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Joe’s Lucha Libre Weekly: News & Analysis (2/9/19)

What’s going on in the world of Lucha Libre?



Joe Lucha Libre Report

Joe Dinan brings you the best Lucha Libre coverage with his look at the hews & happenings south of the border in Mexico!


I put last week’s Friday show in my previous edition because I was late on it so there’s no need to put it in here.

Arena Puebla Show

The main event of this show was the family, the familia of Mistico, Rush, and Bestia del Ring taking on Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero. The latter team won however because Rush likes to get himself DQ’d. Cuatrero challenged Rush to a singles match. I believe for next week’s Puebla show. The co-main event was Volador Jr, Angel de Oro, and Soberano taking on Terrible, Stigma, and Vangellys. The former won that match.

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Volador, Stuka, and Kraneo took on Terrible, Cavernario, and Euforia in the main event. This wasn’t a very good match but it had some big stars in it which is all that matters. Naturally phase one winner of the champion of the universe tournament got pinned. The former team won this match. The co-main event featured Blue Panther, Titan, and Flyer taking on Vangellys, Luciferno, and Ephesto. Interesting thing here was Flyer actually wrestled after it looked like he had a major knee injury on Friday. Blue Panther got worked over a lot in this match but his team ended up winning. There was a lightning match with Audaz and Tiger in which Audaz won. It was a fun match.

Arena Mexico this Friday

We have phase two of the champion of the universe tournament where Volador, Ultimo Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Sanson, Diamante Azul, Mephisto, Soberano, and Cuatrero will compete. It’ll be a battle royal that decides the order of matches. The co-main event will be Caristico, Angel de Oro, and El Valiente facing Rush, Gilbert el Boricua, and Bestia del Ring. Atlantis, Atlantis Jr, and Mistico will face Villano IV, Gran Guerrero, and Hijo del Villano III in the third last match.


There is news out of AAA that I’ll get into below but first we’ll discuss there two upcoming shows on Friday and Sunday but before all of that there’s a few things. AAA is moving from Televisa to TV Azteca, no word if it’ll be on the American counterpart. Televisa were the original owners of AAA but later sold it off but kept it on the network. Another thing is Jeff Jarrett who is now working for WWE is promoted as being on their 2/16 show. Now that leads us to number 3, AAA is in a working agreement with All Elite Wrestling. So I wonder how that affects number 2, since now AAA is technically WWE’s direct competition. Konnan has his hand in like four or five different companies now.

AAA live on 2/8

The main event for this show will be Psycho Clown and La Parka vs Killer Kross and Rey Escorpion. Co-main event will be Dr. Wagner Jr, Laredo Kid, and Puma King vs Blue Demon Jr, Hijo del Fantasma, and La Mascara. Drago will face Jack Evans in a special singles match. Maximo, Taya, and Aerostar will face Faby Apache, Taurus, and Monster Clown. There’s a triple threat match for the Cruiserweight title between Sammy Guevara vs Flamita vs Hijo Del Vikingo.

AAA live on 2/10

Main event of this show will be Psycho Clown, La Parka, and Puma King vs Rey Escorpion, Hijo Del Fantasma, and Killer Kross. Dr. Wagner Jr will face Blue Demon Jr in a special singles match. There will be a AAA Mega championship match between Fenix vs Flamita vs Laredo Kid. Maximo, Taya, and Aerostar will face La Mascara, Faby Apache, and Monster Clown. Sammy Guevara and Hijo Del Vikingo will take on Jack Evans and Taurus.

Based on these match cards we can surmise that Flamita isn’t winning the cruiserweight belt. We can also assume based on the All Elite Press Conference today that Sammy Guevara isn’t going to lose until Double or Nothing. These are definitely going to be some entertaining shows. You can tune in live for free on Twitch and 5 dollars on demand. 9 O’clock Eastern time on Friday and 7:30 on Sunday.


So I guess since these guys have a deal with AAA that I’ll be making an All Elite section. Gives me reason to talk about them, which I’m really excited about and I can give my vaunted opinions on things. So they’re working with AAA and that’s cool. We’ll see how this goes since AAA is very unorganized. I suppose guys like Cody and the Bucks will work Mexico occasionally. It also creates the interesting question of AAAs relationship with Impact, or how talents who work AAA and Impact will be affected. For example a guy like Killer Kross. Where can he work? I still feel like it’d be better for the industry if Impact folded up shop and sold their talent contracts to AEW. You have to imagine a guy like Don Callis wants to work with these guys. I’m not saying he will, I’m just guessing. Meltzer reported that 12,000 presale requests were put in, so they’re going to immediately sell out Double or Nothing. This makes me think that maybe they should try booking a bigger arena. Maybe they known someone in Jacksonville who own a stadium….

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