploder to throw Gallagher onto him! The Submission Commission share the chair, but then flop out. Kendrick staggers over and puts Gallagher in the ring. Kendrick climbs in but Gallagher hobbles over. Gallagher elbows, and Gulak puts the trash can back in. Kendrick standing switches and wants the dragon suplex, but Gallagher resists.

Gallagher trips Kendrick but Kendrick kicks the can. But Gallagher still gets Kendrick in a figure four deathlock and falls back! Tozawa runs in and tilt-o-whirls into an Octopus Stretch! It’s a submission chain, but Gulak comes in to get Tozawa in the GULOCK! Gulak pulls Tozawa off Gallagher, but Gallagher also lets Kendrick free. Fans rally as Tozawa endures. Gallagher intercepts Kendrick but Kendrick scoops and slams him onto Gulak! Tozawa is free, and Kendrick has a wild look in his eyes. Kendrick fires off and brawls with Gulak. Kendrick gets Gulak down on the ground but Gallagher knees Kendrick in the head!

Gallagher brings Kendrick around and Gulak helps haul him up. The GuLOCK is on but Kendrick fights out! Gallagher gets Kendrick in an Indian Deathlock! But Tozawa climbs up top, SUPER SENTON!! Cover on Gallagher, but Gulak breaks it! Kendrick fireman’s carrys and goes for Silced Bread but Gulak stops it. Tozawa saves Kendrick by swinging, sliding and kicking Gulak out! Tozawa builds speed, to DIVE into a trash can!! The trash can stops the Tozawa Torpedo! Gallagher goes to Kendrick, but Kendrick resists. They fight, and Kendrick adjusts, SUPER SLICED BREAD!! Cover, Kendrick & Tozawa win!!

Winners: Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick, Kendrick pinning

Redemption comes with victory! Kendrick & Tozawa threw caution to the wind and overcame their enemies together! Will this finally end things between them and the Submission Commission? Or will things only get more vicious in the New Year?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! For one, I like that they played up the surprise of Hideo Itami & Ariya Daivari “hijacking” the show via commentary. It works with Maverick’s opening segment to set the scene giving us what to expect, because we expect to go right into the advertised match. Itami VS Dar was pretty good, but naturally Itami wins so that he and Daivari grow stronger in their story. Perhaps Dar will team up with someone to cancel out Daivari’s presence. Then it was good to see Lio Rush back on 205 Live, and he signaled he wants the belt. With Murphy’s promo about getting past Ali and Alexander and now Ali apparently going to be SmackDown and only SmackDown, perhaps things get shuffled where Lio and Murphy face off for an unexpected Heel VS Heel idea.

And assuming Ali really isn’t going to be on 205 Live anymore, it’s a bit of a shame. His story was working up to be the man who finally gets that title off one of his biggest enemies, and I would’ve loved if he was the guy WWE put as the face of jailbreaking the Cruiserweight Division. But of course, even with this “fresh start” era of change and new things, WWE still isn’t going to be that innovative and give us something that would actually benefit everyone, namely the “new faces” and the fans watching. But this is only one week, and this holiday week is extra busy for SmackDown because they’ve taped Christmas SmackDown last night. Maybe in the New Year, we’ll see Ali do a promo on one show and a match on the other, in an effort to get more fans interested in 205 Live.

Of course, Cedric Alexander still wants to be the guy in the Cruiserweight Division, and could find his way back up if Ali really is going full SmackDown. However, I’d imagine Alexander would need to take an even more scenic route back to it than he did between Super Show-Down and TLC. Maybe he can be Dar’s friend in the fight against Itami & Daivari. If Kendrick & Tozawa can make amends, so can Alexander and Dar. And with that, I loved that Kendrick came out clean shaven and wearing his classic white. It’s as if Kendrick hasn’t aged since he was going solo in the early 2000’s. That street fight was incredible, even without a table spot the fans wanted so badly. Instead we got very creative spots involving items almost never used. Good move for the Faces to go over, though I am curious to see where this goes.

My Score: 8.5/10

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