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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/26/18)



NXT UK Coverage

The double dose continues, and the NXT UK Women’s Champion will have her first Yankee challenger! Will Deonna Purrazzo be the one to survive the Riptide?



  • Episode 19 – Jordan Devlin VS Kenny Williams w/ Amir Jordan; Devlin wins.
  • Episode 19 – Dan Moloney VS Eddie Dennis; Dennis wins, by disqualification.
  • Episode 19 – Tucker & Jack Starz VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley; T-Bone & Huxley win.
  • Episode 19 – Joe Coffey VS El Ligero; Coffey wins.
  • Episode 20 – Grizzled Young Veterans VS Mike Hitchman & Jay Melrose; Grizzled Young Veterans win.
  • Episode 20 – Dave Mastiff VS Josh Morrell; No Contest.
  • Episode 20 – Mark Andrews VS Marcel Barthel; Barthel wins.
  • Episode 20 – NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Deonna Purrazzo; Ripley wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.


Episode 19

NXT UK Assistant General Manager, Sid Scala, is in the ring.

“Welcome to Liverpool!” Sid introduces the NXT GM, Johnny Saint! Liverpool gives a standing ovation to the British legend as he walks out to the ring. Saint takes up a mic and the fans sing for “Johnny! Johnny Saint~!” Sid says both of them have a huge announcement to make tonight. Because January 12th, 2019, “We TakeOver!” NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool is officially announced! This young brand gets its first WWE Network special, but out comes Toni Storm! The Lightning Down Under has a mic of her own, and she joins Sid and Saint in the ring. “Hi, Liverpool.”

Toni is so proud to be part of this brand because for the past five years, she’s been living in Liverpool, and this year has been big for Toni. She was part of WWE Evolution, she won the 2018 Mae Young Classic, and Liverpool tells her “You Deserve It!” Toni thinks all that means she should get herself a championship opportunity. Therefore, at TakeOver: Blackpool, Toni wants a shot at the NXT UK Women’s Championship! Fans like the sound of that. Sid and Saint talk it over, and Saint says “You’ve got it!” Toni VS Rhea 2 is set, is it finally going to be #ToniTime?


Jordan Devlin VS Kenny Williams w/ Amir Jordan!

The Ace Trumps All in Devlin’s mind, but he has to prove it to get another shot at the WWE UK Championship. Meanwhile, the Luckyan looks to turn his luck around and gain some ground. Will luck trump the Ace this close to TakeOver: Blackpool? Or is Devlin on his way to that second chance?

The bell rings and Devlin circles with Williams. Fans are on Williams’ side as they tie up. Devlin pushes Williams back but Williams turns it around for a monkey flip! Devlin is up quick but thrown out! Williams goes to the corner, triangle jump elbow knocks Devlin back down! Williams keeps moving but his dropkick is caught! Devlin yanks Williams out to throw him onto the apron! Liverpool boos while Devlin puts Williams back in. Devlin pulls Williams up for a back suplex backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Devlin argues with the ref but goes back to Williams with elbows. Fans rally for Williams while Devlin pulls him into a half surfboard. Devlin digs his knee in while pulling Williams’ arms back, but Williams endures. Williams fights but Devlin turns him over to stand on him.

Devlin continues to pull back on Williams’ arms but Williams fights up. Williams turns Devlin but Devlin spins through. Williams kicks Devlin away, but runs into Devlin’s urenage! Devlin standing moonsaults but gets knees! Williams covers, TWO! Devlin grits his teeth while fans rally up. Williams throws forearms and uppercuts, then fires off elbows. Devlin shoves him but Williams comes back with a boot! Devlin bails out, Williams sees him going around the corner, and he changes direction while running to still DIVE on Devlin! Williams takes Devlin out at the ramp and puts him back in. Devlin misses the shoulder and gets a kick. Williams slingshots in and dropkicks Devlin in the back. He rolls Devlin up, TWO, Penalty Kick on the rebound! Cover, TWO! Devlin continues to be the iron Irishman but Williams has the fans on his side.

Williams runs and wheelbarrows, but Devlin makes it a Half ‘n’ Half suplex! Both men are down while fans rally back up. Devlin stands first, drags Williams up, but Williams kicks back. Williams misses the uppercut to get a forearm to the back of the neck! Devlin kicks Williams’ arm off the ropes, then ripcords for the back suplex! Devlin isn’t done with Williams, fireman’s carry to Ireland’s Call! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace continues his run back on the winning track! With TakeOver: Blackpool coming, will Devlin hit the jackpot of another title match?

In-ring interview with Devlin.

Another brutal match but impressive win. Devlin cuts Radzy off and tells him to scoot out of the way. “Another week, another victory, another opportunity for you to have the pleasure to interview the Irish Ace.” Devlin comes out again and again, winning, and an entire country celebrates with him, a proud Irishman. Devlin’s mission is to call out the fakes, the posers and the pretenders. So the next guy Devlin’s after, “he’s the worst of them all.” That man will learn that you never ever EVER bet against The Ace. Who does Devlin mean? And when will he and his target clash in the ring?


Backstage interview with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala.

What more do they have planned for the historic inaugural NXT UK TakeOver event? Well they were just discussing that and- Wait, Rhea Ripley comes by to hear this herself. Discussing potential match-ups? Rhea saw them talking to Toni. Yeah Toni won the MYC but Rhea is their FIRST Women’s Champion. For TakeOver: Blackpool, Rhea says she decides who she faces. She’ll defend her title next episode, so find her a challenger. Saint and Sid will talk that over. Any questions for the champ? Oh, Saint and Sid are back already. They have a challenger for her title: making their NXT UK Debut, the Virtuosa of Armbars, Deonna Purrazzo! Rhea still doesn’t like Sid. Well, whatever that’s about, will Rhea like facing Deonna 1v1 so close to TakeOver: Blackpool?


Dan Moloney VS Eddie Dennis!

The Birmingham brawler is next to take a lesson from The Headmaster, who is determined to be THE monster of NXT UK. Will Moloney be made an example for Dave Mastiff to learn from?

The bell rings and Moloney goes right at Dennis! Dennis shoves him away but Moloney comes back with a half hatch! Cover, ONE, but Moloney keeps moving. He collides with Dennis but Dennis stays standing. Moloney keeps trying but gets a judo hip toss! Dennis drags Moloney up to throw him out of the ring. Fans rally for “Dan! Dan!” but Dennis comes out to fetch him. Moloney chops Dennis back! But Dennis rocks Moloney with one heavy forearm! The ring count climbs while Dennis scoops Moloney up. Dennis swings and slams Moloney on the apron! But here comes Dave Mastiff!!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by disqualification

The Bomber wants payback for that sneak attack! He and Dennis brawl and Mastiff puts Dennis in the ring. Dennis is floundering as he gets caught in a German Suplex! Fans fire up as Mastiff goes corner to corner, but Dennis bails out! Dennis takes the win and is all smiles, but will he be laughing when Mastiff finally gets his hands on him? Meanwhile, Moloney wants an apology from Mastiff. Mastiff gives him a forearm! Mastiff says this one’s meant for Dennis, as he plunges Into The Void on Moloney!


Sid Scala and Johnny Saint talk with El Ligero.

They look forward to seeing the Leeds Luchador show what he can do against Joe Coffey. Ligero thanks them for this big opportunity, but Coffey and Gallus come by. This match won’t be about Ligero’s opportunity, this’ll be about him ending up in the hospital. The Iron King is looking through Ligero to the WWE UK Championship. Sid tells Coffey he should focus on Ligero, because Mark and Wolfgang have their own matches to worry about. The NXT Tag Team Championship tournaments will start in two weeks, with a major semifinal match of Gallus VS Mustache Mountain. Now, off with the three of you. Joe Coffey vows this is still Gallus’ Kingdom. But will Ligero show he’s more than a stepping stone towards the title?


Zack Gibson provides his guide to Liverpool.

Liverpool’s Number One is here in his hometown, and shows James Drake around. Gibson is going to show him and the NXT UK Universe the true Liverpool. The city was founded on the shoulders “of hard working, strong-minded, working class men and women not afraid to get their hands dirty.” But now, it’s been overrun with entitled leeches who just take and take without putting in the grind. Not like Gibson and Drake. The moment Gibson won the 2018 UK Championship Tournament, the city turned on him because they were jealous!

They visit the Royal Liver Building, “perched on top are two symbolic Liver Birds”, and legend has it that if the two birds ever flew away, the city would be in ruins. But that’s a fairy tale. Gibson is the true living legend of Liverpool, and if he ever left, that is when the city will crumble. People say the birds are protectors of the city, so Gibson knows they’re looking at the Grizzled Young Veterans as they’re about to make history becoming the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. This city needs Gibson far more than Gibson needs this city, but will the GYV need those titles more than those titles will need them?


Tucker & Jack Starz VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley!

With the tag title tournament starting soon, there’s still time to impress management! Will the perennial underdog and his new tag partner beat out the Gypsy & The Divine Beast? Or will they be left out in the cold?

The teams sort out and it will be Starz against T-Bone. They tie up and T-Bone tosses Starz with ease! T-Bone drags him up for elbows to the arm, then tosses him again. Starz is up and dropkicks T-Bone back. He dropkicks again, then runs but his crossbody is caught! T-Bone tosses Starz but Starz lands to tag Tucker! Tucker and Starz double dropkick T-Bone, then Tucker gets a facelock. T-Bone powers out hard! Tag to Huxley, and they both double choke slam Tucker down! Cover, TWO! Fans chant for “Tarzan Jesus!” as he rams knees into Tucker. Huxley lifts but Tucker slips out to roll up. TWO and Huxley hits Tucker with a big knee to the stomach!

Huxley drags Tucker up and whips him to the corner, but TUcker hits T-Bone. Tucker ducks Huxley and enziguris him back. T-Bone tags but so does Starz! Starz climbs and leaps to tackle Huxley! T-Bone swings but misses, and Starz rallies! Starz fires dropkick after dropkick, then baits Huxley in. Huxley misses but T-Bone hits Starz! T-Bone decks Tucker and drags Starz up. Tag to Huxley, and the two double whip Starz into double kicks. Huxley knee lifts, T-Bone throws a heavy right! Huxley covers, Huxley & T-Bone win!

Winners: Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone, Huxley pinning

Their second match is a success, the Divine & Gypsy might actually have something. Is it enough to impress Johnny Saint and get a spot in the NXT UK Tag Team Championship tournament?


Backstage interview with Isla Dawn.

The White Witch came close against Rhea Ripley for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, how does she bounce back? Obviously it wasn’t her time yet, and that’s not a good feeling. But she will do what she always does, and that is rise up from the ashes, dust herself off, and continue on this path. This path will lead to the title, but Jinny says no one cares. The truth is, Isla got her title match, and she choked. “What a wasted opportunity.” If the Fierce Fashionista had gotten that same chance, she would’ve won. That’s the difference between a witch and a queen. Will Jinny regret putting herself on Isla’s path?


Joe Coffey VS El Ligero!

The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, still reigns as THE United Kingdom Champion, but the Iron King wants his throne. But The Luchador of Leeds won’t let Joe eclipse his light just yet. Will Ligero slow down Gallus’ run through NXT UK? Or will he simply be run over with the rest?

The bell rings and the fans are on Ligero’s side already. Ligero and Coffey tie up and Coffey powers Ligero to ropes. The ref has them break and the two go again. Coffey gets a cravat and wrenches, bringing Ligero to the mat. He pulls on the mask’s horns but fans rally for Ligero. Coffey whips and knocks Ligero over. Coffey stomps but Ligero rolls to avoid again and again. Ligero then goes into a pretzel defense! Coffey is not amused by this tribute to Johnny Saint, but Ligero still kicks him from the mat! Ligero kicks away more on Coffey’s legs. Coffey shoves him back and blocks the headscissors! Ligero slips through the bomb to sunset flip but Coffey rolls through to go after the legs. Coffey wants a Boston Crab but Ligero pulls Coffey in.

Coffey deadlifts Ligero up but Ligero fights back with elbows. Ligero frees himself and runs to a corner to leap and hit a flying huricanrana! Coffey bails out but Ligero takes aim. Ligero runs and slides but Coffey dodges to throw him at the steps. Ligero stops himself and elbows Coffey back. He uses the steps for Sliced Bread but Coffey powers out. Coffey hits back with a forearm, then runs in to SPEAR Ligero into barriers! Fans boo and jeer but Coffey is all fired up. Coffey stomps Ligero then drags him up to ram into the apron. Coffey dares Ligero to hit him, but then dodges the haymaker to hit Ligero back. Fans rally as Coffey puts Ligero into the ring.

Coffey toys with Ligero and throws heavy hands. He drags Ligero up but Ligero hits back! Coffey counters the punch and goes for a full nelson. He gets the hold on and thrashes Ligero about! Ligero endures and pries at the grip. Coffey swings Ligero out and brings him in for a double underhook, but Ligero sprawls to deny a DDT. Coffey still uses the underhook for an inverted full nelson, and uses his weight to bend Ligero. Ligero endures a hanging butterfly and fans rally up. Coffey swings Ligero around before throwing him with a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Ligero lives but Coffey keeps his focus. Coffey goes after the legs again, but Ligero fights him off.

Coffey drops an elbow but misses, so he stomps Ligero down. He deadlifts Ligero but Ligero fights out with knees. Coffey tries again but Ligero gets free. Coffey runs at Ligero but misses the Spear, and Ligero lands on Coffey! Fans rally for Ligero while Coffey rolls out. Ligero builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Coffey and they hit the ramp! Ligero drags Coffey up and in, then climbs up top. Ligero leaps at Coffey, for a flying cannonball! Coffey gets to the corner and Ligero runs in, but Coffey dodges. Coffey runs in but gets buckles! Ligero hits Sliced Bread #3! Cover, TWO!! Coffey survives and Ligero can’t believe it. Fans still rally for Ligero as both men slowly stir.

Ligero drags himself to the apron and to the corner. He climbs again and leaps, but has to roll through as Coffey evades. Coffey uppercuts then SPEARS Ligero in the back! Coffey hits a splash in the corner, then whips Ligero into a pop-up powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Coffey can’t believe it but Ligero lives! Liverpool is thunderous for the luchador, but Coffey looms over him. Coffey deadlifts Ligero in a waistlock but Ligero fights out. Ligero dodges the spear but Coffey grabs the mask! Coffey bumps Ligero into buckles and fans boo. Coffey climbs, but Ligero stops him with a kick! Ligero climbs now and wants a Super Steiner, but Coffey stops that into a powerbomb! Then the Boston Crab! Ligero endures and crawls, and gets the ropebreak! Coffey lets go, and fans rally up again.

Coffey vows this is still his kingdom, and he drags Ligero up again. Ligero resists and boots him back! Ligero boots Coffey more, then blocks All the Best, to roll Coffey up! TWO!! Ligero runs, but into All the Best for the Bells!! Cover, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The Iron King gets through the Luchador of Leeds, but it was a far tougher fight than he expected. Coffey knows as everyone does that TakeOver: Blackpool is coming. Will he be the one to challenge Pete Dunne for the top title?



Episode 20

Grizzled Young Veterans VS Mike Hitchman & Jay Melrose!

Liverpool’s Number One & Mr. Mayhem want to be part of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament, but they’ll have to deal with a couple of animals first. Will Zack Gibson and James Drake be able to handle the Wild Boar and The Primate to head for TakeOver: Blackpool?

Despite being the hometown boy, Gibson doesn’t seem to have everyone here tonight on his side. The teams sort out and Gibson starts against Wild Boar. Fans duel while Gibson and Boar tie up. Gibson brings Boar to the mat, and grinds a knee in. Boar gets up and rolls around to get free. Boar lunges at Gibson but Gibson backs down to his corner. Gibson and Boar go again and Boar gets an armlock. Gibson pulls hair to throw Boar down, then tags in Drake. Drake runs but Boar trips him up to hit a back senton! Boar brings Drake over and Primate tags in! Primate clubs and throws Drake! Fans fire up as Primate runs in for a gorilla clothesline! Primate fireman’s carry but Drake slips out. Drake hits Primate with a left hand, but Primate hits back.

Gibson tags but Primate didn’t see it. Primate whips Drake but Drake reverses. Drake bails out and Gibson dumps Primate out of the ring! Gibson drags Primate up, and Drake slingshots for the stomp backbreaker! Boar protests while fans boo and jeer. Gibson puts Primate back in and covers, TWO! Gibson wraps Primate up in a cobra clutch. Fans duel while Primate endures the thrashing. Primate gets up but Gibson tags Drake. Drake rocks Primate with a right! Drake taunts Boar then rocks Primate with haymakers. He drags Primate up with a facelock then tags in Gibson. Gibson rams a knee into Primate’s ribs, then stomps him. Gibson taunts Primate but tags in Drake.

Primate powers Gibson into Drake but Gibson gets his arm. Primate throws Gibson out but Drake gets him with a facelock. But Primate powers Drake off, too, and tags in Wild Boar! Boar runs and rams Gibson, then fires off on Drake! The ref counts and Boar backs off at 4 with a roar. Drake runs at him, but gets a urenage and another back senton! Fans rally up with Boar as he scoops Drake. Drake slips out and enziguris! But then Drake runs into a pop-up bomb! Drake gets to a corner and Boar takes aim. Boar runs in but Gibson saves Drake from the cannonball! Tag, and Ticket to Ride! Drake hits primate away while Gibson covers, Gibson & Drake win!

Winners: The Grizzled Young Veterans, Gibson pinning

Liverpool’s Number One gets a win in Liverpool, and now both he and James Drake look to be poised for a spot in the NXT UK Tag Team Championship tournament! Who will they meet in the semifinals in the near future?

Gibson picks up a mic and Liverpool is divided. “I am Liverpool’s Number One, Zack Gibson! This man, my tag team partner, James Drake. The NXT UK Tag Team Titles are right around the corner.” And he knows a thing or two about winning tournaments. The GYV conquered all of Europe, and they’re not gonna stop! From Paris to Turkey, “we won the bloody lot!” Fans are still divided over Gibson’s speech, but Gibson continues to say that “I love my city! But I absolutely hate the people of Liverpool.” They can’t blame any of this on him! The second he got any success, the Scous turned their backs! When he made a name for himself around the world, the fans went online to say “Zack Gibson is a woolly back!” (For Americans, that’s Liverpudlian for someone who simply travels to Liverpool to work, and does not actually live there)

No one here can take Gibson’s success from him. No one here can stop the Grizzled Young Veterans. So Gibson will still represent Liverpool because no one else can! Gibson and Drake are the best tag team in the country, on this show and in the world, “SOON to be recognized as NXT UK Tag Team Champions!” Strong words following a strong showing, but will they prove it all at the end of the tournament?


NXT UK Media catches up with Mustache Mountain.

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate will meet Gallus’ Wolfgang & Mark Coffey in the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament semifinals next week, how do they feel about that? Well the road to TakeOver: Blackpool begins and it returns to the Empress Ballroom. Before that, Gallus is a speed bump in their way. Everyone’s seen how Gallus has come to blows with Mustache Mountain, but the winners will get a title shot at Blackpool. Bate made it big back there, now Seven wants his moment alongside Bate. And they’ll be crowned the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. “Let’s do this, mate.” Will these #BigStrongBoys prove too strong for Gallus? Or will Gallus prove to gallus for them?


Dave Mastiff VS Josh Morrell!

The Bomber of Black Country knows The Headmaster, Eddie Dennis, is watching, so he wants to show him something special. Will Mastiff make an example of this debuting young gun?

Wait, Eddie Dennis attacks Morrell at the stage! Dennis makes an example of Morrell first with a big scoop slam! Mastiff dares Dennis to try that on him, but Dennis says all in due time. Dennis grins as he leaves, but will Mastiff crush that smile off Dennis’ face soon enough?

No Contest


Joseph Conners speaks.

“In the NXT UK Landscape, we now have a Mod, a time-traveler, a luchador, all these shiny new toys. But even new toys have a shelf life.” The Righteous Killer knows, because two years ago, he was a shiny new toy. But now he’s battered, scratched and discarded. If he can’t be a new toy, he’ll just make sure the others end up as banged up as he is. Which new toy will Conners look to break first?


Mark Andrews VS Marcel Barthel!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welshman Rockstar wants to be part of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship scene with good friend, Flash Morgan Webster, but he’s not against trying singles competition, too. Will he be flying high against this debuting NXT crossover? Or will the second-generation German superstar say NEIN to Andrews’ success?

The bell rings and Andrews circles with Barthel. They tie up and the taller Barthel gets a chinbar. He brings Andrews to the mat with that, then shifts to a wristlock. Andrews gets up and moves around, but Barthel keeps him from ropes. Barthel whips then wrings Andrews into a grounded hammerlock. Barthel grinds in his elbows and forearms, but fans rally for Andrews. Andrews grabs Barthel in a headlock but Barthel maintains his hammerlock. Barthel headstands, to bridge through! Then he loops back around for the hammerlock. Fans applaud the technical savant, but Andrews still fights against the hold. They stand up but Barthel keeps hold of Andrews. Andrews rolls and handsprings to reverse the wristlock. He arm-drags Barthel around, but Barthel blocks the third. Barthel says “NEIN” but Andrews still gets that arm-drag on the other end.

Andrews runs and huricanranas Barthel to a corner! Barthel kicks back then throws hands and elbows. Fans sing for Barthel, and Barthel drags Andrews up. Barthel scoops but Andrews slips out. Things speed up and Andrews tilt-o-whirls, but into Barthel’s facebuster! Barthel adds a stiff knee, then covers! TWO, but Barthel gets Andrews with a headlock. Fans rally for both sides while Andrews endures the grind. Barthel grinds his knuckles in, too, but stops when the ref catches him. Andrews sits up and makes his way up, to fight out with elbows. Barthel throws Andrews down by his head! Fans duel as Barthel stalks Andrews and puts him in a corner. Barthel stomps a mudhole into Andrews then throws hands. The ref backs him off but Barthel hangs Andrews on the ropes.

Barthel runs and uses a basement dropkick to send Andrews out of the ring! Barthel stands on a corner to say “NEIN!” Andrews crawls back in but Barthel toys with him. Andrews hits back with body shots then forearms. Barthel throws Andrews at a corner and runs in for a BIG European Uppercut! Cover, TWO! Barthel is right on Andrews with another chinlock. Fans rally up as Barthel traps one of Andrews’ arms. Andrews feeds off the rally to fight his way up. Barthel again says “NEIN” and drags Andrews back down. Andrews endures and fights his way up again. Barthel shifts to a standing armlock, but Andrews rolls to a victory roll! TWO, “NEIN!” but CHOP from Andrews! Andrews bobs ‘n’ weaves and CHOPS more.

Andrews fires off forearms and chops but Barthel reverses the whip. Barthel swings but Andrews slides under to come back with an enziguri! Barthel goes to a corner as fans fire up. Andrews gets up and runs in for double knees. He keeps going to wheelbarrow victory roll, Stomp 182! Then the standing moonsault, but Barthel says “NEIN” as he rolls away. Andrews doesn’t mind, he takes aim and builds speed. Barthel continues to say “NEIN” as he runs around the corner. Andrews slides out to pursue, with a flying senton off the steel steps! Fans rally as Andrews puts Barthel back in. But Fabian Aichner appears! The Italian Tank has had his issues with the Welsh Airforce of Andrews and Webster, but the ref keeps him back. Andrews returns to Barthel, to get caught in a cradle! TWO!!

Barthel runs into an enziguri! Andrews runs out but into a tilt-o-whirl facebuster! Cover, TWO! Barthel is furious but he drags Andrews up. Suplex into Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews crawls to a corner but Aichner still looms nearby. Andrews aims at Barthel, Fall to Pieces FLOPS! Barthel puts Andrews on the apron, but gets a swing kick. Andrews springboards but Barthel trips him up! And Aichner gets a cheap shot knee behind the ref’s back! Aichner feeds Andrews to Barthel, and Barthel finishes Andrews with the fisherman back suplex, Landungsbrücken! Cover, Barthel wins!

Winner: Marcel Barthel, by pinfall

The German General can give the assist to the Italian Tank in getting an NXT UK debuting victory. But does this mean Aichner has found his ally in the war against the Welshmen? The handshake confirms! Will Aichner & Barthel win this war with Webster & Andrews?


NXT UK takes a look back at Toni Storm’s 2018.

The Lightning Down Under made it all the way to the Mae Young Classic Finals at WWE Evolution, and won against Genius of the Sky, Io Shirai! It was, in her words, the best experience of her life. Toni looked to continue her momentum into becoming the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champinship, but it wasn’t meant to be. An injury during the crowning match against Rhea Ripley is what brought Toni down, and she would be on the outside looking in. However, Toni has recovered and wants a major opportunity in her NXT UK return! She’s getting her shot, but Rhea isn’t as happy about it. Rhea puts her title on the line tonight, but will she make it to Blackpool for a rematch with #ToniTime?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Deonna Purrazzo!

The Mosh Pit Kid ripped her way through the Mae Young Classic, too, but would lose to Io Shirai in the semifinals. So it was fitting that the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament Finals would be the match-up we didn’t get in Rhea VS Toni Storm. Rhea shocked even herself in that winning moment, but now she’s confident she’ll be the first, best and only champion of this Division. Will the Virtuosa prove her wrong? Or will Deonna be the first Yankee to be torn apart by the Riptide?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Rhea doesn’t take Deonna seriously at all, until Deonna bicycle boots her in the face! Deonna keeps on Rhea with clubbing forearms, but Rhea shoves her away. Deonna gets around Rhea but Rhea bucks her off. Rhea swings but Deonna speeds things up to tilt-o-whirl headscissors and arm-drag Rhea down! Deonna keeps Rhea down with an armlock, but Rhea fights back. Deonna flips Rhea over to go after the far arm. Rhea endures the arm torture and pries her way out. They stand and Rhea throws forearms. Rhea puts Deonna in a corner and clubs away but fans rally up. Rhea whips Deonna corner to corner but Deonna goes up then under, and uses a grapple feint to roll Rhea up! TWO, but Deonna snapmares Rhea to an arm wernch.

Fans chant “Woop Woop!” as Deonna ties Rhea up in a Paradise Lock! Deonna runs and dropkicks Rhea out of Paradise! Rhea rolls out of the ring as fans rally up. Deonna goes to the apron and kicks, but Rhea turns that into an Electric Chair. Rhea drops Deonna’s face on the apron, then throws her body into barriers. The ring count climbs past 5 but Rhea drags Deonna into the ring. Rhea covers, TWO! Deonna gasps for air but Rhea kicks her while she’s down. Rhea drags Deonna up to club and stomp her down. Rhea stands on Deonna’s back and flexes the guns while fans boo and jeer. The champ stomps and covers Deonna, TWO! Fans sing for Deonna but Rhea talks trash. Rhea drags Deonna up for a suplex, and then slams her! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Rhea kicks Deonna around.

Rhea puts Deonna in a body scissors and squeezes. Rhea slaps Deonna around but Deonna endures. Fans sing but Rhea cotinues to slap Deonna around. Deonna endures the squeeze, then turns it into a cover. ONE and Rhea thrashes Deonna around more. Fans rally and Deonna makes it another cover, ONE! Rhea throws forearms and grabs hair as she squeezes Deonna. Fans continue to “Woop woop!” as Deonna pries her way out. Deonna is out of the body scissors but Rhea rocks her with a right. Rhea grounds ‘n’ pounds with heavy forearms! Rhea slaps and scuffs Deonna while fans duel. She brings Deonna up and whips, but Deonna sunset flips! Rhea rolls through to boot Deonna down. Rhea grabs the legs for the hanging cloverleaf! Deonna endures as Rhea swings and thrashes her around!

Fans rally on both sides and Deonna drags herself over for a ropebreak! Rhea holds on until 4, then drops Deonna. Deonna shoves Rhea back, and dodges in a corner. Deonna blocks the boot into a throw, and covers Rhea. TWO, and Rhea dropkicks Deonna back down! Deonna bails out of the ring, but Rhea takes the time to pose. Rhea goes out to fetch Deonna. Rhea suplexes Deonna up but Deonna slips out to kick her back! Deonna leaps for an apron cannonball! Fans fire up with The Virtuosa as she puts Rhea in. Rhea staggers into a backbreaker and complete shot, into the Koji Klutch! Deonna has Rhea now, but Rhea reaches and crawls! Rhea shifts to a cover, TWO, and Deonna lets Rhea go. Deonna fires forearms but Rhea fires back. They brawl, then Deonna CHOPS! Deonna runs, but into a flapjack! Cover, TWO!

Rhea grows frustrated but she stalks Deonna to a corner. She clubs away then hoists Deonna to the top rope. Rhea climbs up to join her, but Deonna resists the superplex. Deonna fights back and then adjusts, sunset flip but Rhea holds ropes. Rhea punches at Deonna but gets buckles, Deonna hops back up for a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Both women are down but the fans are fired up! Liverpool rallies as both women throw forearms. Rhea slaps Deonna, so Deonna fires off! Deonna gets Rhea with a snap exploder! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives to the shock of Deonna! Rhea gets to a corner and Deonna runs in. The ref counts and backs Deonna off, but Deonna comes back for more. Rhea uses that to send Deonna into buckles! Then pumphandle, Riptide! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

The Aussie with Attitude survives this challenge, but she’s not done with her challenger! Rhea boots Deonna off her feet, then stomps a mudhole in the corner. But here comes Toni Storm! Toni runs Rhea off, but this fight is coming for them both. With the Lightning back to 100%, will this championship rematch have a different result? Or will the Riptide strike twice?



My Thoughts:

The double dose continues, and it’s still pretty good. Good to see the official on-air announcement of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool. With just over two weeks left, I’m still curious to see if they’ve got enough episodes for more of these double doses or if they’ll go to single episodes now so that the go-home is episode 22. That will go a long way to determining how the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament will be displayed. If we’re getting one semifinal match an episode, it might be best to drag it out so that it isn’t all wrapped up in one week. We are given one semifinal in Mustache Mountain VS Gallus, and I’d imagine Grizzled Young Veterans is part of the other. It’s a bit different than what I was thinking, but I guess it’ll be Mustache Mountain VS GYV in TakeOver: Blackpool’s tag title finals.

There are many options for facing Gibson & Drake in the second semifinal match. Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone get their first win in a good match with Jack Starz & Tucker. Sadly this looks to be Tucker’s last on-air match as we know he was recently released. Tucker was only being used as a midcard star so hopefully he’ll get better play in whatever other promotion(s) he wrestles in. Huxley is pretty popular with UK fans as “Tarzan Jesus”, maybe he and T-Bone can at least make a Tweener go of it against Gibson & Drake. Gibson’s “guide” to Liverpool and his speech after GYV’s match with the UK Zoo of Boar and Primate really help him be a top Heel in the UK Division. However, I still feel like Mustache Mountain will be the inaugural tag champs because of how insanely over they are.

Aichner joining forces with Barthel is pretty good, they’re both bigger than Andrews and Webster, and they can have a tag team blow-off separate from the tag title tournament and it’ll still be good. Aside from Gallus, the winner of that feud could also be a contender to whoever has the titles after Blackpool. In the singles title race, Devlin continues to win, as does Joe Coffey, as both have great matches this week. I’m still hoping we end up with a Triple Threat, because that may be the only way for Dunne to ever lose that title. Dennis VS Mastiff II will be part of TakeOver: Blackpool, I’m sure, and that build is getting to the point where I think they should try a No Disqualification stipulation because Eddie Dennis looks like the kind who would get DQ’d on purpose.

The Women’s Division is taking the spotlight here, and it’s really good. Jinny wants a feud with Isla Dawn and they’ll make for a good unofficial contender’s match. Rhea Ripley makes good strides in being the top UK Women’s Heel with her attitude and demanding a different challenger first. Rhea VS Deonna was a solid match, Deonna is a solid worker, but perhaps NXT UK isn’t the place for an American to get her first singles title. Toni VS Rhea II is going to be great, and could be the match to steal the show just on character work that Rhea is able to already provide at a high level. Obviously Rhea’s inaugural reign was meant to be longer but the double doses skew the length. But no matter what, she’s already made history and losing to Toni at Blackpool won’t hurt her.

My Score: Episode 19 – 8.4/10; Episode 20 – 8.5/10

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