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AEW Will Change The World



AEW is the biggest topic in wrestling since it was announced in the New Year. Will they leave up to their motto of “Change the World”? Juan let’s us know his take.

The last 20 years, WWE has Been the dominate wrestling promotion in the world and with no one to challenge them in that position until now. AEW seems like the first real attempt by a wrestling promotion to compete directly with WWE since the end of WCW. The real question is, will AEW be capable of living up to all the hype and compete with WWE?


A roster of a wrestling promotion can be its heart and soul. AEW will need some of the best wrestlers in the world so it can even consider start competing with WWE. AEW could be the chance young wrestler have been looking for in the wrestling business and AEW seems like the place where young talent will be able to show their talents to the world. Wrestlers like PAC, Jericho, Janela, Ford,Baker, MJF and Page are just the first names on AEW’s roster and Jericho will be the one to lead other wrestler from other promotions to join AEW because of his name and how the promotion looks.

A WCW vibe

Some wrestling fans see a WCW vibe on AEW, and they are not wrong to see that vibe. AEW will be managed by The Bucks and Cody in a similar way how some top talent in WCW did back in the day. I think WCW and its mistakes will be in the back of the heads of all people managing AEW so they can avoid the same mistakes made from WCW. Another thing to consider is The Bucks and Cody are not people with huge egos like Nash, Hogan and Hall had with WCW.

At war with WWE

Like it or not AEW will be at war with WWE. For the first time since the death of WCW, WWE will have a direct competitor in terms of signing talent, audience and other areas of the wrestling business. WWE made really good offers to The Elite members in a way to stop the creation of AEW but they failed to sign them. WWE already feels war has begun and the fact that WWE was prohibiting the entrance to people with AEW merch to SmackDown this last Tuesday means WWE takes AEW very serious.

Is a good time to be a wrestler

Wrestlers now have in AEW another place to work, something the wrestling world really needed for a long time. Wrestlers can now negotiate for better terms and salaries with their respective promotions. AEW will have somewhat of an advantage in terms of signing talent because of the healthcare option they are willing to give wrestlers something other promotions and specially WWE don’t offer to talent. The fact women will also have equal opportunities as men means more talent will put their eyes on signing with AEW.

A relationship with NJPW

AEW and NJPW need to work with each other if they want to increase their possibilities of success with the various objectives both have. The only problem in both working together is ROH for now but once that partnership ends, AEW will take the position that ROH has with NJPW right now. Kenny Omega is a big factor for NJPW working with AEW because of their plans of expanding to the US and Kenny Omega until now has been a major factor on their success on their expansion in the US and in the world and losing Omega would be a big blow to NJPW global expansion.

With all of these points, it’s hard to argue they won’t at least make some waves. Do you think they’ll be more than a flash in the pan?

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