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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (2/11/19)

The Man returns to Raw! But isn’t she still suspended?!



WWE Raw Cover image

The McMahons invite The Man back to Raw to respond to her controversial actions both last week and on SmackDown! Will this end well for Becky Lynch?



  • Triple Threat Tag: Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Nia Jax & Tamina VS The Riott Squad; Nia & Tamina win, Bayley & Banks must enter the Elimination Chamber first.
  • Finn Balor VS Drew McIntyre; Finn wins, by disqualification.
  • Six Man Tag: Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman VS Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; Finn, Angle & Strowman win.
  • Nikki Cross VS Ruby Riott; Riott wins.
  • Dean Ambrose VS EC3; Ambrose wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable VS The Revival; The Revival win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.


Stephanie and Triple H start off Raw!

The power couple of the McMahon administration welcome Grand Rapids and the rest of the WWE Universe to the show and the Road to Wrestlemania. But the Road takes a quick detour into the Elimination Chamber, where there will be the first ever Women’s Tag Team Championship match! Plus, SmackDown’s Daniel Bryan will have to be the best he’s ever been in an Elimination Chamber WWE Championship match! As for Raw, the Baddest Woman must take her own detour when she defends against the Squad leader, Ruby Riott. If Ronda Rousey succeeds, she will continue on to Wrestlemania to defend against The Man, Becky Lynch! Well, that was the plan until last week.

Footage plays of Stephanie confronting Becky about her bad leg. Stephanie told Becky to get checked out or be suspended. Becky threatened Stephanie not to do that, but the suspension came down. And Becky went after Stephanie with a vengeance! But the suspension wouldn’t keep Becky away, because she would show up on SmackDown the next night. HHH told Becky the same thing: see the doctor, and you get to face Ronda. Becky rubbed in the beat down on Stephanie, and that’s when HHH went on a rant about knowing the truth. Becky doesn’t want to get checked out, because she’s afraid she can compete against Ronda, and will then lose to Ronda. And much like Raw before, Becky would disrespect the boss when she SLAPPED HHH!

Fans still cheer Becky in the present. Stephanie says she and HHH are still going to give us what’s best for business. Becky went to the doctor and we will hear the results. But before Stephanie can continue, Becky appears! Becky still has her leg brace as she walks out and joins the Authority in the ring. Grand Rapids cheers Becky on as she says it’s nice to see them both looking so well. She teases she’ll hit Stephanie harder next time. HHH wants them all to put this behind them. He crossed the line accusing her of being afraid, and now he apologizes. Becky saw her personal doctor, and the WWE doctors actually agree. There are no injuries or structural damage, Becky can simply rehab and be 100% cleared. In other words, the suspension is lifted and Becky has her Wrestlemania match with Ronda.

Everyone is happy to hear that and Becky shakes hands with the bosses. Perhaps the greatest match in Wrestlemania will happen, “if and only if” Becky can still do something else. Of course there’s a catch. No, no, this is no catch. But every action has a consequence. Becky can easily do this. Her match is on and her suspension is lifted, if she apologizes to them. Then they can put this all behind them. Fans say “No! No!” but Becky did attack Steph and slap HHH. But they were forcing her to do something she didn’t want to. She went to see the doctors like they wanted! Stephanie doesn’t want Becky to be stubborn, but Becky tells Stephanie to shut up!

Becky does not trust the McMahons, that family has screwed so many people over the decades! They’re still trying to steal Becky’s opportunity! Becky will fight anyone to get to Mania! Even if it’s Stephanie or Vince! But apologize? “Hell no!!” Take the apologies and shove them up your arse! Becky and Stephanie argue, but HHH keeps the peace.

HHH tells Becky this is not the hill she wants to die on. Just think about it. Put the pride and stubbornness aside. Does Becky want to fight here? Or at Wrestlemania? Does Becky want that fight of her dreams? Does she want everything she fought for to matter? Or is she going to throw it all away in one night? HHH isn’t telling, he is giving her a choice. She needs to make a decision tonight. Will she go to Wrestlemania and fight Ronda, to show the world she’s The Man? Or will she choose to throw it all away? Becky has her future in her hands, but will she let it slip through her fingers?


Triple Threat Tag: Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Nia Jax & Tamina VS The Riott Squad!

The BFF’s have been through so much in the last year, but nothing is gonna break them. The Boss & Hug Connection are ready to become the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, but will they be ready for this high stakes match? The team that takes the pin has to be the very first team in the Chamber! Who will end up facing the gauntlet this Sunday?

Raw returns as the Samoan Dynasty make their entrance. The Riott Squad’s Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan are already in the ring, so teams simply sort out and we begin. Sasha starts against Nia with the Squad content to wait it out. Nia lunges but Sasha dodges and SLAPS her! Then she tags out to Liv! Liv doesn’t want to but she has to come in. Nia and Liv circle and Liv runs. But Nia knocks her right down! Liv wants a tag but the #LegitHuggable duo don’t go anywhere near her. Nia runs at Liv but Liv dodges and enziguris! Tag to Sarah, and she fires off forearms and a headbutt. Nia staggers and comes back, but Sarah runs, into a fireman’s carry! She slips out but gets a headbutt from Nia!

Nia drags Sarah over and tags in Tamina. Tamina stomps a mudhole into the Kentucky Viking, then throws in big knees. Tamina has Sarah in a facelock but Sarah powers her towards the squad corner. Sarah gets free and dodges Tamina to tackle her! Tag to Liv and she covers, TWO! Liv keeps on Tamina with a facelock of her own, but Tamina powers her way out. Tamina uppercuts Liv off her feet! Tamina drags Liv up for a big scoop slam, then covers, TWO! Liv lives but Tamina keeps on her with a chinlock. Fans rally as Liv endures. Grand Rapids says “We Want Bayley!” Liv gets up but Tamina throws her down! Tag to Nia, and the Samoan Dynasty mug Liv. Nia toys with Liv as she crawls for Sarah, then yanks her back.

Liv fires off forearms and a kick, then runs to dropkick the leg! Nia stays up so Liv keeps dropkick-ing her! Liv runs but Bayley tags in! Bayley hotshots Liv but runs into Nia! The Squad goes after Sasha, Sarah gives her a BIG knee against barriers! The Boss & Hug Connection’s plan has backfired, but we go to break.

Raw returns and Liv has Bayley in a chinlock. Sasha’s shoulder is being checked by medics while Bayley fights her way up. Fans rally and Bayley feeds off the energy. Bayley arm-drags out but Tamina tags off Liv. Tamina goes after Bayley, who looks to be alone as Sasha is taken to the back! Tamina drags Bayley by her ponytail and headbutts her back down. Sasha doesn’t want to leave but the officials aren’t giving her much choice. Tamina kicks Bayley around then goes to Superkick, but Bayley rolls her! TWO, and Bayley jawbreakers! Jackknife cover, TWO! Bayley gets up and flapjack hotshots Tamina! She tags out to Liv! Liv tags Sarah and the Squad double dropkick Tamina! Liv enziguris, Sarah hits that knee! Tag back to Liv and the Squad work together on Tamina, wheelbarrow splash! Cover, TWO!

The Squad is furious but they tag back. Sarah stands on Tamina’s leg and then throws down hands. Sarah drags Tamina up and reaches, but Tamina whips and elbows Sarah down! Tamina stomps and clubs Sarah down, then drags her over. Tag to Nia and Nia tosses Sarah across the way! Big corner splash! Nia drops an elbow, then gets between Sarah and Liv. Nia drags Sarah up in a cobra clutch and thrashes her about. Sarah fights otu with her free arm, but Nia powers her to the corner! Nia runs but misses, hitting only post! Tamina tags in and hits Liv down! Tamina fireman’s carry, Samoan Drop! Sarah is down in a drop zone and Tamina climbs up. SUPERFLY hits knees! Liv returns, but so does Bayley, and they tag in!

Bayley rallies on Liv with lariats! And a tackle to fast hands! Bayley powers Liv to a corner and rams her shoulder. Wacky waving knee strike! Bayley puts Liv on the apron but Tamina runs in. Tamina ends up on the apron, DOUBLE hotshot! Fans fire up as Bayley follows them outside. Bayley dropkicks Liv through the corner! Bayley does the same to Nia! She hits Ruby before Ruby can hit her! Bayley runs, knee strike to Liv! She drags Liv to a drop zone then climbs up. Bayley aims, and hits the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, but Sarah breaks it! Sarah swings on Bayley but gets a saido suplex. Bayley goes to Liv but gets caught in a cradle! TWO, but Liv kicks Bayley. Liv whips but Bayley reverses, Bayley2Belly! Cover, but Tamina SUPERKICKS Bayley away!

Tamina has her pick, and drags Liv over. Tag to Nia and Nia gets Bayley with a Samoan Drop! Cover, the Samoan Dynasty wins!

Winners: Nia Jax & Tamina, Nia pinning; Bayley & Sasha must start the Elimination Chamber

The Samoan Dynasty shows they’re the favorites for Raw, and perhaps the entire match. And now the #LegitHuggable team, they must be the first Raw team to start that grueling match. Who from SmackDown will also be the first team to start?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in Grand Rapids, but Becky Lynch talks with Finn backstage. He knows her situation is tough, but he has been too proud for his own good. Don’t let it get the better of you. Finn wants to slap Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush, but it’s better to bide your time. Because when the time comes, Finn will take that Intercontinental Championship. So, apologize? He’s not telling Becky what to do, but he is warning her that pride can get the better of many men. Just don’t let it get the better of THE Man. Becky thanks him for the talk, and compliments his awesome abs.

The Drifter tries again, but then a video package comes up for Seth Rollins! #MondayNightRollins has done nothing but #BurnItDown since the amazing Gauntlet Match last year where Rollins pinned both Roman Reigns and John Cena! Rollins did it again at last year’s Wrestlemania when he won the Intercontinental Championship to complete his Grand Slam. And he did it week after week as a fighting champion. He even did it the night he and Dean Ambrose took the Raw Tag Team Championships back! Rollins’ streak continues on this Road to Wrestlemania because he’s heading to the main event against the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar!

Elias wants a third try, but the Lucha House Party appears?! What is going on with scheduling tonight? Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado bring pinatas and matracas to start a fiesta! Elias is as confused as we are, while we go to break.

Raw returns and Elias is furious! He has the LHP music stop and tells them to quit with the matracas. Elias tells them that he is the biggest musical act on planet Earth! But he’s been interrupted every week, and multiple times tonight! What’s worse, he didn’t get nominated for the Grammy’s! What are these three doing out here?! Well unlike Elias, the LHP are here to entertain the fans. But tonight, they actually want to #WalkWithElias. Well fine. Elias sits back down and wants everyone to silence phones, hold applause and shut mouths so he can perform.

He begins, and sings that he has nothing left to give. When he comes to Grand Rapids, he immediately loses the will to live. Some moron says this is Beer City, which makes sense, because beer goggles are needed to see anyone as pretty. This city is full of losers and the people are the same. But it’s not the kids’ fault, it’s the parents who are to blame.

Fans boo, and Lince clears his “ear”. What did they think of the song? Thumbs… DOWN! Grand Rapids also chant “You Suck! You Suck!” Oh so it’s like that?! They think they can do better!? Do they have any idea how hard it is to be him? Lince can dance. What about Metalik? He likes to sing. Kalisto will take care of this. Oh he thinks he can play as well as Elias? Fine, take the stool, and the guitar, and Elias proudly presents: Kalisto. Kalisto begins playing, and yes he’s rather good. Elias is surprised, and impressed. He asks Kalisto to do a duet. Kalisto agrees and Elias grabs the other guitar, TO SMASH Kalisto! Elias gets away while Metalik and Lince checks on Kalisto. Elias gets the last laugh, but will he give us a repeat performance?


Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose speak.

SmackDown’s #Fire&Desire have already been a part of many firsts in the WWE. They were in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble match, the inaugural Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal, so being in the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber is only natural. They won’t shy away from this opportunity, and are ready to take those titles. Will Sonya and Mandy have enough fire and desire to win it all?


Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush head to the ring.

The Rocky Mountain Machine and his Hype Man of the Hour want to be ringside for this upcoming match.

Finn Balor VS Drew McIntyre!

The Extraordinary Man gets what he wants: he will compete for the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. However, he won’t be facing just Bobby Lashley. It will be a special Handicap match where Lio Rush will be involved! Either opponent can defeat him to retain, or he can defeat either opponent to win! Of course, that’s Sunday. Tonight, he’ll have to first fight the Scottish Terminator, which is a tall task for any superstar. Can Finn survive to then get even with Lashley and Lio? Or will McIntyre soften Finn up to make him easy pickings for the Almighty and the 24 Year Old Piece of Gold?

Raw returns as Finn makes his entrance. He sees Lashley & Lio ringside, but soon turns his attention to McIntyre as the Scotsman makes his entrance. The bell rings, and we begin! McIntyre and Finn circle,  but Lashley and Lio distract! McIntyre clobbers Finn then puts him in a corner for CHOPS! Finn staggers but McIntyre whips him hard into buckles! McIntyre rains down rights while Lio and Lashley watch on. McIntyre grins as he gives Finn one last haymaker. Finn crawls and McIntyre dares him to get up. McIntyre stands Finn up for a CHOP, then mocks the Too Sweet. McIntyre grinds Finn with a mounted armbar. Finn endures but refuses to quit. Fans rally and Finn stands up, but McIntyre uses the chinbar to bring Finn back down.

McIntyre grinds a forearm in Finn’s face. Fans still rally and Finn fights his way up. Finn pries free but McIntyre knees low! McIntyre runs but into a dropkick! Finn dumps McIntyre out but McIntyre drags Finn up and over. Finn fights back and dodges McIntyre, sending him into the post! McIntyre crashes and burns while Finn gets back in. Finn builds speed but Lio swipes his feet! So Finn wrecks Lio with a dropkick! Finn gets back in, runs at McIntyre for a slingblade! And a shotgun dropkick to the back! McIntyre hits buckles and falls, so Finn heads up! But Lashley shoves him down!

Winner; Finn Balor, by disqualification

Lashley keeps going after Finn with stomps! McIntyre joins him and they drag Finn up. Lashley puts Finn into buckles while McIntyre fetches steel steps. But here comes Kurt Angle! Angle throws hands with McIntyre, then hurries to the ring. Angle dodges Lashley to German Suplex him! McIntyre returns but he gets a German! Lio runs in, but into the Ankle Lock! Angle twists Lio’s ankle, but Baron Corbin blindsides him! Fans boo as Corbin gathers again with his old buddies. They drag Angle up for Lashley to mug. So here comes BRAUN!! The Monster Among Men doesn’t like any of these three. McIntyre runs and throws hands, but Strowman gets through him and Lashley! Strowman throws each of them into barriers!

Corbin sees Strowman and decides to run at him. Strwwman headbutts Corbin back, but Corbin throws hands. Corbin runs but Strowman scoops him! McIntyre saves Corbin and they regroup with Lashley and a limping Lio. Strowman stands tall with Finn and Angle, but is this fight far from over?


Six Man Tag: Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman VS Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

Raw returns, and the two trios are having a match! Will Finn and friends be able to get instant payback on Corbin and his crew?

McIntyre throws hands on Strowman, but Strowman runs him over! Strowman drags McIntyre over to his corner and tags in Angle. Angle stomps away on McIntyre, but backs off at 4. Angle wrenches McIntyre’s arm then tags in Finn. Finn climbs and drops ax handles! Finn wrenches but McIntyre knees low. McIntyre puts Finn in the corner and tags in Corbin. They stomp a mudhole into Finn, then tag to Lashley. Lashley clubs away on Finn then chokes him against the ropes! The ref backs Lashley off and Lashley tags Corbin. Corbin mugs Finn then throws a knee. Tag to McIntyre, and McIntyre stomps Finn down. McIntyre looms over Finn as fans rally. Finn fights back with forearms but McIntyre keeps him form the corner. McIntyre whips but Finn tilt-o-whirls for a reverse DDT!

Both men are down and fans fire up. Finn hurries to his feet, hot tag to Angle! Angle German Suplexes McIntyre! He holds on and does it again! And then again for the hat trick! Angle stalks McIntyre, but McIntyre escapes the Angle Slam to whip McIntyre. McIntyre runs into a boot, and Angle hits a missile dropkick! Angle hits the Angle Slam! Cover, but Corbin breaks it! Strowman chases Corbin off but has to go back to his corner. Lashley comes in for a complete shot outta nowhere! McIntyre covers, TWO! McIntyre tags to Corbin and Corbin goes after Angle with elbows to the neck and shoulders. Corbin puts Angle in a half nelson but fans rally up again. Angle powers up and hits back with body shots, but runs into a big back elbow! Cover, ONE!

Corbin drags Angle up and over and tags in Lashley. Lashley mugs Angle then bumps him off buckles. Lashley rams his shoulder into Angle, then throws more forearms. He snapmares Angle into a chinlock but fans rally up. Angle powers up and fights out again. Lashley knees low then whips Angle to a corner. Lashley runs in but into a boot! Angle and Lashely crawl, McIntyre tags in! McIntyre cuts Angle off and rains down rights. McIntyre throws Angle out hard, but the ref keeps him from pursuing. Angle is in trouble while we go to break.

Raw returns again and McIntyre mocks Angle as an embarrassment. Angle SLAPS McIntyre! Hot tags to Corbin and Finn! Finn rallies on all there opponents! Finn CHOPS Corbin int he corner, then whips. Corbin reverses but Finn goes up and over. Finn runs into a boot but swing kicks Corbin off the ropes! Corbin denies the Slingblade for a Choke Slam Backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Corbin drags Finn up to rain down rights. Fans boo as Corbin tags Lashley. Lashley drags Finn up to knock him down. Lashley flexes and Lio flexes with him. Finn fights out of the powerbomb lift, and back drops Lashley. Lashley sunset flips but Finn rolls through and dropkicks! Both Finn and Lashley are down, but crawling.

Corbin just runs in to hit Angle, and McIntyre comes around the outside to go after Strowman. Strowman uppercuts McIntyre and grabs Corbin! CLAYMORE! Lashley aims at Finn from the corner while Finn slowly stands. Corbin and McIntyre head back to their corner, having left Finn without a partner. Lashley runs in but Finn dodges! Finn FLIES onto McIntyre and Corbin! Finn shoulders and kicks Lashley back. Lashley’s down, Finn climbs up! Lio hops up but Finn knocks him away. Lashley trips Finn on the top rope! Lashley drags Finn off the corner for the Dominator! Cover, Lashley wins! But Finn had his foot on the ropes!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre, Lashley pinning

But the ropebreak was completely missed! The referee already made the call, but wait, a second referee comes out! They discuss the ropebreak, and Corbin argues back it doesn’t matter. But that was how things were done. This match will continue! Lashley is the most furious of them all, but it is happening, after the break.

Raw returns and the restarted match has Corbin dragging Finn in off the apron. Cover, TWO! Finn is still alone after what McIntyre did to Strowman during commercial. Finn endures the half nelson but fans rally up. He fights his way up and out but Corbin shoves him to a corner. Finn goes up but Corbin slides out to slide in. Finn was ready, elbow drop DDT! Corbin tags Lashley and Lashley drags Finn up to club him down. Lio cheers Lashley on as Lashley whips Finn to a corner hard. Lashley runs in and rams his shoulder into Finn’s abs. Fans boo as Lashley toys with Finn. Lashley gut wrenches Finn but Finn slips out! Finn trips Lashley, double stomps! Finn and Lashley are both down, but Finn has no partners to tag. He still crawls that way, but Lashley drags Finn away. Finn enziguris free!

Fans rally up, and the Monster rises! Strowman drags himself up and to the corner! Finn crawls, hot tag to Strowman! Strowman rallies on Lashley, then blasts Corbin and McIntyre! Strowman shoves Lashley and hits a big corner splash! Then he clubs Lashley down! Corbin runs in but gets clubbed won! McIntyre, too! Strowman clears the ring and decides to take some laps! Strowman barrels into McIntyre! And into Corbin! And into Lashley AND Lio! He’s The Monster Truck Among Men! Strowman puts Lashley in but Corbin grabs his feet! Angle returns to German Suplex Corbin! Strowman goes after Lashley, but McIntyre comes in. Strowman clotheslines McIntyre out but Lashley clubs Strowman to a corner. Lashley runs in, but into a MONSTER SLAM!! Tag to Finn! COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Finn and team win!

Winners: Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman, Finn pinning

The Extraordinary Man proves he can outlast numbers and win big! But this was an even 3v3 match. Can Finn do it all again when it’s 2v1? Or will the Man of the Hour be the key to Lashley staying champion?


Kevin Owens speaks.

“Y’know, for the last four months, I’ve been recovering from my knee injury and my recent surgery.” He’s giving an update to the WWE Universe. Kevin’s been spending as much time as possible with his family, but he also watches Raw. IT’s been rough to watch, because he’s watching other people do what he does best. But good news: Kevin doesn’t know which brand it will be, but he knows when. One month remains before the Kevin Owens Show returns! And check this: Kevin bowls… a gutter ball. Well okay he’s not a great bowler, but he is a great wrestler. Where will we see the Prizefighter return?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

The Man has her choice to make. If she refuses to apologize, what will she tell the fans when we no longer get Becky VS Ronda? None of Charly’s damn business.


WWE and Raw celebrate Black History Month.

Segregation was a major issue but the protests to end it were not segregated. Many people of many cultures shared Martin Luther King’s dream. And now, anyone is allowed to go anywhere and socialize with anyone. #LongLivetheDream.


Nikki Cross VS Ruby Riott!

SAnitY’s Twisted Sister has a rematch from her NXT days as she takes on the Squad Leader! Ruby has a chance to shock the world and take Ronda Rousey’s championship to deny us the anticipated Raw Women’s Championship match regardless of what Becky chooses! Will the Road to Wrestlemania take some wild detours?

Raw returns and the bell rings. Nikki and Ruby circle and tie up. Ruby pushes Nikki to ropes but Nikki turns it around. Nikki pushes Ruby to the other side of the ring before they break. Nikki is wild as ever, but Ruby doesn’t shy away. She does run into a roll-up, TWO! Nikki puts on a headlock but Ruby fights out. Ruby reels Nikki in for a forearm, but then Nikki hits a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Nikki gets on Ruby again with a facelock, but Ruby fights out. Ruby runs but into Nikki’s thrashing sleeper hold! Nikki becomes a backpack but Ruby backs her into buckles. Ruby gets free, then runs back in, only for Nikki to dodge. Nikki runs into Deadly Nightshade! Cover, TWO!

Ruby keeps on Nikki as Ronda and Becky encounter each other backstage. Ronda wants Becky to say which is more important: history or ego? Their match is bigger than just the two of them. They could break ground for women in wrestling, if Becky would just stop being a baby. Ronda wants Becky to man up. Just apologize, even if it isn’t genuine. Because otherwise, she’s just a coward. Becky holds in her desire to slap Ronda, but does Ronda have a point?

Back in the ring, Nikki arm-drags out and then throws a throat chop! Ruby still gets Nikki in an STO! Cover, TWO! Ruby grows frustrated as she glares down at Nikki. She slams Nikki’s face off the mat, then drops a knee on Nikki’s shoulders! Ruby drags Nikki up and whips her to a corner. Nikki elbows Ruby away then boots her. Nikki throws forearms and whips but Ruby reverses. Ruby ducks and the crossbody misses! Ruby kicks Nikki in the ribs! Nikki gets on the apron but Ruby follows her out there. Ruby declares herself the next champion already, then drags Nikki up. Nikki blocks the STO and turns Ruby around, inverted DDT on the apron! Ruby crawls away but Nikki fires up. Nikki aims at Ruby, big crossbody! Nikki tackles Ruby down and fans fire up with the Loony Lass!

Ruby crawls away again but Nikki traps her in the apron skirt! Nikki clubs away on Ruby, and Ruby falls to the floor. Nikki drags Ruby back up and in then climbs up top. Ruby SUPERKICKS Nikki right down! Ruby drags Nikki up for the Riott Kick! Cover, Ruby wins!

Winner: Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Ruby may have had to share airtime with Ronda and Becky, but will the Squad Leader stand between them? Or will the Rowdy One retain through Elimination Chamber?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

Grand Rapids is ready to #BurnItDown with The Architect! Rollins hears out the fans and says he was going to talk about Brock Lesnar and Wrestlemania, but he watched his highlight reel from earlier. He speaks on the last 12 months, “what a ride, right?” From the Gauntlet to Wrestlemania 34 to defending the Intercontinental Championship around the world. 2018 was crazy, and to be honest, Rollins is glad to share it with the WWE Universe. 2018 helped him feel like “Seth Freakin’ Rollins”. And then Rollins won the Men’s Rumble and achieved a childhood dream. He was on top of the world, until he confronted The Beast and got six F5’s. Rollins went home to rest up and think. He has bad news and good news.

Bad news: he took those six F5’s and he’s sore. The pain from those F5’s was unlike anything he ever felt. The good news: he’s still here. Lesnar gave Rollins six F5’s but he’s still standing! And if he’s standing, he can fight. If he can fight, he can Curb Stmop. And if he can Curb Stomp, he will beat Brock Lesnar! Many people asked him, “What is it worth to you? What does it cost?” Rollins’ answer: it doesn’t matter. If this Wrestlemania ends up being his last match- “Ladies and gentlemen!” Paul Heyman comes out gives his usual introduction. And he has a Mania level surprise for us, because the “reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, BROCK! LESNAR!” is not here. And Grand Rapids boos that. Great “surprise”, Paul. But it gets them every time, because ignorance is bliss.

But have no fear, fans. Heyman is here to educate fans and especially educate Rollins. Rollins is “pontificating” a misguided notion that all men are created equal. They’re not. Does anyone honestly believe that Rollins’ DNA matches up to Lesnar’s? Admittedly, Rollins is a great athlete, a top-tier performer and a Wrestlemania main event player. Rollins might be the best Heyman has ever seen. But Lesnar is a Beast. Lesnar is a predator. Lesnar is a “career killer” sadist with an “unrepentant soul”. If Rollins goes in saying he’ll do anything and everything, including taking a beating so bad it’s his last match ever, that is a “suicide mission”. Heyman gives Rollins fair warning: If Rollins walks in and tries to take the title from Lesnar, he will only be The Architect of his own demise. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.

Rollins tells Heyman that he’s right. But what no one understands is that Rollins doesn’t care. Lesnar has held the industry that Rollins loves more than anything, Lesnar has held it hostage for two long years and he refuses to stand for it! Rollins doesn’t care if Wrestlemania is a suicide mission, because Rollins will be the martyr that sacrifices body, heart and soul, and burn in Hell, so long as Lesnar does not leave Mania the champion. That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler. Rollins is deadly serious, but will it take that and more to finally #SlayTheBeast?

But wait! Dean Ambrose appears! The Lunatic Fringe arrives before The Architect has even left. Rollins is wary as Ambrose joins him in the ring. But Ambrose simply holds out a hand. Rollings hands over the mic, and Ambrose has just one thing to say. “Slay the Beast.” Ambrose leaves the ring to sit ringside. Rollins grins, and takes his leave. Ambrose has a match next, but against who?


The IIconics speak.

Being the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions would bring Peyton Royce & Billie Kay full circle in their 14 year career. It would be the perfect thing for them, but will they be able to survive five other teams to do it?


Dean Ambrose VS EC3!

Ambrose called out The Top One Percent last week during A Moment of Bliss, but then lost to him in EC3’s first Raw match! They have a rematch already, but will EC3 get a 2-0 sweep on Ambrose? Or will #VictoryAfterVictory have to wait?

The bell rings, and Ambrose runs right at EC3! He throws hands in a corner then CHOPS against the ropes. Ambrose whips but EC3 bails out. Ambrose gives chase but EC3 gets him on the return. EC3 stomps and throws haymakers on Ambrose, thenw hips. Ambrose elbows EC3 down! EC3 gets to a corner and dodges Ambrose to hit a big clothesline! EC3 grounds ‘n’ pounds but Ambrose covers up. The ref backs EC3 off but EC3 comes back to bump Ambrose on buckles. EC3 CHOPS Ambrose and then whips Ambrose back in for a clothesline. He rolls Ambrose out and hits a big missile dropkick! Fans fire up for EC3 as he drags Ambrose up. EC3 suplexes and holds Ambrose to then slam him down! Cover, TWO!

EC3 stays on Ambrose with a nerve hold. Ambrose endures as fans rally up. Ambrose fights up but EC3 knees low. EC3 turns Ambrose but Ambrose CHOPS! They trade chops, Ambrose runs but into a scoop slam! EC3 has everyone “Say My Name!” He drops the elbow! EC3 scoops but Ambrose slips out. Ambrose dodges and sends EC3 into the post! EC3 tumbles out of the ring and a ring count begins. EC3 sits up at 5 and gets in, but Ambrose is on him with a clothesline! Ambrose rallies and whips, but EC3 kicks him away. EC3 runs but into a scrapbuster! Cover, TWO! Ambrose gets to a corner and climbs up, but EC3 trips him up! Both men are down but EC3 is up quick. EC3 smirks but gets caught in a cradle! Ambrose wins!

Winner: Dean Ambrose, by pinfall

And just like that, the series is tied up! EC3 got caught off guard much like Ambrose last week. When and where will we see the tiebreaker?


Alexa Bliss finds Becky Lynch backstage.

The Goddess tells The Man not to do it. The moment she apologizes, she shows weakness. Becky isn’t weak, she’s The Man. And many superstars look up to her. So don’t say you’re sorry. Why? Because if she doesn’t, someone else can go after Ronda at Wrestlemania? Alexa, this advice you’re giving, this has nothing to do with that, right? She’d never do that! Alexa just wants Becky to be true to herself. And yet there’s not one genuine bone in Alexa’s body. Fine, apologize! Be the same ol’ Becky. But then she won’t be The Man. She’ll just be that sell-out. If Becky does apologize, the only thing she’ll sell out is Mania. Becky heads out, but what will she do?


Raw Tag Team Championships: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable VS The Revival!

The GLORIOUS Duo once again face Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson. There was controversy the first few times, but surely the #TopGuys will get fair treatment while also playing fair. Will Dash & Dawson finally #SayYeah to a tag title reign on the main roster?

Raw returns and the introductions are made. The belts are raised and the teams sort out. Gable starts against Dash with the bell. They tie up and Dash gets a headlock. Gable endures and powers out. Dash runs Gable over then speeds things up. Gable hip tosses Dash down! Gable gets Dash in a mounted armlock, but Dash works his way out quick. Dash pulls hair but Gable wrenches, only for Dash to scoop slam! Tag to Dawson but Gable pushes him away. Gable arm-drags Dawson to an armlock, but Dawson gets up. Dawson reaches but Gable wrenches. Dawson rolls and reverses to a wristlock but Gable avoids a takedown. Gable endures as Dawson wrenches more. Fans rally up and Gable rolls to bridge and spin and handspring. Gable spins and spins and gets a drop toehold, back to the armlock!

Gable wrenches but Dawson pulls hair and hits a big uppercut! Roode tags in but Dawson rocks Roode with a cheap shot right. Dawson whips but Roode reverses. Dawson goes up and over and Roode has to fight off Dash. Roode still gets Dash, and Gable leaps in for double clotheslines! The champs double EXPLODER the Revival out of the ring! Fans fire up as Gable builds speed. Roode helps Gable lift off, but Gable has to stop when the Revival get clear. Gable jumps over Dash and Roode dropkicks Dash into Dawson! Gable climbs up high, SUPER MOONSAULT onto The Revival! The champions are in control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Dash has Roode down with a cobra clutch. Roode fights up as fans rally. Roode fights back with body shots but Dash shoves and rams into Roode’s stomach. Tag to Dawson and The Revival double whip. Roode holds ropes and boots Dash away. Roode tosses Dawson out and dodges Dash in the corner! Dash tumbles down but Roode has to crawl a long way towards Gable. Dawson crawls back in but Gable stags in! Gable rallies on Dawson! Dash runs in but gets an arm-drag! Gable goes back to Dawson for corner punches. Dash stops Gable at 7 but gets a crossbody! Dawson runs into an atomic drop and Dash runs into an overhead suplex! Gable fires up as he targets Dawson. Dawson elbows and runs, but into an Electric Chair. Gable lets him down, German Suplex with a bridge! TWO!!

Gable keeps his cool as he drags Dawson back up. He whips but Dawson sunset flips. Gable sits on it, TWO! Dash returns but misses. Roode throws Dash out but Dash stays on the apron. The ref tells Roode to go to his corner, but Gable runs into a Revival flapjack hotshot! Cover, TWO!! Gable survives and Dawson is furious! Dawson drops legs and elbows and a headbutt! He drags Gable up for a big back suplex! Tag to Dash, and Dash becomes a human weapon for the assisted leg drop! Cover, TWO! Tag back and The Revival mug Gable. Dawson snapmares Gable to a chinlock and puts on the squeeze. Fans rally up as Gable stands up.

Gable arm-drags Dawson off but Dawson shoves him back. Gable fights out and slips out of the suplex. Dawson grabs hair to keep Gable away! Gable runs into Dash and back suplexes Dawson! Both men are down but fans fire up. Dash trips Roode but Roode pushes him away. Roode chases Dash but Gable misses his tag. Dawson blasts Roode and then drags Gable over! Tag to Dash and they give Gable an elbow drop backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Gable still lives but Dash throws hands. Dash drags Gable up but Gable slips out. Dawson tags in, CHAOS THEORY for Dash! German Suplex for Dawson! But Roode is still down so Gable can’t tag out! We go to break while all four men are down.

Raw returns once again, and Gable slams Dawson down to catapult him into buckles! Fans rally up, hot tags to Dash and Roode! Roode rallies on The Revival, and gives Dash a big back drop! Dawson runs into a urenage! Dash runs into a gourd buster onto Dawson! Roode fires up as he tackles them both in the corner! Roode hops up and aims at Dash, but Dash gets clear. He clotheslines Dawson instead, then gives Dash a GLORIOUS Spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Roode is shocked but The Revival still lives. Dash crawls away but Roode winds it up. GLORIOUS but Dawson saves Dash from the DDT! Dash rolls Roode, TWO! Tag and Dash bucks Roode off. Gory Special, BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!! Roode lives and The Revival can’t believe it!

Dawson tags Dash and they double whip. Roode sunset flips, Gable crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Dash runs into boots and Roode tags to Gable. Gable hops up, but dash scoops. Roode slips out, Gable moonsaults but misses. Gable waistlocks Dash while Roode climbs, GLORIOUS Blockbuster and German Suplex combo! Cover, but Dawson breaks it just in time! Fans realize “This is Awesome!” as all four men catch their breath. Roode runs at Dawson but Dawson tosses him out. Gable hits Dawson with a rolling kick, then wheelbarrows Dash to a victory roll! TWO and Dash gets to the apron. Dash shoulders back then climbs up, but Gable leaps up to join him! They fight, Dawson tags. Dash sunset flips and Dawson climbs, Doomsday Device! Cover, but Roode pushes Dash into it! All four men are down and fans are loving it!

Fans again declare “This is Awesome!” as the teams regroup. The Revival stand up first and drag Gable up. They double suplex but Roode saves Gable. Roode ducks their clotheslines and shoves Dash into Dawson. Roode then tosses Dawson out and Gable climbs up. Dawson DDT’s Roode! Gable leaps for a sunset flip with jackknife bridge! TWO!! Dash tags in even as Gable atomic drops Dawson. Gable is ready with haymakers, then whips Dawson. Dawson reverses, but Gable leaps, INTO SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, The Revival win!!

Winners: The Revival, Dash Wilder pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

Vindication for Dash & Dawson! They faced controversy and even cleaned up their act, and now they are champions!

Backstage interview with The Revival.

It took them quite awhile, but here they are with the titles! Dash & Dawson love the sound of new Raw Tag Team Champions. They’ve been saying it for years that they are THE best tag team ever! It doesn’t matter if it’s Raw, SmackDown or around the world, they are THE best. They are truly #TopGuys, will they go all the way to Wrestlemania with the gold?


Becky Lynch heads to the ring!

The Man stands in the ring as Raw returns, and is joined by HHH and Stephanie. It’s the moment of truth, and after this long night, will cooler heads prevail? Is Becky going to live the dream or not? HHH wants Becky to believe that they want this as much as her. Stephanie says she meant it that Becky VS Ronda could be the biggest match ever! They could make history! But like in anything, you must accept the consequences of your actions. They apologized to her, but will she do the same to them? It’s just two little words against a chance at history. Fans don’t want Becky to do it, but HHH tells her to ignore them. This isn’t the fans’ time, it’s just the three of them. Don’t let strangers dictate your future. What does Becky want? Does she want Wrestlemania? It’s time. What is her decision?

Becky still thinks the Authority is against her. And everyone’s been telling her things whether she wants advice or not. She admits she got defensive, and she admits the fans wanted to see her fight them. Becky hit Stephanie and slapped HHH, but if Becky just has to say two little words, then… Fans sense a certain alternative, but HHH again wants Becky to ignore it. Becky looks Stephanie and HHH in the eyes and says, “I’m sorry.” But with that out of the way, the deal is set. Becky gets to go right after Ronda, right? Because if anyone tries to take this dream from her now, they’ll be in the fight of their lives. It doesn’t matter who it is, no one is taking the dream from Becky. HHH says he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Congratulations, you’re going to Wrestlemania.” They shake hands, and that’s it.

Wait, that’s it? Yes, really. Becky finally feels great! “Ron-Ron”, it’s you and The Man! Metlife in New York, 70 thousand people! And speaking of, here comes Ronda! Becky and Ronda stare down but VINCE McMahon appears?! Before anything silly happens, Vince agrees with Stephanie. This match could be one of the greatest matches of all time. Emphasis on “could be”. But Becky thinks she’s bigger than WWE, and so does Ronda. Becky’s not The Man, Vince is! And The Man makes tough decisions. Here’s one: Becky’s still suspended! He doesn’t accept that apology, and the 60 days means Becky misses Mania. That means someone needs to replace her to face Ronda.

Vince chooses a woman who will stay in her lane but still take Ronda to the limit. That woman is CHARLOTTE FLAIR! The Queen steps up and neither Ronda nor Becky is happy about this. Vince wants Ronda to get used to this, because Charlotte’s hand will be raised! Vince already declares Charlotte the winner, but will that really be the case? Will Becky find away around Vince’s executive screwjob?



My Thoughts:

Well this was a haphazard episode. It started off rather well with The Authority trying to treat Becky Lynch like she’s somewhere between Stone Code and the Old Daniel Bryan. Becky having to make the decision became the main thread of the show, to where it unfortunately derailed from other segments. I honestly thought Elias being interrupted by her talk with Finn was a miscue of the production team. But then Elias kept having to deal with distractions and I almost thought it was Road Dogg messing with him. Instead, it’s Elias’ new carry-over feud until he, Roadie and Double J meet again. I’m thinking Elias splits the Lucha House Party but with him coming out on top to be strong going into his true feud with Jarrett.

I enjoyed the Triple Threat Tag, that stipulation was a good idea. But of course, the top Faces of the entire match end up behind the 8-ball. Bayley and Sasha starting and running the gauntlet will definitely legitimize them as winning as opposed to coming in somewhere in the middle, since it’s almost a given they’ll win anyway. Though, Sasha being taken out of action again is a bad sign for her actual ability to compete. Hopefully they’re just letting her take it easy so that she’ll actually be 100% for the Chamber. Ruby VS Nikki was good, but the feel of it was ruined by the Becky-Ronda segment. We know Ruby won’t win, but it’s not like Vince didn’t throw a monkey wrench into the plan.

Finn’s story was a huge chunk of the middle, and was fairly solid. McIntyre being his opponent obviously brings in the story of Angle and Strowman. The resulting Six Man Tag match was really good, but I was surprised it took two referees to change the decision. The primary official noticed Finn had the ropebreak, he could’ve just waved it off and said the matched continued then and there. But that aside, of course Finn and the Faces win. Now Finn can do that weird Handicap Intercontinental Championship match. The only reason for that would be so that Finn can pin Lio to get the title instead of overcoming Lashley. Which is stupid, Finn needs to show he can beat Lashley directly, but I guess that’s just Vince not thinking Finn is good enough.

Rollins and Heyman had a good segment together, I really like this all-or-nothing attitude in Rollins. That level of determination might be what Rollins needs in story to be the one to truly overcome Lesnar. Ambrose giving Rollins a slightly encouraging talk was an interesting choice. But perhaps with their story finished and Ambrose possibly on his way out, they might as well let bygones be bygones and be somewhat friendly with each other. Ambrose VS EC3 II was pretty good, but another quick pinfall means we’re getting round 3 in the future. I don’t know about at Elimination Chamber, that’s almost too soon. I’m hoping for a full story where EC3 actually gets to give promos, and we settle this at Fastlane.

The Raw Tag Team Championship match was great! Probably the best thing of the night, and the best tag match on Raw’s side of things in months. And at last, The Revival gets to be champions! Granted, this is about WWE not wanting to lose potential stars to AEW, but hey, title reigns are still title reigns. Fans are happy, The Revival should be happy, and hopefully The Revival retain all the way to Wrestlemania and beyond. But of course, this also all has to happen with fair treatment of Raw’s Tag Team Division. Though speaking of that, it’s literally not fair in both kayfabe and in reality for Vince to pull such executive shenanigans.

Becky apologizes, even if it was just for show, but then Vince just pulls the rug out from under everyone. I knew the Triple Threat was inevitable but Vince can’t even do it the smart way. Make Charlotte earn it, make her reestablish herself. Vince literally does what fans have always accused him of doing for others and he makes Charlotte his chosen one. Becky will still get in, raising Hell in the process, and I would hope she gets to put Vince in a Disarm-Her and forces him to put her back in the match. As a match, the Triple Threat will still be great, but now we have no idea what Asuka does for Mania. SmackDown will need to build up someone fast. Perhaps Lacey Evans as the one call-up that hasn’t done anything yet.

My Score: 7.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE The Shield’s Final Chapter Results & Report! (4/21/19)

Is this truly the end for The Shield?!



WWE The Shield's Final Chapter

WWE honors one of their most dominant trios ever! The Shield reunites once again, but will this truly, absolutely be their Final Chapter?



  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor VS Elias; Finn wins and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Bayley & Ember Moon VS The Riott Squad; Bayley & Moon win.
  • Six Man Tag: The Shield VS Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley; The Shield wins.


Few Stories Live Forever, but Legends Never Die.

“The eye of justice is always watching.” Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns. The Hounds of Justice hit the scene fast and hard, and made the WWE their Yard! But then, there was a Plan B. Rollins “bought in” to Triple H’s game, and the Shield fell apart. But from the ashes each man rose in their own time to become WWE World Champion! And even with all the fighting, all the animosity, they were still bonded as brothers. The Architect, the Lunatic and The Big Dog, united again and for the last time. Witness in the Final Chapter, and Believe in the Shield forever.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter has the spotlight and greets the fans. He plays his guitar and fans clap along. Elias has the usual question for the WWE Universe: “Who Wants to Walk with Elias?!” Tonight is the final night for The Shield. Elias is pretty happy to hear that. After tonight, no more fist bumps, triple powerbombs or Hounds of Justice. Those three won’t be in the same ring again. Ambrose at least had the sense to see The Shield is done in the WWE. If only Seth had the same sense but he’ll drive Raw into the ground. And Roman Reigns will pay for what he did to Elias and Mr. McMahon. Elias will sing his song but please silence phones, hold applause and especially Corey Graves, shut mouths! Corey refuses but Elias plays anyway.

“It’s the Hound of Justice’s final night~” in the city of Moline, but in front of the dumpiest crowd Elias has ever seen. This is a disgusting part of the world, perhaps the armpit. If anyone’s trying to live their life here, just quit. But Elias has to quit playing, because the Extraordinary Man interrupts!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor VS Elias!

Both stars have been moved from Raw to SmackDown, and given their history, The Drifter has a shot at the title. As Finn makes his entrance, Elias shouts for the music to stop. Elias was in the middle of an instant classic, what is Finn doing? Oh c’mon, Elias, everyone knows Finn is a fan! Finn wants to Walk With Elias! Okay but don’t touch him. Elias happens to be in a singing mood still, so Finn should sing with him. Finn would be honored! Of course he would. But this song is so easy, even the people of Moline can follow along. Elias begins playing then sings.

“When I say ‘I Love Elias’, you say ‘Yes I do.'” Fans pick it up pretty easily after all. Though some boo instead. Finn gets it, and gives his own verse. “When I say ‘Elias Sucks~’, you say ‘Yes He Does~!'” Moline gets that even easier! But then Elias attacks Finn! Elias demands the ref get in here, and the ref checks on Finn first. Finn puts the belt aside and the bell rings, and Elias is right on him!

Elias rocks Finn to a corner as this title match is official. He whips Finn but Finn reverses to back drop. Elias sunset flips but Finn rolls through to dropkick! Finn finally gets his jacket off and goes after Elias. Elias powers Finn to another corner and into buckles. Elias stomps and punches away but backs off at 4. He tears off his own shirt then stomps Finn again. Elias drags Finn to an apron and slams his arm against it! Finn scrambles away but Elias drags him to another side for another arm slam on the apron. Elias glares at Corey while going into the ring. Cover, ONE! Elias clamps on with an armlock and shoulder nerve hold. Finn endures and fans rally up.

Finn gets up but Elias wrangles him back down. Elias digs deeper into that shoulder but Finn fights his way back up. Finn throws body shots but Elias knees low and whips. Finn kicks Elias away but Elias yanks the bad arm. Elias drops a knee then asks Moline, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!” Moline boos but Elias stays on Finn with a hammerlock. Elias throws Finn into buckles, then mocks the Too Sweet. Fans boo again as Elias drags Finn up. Elias hammerlocks and throws Finn into more buckles! Cover, TWO! Elias taunts and toys with Finn, then hammerlocks again. Finn slips through to give Elias a taste of his own medicine! Elias runs corner to corner but into boots! Finn then dodges to CHOP Elias! Finn whips but Elias reverses, only for Finn to kick!

Now Finn goes after Elias’ arm but Elias scoops Finn quick! Finn slips out and waistlocks but Elias elbows out. Elias runs but into a school boy! TWO and Elias has a Fujiwara Armbar! Finn endures as Elias leans back. Fans rally and Finn crawls, but Elias yanks him back up. Finn turns that around to the takedown and double stomps! Finn hits a Slingblade! But runs into a big shoulder! Cover, TWO! Elias gasps for air while Finn rolls to ropes. Fans rally again and Elias stalks Finn. Elias drags Finn up and fisherman, but Finn cradle counters! TWO and Finn gets to the apron. Finn swing kicks Elias down and heads up top! But Elias gets up to trip Finn up! Finn almost falls on commentary at ringside!

Elias throws punches and Finn teeters! Elias keeps punching then he runs, but Finn shoulders and slingshots in for a sunset flip! TWO!!! But Finn keeps on Elias with the Majistrol, NOW Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall; still WWE Intercontinental Champion

The Extraordinary Man wins by the seat of his pants, but he’s still the workhorse champion! Who will be next to test Finn’s limits now that he’s on SmackDown?

But Elias still wants his solo.

Moline boos but Elias tells them to shut up. Finn got lucky! All of Moline got lucky, because Elias is finishing his song. Elias plays, but here come the Riott Squad! Ruby has the mic as she tells Elias that they’re so sorry to interrupt. They just couldn’t contain themselves. They really respect and admire Elias. Sarah feels she speaks for the Squad when she says they are really big fans. Liv says the Squad isn’t here for trouble. They just would love to sing along with Elias. Usually they’re the Riott Squad, but for tonight, how about they become the… Elias Squad? Elias likes the sound of that. He mistook Finn earlier but he has a good feeling about these three. These three love Elias, as do most women. That song of his earlier, go ahead and join in.

“When I say, ‘I Love Elias’, you say…” “Yes I Do~!” The Squad sings all together. But then they hijack it, too. “We Love the Riott Squad~!” “Yes We Do~!” Fans are mixed on this, but here comes Bayley!

Bayley & Ember Moon VS The Riott Squad!

The Superstar Shake-Up has sent The Hugger, the War Goddess and the Squad’s Juvenile Delinquent from Raw to SmackDown, breaking up the band! While this event may be about Reigns, Rollins & Ambrose, is this also The Riott Squad’s Final Chapter?

The teams sort out, and it’s Ruby and Sarah for the Squad. Sarah starts with Bayley and they tie up. Sarah powers Bayley to a corner but backs off. Bayley comes out and headlocks, but Sarah powers out. Bayley runs Sarah over with a shoulder! She gets another headlock but Sarah powers her to a corner again. Bayley goes up and over and then bumps Sarah off buckles. Sarah CHOPS back! Then waistlock slams Bayley down. Sarah howls with the spirit of her Kentucky Viking upbringing. Sarah armlocks Bayley but Bayley gets to ropes. Bayley laces Sarah through the ropes, then CHOPS Sarah. She whips but Sarah puts her on the apron. Bayley hits back but has to worry about Liv. Sarah bumps Bayley off buckles then tags Ruby.

The Squad work together on Bayley in the corner. Ruby whips Sarah in but Bayley dodges them both to hot tag Ember! Ember and Ruby stand off then speed up. Ember sweeps the legs to an Oklahoma Roll! TWO but Ember Okana Rolls, TWO! Ruby swings but into a school boy, TWO! Ruby rocks Ember with a right! Sarah tags in and The Squad mugs Ember. Sarah whips but Ember handsprings through to arm-drag Sarah down. Ember dodges and tilt-o-whirls to a facebuster! Sarah scrambles away to the outside, but Ember tags Bayley. Bayley pursues Sarah with a daredevil dropkick through the corner! She puts Sarah in then into an open corner. Bayley runs in for a big knee! Fans fire up as Bayley climbs up but Ruby distracts so that Liv can trip Bayley up! Sarah shotgun knees Bayley into buckles! Cover, TWO!

Bayley survives but Sarah tags Ruby. The Squad stomp Bayley out then Ruby drags Bayley into a cravat. Fans rally up as Bayley endures. Bayley fights up and arm-drags out, but Ruby runs her over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Ruby grows frustrated and puts her on the ropes to choke her. Ruby backs off at 4 and Liv gets in a cheap shot! Cover, TWO! Ruby drags Bayley over and tags Sarah. The Squad mugs Bayley more, then Sarah puts on an inverted cloverleaf! Bayley endures as Sarah holds her up. Fans rally and Bayley manages to headscissor Sarah down! Bayley crawls but Sarah pursues. Sarah whips Bayley to a corner but is given a flapjack onto buckles! Bayley flops and crawls, but Sarah also heads for Ruby. Hot tag to Ruby and she intercepts Ember!

Ruby grins as she drags Bayley up for kicks. Fans rally for Bayley as Ruby circles her like a shark. Bayley stands to fight with forearms, then slides under to tag Ember! The Shenom rallies! She kicks away and enziguris, then runs to boot! Cover, TWO! Ember keeps on Ruby with a whip but Ruby reverses, only for Ember to springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Ember keeps her focus as she whips Ruby. Ruby reverses then kicks Ember down. Ruby positions herself for a rope-assisted pin! Liv also helps but the referee sees it all! The ref reprimands the Squad, and EJECTS Liv! The Squad has to say good-bye to Liv already! Ember climbs up while the Squad protests, and ECLIPSES Ruby!! Cover, Ember & Bayley win!

Winners: Ember Moon & Bayley, Moon pinning

Both superstars may want to be in the singles division, but these two are making quite the tag team! Will the War Goddess be the one to hep Bayley get back to those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?


The Shield brings back a classic.

Rollins, Reigns & Ambrose pick up the camera one last time for roll call. “Nearly seven years ago, we walked into this place with one goal in mind: to create a legacy serving out our reign of justice.” “We didn’t just create a legacy. We started a whole new culture for this place, and we did it on our own terms.” “We’ve had the whole world thrown at us. There’s nothing we haven’t been through together.” But tonight, they go out their way. #BelieveThat, and Believe in The Shield.


But Baron Corbin and crew already started trouble earlier tonight.

Before going on the air, it was a rare Cruiserweight Division outing for the Singh Brothers against Lucha House Party. Lince Dorado was about to win for his trio when Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre attacked! They wrecked the Cruiserweight superstars without mercy, giving powerbombs and choke slams before throwing Samir, Sunil, Kalisto and Lince out. Corbin then grabbed a mic to boast. “It seems you all enjoyed that as much as we did!” The fans didn’t actually. But Corbin said that was a preview of the main event. Corbin and his crew are grinning now, but will the Shield’s story really end at the hand of these three?


Six Man Tag: The Shield VS Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley!

This is not the first time the Hounds of Justice have faced a pack of wolves wanting to take their place. In fact, this is not the first time these two trios have faced off. It was just this past March at WWE Fastlane that everyone thought The Shield was done. Clearly Corbin and crew were overestimating Roman, Rollins and Ambrose, and now they might be doing the same again. Will the Final Chapter end the way Fastlane did? Or will Corbin back up his words from before?

Corbin insists Mike Rome give him the “proper” introduction, listing his accomplishments and naming him “The Quad City’s Favorite Son.” He’s anything but that, though. And naturally, Corbin sarcastically notes how emotional tonight is. This is The Shield’s Final Chapter. One of the most dominant forces in WWE History, but does anyone really think this will be a fairy tale ending? The fans thought that for Kurt Angle in his last match, but that final chapter was losing to Corbin. Now The Shield will get the exact same privilege.

Boddy Lashley also speaks. “The Shield won’t be riding off out of here into the sunset with their hands held high.” Just look at this team! The Shield will be lucky to limp out with an ounce of dignity! McIntyre adds on by saying everyone should “show some damn respect.” The fans need their cameras ready, because they’re witnessing history. The Shield’s legacy is not secure, because history is written by the winners. And after these three brutalize The Shield, they will be the new dominant force! “Bring them out here!”

Since this is the last time ever all over again, The Shield makes their entrance the way they started: from the stairs in the crowd! They arrive in the ring and we begin this Final Chapter!

Teams sort out as fans chant for “SHIELD! SHIELD!” and “Burn It Down!” We start with Rollins and Corbin. Fans are strong for the home state hero and WWE Universal Champion. Corbin and Rollins circle and tie up. Corbin headlocks but Rollins powers out only for Corbin to run him over. Rollins is up quick as Corbin mocks the Burn It Down stomping. Corbin and Rollins circle again as fans rally up for Rollins. Corbin headlocks but Rollins powers out, and things speed up until Rollins dropkicks Corbin! Rollins drags Corbin up and wrenches him to the Shield corner. Tag to Ambrose and fans go wild for the Lunatic!

Ambrose and Rollins rally on Corbin with the clothesline, splash and elbow! Cover, ONE! Ambrose keeps on Corbin in a corner with fast hands! He goes way past 10 then whips Corbin corner to corner. Corbin boots Ambrose and tags out to Lashley. The Rocky Mountain Machine runs into a forearm but things speed up, Ambrose clotheslines Lashley down! Ambrose hits Lashley in the corner then tags Rollins. Rollins tags Roman, Poetry in Motion feeds to a boot! Lashley retreats and tags in McIntyre. The Scottish Terminator has hunted The Shield and specifically The Big Dog for months. Roman throws hands on McIntyre but McIntyre gives them back. McIntyre puts Roman in a corner but gets an uppercut! McIntyre boots but runs into a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Ambrose and he climbs up to leap over McIntyre. Ambrose sends McIntyre out then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends both men into the barriers! Ambrose puts McIntyre in but has to fight Corbin off first. Lashley distracts and McIntyre blasts Ambrose back. McIntyre distracts the ref so that Lashley and Corbin can stomp away on Ambrose! Roman and Rollins get them to back off but the damage is done. McIntyre drags Ambrose up to snake eyes him on barriers. He puts Ambrose back in but fans rally up for “Dean! Dean!” McIntyre stomps Ambrose’s hand then tags to Lashley. Lashley throws hands then puts Ambrose in a corner for body shots. He stomps a mudhole then grinds a boot in. Fans rally for Ambrose more but Lashley snap suplexes him down. Cover, TWO!

Lashley drags Ambrose up and throws him back out. Lashley taunts The Shield so that McIntyre and Corbin can stomp Ambrose out! Roman and Rollins protest again but Lashley drags Ambrose up for haymakers. Lashley refreshes the count so he has time to put Ambrose in. Tag to Corbin and the pack keeps Ambrose away from his brothers. Corbin mugs Ambrose then brings him up. Ambrose CHOPS away but Corbin knees low. Corbin hits The Shield down but ambrose trips him up! Figure Four Leg Lock! Lashley distracts the ref and McIntyre rakes Ambrose’s eyes! Corbin puts Ambrose in the corner and McIntyre tags in. McIntyre suplexes but Ambrose resists to snap suplex back! Both men are down and fans rally up! McIntyre tags Lashley while Ambrose goes the wrong way!

Lashley intercepts Ambrose and pushes him back. Lashley throws Ambrose overhead then covers, TWO! Fans still rally for Ambrose but Lashley throws him back out. Lashley again mocks the Shield while his crew stomp Ambrose. But Roman grabs a chair! Roman goes after Corbin but the referee steps in the way. Corbin gets away while McIntyre tags in. McIntyre puts Ambrose in but Ambrose revives to neckbreaker! Ambrose crawls while McIntyre seethes. They go to their corners, hot tags to Corbin and Rollins! Rollins springboard lariats and fires off on Corbin’s pack! Rollins Slingblades Corbin then slingshots onto McIntyre! The Beastslayer keeps going, and escapes the choke slam to roll up! TWO, SUPERKICK! Fans are thunderous as Rollins stomps to “Burn It Down!” Rollins aims at Corbin for a mule kick but has to clothesline McIntyre out. Corbin clobbers Rollins at the ropes!

Lashley tags in and Corbin hauls Rollins up top. Corbin throws hands then he and Lashley both climb up. Rollins fights them both off! Lashely goes down and then Corbin. Rollins adjusts and leaps to crossbody Corbin! He bounces off, hot tag to Roman! Roman rallies as he clotheslines Corbin, then atomic drop and leaping lariats Lashley! Fans fire up as Roman locks ‘n’ loads. But Lashley dodges the punch. Roman fights out of the urenage and SUPERMAN PUNCHES Corbin! Lashley elbows Roman but Roman comes back with a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman and Lashley are down but fans fire up as Ambrose makes his return! Ambrose shouts for Roman and Roman heads that way, hot tag! Ambrose climbs and hits the Lunatic Elbow! Cover but McIntyre breaks it!

McIntyre rains right hands on Ambrose then helps Lashley tag Corbin. The pack suplexes Ambrose but Rollins saves him. Corbin and McIntyre punch Rollins and Ambrose, but they come back with a SUPERKICK and Lunatic Lariat! Lashley drags Ambrose up to the Canadian Rack, but Roman SPEARS him down! Rollins gives McIntyre the CURB STOMP! Ambrose gets Corbin with a Dirty Deeds! But that’s not all, tag to Roman and then tag to Rollins. If this is truly the Final Chapter, it has to end with… THE TRIPLE POWERBOMB!! Rollins covers, The Shield wins!!

Winners: The Shield, Rollins pinning

The Hounds of Justice are still the dominant force in the WWE! The Final Chapter has a happy ending!

Fans cheer, “Thank You, Ambrose!” as this very well could be the Lunatic’s last WWE match ever. Fans also chant “Please Don’t Go!” because they don’t want it to be true. The Shield speaks one last time, starting with Rollins. “Don’t you guys think we tried that one already?” He isn’t sure what’s left to be said. But one thing he knows is that he won this WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar. For Rollins, a lot of the Quad City knows him, and that moment was a culmination of 15 years. Rollins has family here, and he couldn’t have done it without them or the other fans supporting him. But Rollins wants to say that the title would not be possible without The Shield. It is a culmination of seven years. “I love you, I will always love The Shield, and this is for us.”

The Shield hugs, and fans chant “Thank You, Shield!”, but now it’s Ambrose’s turn to speak. “For all you people who live in Seth Rollins Country”, just look at this as an example. They’re just like any one of the you. If you work hard and never take no for an answer, you can do whatever you want! Rollins being champion proves that. If you want proof you can overcome anything, just look to Roman who overcame Leukemia. And The Shield proves is about kicking down doors, taking what is yours and never taking no for an answer! If someone tells you you can’t be what you want to be, stick up a middle finger and march forward because The Shield said so! Fans again thank Ambrose. And since this is the Final Chapter, we need one last… Shield Fist Bump! Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta, forever!



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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: G1 Supercard Part 2!

AXS gives us MORE G1 Supercard!



NJPW + ROH = G1 Supercard

NJPW and ROH shine even brighter as AXS’s coverage of G1 Supercard concludes! Who will come away with BOTH the ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships?!


Coverage of G1 Supercard will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

You can find gifs from this event on



  • NEVER Openweight VS ROH World Television Championship Winner Takes All: Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins and becomes the dual NEVER Openweight & ROH World Television Champion.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Taiji Ishimori VS Dragon Lee VS Bandido; Lee wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • ROH & IWGP Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Winners Take All: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS Evil & Sanada; The Guerrillas of Destiny win and are the dual ROH World & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • ROH World Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven VS Marty Scurll; Taven wins and becomes the new ROH World Champion.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this historic crossover event!

The history between ROH’s Franchise Player and self-proclaimed “REAL World Champion” is long and tense as the contenders for that title kept piling up. Marty Scurll won ROH’s Survival of the Fittest to become a contender while Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven went to a 60 minute time limit draw! Instead of worrying about who got the next shot at Lethal, he decided that Taven and Scurll would both get their chance in the only match fair enough: a Ladder Match! Will Lethal climb to new heights to keep that belt? Or will one of his hungry challengers finally get their first taste of the real deal?

Meanwhile, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa again climbed to the top of NJPW’s Heavyweight Tag Team Division by dethroning Los Ingobernables de Japon. At the same time, Jay & Mark Briscoe were again triumphant as the then 9-time ROH World Tag Team Champions. One pair of brothers called out the other, and said that they’d put their belts on the line if the other brothers did, too! “We’ll do title vs title at Madison Square Garden!” However, there were complications at the ROH 17th Anniversary Show in Las Vegas when The Briscoes lost their titles to Villain Enterprises’ PCO & Brody King! Things only get more complicated as Evil & Sanada want their rematch. Now all four teams will compete for all four belts! Who will find themselves atop two top promotions’ tag team divisions with one match?!

But before even all of this, the Bone Soldier Reborn continues to test himself after becoming IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! Taiji Ishimori dethroned Kushida then successfully defended against Ryusuke Taguchi and Jushin Thunder Liger! He wants even more competition, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew! Dragon Lee of CMLL and Bandido of ROH both go for gold, who comes out of this high speed, star studded Triple Threat as THE Junior Heavyweight Champion?


NEVER Openweight VS ROH World Television Championship Winner Takes All: Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb!

Title for title isn’t just for tag teams! The Aerial Assassin and the Hawaiian Juggernaut both want to prove they’re big enough for two belts, but who wins when speed takes on strength?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this battle between these two great champions begins!

Fans duel thunderously as Cobb and Ospreay jaw at each other. Given this is part ROH, the Code of Honor is asked for and upheld by both men. The bell rings and Cobb immediately leaps at Ospreay in a corner! Big back elbow then whip corner to corner. Ospreay reverses but gets POUNCED out of the ring! Cobb follows but misses, Ospreay CHOPS. Ospreay whips but Cobb reverses again. Ospreay hops up and over then springboards for a forearm! Cobb is down but Ospreay keeps moving, SASUKE SPECIAL! Direct hit but Cobb catches Ospreay! Only for Ospreay to counter with a DDT! Fans keep up the fire as Ospreay drags Cobb up and in.

Fans duel as Ospreay throws forearms on Cobb. Ospreay runs but Cobb puts him on the apron. Ospreay forearms again then springboards, but into Cobb’s arms! He fights out of Cobb’s grip but Cobb comes running in, only to get a boot. Ospreay hops up but gets a CHOP! Cobb climbs up to join Ospreay and hits a stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps on Ospreay with more CHOPS and uppercuts. He throws Opsreay across the way! Then drags him up for clubbing forearms. Cobb drives elbows in as fans continue to duel. He whips and elbows Ospreay down. Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps his cool as he drags Ospreay up again. Ospreay breaks free to fire forearms again, but Cobb kicks low. Cobb whips but Ospreay dodges to huricanrana, only for Cobb to block and counter to a bearhug! Cobb squeezes tight but Ospreay endures and fights back.

Ospreay breaks free but Cobb CHOPS again. Cobb whips but Ospreay handsprings to enziguri! Both men are down but slowly sitting up. Ospreay is in a corner and Cobb runs in but blocks the boot. Ospreay enziguris then elevated tiger feint kicks! Cobb staggers and Ospreay springboards for another forearm! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his cool then fires himself up. Fans rally up as he goes to underhook. Cobb powers out but Ospreay drops down to kick away! Cobb catches the leg, so Ospreay starts slapping. Bad idea, Cobb throws him with a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cobb runs corner to corner for another uppercut, to Samoan Drop! And knip up to standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ospreay survives but Cobb keeps on him with punches.

Fans duel again as Cobb keeps throwing those hands. Ospreay gets up and gets in Cobb’s face. Ospreay throws forearms but Cobb JABS him off his feet! Cobb whips Ospreay but Ospreay holds ropes. Ospreay elbows Cobb then throws a clothesline, but it does nothing! He blocks Cobb’s counter then hook kicks. Cobb SUPERKICKS! Cobb runs but into a SPANISH FLY!! But Ospreay can’t cover for the power it took to make that happen! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as both men stir. Ospreay gets to a corner and the top rope. He aims at Cobb and flies, missile dropkick to the bad shoulder! And now Ospreay takes off the elbow pad. Ospreay aims, but Cobb ducks! TOUR OF- Crucifix! To DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives but Ospreay fires himself up again.

Ospreay drags Cobb up as fans duel again. Roundhouse rocks Cobb, then Ospreay runs, but Cobb reels him in. Ospreay fights out to back flip kick, only to get a LARIAT! Cobb sees Ospreay in a drop zone, and climbs up top!? Cobb leaps for a Frog Splash FLOP! Ospreay escapes being crushed, and then hits his Robinson Special spin kick! Ospreay calls for it, springboards, but Cobb blocks the cutter! He shoves Ospreay to a corner, but Ospreay comes back with the OSCUTTER! Cover, TWO?! Cobb survives and no one can believe it! But the fans are loving it as Ospreay takes aim again. Ospreay hits a hook kick! Then he underhooks, and gets Cobb up!? But Cobb gets out to a corner, and elbows Ospreay. Ospreay tucks Cobb in, CHEEKY NANDOS! Then from the outside, Ospreay climbs up and underhooks!? Cobb denies it with a headbutt!

Cobb scoops Ospreay now, SUPER TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! But he’s not done there! Cobb takes off the straps, pop-up TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; still ROH World Television Champion, NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

Strength wins out, and now Cobb is the first American to hold that particular NJPW title.

Backstage interview

Jeff Cobb speaks, saying, “Will Ospreay, I respect you for the fact that you are a fighting champion.” Cobb respects both ROH and NJPW in trusting him with this opportunity. Cobb will continue where Ospreay left off and be a fighting champion in both companies! He also thanks the fans for their support, and plans to see both ROH and NJPW fans very soon.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Taiji Ishimori VS Dragon Lee VS Bandido!

Three of the best Junior Heavyweights between the NJPW-CMLL-ROH alliance all battle for this title to establish themselves as the world’s best Junior Heavyweight! Will Bone Soldier keep his young legacy growing? Will Dragon Lee take a step towards redemption from his match with Hiromu Takahashi? Or will ROH’s LifeBlood gain its first bit of gold thanks to the gunslinger luchador?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this incredible and international match-up!

Dragon Lee kicks Ishimori out of the ring with the bell, then whips Bandido! Bandido huricanranas but Lee lands on his feet. Bandido comes back for another and it hits! Lee goes out and Bandido FLIES right on him! Bandido meets Ishimori in the ring and things speed up. Ishimori somersaults and headscissors, to a neck crank! Ishimori runs in at Bandido but misses. Bandido runs in but is put on the apron. Bandido hits back but Ishimori hits harder. Ishimori kicks Lee and whips but Lee dodges to huricanrana Bandido off the apron! Ishimori triangle moonsaults onto Lee! Fans fire up with the champ as he gets right back up. Ishimori drags Bandido up and in for chops. He puts Bandido in a corner to grind in his knee. The ref counts but Bandido lets up.

Ishimori whips corner to corner but Bandido reverses. Bandido runs in but Ishimori slips out to slide under and go around to shoulder in. Ishimori springboards for a leg lariat! Cover, but Lee breaks it up! Lee brings Ishimori up but Ishimori rakes his eyes. Ishimori whips but Lee reverses, and borrows the Combinacion Cabron from LIJ! He keeps on Ishimori with fast forearms then runs corner to corner for a hesitation dropkick! He drags Ishimori up for double underhooks, butterfly backbreaker! But he’s not done, basement dropkick and cover, but Bandido breaks it up. Bandido drags Lee up but Lee fires back. They brawl with forearms, but Lee knee triggers Bandido. Lee runs but into a tilt-o-whirl scoop and torture rack! Spinning to the knee, then a lariat! Cover, but Ishimori breaks it.

Ishimori drags Bandido up and whips but Bandido reverses. Ishimor handsprings and enziguris Bandido down! He goes after Lee with a kick, then runs, only to roll into Lee’s sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Lee fires up with the fans and brings Ishimori around. He puts Ishimori on the top rope, then CHOPS him into the Tree of Woe! Lee climbs but Bandido springboards to SUPER STEINER! Ishimori tilt-o-whirl facebusters Bandido, only to get up for Lee’s running Destroyer! All three men are down but MSG is fired up! “This is Awesome!” but not over yet. Bandido sits up first, followed by Lee. Bandido runs but into a wheelbarrow. Lee can’t hold on but he does slip out of a suplex, only for Ishimori to knee him down. Ishimori runs into a pop-up cutter! Cover, TWO!! Ishimori survives but Bandido keeps going.

Bandido has Ishimori in a drop zone, and fans fire up as he climbs. Lee returns to trip Bandido into the Tree of Woe! Woe Stomps from Lee to Bandido! Lee scoops Ishimori into a suplex, but huricanrana pin counter! TWO but Ishimori gut wrenches to the Blood Cross! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives but barely! Ishimori says BANG as he drags Lee up again. Bandido stops the other Bloody Cross to then put Ishimori up top. Bandido climbs but Ishimori fights him off. They brawl but Lee adds on. Lee throws Bandido off and goes after Ishimori. They brawl but Bandido returns to join on. Lee headbutts Ishimori, Bandido kicks Lee! Bandido climbs and has both opponents for a DOUBLE SUPER BACKFLIP POWERSLAM!! MSG is thunderous and losing their minds over that!

Bandido crawls to Lee for a cover, TWO!! Ishimori crawls away so Bandido doesn’t cover him. He does aim at Ishimori and scoops him, package piledriver! Cover, but Lee drags Bandido off to a suplex! Bandido slips out but gets an elbow, knee and reverse-rana! Lee knee triggers Ishimori! Lee goes back to Bandido, suplex to bomb! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Dragon Lee, by pinfall; NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

CMLL’s Dragon Lee has NJPW’s championship! Lee shows respect to Bandido as he helps him up, but Ishimori clears out with frustration. Bandido shows respect back by helping Lee put on the belt. With Best of the Super Juniors on the horizon, will Bone Soldier Reborn redeem himself through that tournament? Will Lee reign with that title through the Spring and to the Summer?

Backstage Interviews

Ishimori wants to know “What the hell!?” How is it the result came through those two guys? Ishimori lost the belt but not the match. “So why don’t we do it again?” But Ishimori and Lee 1v1, no triple threat. What does Lee say to that?

Lee does speak, saying that was so much work. The title is what all his effort was for. Day after day, training hard and not being given anything for free. Everything Lee has is from hard work and education. Lee is content with this win. He thanks God for this blessing, as well as for his family and his father for supporting him. He dedicates this win to his father. Thanks to him, Lee is in a good place. He became the new champion in Madison Square Garden. But he does wait anxiously for the return of Hiromu, and hopes Hiromu can be his first challenger. The real goal was always Hiromu. Lee is now champion, but he dedicates this win to Hiromu and Daryl. He hopes to see them again, strnoger than ever.


ROH & IWGP Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Winners Take All: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS Evil & Sanada!

A massive match for a massive moment in wrestling history! Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa, PCO & Brody King, Jay & Mark Briscoe and Los Ingobernables de Japon’s King of Darkness & Cold Skull all want to be THE best tag team between both companies. What will it take for one team to take both pairs of belts home with them?

The introductions are made, PCO gets a jolt of electricity from Destro, and then he and Brody hit the ring with both the ROH World and ROH Six Man Tag titles! Will they be leaving with three belts each after the break?

NJPW on AXS returns and The Briscoes attack first! The bell rings and it’s just a huge brawl! Everyone clears out quick except Mark Briscoe and PCO. Mark has PCO in a corner then runs in, only to be tossed right out! PCO then takes aim and DIVES onto Mark! The brawling goes crazy on the outside as Jay Briscoe and Brody trade hands. The GoD regroup, as do LIJ. It seems the ROH teams are continuing where they left off in Vegas as PCO throws hands on Mark in front of the fans. LIJ and GoD brawl, too, then the champion teams hit the ring. Brody and PCO stand up to Tama and Loa, and another brawl begins! Villain Enterprises gets the edge, then both run, only for The Briscoes to drag them out.

But GoD isn’t alone, LIJ rushes them! They brawl in the ring while #DemBoyz keep on PCO and Brody on the outside. Sanada whips but Tama reverses. Jado is there with his kendo stick and Sanada stops himself, only for Tama to clobber him from behind. Tama kicks at Evil but Evil blocks and hands off to Loa. Loa doesn’t wanna but Evil still SUPERKICKS Tama down. Tama bails out and Loa goes at Evil. Evil feeds Loa to Sanada, who ties Loa up in Paradise! Fans love it, and the Briscoes are willing to leave Loa in it until Sanada dropkicks Loa out of Paradise! The Briscoes then rush LIJ, but Mark gets a back drop. Mark lands on his feet and fights both LIJ while Jay keeps GoD down. Mark Peles Evil out but Sanada kicks him. Sanada whips but Mark reverses and lets Jay CLOBBER Sanada!

The Briscoes double whip and double shoulder Sanada down! But here comes Brody King with big hands. The Briscoes get teh better of him, but not for long as he hits a double crossbody! Loa returns and throws hands on Brody! Loa bops Brody but Brody BOOTS Loa! Brody even headscissors Loa down! Cannonball on the ropes! Brody keeps Jay Briscoe and Tama Tonga out, but then takes aim at them all. Brody FLIES and wipes them all out! Fans fire up but Mark wrecks Brody with a dropkick. Mark then climbs up and leaps, corkscrew senton! The South Sussex Chicken puts Tama back in, but Tama elbows Mark to a corner. Tama throws hands and a dropkick on Mark, then whips Mark corner to corner. Mark reverses, Jay forearms then feeds Tama to Mark’s shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Mark hits Loa with an apron blockbuster! Jay drags Tama up for a neckbreaker but Tama powers out. SUPERKICK from Jay, back elbow from Tama. Tama slides and dropkicks Jay down and out! Sanada returns to bait Tama in and out! Evil gets away with putting a chair on Tama’s head, then SMACKING it off with another! Evil hit a homer with that one! He feeds Tama to Sanada and LIJ double whip. Tama gets their kick and clothesline combo, but they’re not done with him yet. Evil drags Tama up and suplexes, but The Briscoes disrupt Magic Killer! Jay underhooks for the Jay Driller! Mark climbs, FROGGY-BOW! Cover, but Brody breaks it! Brody clotheslines Jay and himself out of the ring! Mark slingshots but Brody catches him to apron choke slam him!!

Brody shouts to PCO and PCO climbs! PCO apron SWANTONS Mark! And he’s right back up! He’s NOT human! Brody drags Mark back in, powerbomb lifts, GONZO BOMB! PCO climbs again, MOONSAULT! Cover, but Tama breaks it up! Loa SPEARS Brody but PCO CHOPS Tama. PCO fires off on Tama in a corner, faster and faster! Loa runs in to forearm PCO and he throws headbutts. GoD take PCO for double electric chair, to POWERBOMB HIM TO THE FLOOR! GoD says “SUCK IT” but PCO still lives!! PCO falls back over but MSG is cheering him on. Tama tries to stun Brody but gets a German Suplex! Brody clobbers Loa but Tama distracts the ref. Jado kendo SMACKS Brody, then GUN STUN! GoD coordinate, suplex to the top rope, SUPER POWERBOMB! Cover, GoD wins!

Winners: The Guerrillas of Destiny, Tonga Loa pinning; still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

History is made as history is made! NJPW’s GoD hold belts in both companies!

But wait, who is that attacking The Briscoes? It’s Enzo and Big Cass- Er, uh, nZo and Caz XL! Former WWE wrestlers are attacking at G1 Supercard?! The Briscoes get them out of here, as does Bully Ray, while GoD celebrates their accomplishment. But wait, is that Toru Yano who just snatched the IWGP Heavyweight belts?! The Clown Prince of Chaos is all smiles as he runs away with the gold! Just what is going on with tag team wrestling?!

Backstage Interviews

Tonga Loa says, “There’s a title missing, but he just got one.” Yano taking their IWGP belts? “That’s bullsh*t.” But that was just on top of other BS. There was an agreement in this match, “but just like anything else, it’s f*cking wrestling.” You can’t believe what you’re told. So the deal is: GoD doesn’t care about ROH, or whoever those guys were at the end of the match trying to take the spotlight. GoD won the titles. But another BS: they worked for free tonight. Tama takes the ROH belts and throws them away like garbage! Tama knows nobody cares about ROH.

But GoD handled their business, it was easy. And it’s surprising that those losers still had energy to fight some other losers not even in the match! The fact the Briscoes brawled with those guys, it just tells Tama that “you muthaf*ckas ain’t on NJPW’s level.” Tama can tell The Briscoes weren’t giving their best, because they were saving energy for that BS that happened. But let it be known, the double champs are done with y’all. Will GoD even care to keep those ROH tag titles after what went down?


ROH World Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven VS Marty Scurll!

The Franchise Player has had this title time and again but he wants to hold it for the rest of his career if he can. The Kingdom’s ring leader wants recognition as the “REAL World Champion” after being held down by a supposed conspiracy. And The Villain, now finally a leader of his own team, wants the belt he feels he deserves. Three men live a childhood dream of wrestling in the most famous arena in the world. But who will live an even greater dream by winning in that same arena, for the top prize in ROH?

The introductions are made, the belt is hoisted high overhead, and this epic triple threat begins after the break!

NJPW on AXS returns and all three men look up as the belt finally reaches its apex. The bell rings, and Lethal goes right at Taven! Scurll decides this is the perfect time to bail out and get a ladder. Taven and Lethal brawl to a corner and Lethal chops. Lethal sees Scurll bringing in a ladder and baseball slide dropkicks the ladder into Scurll! Lethal brings Scurll up and now they brawl. Scurll throws uppercuts then goes back to the ladder. Lethal grabs the other end, and it’s a tug-o-war, until Tavne FLIES out! Taven hits ladder but still brings Scurll and Lethal down with it! All three men are down and fans lose their minds over Taven’s self-sacrifice. Taven fights through the pain to put the ladder in the ring.

Lethal forearms but Taven forearms back, only to run into a hip toss! Lethal carthweels and dropkicks Taven down! Scurll goes after Lethal but gets a boot for it! Lethal brings another ladder over and plops it down. He snap suplexes Taven for good measure before going under the ring. Lethal finds a few chairs and puts them near the ladder. He uses one chair to jab Scurll back down, then starts setting something up. Lethal makes a bridge between the chairs with the ladder. Scurll hits Lethal then bounces him off the ladder. Scurll gives Taven a tornado DDT! Fans fire up with The Villain as he brings over yet another ladder. Scurll puts that one in the ring and then puts the first one in a corner. He sets up the other ladder in the other corner.

Taven returns but Scurll throws him into one ladder, then the other! And back again! Taven tumbles out of the ring but Lethal returns to back drop Scurll onto a ladder! Scurll bails out and Lethal has the ring to himself. Lethal takes one ladder but Scurll returns. Lethal snap suplexes Scurll and then drops a ladder on him! Taven returns but Lethal rams him with the other ladder. And then drops that ladder on Taven! Taven and Scurll writhe with back pain while Lethal eyes the prize. Lethal sets up a ladder but in a corner, sideways on the bottom rope. He kicks and chops Scurll but Scurll CHOPS back. They trade CHOPS and then Lethal whips. Scurll reverses but Lethal slides to a stop, to drop toehold! But Scurll stops himself to throw Lethal into that ladder.

Scurll places Lethal in a Tree of Woe with the ladder, and then goes out to fetch a chair! Scurll keeps Lethal in the Tree and brings the chair over, to SMACK steel into Lethal! And again! And again! Scurll gives another chair shot to Lethal and fans fire up! Scurll introduces another ladder while Lethal is stuck in the Tree. Taven returns but Scurll kicks him out. Scurll sets up the ladder but has to kick Taven away again. Scurll climbs but notices the ladder isn’t tall enough. So he fetches his umbrella! Scurll climbs but Taven yanks him down to SUPERKICK him down! Taven climbs now but Lethal is free of the Tree. Lethal drags Taven down to bounce him off that ladder. Scurll gets up to mule kick and uppercut Lethal. Fans cheer Scurll on as he CHOPS Lethal again.

Scurll keeps those CHOPS going, then runs, but Lethal dodges. He falls for 52 Fake Out! Scurll brings that corner ladder over and makes it a neck brace on Lethal. Scurll aims but Taven drags him out of the ring. Taven throws Scurll into barriers, then gives Lethal Just the Tip through the ladder! Why? Because “IIIIII’M Matt Taven!” Lethal writhes as Taven sits a ladder up. Taven climbs but Scurll returns to yank him off. Scurll and Taven brawl and Scurll CHOPS Taven. Scurll runs to clothesline Taven out, then hops to the apron, SUPERKICK! Fans fire up with Scurll as he skins the cat. Scurll climbs but Lethal returns to club him down. Lethal laces Scurll’s legs through the ladder, for a hanging figure four! But Taven returns to climb!

Lethal lets Scurll go to go after Taven. Lethal throws Taven out and then takes the ladder to slam it on Scurll. He drags Scurll back up and puts the Figure Four back on, but Scurll pushes him out of the ring. Scrull goes back to the apron, but that bad leg slows him down. Cutter on the apron! Lethal leaves Scurll down but Taven follows Lethal into the ring. Lethal CHOPS Taven then runs, but Taven tosses Lethal out. Taven kicks Lethal then runs, to slide and powerbomb Lethal onto the ladder bridge! MSG loses their minds as Lethal suffers at the hands of his own construction! But it’s Scurll who gets back in the ring! Scurll sets a ladder up but he can only hop up rather than climb. Taven returns but Scurll gets him with CHOPS!

Scurll sets the ladder in a corner and brings Taven over, but Taven denies. Taven suplexes but Scurll slips out to drop toehold Taven to ropes. Scurll runs, Villainous 619! Scurll calls for it, then stalks Taven as fans fire up. MSG shouts along, “CHICKEN WING!” But Taven kicks low and DDT’s! Taven grins then mocks the “Melvins”. Fans tell Taven what they think of him but he takes it as a compliment. Taven tries to set up a ladder but Scrull stomps it closed on his hands! Scurll grabs that hand, but Taven kicks low again, Moonlight Drive onto the ladder! Taven grimaces as he takes the corner ladder and stands it up. He climbs up as fans jeer hard as ever, but Scurll hurries up the other side! Scurll punches away then brings Taven up, SUPERPLEX!

Both Taven and Scurll are down from that hard landing, and Lethal finally returns to the ring! Lethal forces himself to stand but Scurll SMACKS him down with an umbrella shot! Scurll aims again, but Lethal dodges to Lethal- CHICKEN WING! But Lethal rams Scurll into a ladder to break free! Scurll and Taven are on the outside and Lethal goes for the standing ladder. Lethal positions it under the belt and climbs again. But Taven returns and follows after. Lethal and Taven fight as Taven climbs up behind. Lethal even spits on Taven before punching him down! The belt is within fingertips, but Scurll creeps up from behind! Chicken Wing atop the ladder! But Lethal fights his way out, but then Scurll shoves him down.

Taven returns as Scurll stands. They both fight for the top, but Scurll grabs the fingers! SNAP! But Taven has his other hand! Scurll grabs those fingers, SNAP! But Lethal uses Scurll’s umbrella to SMACK Scurll down! But that leaves Taven up top! Taven reaches but his hands hurt, and he falls off! Taven is frustrated as he works on his fingers. Fans let him know “You Deserve It!” Lethal and Taven stand and brawl with forearms. Scurll slips in as Lethal gives Taven a Lethal Combination including the ladder! The ladder tips over but Scurll focuses on another. Lethal shoves Scurll away and stands the other ladder back up. Lethal folds it and aims it at Scurll, but Scurll gets clear! The ladders are now intertwined!

Scurll knocks Lethal down then throws him out. Scurll drags the X-Ladder to the middle of the ring, but Taven attacks. Taven suplexes but Scurll Gourd Busters Taven onto X-Ladder! Lethal returns, LETHAL INJECTION! But there’s no ladder standing! Lethal hobbles up with his bad back and dumps X-Ladder out. It almost hits the front row fans! Thankfully they were paying attention. Fans still say “That’s a Lawsuit!” Lethal goes to a fresh ladder and brings it in. Scurll blocks his way so Lethal goes around the outside. Lethal searches under the ring and brings out a table! Scurll kicks Lethal away from it, to then brain buster Lethal onto the floor! Scurll takes control of the table and sets it up. He drags Lethal up to the apron and then stands him up.

Scurll wants a piledriver but Lethal is dead weight. Lethal uppercuts and boots Scurll! Scurll enziguris Lethal down and away, but Taven SPEARS Scurll through the table!! All three men are down again and fans lose their minds all over again. Taven and Scurll crawl from the wreckage while Lethal slowly stands up. Lethal brings out a new table, but Taven has a ladder. Lethal clubs Taven then puts him on the table with an uppercut and chops. He then stands a very tall ladder up nearby. Lethal climbs it and fans beg, “Please Don’t Die!” But Lethal stands up, and Hail to the King through the table!! Lethal and Taven are in the wreckage and fans are thunderous! But with these two down, Scurll crawls into the ring! Scurll gets a ladder, brings it over, and stands it up!

Scurll climbs but Lethal pursues. They both climb on opposite sides, and then start fighting. But wait! Taven has a purple ladder!? Taven brings that in and it’s taller than the one Scurll and Lethal fight on! He stands his ladder up and climbs pass them, only for Lethal to hit him off. Lethal keeps on Taven while Scurll ditches his ladder to make it a weapon! He throws it at Lethal’s head then rams it into Taven’s body. Scurll uses Taven’s ladder, but that bad leg slows him down. Scurll goes back to the silver ladder to make a bridge to Taven’s. Lethal brings in a ladder while Taven has a chair. Lethal copies Scurll’s idea for the ladder shortcut. Taven SMACKS Lethal! Then he trips up Scurll! Taven uses Scurll’s shortcut and climbs up his purple ladder, but Lethal struggles to follow.

Both men go rung for rung then throw hands near the top! Lethal grabs for the title but Taven swats it away. Taven use the title as a weapon to SMACK Lethal! Lethal lands on the ladder bridge!! Taven takes the belt down and WINS!

Winner: Matt Taven; NEW ROH World Champion

Madison Square Garden, witness history being made! Matt Taven is now Grand Slam Champion!

Backstage Interviews

“Right now is about celebrating.” For Matt Taven, this moment is about a 6-year-old boy wanting this more than anything. For the last 9 months, Taven has called himself the real world champion, and no one believed him. Everyone doubted that he was ROH’s best. It came down to Madison Square Garden, where all the “Melvins” are now proven wrong. There is no one who can claim to be ROH World Champion other than Taven. “And man, isn’t that a beautiful thing to say?” The Kingdom celebrates now that their leader finally sits upon the throne. Who will come for Taven’s crown now that it’s solid gold?



My Thoughts:

A great two hours of action between both NJPW and ROH, and quite literally with all these crossover matches. It was really great to see all these title matches and the major changes to the status quo. Ospreay VS Cobb, an amazing opener, and it’s big for Cobb to be the dual champion. He’s very active in both promotions so seeing him carry the weight of both belts will be quite the responsibility. No matter who contends for which title, I’m sure Cobb will give us great matches. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship was as fast and frantic as it should be, and I was really surprised to see Ishimori lose. Dragon Lee will make a great cross-promotion wrestler, too, and I really like his hopes for facing Hiromu again. Whether we get Lee VS Ishimori or Lee VS Hiromu, both rematches will be great.

The Fatal 4 Way Tag was insane, and it’s great to see GoD win to have both belts. Their interview promos were great on their shoot merits. That Realest Guys “invasion” was definitely surprising. Seems like ROH didn’t tell their NJPW partners, which explains why Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa came off genuinely upset. Tama’s main point seems to be truly accurate, that ROH just isn’t at NJPW’s level pulling a stunt like that. And lastly, the ROH World Championship Ladder Match was pretty extreme. Perhaps too extreme, as they didn’t handle “X-Ladder” right. Never dump something like that near fans, go to the ramp side. It was quite the surprise to see Taven win, but perhaps ROH likes him better than their booking appears. No offense to Lethal, but I hope Scurll is first to challenge Taven, to bring their story of Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises into it.

My Score: 8.5/10

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