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Mitchell’s WWE Halftime Heat Results & Report! (2/3/19)

WWE Halftime Heat returns, featuring NXT!!



WWE Halftime Heat

WWE resurrects a classic for a special occasion! No, not the football game! For this intense NXT feud! Which team of there wins Halftime Heat?



  • Six Man Tag: Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream & Ricochet VS Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano; Black, Dream & Ricochet win.


Six Man Tag: Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream & Ricochet VS Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano!

The events of NXT TakeOver: Phoenix were not as final as we thought. After the WWE Network cut away, things broke down as the Patrick Clark Experience confronted both the NXT Champion and the new NXT North American Champion. The Dutch Destroyer and the King of Flight would join in, but so would the Undisputed Era’s leader. The brawl that ensued would lead to Triple H stepping in and making this match. Will the #OneandOnlyDestroyerDream Team or #UndisputeDIY win big tonight?

Fans chant “Johnny Halftime!” for the new NXT North American Champion. Teams sort out and we begin with Johnny Halftime and Ricochet. They tie up as fans chant “NXT! NXT!” Gargano gets a headlock and Ricochet pushes but Gargano holds on. Ricochet rolls to a cover, ONE! Ricochet fights out with forearms but Gargano runs him over, only for Ricochet to kip-up! He CHOPS Gargano but Gargano sunset flips. Ricochet rolls through but Gargano slips out to headscissor, Ricochet handsprings and rolls to headcissor! Dropkick, too! Gargano gets to a corner while fans are fired up for Ricochet. Ricochet runs corner to corner but blocks the boot. Gargano goes up and over for the school boy kick! Gargano wrenches Ricochet and tags in Cole instead of Ciampa. Cole wrenches Ricochet and keeps him from the corner.

Ricochet rolls and handsprings but into a back suplex. He lands on his feet, hot tag to Aleister! Aleister runs in but Cole seeps and covers, ONE! Cole kicks and whips but Aleister boots him down! Aleister hops up and over and things speed up. Aleister slips off Cole’s back to fire off forearms. He blocks a kick to give kicks and a strike fest! Cover, TWO! Aleister keeps on Cole with a suplex but Cole knees out. Ciampa tags in but has to duck the roundhouse! Ciampa rolls Aleister but Aleister rolls through. They run, Dream tags in for a flying arm-drag! Dram tackles Ciampa over and over, then whips him corner to corner. Ciampa reverses but Dream slides to a spinning stop! Dream’s in three point stance, but Ciampa kicks him right in the face! Fans boo as Ciampa throws hands in the corner.

Ciampa knees low then whips but Dream elbows back. Dream hops up and leaps for an ax handle! Ciampa bails out but Aleister fakes Ciampa out. It’s Dream who LEAPS to ax handle Gargano! Ricochet adds his own superhero landing, then Dream fakes Gargano out, too! Everyone cheers this super trio on as they sit in the ring! Cole and Gargano return but get hit away. Ciampa drags Dream out as the brawl is on. Ciampa throws Dream into the post! Then he suplexes Dream onto railing, for a knee strike! Fans boo as Ciampa pats himself on the back. Gargano literally steps over Dream before Ciampa puts Dream back in the ring. Fans rally up while Dream endures a chinlock. Dream feeds off the energy and jawbreakers free! Gargano tags in as Dream rocks Ciampa with a haymaker.

Dream whips but Ciampa reverses, slingshot spear from Gargano! Cover, ONE! Gargano keeps on Dream with a buckle bump, and tags Cole in again. Cole bumps and stomp Draem in the open corner while fans boo. But fans still echo the catchphrase, BAYBAY! Cole sneak attacks ALeister and misses Ricochet. Cole cheers himself on as he leaps, but into a SUPERKICK! Both Dream and Cole are down but fans rally up. Hot tag to Ricochet! Ricochet rallies on all three opponents, headscissors for Ciampa. Gargano gets Ricochet but Ricochet sends him into Ciampa, combination neckbreaker and DDT! Tiger Feint and springboard lariat for Cole, standing moonsault on top! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet brings Cole up. Cole slips out but Ricochet standing switches, only to get the enziguri. Tag to Gargano, tilt-o-whirl but Ricochet tags in Aleister! Aleister rallies on Gargano, sweeps the legs and hits the knee! Ciampa returns but Alesiter dodges, DOUBLE Quebrada! Cover, TWO! Aleister keeps moving, going up top to ASAI onto Ciampa and Cole! Gargano DIVES onto Aleister but Dream LEAPS onto them all! Ricochet gets up and triangle drpokicks Ciampa back down, then FLIES over Gargano to hit Ciampa and Cole! Gargano gets METEORA from Alesiter! Roundhouse to German Supelx, bridging cover, TWO!! Aleister almost ended this right there!

Fans rally up as Aleister drags Gargano back up. Tag to Dream, and they go to double suplex. Ciampa helps Gargano and DIY brawl with Dream and Aleister. Dream and Gargano duoble clothesline while Aleister boots Ciampa to a corner. Aleister runs in but is put on the apron, Cole SUPERKICKS Aleister! Ricochet yanks Cole down but Ciampa has Aleister, DRAPING DDT! Ricochet moonsaults on Ciampa! Gargano slingshot DDT’s Ricochet! Dream Sidewinders Gargano!! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as they declare “This is Awesome!” Both Gargano and Dream slowly stir. Tag to Ricochet and Dream lifts Gargano. Gargano escapes them both but gets an uppercut, to give a discus lariat!

Gargano tags Cole, and Cole goes after Ricochet. Ricochet fights both of them off with haymakers and chops! Ricochet shoves Cole into Gargano, then SUPERKICKS Cole! He runs at Gargano but Gargano rolls up and over again. Gargano’s school boy turns into Ricochet’s standing shooting star! Ricochet hops up and moonsaults into Cole’s SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!! Cole is beside himself but fans hope these six “Fight Forever!” Cole stands and aims at Ricochet with his knee bared. He runs but Ricocht ducks and rolls up! TWO, and Cole throws hands. Aleister and Ciampa return, and they brawl alongside Ricochet and Cole. Gargano and Dream return and they add onto the brawl. The two trios back off, and then fire off!

Aleister stomps away on Ciampa while Gargano throws Dream out. Cole boots Ricochet but Ricochet uppercuts and swing kicks. Gargano reverse-ranas Ricochet! Gargano enziguris Aleister but gets a big knee! Ciampa lariats Aleister, then drags Dream in, but Dream suplexes them both up and out! Cole is still on the top rope and aims at Ricochet. Panama Sunrise Destroyer!! Cover, TWO!? How?! The fans don’t care, because this match is still going! Ricochet stirs while Cole backs off in shock. Ciampa returns, and so does Gargano. DIY coordinate with Cole, UndisputeDIY Vice!! Cover, but Aleister breaks it in time! Gargano throws Aleister out hard, but Dream tags in. Dream sees all three opponents are there, but he just throws hands!

Dream is fighting them all at once with big hands, but he gets a DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Ciampa underhooks but Aleister makes the save! Dream SUPERKICKS Ciampa, then ducks to send Cole’s SUPERKICK into Ciampa, too! Cole ducks and sends Aleister’s boot into Ciampa! Aleister moves but Gargano stops his kick from hitting Ciampa. Gargano gets BLACK MASS! Dream scoops Ciampa, Dream valley Driver! Aleister blocks Cole’s boot, to give him a BLACK MASS! Dream gives Cole a Dream Valley Driver, too! Ricochet adds his springboard 450 splash! Dream hits Purple Rain Maker! Cover, Dream’s team wins!

Winners: Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black & Ricochet, Dream pinning

The #OneAndOnlyDestroyerDream Team wins! And not only that, but Dream is rolling from winning the entire Worlds Collide tournament. Will Dream look to target Ciampa or Gargano when it comes time to choose a championship?

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