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The Good, Bad and Ugly: WWE Raw (12/31/18)



Drew McIntyre Dolph Ziggler WWE Raw Steel Cage

2019 is upon us, and Raw has begun its rebuilding stage.  The McMahon’s are in control in a new and exciting way.  Well really, nothing has changed there but the thought that the fans are in control seems to be working.  Raw had a Good week last week, and tonight airing on New Year’s Eve should be Good, right?


Steel Cage Match – Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre

Right off the bat, a match.  This is like finding an alien in your yard, rare nowadays.  Not a bad match either.  McIntyre and Ziggler can go, and with the added hardship of a steel cage this looked to be a Good idea.  After multiple near escapes from Ziggler, McIntyre punished The Showoff with brutality.  Mighty chops over and over beating Ziggler down.  Ziggler picked up some steam hitting McIntyre with some decent looking offense, until he was devastated with a Glasgow Kiss.  Both men fought for control, but ended up getting hung up on the top.  If there is anything Bad to say here McIntyre spent way too much time taunting.  Ziggler out of nowhere hit a Famouser but only for a near fall. 

Ziggler hit a huge Superkick for another near fall, and ended up almost getting out of the door.  Ziggler got stopped multiple times before slamming McIntyre’s head with the door.  He followed it up with another Famouser but again McIntyre kicked out.  McIntyre after Ziggler almost escaping the cage, got Superplexed from the top of the cage.  Drew McIntyre annihilated Ziggler, slamming him repeatedly into the cage, continuously taunting him. Again out of nowhere, a Zig-Zag for a very near fall.  McIntyre countered an attempted Superkick with a disgusting Claymore Kick.  McIntyre hits a second Claymore Kick this time for the pin-fall and victory. 

McIntyre on his way out, got held up by Ziggler talking trash, and proceeded to beat the hell out of Ziggler, ending it with a Claymore Kick through a chair to Ziggler’s head.  McIntyre stated he is now moving on to bigger things, and will be winning the Royal Rumble then will win the Universal Championship.  Ziggler again stopped McIntyre getting another Claymore Kick.  Hell of a match, and great opening to Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins Promo

Rollins gets a loud reaction, that’s for sure.  He then called out Ambrose for his Intercontinental Championship rematch.  Out comes Triple H.  This was Good already due to their extensive history with each other.  No automatic rematch, no automatic anything anymore according to HHH.  Triple H then rubbed salt in the wound claiming Rollins didn’t deserve a shot anyway.  HHH then set Rollins off setting up a match with Bobby Lashley.  Rollins continued his speech, next getting interrupted by Shane McMahon.  McMahon clears the ring stating that there is a “Fresh Start Battle Royal” in which the winner faces Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Title.  Decent promo and set up another match.

Fresh Start Battle Royal

Starting off with Balor after such an announcement was a very Good idea, it immediately got the audience invested.  Typical Battle Royal action, nothing special.  Standouts here were Apollo Crews early on.  Finn Balor of course looked Good out there as well.  Crews gave the crowd a sequel and cleaned house again, clearing everyone in his path.  Corbin pulled his plug then later eliminated the favorite, Finn Balor.  Corbin to everyone’s disgust looked to have it locked until Crews kicked him in the face, and out of the ring for the victory, and a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose.  This was fun and Good all around.  It also served a purpose and set up a potentially decent Intercontinental Title Match later in the night. 

Baron Corbin Promo post Battle Royal

Corbin can be horrendous on the microphone.  He comes off phony and over the top.  The crowd was hot already, when Elias decided to play some Christmas music on his guitar.  This little feud has some potential for mega heat.  A top heel and a top baby-face completely on different poles with the audience.  Corbin ended Elias’ encore a little early, and it was a Good thing as Elias was getting long winded even for him.  There was a decent brawl that had some hard hits, and big bumps especially for a set up promo spot.  This could be a Good feud if it continues like it is. 

Ember Moon, Sasha Banks and Bayley vs.  The Riott Squad

Having more of these girls is Good all around.  So much talent and potential.  I would like to see any of them pushed, it would make for some historic matches.  The match started off rough, and a bit awkward at times.  Ember Moon and Ruby Riott picked things up a bit, and it got better from there.  Liv Morgan particularly looked Good, and got the crowds attention with both her outburst and action.  A lot of Good tag team action by both teams.  This is obviously setting up the Tag Team feel for the Women’s Division, and it’s working.  The Riott Squad had some great tandem moves, but Banks hits the Backstabber followed by a beautiful Macho Man Elbow Drop by Bayley for the hard fought win. 

Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley w/Lio Rush

Lio Rush is very talented especially on the microphone, however he can easily overdo it, and come off cheesy.  Lashley still is worse though.  Having said that, Lashley has looked fantastic in the ring.  The match was high energy, physical and looked Good.  Lio Rush hit a good looking hurricanranna outside slamming Rollins and assisting Lashley.  Bobby Lashley dominated, hurling “The King Slayer” all over the mat.  Rollins slowed down the momentum with multiple suicide dives.  Rollins had a Stomp on Lashley but Rush interfered and Rollins got driven through the ring with a sick spine-buster.  Rollins regained only to be interfered with again by Lio Rush.  Rollins had enough and finally got to Rush.  Lashley attacked but was greeted with a steel chair.  Lashley Wins by D.Q, but Rollins got it in with the chair-shots, ultimately hitting Lio Rush with The Stomp.


Natalya Promo

Natalya didn’t get a lot of mic time, however what could have been a save sake was ruined when Nia Jax and Tamina jumped into the scene.  Another plus, is Nia Jax is so hated right now, she has a tremendous amount of heat that any heel would kill for.  Nia was stiff and her attack sounded like it hurt.  Even so, this was a waste of time and accomplished nothing.  It was better than it has been for all parties involved but it would have been better without the talking. 

Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers vs.  Heath Slater and Rhyno

Rhyno looked Good and it was nice to have him back.  Heath Slater is Good but not anywhere near his full potential, and Jinder Mahal knows his stuff.  Unfortunately overall, the pace was strange, the action had some extremely awkward timing, and looked uncomfortable.  I like that the matches have been random to set up the Main Event(s) and the crowd seemed to be into it, however the Bad outweighed the Good in this one.  Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers Win!

Intercontinental Championship – Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Apollo Crews

The idea of “Fresh” talent getting a shot is awesome!  You have to love Apollo Crews, a natural getting a run against someone as over as Dean Ambrose.  The I.C. Title has meaning again, and the WWE Gods should be proud.  Crews controlled the action most of the match and looked Good.  He hit a ton of big spots, and almost stole the belt.  Ambrose legit looked like a zombie out there.  Something is up with Ambrose, he is The Walking Dead now, and it isn’t appealing for his style and pace.  Slowed down Dean Ambrose really needs to wake up, this is starting to hurt his work big time.  He is extremely talented but it isn’t showing his stuff currently.  Crews misses a Frog Splash and gets beat by Dirty Deeds.  Ambrose retains.  Had some high spots, but not enough to pull through.  Bravo Apollo Crews though. 


Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka vs.  Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Natalya

Rousey looked fantastic all around.  Her strikes were Good, her look was fierce, and she brought her very best.  Unfortunately, Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka are a nightmare.  Nia Jax wrestles in slow motion and Tamina Snuka has the coordination of a hippie on acid.  These two could drag The Rock down.  Nia Jax face looked like the Emoji Movie, full of pure cheese.  Tamina Snuka getting that much time in the ring is criminal and really stunk up the place.  Rousey gets Tamina in the Armbar for the Win!  The more Tamina, the worse it is!  WWE Please get Tamina out of the ring!


  • THE GOOD:  6
  • THE BAD:  3
  • THE UGLY:  1

OVERALL:  Good?  Yes it was, more than half of the show at least.    The talent in the Main Event just wasn’t as Good as it needs to be.  Rousey taking a break cannot happen fast enough.  Now fans were subjected to some under par action, however WWE did the job and entertained the masses on New Year’s Eve. 

SmackDown has already been made famous on the internet as it was pre-taped.  I see a possible sweep in SmackDown’s future.  Could be wrong but doesn’t sound like it.  Happy New Year! Be safe and have fun kiddos. 

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Cook: Remember Money in the Bank? It’s Still a Thing.

Are we sleeping on this Money In The Bank PPV?



WWE Money In The Bank Stage

To say it’s been a busy week in the world of pro wrestling would be an understatement. Did it cause us to overlook WWE Money In The Bank?

We started off with the untimely death of Silver King inside a London ring. Wednesday saw the official announcement of an a deal between All Elite Wrestling & WarnerMedia to include programming on TNT & B/R Live. Thursday saw the hospitalization of Ric Flair, along with the death of WWE Diva Search 2 winner Ashley Massaro. Such sad news, nothing but the best of wishes to Ashley’s family & friends.

Then Friday brought the news of the death of a former Raw guest host. Grumpy Cat was much beloved by members of the Cook Family. As silly as it might seem, Grumpy memes brought my mom, sister & I a connection over the last few years that we might not have had otherwise. They’re not wrestling fans, but they did like pictures of Grumpy with WWE Superstars. Grumpy Cat saw & did more in seven years than a lot of us ever will, and now she’s moved on to being miserable in Heaven.

All Cats go to Heaven, right?

What’s going on in WWE, you ask? Well, everybody’s talking about one of a couple of things. There’s the business with Lars Sullivan getting fined six figures for saying things several years ago that get people elected to public office in some regions of the country. Of course the ratings are at the center of conversation as well. I have always hated talking about ratings & views & clicks. I know it’s never going away. Especially now that we’ll have AEW ratings on TNT & maybe some B/R Live subscriber numbers to pore over.

Oh, and we’re also talking about how Triple H is feeling frustrated & Vince McMahon is driving all the writers insane. But that last one isn’t really new. Vince will continue to drive everybody insane and make himself a bunch of money while doing so until his last day on Earth.

It seems to me that everybody has been talking about everything except the huge event this weekend in Hartford, Connecticut.

Money In The Bank

Remember that? I mean, people were trying to tell me it was one of WWE’s biggest shows of the year not that long ago! There was a period of time where you could make that argument. In years past, everybody was curious over who would win the briefcase and eventually become champion.

In 2019…I’m not seeing a lot of people all too worried about that. I don’t know what it is exactly. I’m guessing there’s a confluence of factors going on here leading to Money In The Bank being an afterthought, when it really shouldn’t be. I mean, we’re getting two multi-person ladder matches, and when aren’t those fun? AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins sounds like a dream match. Becky Lynch will be wrestling two championship matches. The Miz & Shane McMahon are going into a steel cage by gawd!

And Roman Reigns is wrestling…Elias? Well, ok then.

This show has completely faded into the background for most wrestling fans. We’re thinking about everything else in the world. AEW has us abuzz with their potential. The most woke among us are more concerned with Lars Sullivan & Saudi Arabia. Which we should be, at least on the latter part because the Saudi regime are quite evil in the grand scheme of things. We should not excuse them because they give Vince McMahon millions of dollars of blood money. Some will. I will not.

Here’s the thing.

We’re all sleeping on a potential Event of the Year contender. I am too, I’ve been putting off picks for this event for awhile now because I just don’t care. But we are talking about a show with two ladder matches. Styles vs. Rollins. Shane & Miz in a cage. Kofi vs. Owens. Two Becky matches. I guarantee you that once Sunday night rolls around, people will be raving about this show.

It’s just impossible to get people hyped up for Money In The Bank right now. Too much is going on. Our brains are overloaded by wrestling, pop culture & the politicians that are trying to take our souls. It’s a rough time in America right now, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be easier anytime soon.

Realistically, all WWE can hope for is to capture our attention on Sunday night. Make us tweet about Money In The Bank all night long & marvel in their splendor. If we get some show-stealing matches on Sunday, you’ll see all kinds of columns here and elsewhere about the marvels of WWE, the greatest wrestling company to ever exist.

Until then, we’re going to be distracted by other things. Wrestlers dying. Grumpy Cat. Evil politicians. There’s a lot going on at our fingertips. I suspect this could be cited by people defending WWE’s ratings numbers & Network subscriptions, and they can do that if they like. This is 2019. A lot is going on.


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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The Chairshot Staff Picks – Money In The Bank



WWE Money In The Bank 2019
The Chairshot Staff Picks - Money In The Bank

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to The Chairshot Staff Picks. My name is PC Tunney and I am thrilled to be back at it for Money In The Bank! The time for my favorite gimmick match has returned as we shine up the briefcase and pull out the ladders. Let’s jump right in and see how clearly we can see into the mind of Vince McMahon…

2019 Money In The Bank – Hartford, Connecticut

Tony Nese(c) v Ariya Daivari

  • Bradley Jay – Nese
  • Bobby Fernandes – Nese
  • Carol Cassada – Nese
  • David Levin – Daivari
  • Harry Broadhurst – Nese
  • Jason Schufletowski – Nese
  • Kevin Carrol – Nese
  • Korey Gunz – Nese
  • Mason Epeneter – Daivari
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Nese
  • Rey Ca$h – Daivari
  • Rob Bonnette – Nese
  • Scott Mcleod – Nese
  • Steve Cook – Nese
  • Steven Mitchell – Nese
  • Tiffany Carter – Nese
  • Dave Ungar – Nese
  • DPP – Nese
  • Chris Platt – Nese
  • Miranda Morales – Nese
  • Elisa Marie – Daivari
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Nese
  • Greg DeMarco – Nese

Tunney’s Take: While Tony Nese is a solid performer with a great look, he comes across as very plain and ordinary to me. Time to switch that strap again. My Pick is Ariya Daivari

The Chairshot – Tony Nese 19-5 #UseYourHead 

Daniel Bryan & Rowan(c) v The Usos

  • Bradley Jay – DB & Rowan
  • Bobby Fernandes – Usos
  • Carol Cassada – DB & Rowan
  • David Levin – DB & Rowan
  • Harry Broadhurst – DB & Rowan
  • Jason Schufletowski – DB & Rowan
  • Kevin Carrol – DB & Rowan
  • Korey Gunz – DB & Rowan
  • Mason Epeneter – Usos
  • Mathew Sarpricone – DB & Rowan
  • Rey Ca$h – DB & Rowan
  • Rob Bonnette – DB & Rowan
  • Scott Mcleod – DB & Rowan
  • Steve Cook – Usos
  • Steven Mitchell – DB & Rowan
  • Tiffany Carter – DB & Rowan
  • Dave Ungar – DB & Rowan
  • DPP – DB & Rowan
  • Chris Platt – DB & Rowan
  • Miranda Morales – DB & Rowan
  • Elisa Marie – DB & Rowan
  • Patrick O’Dowd – DB & Rowan
  • Greg DeMarco – DB & Rowan

Tunney’s Take: With the Usos move to RAW I just don’t see them winning the belts here. My pick is Daniel Bryan and Rowan

The Chairshot – Daniel Bryan & Rowan 21-3 #UseYourHead

Samoa Joe(c) v Rey Mysterio

  • Bradley Jay – Joe
  • Bobby Fernandes – Rey
  • Carol Cassada – Rey
  • David Levin – Joe
  • Harry Broadhurst – Joe
  • Jason Schufletowski – Joe
  • Kevin Carrol – Joe
  • Korey Gunz – Rey
  • Mason Epeneter – Joe
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Joe
  • Rey Ca$h – Joe
  • Rob Bonnette -Joe
  • Scott Mcleod – Joe
  • Steve Cook – Joe
  • Steven Mitchell – Rey
  • Tiffany Carter – Rey
  • Dave Ungar – Joe
  • DPP – Joe
  • Chris Platt – Joe
  • Miranda Morales – Joe
  • Elisa Marie – Joe
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Joe
  • Greg DeMarco – Rey

Tunney’s Take: It’s time for the Rey and Dominic’s feel good moment of 2019. My pick is Rey Mysterio

The Chairshot – Samoa Joe 17-7 #UseYourHead

The MiZ v Shane McMahon (Steel Cage Match)

  • Bradley Jay – MiZ
  • Bobby Fernandes – MiZ
  • Carol Cassada – MiZ
  • David Levin – MiZ
  • Harry Broadhurst – MiZ
  • Jason Schufletowski – MiZ
  • Kevin Carrol – MiZ
  • Korey Gunz – Shane
  • Mason Epeneter – MiZ
  • Mathew Sarpricone – MiZ
  • Rey Ca$h – Shane
  • Rob Bonnette – MiZ
  • Scott Mcleod – MiZ
  • Steve Cook – MiZ
  • Steven Mitchell – MiZ
  • Tiffany Carter – Shane
  • Dave Ungar – Shane
  • DPP – MiZ
  • Chris Platt – MiZ
  • Miranda Morales – MiZ
  • Elisa Marie – MiZ
  • Patrick O’Dowd – MiZ
  • Greg DeMarco – MiZ

Tunney’s Take: I thinks the use of a steel cage to end this rivalry is an excellent move. MiZ is HOT right now and needs to take some momentum into his next storyline. My pick is the MiZ

The Chairshot – The MiZ 20-4 #UseYourHead

Roman Reigns v Elias

  • Bradley Jay – Roman
  • Bobby Fernandes – Roman
  • Carol Cassada – Roman
  • David Levin – Roman
  • Harry Broadhurst – Roman
  • Jason Schufletowski – Elias
  • Kevin Carrol – Roman
  • Korey Gunz – Roman
  • Mason Epeneter – Roman
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Elias
  • Rey Ca$h – Elias
  • Rob Bonnette – Roman
  • Scott Mcleod – Roman
  • Steve Cook – Roman
  • Steven Mitchell – Roman
  • Tiffany Carter – Roman
  • Dave Ungar – Roman
  • DPP – Elias
  • Chris Platt – Roman
  • Miranda Morales – Roman
  • Elisa Marie – Roamn
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Roman
  • Greg DeMarco – Roman

Tunney’s Take: This match has Shane McMahon interference written all over it. Shane walks with Elias. My pick is Elias

The Chairshot – Roman Reigns 19-5 #UseYourHead

Women’s MITB

  • Bradley Jay – Moon
  • Bobby Fernandes – Bayley
  • Carol Cassada – Bayley
  • David Levin – Bayley
  • Harry Broadhurst – Bayley
  • Jason Schufletowski – Cross
  • Kevin Carrol – Moon
  • Korey Gunz – Beyley
  • Mason Epeneter – Dana
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Bayley
  • Rey Ca$h – Moon
  • Rob Bonnette – Bayley
  • Scott Mcleod – Bayley
  • Steve Cook – Mandy
  • Steven Mitchell – Bayley
  • Tiffany Carter – Bayley
  • Dave Ungar – Moon
  • DPP – Dana
  • Chris Platt – Mandy
  • Miranda Morales – Cross
  • Elisa Marie – Cross
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Dana
  • Greg DeMarco – Dana

Tunney’s Take: I would absolutely love to see Nikki Cross win here. I’ll play with you Nikki! The timing feels right for the SHENOM, though. My pick is Ember Moon

The Chairshot – Bayley 10, Ember Moon 5, Dana Brooke 4, Nikki Cross 3, Mandy Rose 2 #UseYourHead

Men’s MITB

  • Bradley Jay – Andrade
  • Bobby Fernandes – McIntyre
  • Carol Cassada – Corbin
  • David Levin – McIntyre
  • Harry Broadhurst – Andrade
  • Jason Schufletowski – McIntyre
  • Kevin Carrol – Andrade
  • Korey Gunz – McIntyre
  • Mason Epeneter – Sami
  • Mathew Sarpricone – McIntyre
  • Rey Ca$h – Andrade
  • Rob Bonnette – Andrade
  • Scott Mcleod – McIntyre
  • Steve Cook – Andrade
  • Steven Mitchell – McIntyre
  • Tiffany Carter – Ricochet
  • Dave Ungar – McIntyre
  • DPP – McIntyre
  • Chris Platt – McIntyre
  • Miranda Morales – Andrade
  • Elisa Marie – McIntyre
  • Patrick O’Dowd – McIntyre
  • Greg DeMarco – Andrade

Tunney’s Take: There are a number of interesting choices you could make a case for here. Ricochet to me would benefit greatly having a MITB briefcase run. Sami Zayn’s dynamic with KO would also be very interesting by adding the briefcase to it. Andrade seems to have that smell about him these days though, like he is ready to explode. My pick is Andrade

The Chairshot – Drew McIntyre 12, Andrade 9, Ricochet 1, Baron Corbin 1, Sami Zayn 1 #UseYourHead

Seth Rollins(c) v AJ Styles

  • Bradley Jay – Seth
  • Bobby Fernandes – Seth
  • Carol Cassada – Seth
  • David Levin – Seth
  • Harry Broadhurst – Double Pin
  • Jason Schufletowski – Seth
  • Kevin Carrol – Seth
  • Korey Gunz – Seth
  • Mason Epeneter – Seth
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Seth
  • Rey Ca$h – Seth
  • Rob Bonnette – Seth
  • Scott Mcleod – Seth
  • Steve Cook – Seth
  • Steven Mitchell – Seth
  • Tiffany Carter – Seth
  • Dave Ungar – No Contest
  • DPP – Seth
  • Chris Platt – Seth
  • Miranda Morales – Seth
  • Elisa Marie – Seth
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Seth
  • Greg DeMarco – Seth

Tunney’s Take: I do really like Dave Ungar’s idea of a Brock Lesnar caused NC. However, I see Seth coming away with the title and a victory here. My pick is Seth Rollins

The Chairshot – Seth Rollins 22-0-2 #Use Your Head

Kofi Kingston(c) v Kevin Owens

  • Bradley Jay – Kofi
  • Bobby Fernandes – Kofi
  • Carol Cassada – Kofi
  • David Levin – Kofi
  • Harry Broadhurst – KO
  • Jason Schufletowski – Kofi
  • Kevin Carrol – Kofi
  • Korey Gunz – Kofi
  • Mason Epeneter – Kofi
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Kofi
  • Rey Ca$h – Kofi
  • Rob Bonnette – Kofi
  • Scott Mcleod – Kofi
  • Steve Cook – Kofi
  • Steven Mitchell – Kofi
  • Tiffany Carter – Kofi
  • Dave Ungar – Kofi
  • DPP – Kofi
  • Chris Platt – Kofi
  • Miranda Morales – Kofi
  • Elisa Marie – Kofi
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Kofi
  • Greg DeMarco – Kofi

Tunney’s Take: Kofi Kingston will be defending the WWE title at SummerSlam, BOOK IT!!! My pick is Kofi Kingston

The Chairshot – Kofi Kingston 23-1 #UseYourHead

Becky Lynch(c) v Lacey Evans

  • Bradley Jay – Becky
  • Bobby Fernandes – Becky
  • Carol Cassada – Becky
  • David Levin – Becky
  • Harry Broadhurst – Becky
  • Jason Schufletowski – Lacey
  • Kevin Carrol – Becky
  • Korey Gunz – Becky
  • Mason Epeneter – Lacey
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Becky
  • Rey Ca$h – Becky
  • Rob Bonnette – Becky
  • Scott Mcleod – Becky
  • Steve Cook – Becky
  • Steven Mitchell – Becky
  • Tiffany Carter – Becky
  • Dave Ungar – Lacey
  • DPP – Becky
  • Chris Platt – Becky
  • Miranda Morales – Becky
  • Elisa Marie – Becky
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Lacey
  • Greg DeMarco – Lacey

Tunney’s Take: Lacey Evans is ready to be the champ. Charlotte will help her get there. My pick is Lacey Evans

The Chairshot – Becky Lynch 18-6 #UseYourHead

Becky Lynch(c) v Charlotte Flair

  • Bradley Jay – Charlotte
  • Bobby Fernandes – Charlotte
  • Carol Cassada – Becky
  • David Levin – Becky
  • Harry Broadhurst – Charlotte
  • Jason Schufletowski – Becky
  • Kevin Carrol – Charlotte
  • Korey Gunz – Becky
  • Mason Epeneter – Charlotte
  • Mathew Sarpricone – Becky
  • Rey Ca$h – Becky
  • Rob Bonnette – Charlotte
  • Scott Mcleod – Becky
  • Steve Cook – Becky
  • Steven Mitchell – Becky
  • Tiffany Carter – Becky
  • Dave Ungar – Becky
  • DPP – Charlotte
  • Chris Platt – Charlotte
  • Miranda Morales – Charlotte
  • Elisa Marie – Charlotte
  • Patrick O’Dowd – Becky
  • Greg DeMarco – Becky

Tunney’s Take: I see Becky and Charlotte both on SmackDown as it moves to FOX. My pick is Becky Lynch

The Chairshot – Becky Lynch 14-10 #UseYourHead

A BIG thankyou once again to all of the staff that participated and all of the fans of TheChairshot for reading. Find me on the Twitter @PCTunney to see who made the best picks. And of course, ALWAYS #UseYourHead and visit for all of your pro wrestling needs! ENJOY MITB!!!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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