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Chairshot Daily: Andrade, Big E, Ronda, and other first names!



Chris Platt and Greg DeMarco sit down for the first ever Chairshot Daily! Talk includes Andrade, Big E, Ronda Rousey, and the WWE Royal Rumble!

Welcome to The Chairshot Daily, an experimental broadcast featuring Mr. Velvet Pipes Christopher Platt and Mr. Terrible Pipes (along with the founder of The Chairshot) Greg DeMarco!

On this special edition, Greg peppers Chris with questions about:

  • Andrade’s celiing in WWE?
  • Is Ronda Rousey done after WrestleMania?
  • Is New Day holding back Big E?
  • What surprises can we see in the Royal Rumble?
  • Who do you miss in wrestling?

Chairshot Chairshot Royal Rumble

It’s the first ever edition of The Chairshot Daily, airing live but available anytime, all the time, on-demand at The!

The Chairshot: Always Use Your Head

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