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Top 5: Wrestling WWE Memes Involving Real Life



Randy Orton WWE Meme

Memes have largely taken over the internet, and wrestling is no different. But Steve Cook looks at the wrestling influence on some of the internet’s top memes!

I was chillin’ on Twitter early Sunday afternoon and the College Football Playoff Selection Show was the main topic of discussion. The teams selected didn’t come as much of a surprise, and the teams not mentioned didn’t come as much of a surprise. There is a football program in Central Florida that has won a large number of consecutive games, but get left out of things like the College Football Playoff due to playing their games in the American Athletic Conference and not having any non-conference wins worth talking about.

(I was more willing to listen to and potentially utter these complaints when Louisville was in the Big East. Now that we’re ACC I can be a Power 5 snob & look down on these other conferences. Also, now that we’re terrible I don’t have to worry about things like rankings.)

UCF caught everybody’s attention by going to an old classic as a response…the wrestling meme!

Hey, you gotta respect the fact that whoever does UCF’s Twitter is a big NXT fan. They could have gone with one of the old classics, but they went right to the here & now.

Wrestling memes are very here and now. The genre of sports entertainment is a vast array of moments in time that make perfect GIFs, that can be used in videos, and just make things funnier.

Here are the Top 5 Wrestling Memes Applied To Real Life.

5. Randy Orton RKO Outta Nowhere

Longtime Internet writer & commenter Wyatt Beougher’s Facebook response to my mention of Randy Orton in last week’s column on Rhea Ripley¬†got me thinking. What will Orton’s legacy be? How will the Viper be remembered whenever he hangs up the boots? He’s a complicated character with countless ups & downs during his career.

I figured it out while I was researching this column.

He’ll be remembered for the RKO OUTTA NOWHERE Vines, where we would find out that epic failures were caused by an RKO. Much like Randy Savage is mostly remembered for his Slim Jim commercials, Randy Orton will be remembered for reasons other than his wrestling ability. I think that’s ok.

4. Jim Ross Calls the World Cup

Wanna make a sporting event even more epic? Dub some Jim Ross over it! Countless sports + JR clips have popped up over the years, but the Brazil-Germany World Cup ’14 match still rates as the best I’ve seen.

The beating Brazil took certainly deserved the treatment.

3. Kevin Durant Joins The Authority

The NBA has become even more of a soap opera than pro wrestling. The players are over-dramatic about everything and the fans are more than willing to buy in. When Kevin Durant chose to join the Golden State Warriors during free agency, some fans took that the same way wrestling fans used to when their favorite wrestler turned heel.

It reminded some people of when Seth Rollins turned against the Shield.

The detail in the facial expressions on Durant, Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams, Steve Kerr & Steph Curry is beautiful. Simply amazing.

2. Donald Trump vs. CNN

It’s not the most artistic wrestling gif of all time, but it’s probably the most viewed. The President of the United States tweeting out a wrestling-related gif would have been unthinkable prior to 2017. To be fair, most Presidents weren’t able to tweet & didn’t have to deal with the Internet & gif images. I still like to think most of them would have been above such things.

Then again, I can imagine Andrew Jackson tweeting out gifs of him beating up Native Americans while taking their land. FDR was always on top of using the latest technology. Nixon would have been all about using memes against his enemies. Maybe other Presidents would have been social media trolls as well. They just didn’t have the chance.

1. LeBron James Joins The NWO

This is the one that set the mold. When you think wrestling combined with real life events, you think of the video where LeBron James joined the NWO. They even went to the trouble of over-dubbing the commentary to make it fit.

The Decision paved the way for everything to follow in NBA player movement, and in wrestling memes.

What do you think?
Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


What Is The Future Of Tommaso Ciampa?

What does the future hold for everyone’s favorite bad guy?



Tommaso Ciampa

Scott Mcleod takes a look into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for Tommaso Ciampa.

This weeks NXT opened with Triple H officially announcing that Tommaso Ciampa had vacated the NXT Championship. The rest of the show was centered around a spectacular fatal 5 way won by Adam Cole. Cole now earns the right to face Johnny Gargano in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Takeover New York to crown a new champion. While Gargano’s future looks set what about Ciampa?

A short video on this weeks episode showed he was in Birmingham Alabama and he’d had the neck surgery. Surgery that is said will cause him to be out from 6 to 14 months. We’ve seen Ciampa come back from injuries before but after such a long time off he showed return to NXT or is it time to call him up.

There is a story to be told with him returning to NXT to reclaim Goldie. Coming to take the very thing he was obsessed with and never lost. Part of the reason I’m not sure if should return to NXT is the fact it’s been almost 4 years that he’s been with the brand. He & Gargano debuted on the October 2015 episode of NXT despite not officially being signed.

Ever since he’s been a big part of NXT always tied to Gargano is one way or another. There’s only so much anyone can do in NXT before people start clamoring for them to be called up. Given the time frame he could be out I like the idea of him returning by appearing on the Raw or SmackDown after next years WrestleMania. Just imagine the pop that would get. The kind he should of got when he & Gargano appeared on Raw.

This was my initial idea. However as with anyone who comes up from NXT there is the fear that they won’t know what to do with Ciampa. Also after such a serious injury it’s likely they will keep in him NXT at least for a few months to be sure he’s good to go. I know Ciampa despite getting a hero’s return could easily turn the crowd against him again in a heartbeat.

It would be interesting to have in NXT for few months to show he can be booked in storylines that don’t involve Gargano since they’ve been linked for so long. I wouldn’t object to him regaining the title for a few months before actually being beat for it this time. When he does go up hopefully he can finally finish his story with Gargano. Gargano looks to be gaining momentum when Ciampa appears like a ghost from his past.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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NJPW PPV Coverage

Andrew’s Quarterfinals & Semifinals New Japan Cup 2019 Ratings & Analysis

Andrew’s combines the New Japan Cup Quarters and Semis out of necessity. Who made the finals? How were the matches leading up?



Andrew’s combines the New Japan Cup Quarters and Semis out of necessity. Who made the finals? How were the matches leading up?

Due to personal plans, I figured it would be best to group these two and cover the Finals show in full on Sunday. So this way no article looks awkwardly short.

Now after an interesting first 2 rounds, we saw some upsets and some favorites pushed harder than expected.

Many of the usual suspects made the Quarters, so let’s see who gets out alive!

Quarterfinals Ratings:

  • Tomohiro Ishii vs YOSHI-HASHI: Ishii wins via Vertical Drop Brainbuster @20:25 – ****
  • Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay: Okada wins via Rainmaker @20:10 – *** 3/4
  • Colt Cabana vs SANADA: SANADA wins via Skull End @14:55 – ** 1/4
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Hiroshi Tanahashi: Tanahashi wins via Leg Clutch @21:10 – *** 1/2


Quarterfinals Analysis:

YOSHI had something to prove, and being that he and Ishii are stablemates, it felt almost personal. YOSHI came out with more fire and resiliency than we’re accustomed to expect from him and had a few nice near falls. Never really being able to hit Karma, and trying to go toe to toe with Ishii on strikes was his undoing. You don’t trying to go blow for blow with the Stone Pitbull.

Okada and Ospreay are great together. As much as I was previously against Ospreay, after his neck injury he seems to actually be doing more than just a plethora of pointless flips. Ospreay has started to become more calculated and Okada keeps getting pushed harder and harder each time these two get together. Though I feel their 46th Anniversary was better, this was still a damn good match. New Ospreay is best Ospreay.

Colt and SANADA. What can I really say. Colt tried to outsmart SANADA on multiple occasions but seemingly gassed himself out being quirky. He overshot the Superman Pin once allowing SANADA to roll out of it and then he just missed, leaving himself wide open for the Skull End. Hopefully we see SANADA get over the hump in the semis, but he’s in some pretty elite company.

Sabre and Tanahashi was a deliberately paced match with Tanahashi trying to keep Zack away from his legs. I’m surprised that Zack didn’t immediately go after the legs when we all know Tanahshi has two bad wheels. So something about Zack seemed to not be nearly as sharp and calculated as usual, so Tanahashi was able to land an Inverted Slingblade and squeak out the pinfall with a Leg Clutch, much to Zack’s chagrin.


Quarterfinals Overall Score: 6.75/10

After a first day of two great matches, the second was bound to not live up to the bar that was set because of well, Colt Cabana. No knock on Colt because he is a well rounded wrestler, but because he was basically Gaijin Yano in this tour, he wasn’t going to put on¬† a classic. Honestly, even Tanahashi and Sabre was a little underwhelming. When YOSHI-HASHI is a participant in the best match of this section, some soul searching might be in order.


Semifinals Ratings:

  • Kazuchika Okada vs Tomohiro Ishii: Okada wins via Rainmaker @21:10 – **** 1/4
  • SANADA vs Hiroshi Tanahashi: SANADA wins via Skull End @24:10 – ****


Semifinals Analysis:

Okada and Ishii was a hell of a slobber knocker. Ishii does have a G1 victory over Okada, so it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Okada was going to win, and there were plenty of callbacks to the match where Ishii won. Okada saved the match for himself a few times with desperation Dropkicks, as Ishii just kept coming at him and avoiding the Rainmaker attempts for the most part. A multitude of headbutts and attempted Tombstones is where the match swayed to Okada. Ishii kept trying to hit the Tombstone to weaken the neck for the Vertical Drop Brainbuster, but Okada was wise to it and hit a Jumping Tombstone of his own, to set up the Rainmaker finish. Solid match, with the type of aggression you’d expect from two men who really wanted the chance to beat the hell out of Jay White.

Tanahashi and SANADA is interesting. They have similar teachers and harken back to both for their distinctive style. Tanahashi has been referencing Fujinami a lot to avoid knee damage and SANADA loves himself some Mutoh. We saw this match be a little more of a mat based chess game, with both finding ways to work over the other. Tanahashi went through the litany of the moves he used in the tournament thus far, only to have SANADA either break out, or outright counter. Tanahashi tried to use the Leg Clutch he used against Zack Sabre, but SANADA blocked it and sunk in the Skull End. Which marked the end for Tanahashi.


Semifinals Overall Score: 7.5/10

These matches were great and lead to a rematch between Okada and SANADA. In what was one of Okada’s better title defenses last year, SANADA is a year older and hopefully with a new trick. The excessive attempts at the Moonsault, are what spelled SANADA’s doom last year.

See you tomorrow for the New Japan Cup Finals! Does SANADA or Okada face Jay White in MSG?

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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