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Vitalli: Bad Wrestling is Bad Wrestling, No Matter Who Does It

Don’t be afraid to call out bad wrestling!



Dom Vitalli Article

Dom Vitalli is back to share a very important point with you about bad wrestling, and why you should call it out every time.

Each and every day, wrestling fans are quick to jump down the throat of WWE and it’s superstars.  Whether it’s disappointment in story lines, how performers are being used, or the performances of the wrestlers themselves, fans, especially the ones on the internet can be ruthless.  So why is it that these same fans give indie promotions and wrestlers much more of a pass for even worse transgressions?

Are some of the WWE story lines a little convoluted at times and hard to watch?  Of course they are.  Are some matches we see on Monday and Tuesday night sometimes hard to sit through?  Sure are.  So why is it that the same fans who are so quick to tear apart the what goes on within the WWE Universe are also the same ones that will give absolute garbage wrestlers and promotions a pass at every turn on the indie scene?  Hell, they even give the same pass to ANY promotion, big or small, as long as it is NOT WWE.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m talking about backyard wrestlers and such, because, although in a “class” all to themselves, their placement in this debate goes without saying.  I am talking about guys and girls on the cusp.  Indie wrestlers out there trying to make a name for themselves and promotions working hard to be one of the few that truly peeks above the weeds.  Why is it that when these wrestlers shit the bed in the ring or have a downright abortion of a match, do the fans just act like they were blind to this fact.  Why do they give the upmost praise to these wrestlers and their efforts when their performance is one even Bothcamania wouldn’t touch?  The answer is simple; indie fans want what we call, “the rub”.

Indie wrestlers are far too accessible these days which completely destroys mystique, one of the most sought after qualities in generations past. Fans have direct access to them at merch tables and via DM’s.  They are quick to sing their praises in hopes of buddying up to their favorites.  Of course the receiver of these invalid compliments will retweet away and make sure to chum up to these types of fans.  It makes them feel good.  It makes them feel valued.  Unfortunately, it’s exactly what they want to hear and not necessarily the truth.  Since the beginning of the year, I have seen some pretty horrible matches take place, both in person, and online.  Hell, some of those were surely mine!  I would then read fans’ praises of these matches as if the guys/gals involved could do no wrong.  I wondered if I had just blacked out during those matches and recall something completely different.  That was definitely not the case.  Fans will put over their favorites no matter what, hoping to be called “friend” or “brother”.

A prime example to focus on moving forward is AEW.  Their true fan base is remarkably loyal, and good on them!  Pay close attention, as sooner or later, AEW will do something that is completely bone-headed, ridiculous, just downright silly, just like WWE has, and their fans will sing it’s praises.  Some may say this has already happened with the, “penis druids”.  If that happened on WWE, we would have experienced an IWC massacre.  Sorry folks.  It goes both ways.

For the fans, grow a sack and don’t be afraid to call shit, SHIT.  Grow a backbone.  Stop looking for the praise of a complete stranger in wrestling tights.  If it sucks, say it sucks.  In the end, it benefits the performer/promotion to know what they are doing wrong or what truly isn’t working.  Hearing our praises sung aloud is great and all, but that doesn’t help us get better.  It’s the criticism, constructive or not, that lights a fire under our ass to get better and prove you wrong.

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